The Rogue & The Rose

The Rogue & The Rose

By:  Klaira Blains  Ongoing
Language: English
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Rose Angles was minding her business in the secret shifter town, Mayes Grove. Her father, Russell Angles, the town’s Peacekeeper, and the feared Alpha of the Hollow Wood Pack, lives by his reputation and his daughter was an enormous embarrassment to him. If he could he’d never had her. Rose plans to leave are going just fine, until rumours of a rogue pack coming to town and they were causing quite a stir with their plans to settle there. When she met their alpha, a wolf she suddenly wants to climb like a tree. He’s the one, and all her plans go out the window. Rose’s instincts are in overdrive as her father goes to war with her fated mate. Tyler Randell, Alpha of the Shadow Pack, just delisted from the military along with his pack. He’s back in the town where he was driven from as a pup. Where he watched his parents murdered for control of his pack. The Hollow Wood Pack is rightfully his and he’s returned to reclaim it. Ty’s got plans to steal the pack from Russell Angles with little to no bloodshed. Mayes Grove is in for a shake up, and Rose Angles is the linchpin. Can Rose find a better life? Will there be war between the Hollow Wood and Shadow Packs? Can the troubled town of Mayes Grove survive the violence? What are Ty’s plans for the enticing Rose? Welcome to Mayes Grove, hunker down and mind your manners at all times. The fur’s flying and claws are slashing. And that’s just in the bedroom.

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76 Chapters
Prologue—No Going Home
“Okay, man. You got me here. What is this place? If I didn’t know better, I’d think it’s a grave.” The night was warm in the woods in the middle of nowhere. Not exactly anywhere. This was on the outskirts of a small town called Brixton Hill. Its secret claim to fame was being neutral territory for the three wolf shifter packs in the area. Jay stood by an old holy bush. The thing was large enough now to be a tree. He’d been called there by Tyler Randell, Alpha of some rogue wolves, the Shadow Pack. He’d been getting to know them, and they appeared legit. Though they were unknown in the area. Jay was looking for a place to belong and it wasn’t in the pack he’d grown up in. Over the last year, he’d made friends with these wolves and built-up trust. “It’s a grave. We brought you here, so you’ll understand what’s about to happen. We’ll tell you what happened and then you can decide to be a part of it, or you can walk away. If you stay, there’s no leaving.” It sounded ominous
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Do as I Say
Rose Angles found her way blocked from leaving the house by her father’s burly Beta, Jack Davidson. “Go see your father.” “What? Why?” “Go see him before you leave. Better yet, go now and get it over with before you interrupt something important.” Rose hated Jules’ father as much as Jules did. Jack disliked the fact his pup turned out to be a female and preferred to ignore Julia as much as possible. Rose, however, wished her father would ignore her and let her get on with her life. But he was sure that Rose’s behaviour reflected directly back to him, and it was never in a respectful way. She knew the only reason her father wanted to see her was to push his weight around and remind her she was an ungrateful, worthless pup. She wasn’t a pup anymore. She was a full-grown adult. He just failed to see it. “Fine, but it’s a waste of my time to do this. I have better things to do.” She did, but she’d not tell him any more than that. Jack
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You’re on My Radar
Rose was leaving the post office after sending off a few letters. She’d been making quiet inquiries about packs she could join. Rose used a PO Box to keep her father’s hands off the letters, and they weren’t allowed to have packages delivered to the packhouse. So, picking up packages was an excellent cover for checking her PO Box for letters. She noticed Jules flirting with a guy by the Jeep. Her attention was completely on him, as was her hand stroking up and down his arm. Well, that was something new for Jules and Rose didn’t recognize the sandy blonde head of a well-muscled man. She couldn’t call him a boy, not built like that. He was clearly a shifter and at least a gamma or enforcer type. Rose could tell just by the way he filled out the leather jacket and the way he stood. She’d have to ask who he was. “Need help to get those packages to your vehicle?” A deep voice off to her right scared the crap out of her. With a slight squeak, Rose had to
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Daddy Knows Too Much
The girls met at the Watering Hole for wings and music for their weekly ritual of dancing to live music, eating spicy wings, loaded potato skins, and drinking beer. That was as rowdy as they got in rebellion into their restrictive lives. They were single and members of local packs. With their meal done, the dancing began. Jules asked Amber Mills, daughter of the Blue Dalia Pack Alpha. “Amber, what’s with your cousin Ty and his friend? Why haven’t we met them before?” Jules thought she kept things light. “You met them? Gods, you shouldn’t have. They’re trouble, especially for you both. Stay away from them. I can’t say more. They plan on messing with the status quo. Both your fathers and you are his target. I don’t want to see either of you hurt. Don’t get involved, please. If you value your lives as they are.” That’s where Amber went wrong. Neither woman was content with their life. Those men were a welcome and enticing distraction. Heather
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A Swim and a Confrontation
They arrived home late that evening. Rose knew how to avoid her father in the morning. Sure enough, when she looked out of her window, she saw Anita leaving after a night of whatever she did with Russel. That Rose had no interest in knowing. A quick look at her email and texts. Jules wanted to go swimming. No, not necessarily the word swimming was in quotes. What was Jules up to? They commonly coded messages to each other, because they knew both of their fathers randomly looked at their messages. Even though she was twenty-one this past December. Her father treated her like a disobedient child. Rose felt stuck in that state. She needed to get out from under his claws. One of her requests to join a pack must be accepted soon. Or inquiries about where her mother went when she left her father after she was born. Rose wanted to know why her mother left her here with him. So, swimming it was. Their territory bordered a lake, and they swam there. Rose gat
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Let the Hunt Begin
Rose tore along the shoreline, following Jules’ scent. Where were they? Jules was in danger. These two weren’t what they seemed. If they were, then they still weren’t safe. If her father and Jack were out to get them. Where were they? She could hear Ty pursuing her. He’d shifted into the largest wolf she’d ever encountered, and her father was large. Ty, she was sure, was larger. He followed her and was gaining on her each time she looked back. Gods, what was she going to do? She rode her panic attack mostly and tried to think logically. It wasn’t working. Suddenly, Ty was running beside her. As his wolf, he wasn’t even out of breath, while she ran full out. He made contact with her side. Knocking her off her feet. He was on top of her in no time. His jaws on the back of her neck. Ty could snap her neck like this, but he just held her in place. Growling each time, she squirmed under him. Rose soon realized if he’d wanted her dead, she would be. Her resistance slowed, and he finall
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Ben’s Surprise for Jules
“So, your message said you wanted to show me something?” Jules left Rose at the lake. Ty was with her. She’d be safe while Jules followed Ben’s lead. He smiled and gently took her down the shoreline. “Just a little farther, love. You’ll never want for anything again.” Ben’s deep voice promised so much that it sent shivers of excitement down her spine. “Kiss me again. Gods, your voice just fires me up.” She turned toward him, and he picked her up. He presented her back to the rough back of a tree as she wrapped her thighs about his waist. Gods, she felt so different. So free and powerful. Jules gasp when she realizes she could feel Ben respond to their now intimate embrace. “Be careful, little witch. You might not like where this ends. I’m not playing games.” Ben’s lips were exploring hers, demanding more each time she gave up a little more. She couldn’t help but bury her fingers at the base of his dirty blonde hair. Jules loved the soft feel of his
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New Home
Ty struggled with so many people near Rose right now. She’d got him going and he just wanted to go down on her something fierce. The mating heat between them was showing and he couldn’t be happier. Rose was his key to getting the Hollow Wood Pack back without a return to the wars. She was the current Alpha’s daughter and Russell didn’t have any sons. That meant he either gave his pack away to another, or he makes his daughter’s mate the next Alpha. It seemed like a nice and ironic outcome to Ty. He got the beauty beside him and the pack. Russell got nothing in the end, because Ty would make sure that Russell learned exactly what it felt like for his father to be burned alive. He knew it made him no better than Russell, but it would end there. Rose would be with him, and their pups would fear for nothing. The wars would truly be over and done with. Being in heat complicated things. Ty knew there were pack injured to look after. Russell’s men chose to rough them up. It was done to
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Welcome to the Shadow Pack
The vehicle pulled up to the entrance of the small packhouse. It wasn’t much, but they weren’t a big outfit yet. The Shadow Pack was selective about who they allowed in, because there wasn’t room for egos or selfish fools. “We’re here. Come on, we’ll show you around. Let you meet the guys.” Everyone piled from the vehicle as Ben announced this. However, it all came to a stop when a guy ran down the front steps to meet them. “Ty, we have a bit of a situation inside that needs your undivided attention.” He came to a stop, looking very flustered. “We’ve tried to keep them out of the way and quiet, but they’ll only talk to you.” “Eric, what are you talking about?” Ty tried to figure out what Eric was talking about in such a vague fashion. It wasn’t easy with how distracted he was by the blanket covered minx beside him. She wasn’t giving him an inch to work with, and he was desperate to get her in private. The blanket he held up around himself wasn’t hid
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Word Gets Around Town
The small group followed Ty up the few stairs into the packhouse. It was chaos. Clearly, they were moving into the space. Boxes and bags were everywhere, and the furniture needed to be setup properly in the building. Large men were busy dealing with this, while in what Rose believed would be the dining room, a group of people she knew very well grumpily harassed several other men. The men didn’t respond; they stood there as if they were on guard and didn’t answer anyone’s insistent questions. She had to be careful not to get the blanket caught on anything on the way there. “What is going on here?” Ty didn’t waste a moment. His tone went straight to that of an alpha. It told everyone in the room, he would not accept any back talk or disrespect. The fact he wore only a blanket didn’t matter a bit. What Rose liked was that he chose not to focus that tone on an individual. He used it to take command of the room and to cut through the chaos. “Why are you all here? Can you not see
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