Sold to her Forbidden Alpha

Sold to her Forbidden Alpha

By:  Ataima K  Completed
Language: English
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“Just because you hate me doesn’t mean your body doesn’t want me” he said, He lifted her leg and leaned closer to her, his fingers touched her lips and trailed down to her neck, he could hear her heart beating fast and he knew he had that effect on her. “Your body wants me and there is no denying that” he stated the obvious, “So don’t you ever think that I can’t have you when I want because I can and I would” he boldly said and then turned his back towards her. *** “I own you now Bella and you can never escape me” he whispered to her ears hovering over her and pinning her body to his with his arms around her waist. Her scent was driving him crazy making his imagination grow wild. *** Bella, a joyful and beautiful girl who lived happily with her parents and her little brother as the only family related to the Alpha of the Crescent moon pack was met with the gruesome death of her family by another Alpha who attacked their pack. This shattered and broke her making her weak and lonely, she thought she had seen the end of the world until she found out that she was sold as a bride by her uncle to the same Alpha who killed her family. Will she accept such cruel fate and bend to her Alpha's will or would she avenge her family?

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170 Chapters
Bella's family
The Sun was slightly going down giving a presence to the moon hoping to perk up in the Sky. The Crescent moon pack was as quiet as it could ever be ruled by a strong and considerate Alpha, Alpha Nathan. He made the pack to be as peaceful as ever ruling it with a fine touch, he was ruthless and cocky at the same time but he never neglected his pack.A beautiful house close to the woods with a tiny garden and a small porch lived the brother of the Alpha with his family, he had a beautiful and cheerful daughter with a young and agile son.“Bella come down for dinner?” His wife Whitney called and Bella came running down with her little brother Olive.“Careful kids” Isaiah their father said.“Dad, after eating can we play in the woods just for a little while?” Olive requested of his father shining his perfectly white teeth at him. The seven year old boy knew his father could never resist his smile and he was right.“Okay but don’t stay out too long?” He reprimanded even the woods was safe
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Sold out
Bella had never for once thought she would be given as a bride to the man who murdered her family. She had thought she would be sent off to a powerful and cruel Alpha which he was but definitely not to him. “You murderer” she yelled running to reach him but Beta Arthur caught her immediately restraining her. He couldn’t let her get past him or he would be reprimanded by the Alpha.“You killed my family, you deserve to die” she screamed at the top of her lungs, seeing the man who murdered her parents brought past memories to her and her hunger for revenge slipped up. She saw how calm and coded he was while she was ranting and screaming and it annoyed her more, he had killed her parents and now he also got her as a bride, what kind of twisted fate was that.“You murdered them, you killed my family, you deserve to die” she kicked and screamed to be set free, she wanted to kill him at that spot avenging her family for their death.“Let me go” she struggled with Arthur yet his grip on her
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My mate
Two months had passed and Bella had been locked up with little or no freedom, she couldn’t move beyond the outskirts of her house and was always inside.She tried to use it as an opportunity to plot her attack on Alpha Coast but each day she would find out that the plans she made had been destroyed or taken especially if it was written or made by the guards who came for inspection, all the sharp objects or anything she could use to kill herself was also taken and she had no choice than to resort to the stacks of books in her room.The door opened and Landon walked in with a beautiful white dress and three omega’s were standing behind him with jewelry, make up and shoes.“The Alpha wants you to get ready for the banquet” He said, Bella listened to him and laughed,“If he wants me to wear this then tell him to come to me” she answered, she had a lot of words she wanted to tell him and things she wished she could do to him, she could only do all that if he was close to her.She pushed L
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Bella spent days in the house crying to her heart content, she felt as though her life was a waste and she could never get out of the predicament she was in.No one could console her because that wasn’t what she wanted, she wanted a change in her fate for the better.She sat in her room under the cover of the night and let out a dark scream expressing her anger, each night she could feel the pressure grow much stronger weighing itself on her.She could never accept to be his mate, she would rather kill herself than be with him. More tears sipped out of her eyes until she slept off sitting on the floor.Bella woke up the next morning with an urge, she ran to the kitchen to make something for herself but after she was fine she realized that food wasn’t what she wanted, her body was burning up so much than she could bear.“Diamond what is happening?” She asked the only person she thought would have an answer.“You are going through heat” Diamond said but she didn’t understand, she had ne
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A shrieked scream escaped Bella lips as she saw blood on her bed, her body was a bit sore and she knew something had happened to her.The scent of Alpha Coast lingered around her room and she wondered why.“What did he do to me?” he stood in front of the mirror, she had hickeys all over her body and her lip was plump. “He raped me” Those words escaped her lips like a bolt of lightning but something more strange happened, she began to remember everything that happened yesterday, she was the one who kissed him, she could remember wanting him and allowing him to touch her, she had moaned to his touches and let him taste her.“NoNoNoNo” she couldn’t believe those thoughts, it ought to be fake, it wasn’t real she tried to convince herself, she wouldn’t dare to let him touch her. She would never betray her family by sleeping with him, she couldn’t have slept with the man who murdered her family.But it was all true and she couldn’t deny it, the scene played in her head like film and sh
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Hava’s visit
Hava’s visit to the Red moon pack was the reason Bella could get up from her bed. “Bella open up” Hava yelled while banging the door, she was met by the sweet face of Bella pulling her into a warm hug. “I have missed you Hava” she said with a sad heart, her days in the pack had always been lonely with no one to take to but Diamond. “I missed you too” Hava replied, patting her back. Bella had taken a big sacrifice for her and she was indebted to her for that. “Have you eaten breakfast, I will make you some” The company of Hava was a good start of the afternoon for her after she had lazily slept on the bed throughout the morning. She craved to do the things she had always done for her family with much joy in her heart. She made a pancake and a smoothie, “Take a bite” she sat on the chair close to her waiting for a compliment on the food. Hava took a big bite and smiled, “I have always missed your cooking” she answered giving her a thumbs up, “I know right” Bel
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Chaos went on in the Red moon pack followed by loud noises, the guards had assemblied a few men and women before the Castle waiting for the Alpha to meet them.Alpha Coast stepped out with a cold expression on his face.“Who are you?” he asked roughly,“Alpha Please spare us, we are refugees from the Silver lake pack, our pack has been attacked and we were the only ones to escape” a woman answered.The Silverlake pack and the Red moon pack has been in conflict for a while now, they had resisted the alliance of the Red moon pack to the point of even insulting Alpha Coast’s authority, when he heard about them a frown formed on his face, why did he have to help them when they had mocked him and promised never to come to him for help. “Why should I care about you guys” he said coldly making the woman think twice if he would actually help them. The expression on his face showed he didn’t want anything to do with them.“Because we have no one but you, our enemies have laid waste to our pac
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Deal 2
Bella and Alpha Coast were now in his chambers behind close doors, she held a poised face to not show him that she was scared of what he might as of her.“Do you really mean what you said earlier, you would anything I ask you” he questioned, “Yes” she answered with her head held up high, it was now her duty to protect the boy and make sure he went through no harm.“Do you know him?” He asked and she shaked her head.“But you are willing to do anything for him” Alpha Coast was a bit jealous that she would do that for just a little boy, he was her mate and wanted her to only care about him and not some random boy she knew nothing about making him look like the villain.“Yes” she answered.“If I tell you to strip and give your body to me, would you be able to do that?” He asked waiting to see if she would accept his offer and not think twice about it.Bella summed up courage and was about pulling her dress down to show him that she was serious when he stopped her.Somehow he got mad th
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A week had passed and Bella became constantly dizzy and tired, she would sometimes not be able to get up from bed or do anything.She went ahead to get a check up from the hospital.Seated in the Doctors office was Bella,“Your test results are out, congratulations Luna, you are pregnant” the pack doctor informed her and she was utterly strucked.“What did you just say, that I am pregnant” she asked again to be certain.“Yes, you are a week pregnant” the doctor replied.Bella felt like a huge bomb had been dropped on her, she had forgotten how to breath and suddenly got a panic attack, the news was suffocating her. It was bad enough that she slept with the man who murdered her family but she was also bearing his child.“Luna breath” the doctor held her face to make her look at her but Bella was lost, a lot of thoughts went into her mind, she couldn’t be pregnant for him, she couldn’t have her first baby for a man she hated and wanted to kill.“Take a deep breath Luna” the doctor instr
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Second deal
A soft knock on the door took Bella’s legs all the way to the door.“Good morning Luna” four omegas chorused as they are walked in with a cradle, baby clothes for both genders, toys and other things.Bella watched them with a confused expression,“Wait a minute, where is all this from?” She asked, as far as she knew, only her and the Alpha knew about the baby and he was mad about it so who would be sending her baby gifts.“The Alpha asked us to bring them here” an omega answered and the continued arranging the guest room turning it into the baby’s room.“Alpha Coast” she whispered unsure if he was really the one, did he have a change of mind or it was another Alpha.“I’m sorry, is it really Alpha Coast?” she asked again.“Yes Luna, he specifically asked us to bring these things and set up the baby’s room” the omega answered again choosing carefully her words when speaking to the Luna.“What the hell is he up to?” Bella asked herself with worry written all over her face, she believed h
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