Please Love Me Again

Please Love Me Again

By:  Shin Sungmi  Ongoing
Language: English
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After having one-sided love towards Landon, Evelyn was ecstatic when she got married to him, having high hopes and beautiful dreams. Even though he held no love towards her, he was gentle and kind to her. Only if she knew how wrong she was back then. She would have never associated with him. Fast-forward to two years later, Evelyn was exhausted and sick of him. Nothing scared her more than being with Landon. Therefore, signing the divorce papers, she ran away far from him, wishing to never associate with him. However, all that crumbled when he came looking for her after three years. What did he want with her? Why come looking for her if he didn't love her?

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43 Chapters
He Appeared
The snowy days always made Evelyn feel nostalgic and depressed. It had to do with the memories associated with them.They were always eventful.Stepping out of the restaurant, Evelyn sighed, watching the white and soft snow touch her stretched palm.The day was snowing exactly like this when she first met him, fell for him, got married to him, and then left him.Somehow, no matter how much she convinced herself she was a changed woman, a better version of herself who didn't grovel at anyone's feet, snow always brought her thoughts back to him.It was truly annoying.A sardonic chuckle escaped her mouth.She was really not a person who stayed attached. In fact, growing up, the number of characters she remember from her childhood was indeed pitiful.She hardly remembered her classmates' name from high school although she got along with them pretty well.Every time she encountered them after finishing high school, they looked at her with those accusing eyes, most likely calling her cruel
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Time To Return
Evelyn was a second too late in closing the door of her apartment. The door was held in a strong grip, and no matter how much she groaned or sweated over it, it wouldn't budge.Meanwhile, her eyes were trained on her ground, not bearing the courage to face the horror before her. Her heart drummed in her chest in an alarming rate as though it would burst out any second now.She stared at the black and shiny shoes of his. As always they seemed perfect. There was not even a stain of dirt on them. She honestly didn't know how he managed to do so when she had it bad with hers. They never managed to stay clean for long for her."Evelyn," he enunciated.And she felt ashamed to admit that his voice made her feel jittery. It always did, and even after years, the effect didn't diminish. Why was her hormones so dramatic and pathetic just like her heart?Countless times she had heard him take her name. It was always using the same tone— composed and cold. Was there anytime when there was fluctuat
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Three Years
It stood to reason why she was baffled and showed such a large reaction. Three years ago, their relationship had a clean break with her placing the divorce papers on his desk. She signed on those papers and expected him to do so before she left.Her eyes narrowed at him. Did all that high intensity work he does caused his mind to become all jumbled up, as a result remembering everything wrongly?"Return where?" She sounded and was genuinely confused."Home."These short and cryptic answers from him was aggravating her. Funny how a quality of him that she praised before, calling it cool and charming, irritated her to no end now. Without the thick filter of love, everything surely felt different.And what did he mean home? This was her home now!"I am at my home," she responded, "I am not going anywhere with you. Now, Mister, can you kindly leave?"She wanted to curse at the man badly, use all sort of vulgar language. But what's the use? It won't be classy at all and would make her seem
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Cold-hearted Bastard
Evelyn always wondered if that cold-hearted bastard had something he was bad at. Contrary to her who would hardly do anything right, he seemed to never fail at anything.An arrogant man like himself would never let himself taste anything other than victory.These pancakes he made, although it was a simple recipe— why did they taste so good to the point her stomach turned into an endless pit?The delicious food put her in a better mood and got her to act more civilized."Why do you suddenly want me back?" Evelyn questioned.Looking for her after so many years, she would be a fool to believe that were no hidden motives. He didn't lack woman by his side, and each of them were a better match for him than her. As someone who detested trouble, there had to be something large that propelled him to make this decision.Him missing her? She would rather believe that the Earth is flat than this."It's about time you go home. I have given you enough space.""Go home. Go home. Can you stop parroti
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First Meeting
On the day the two of them interacted for the first time, it was snowing. Evelyn had been pushed into the sports equipment room and locked there by the fellow classmates. The occurrence wasn't a first time for her, so she wasn't exactly surprised or distressed.Growing up, she could hardly recall a time she was well liked by her classmates. At first, it started with them alienating her, and then the matters escalated. They started to bully her physically and mentally.At this point, instead of hoping for the harassment to stop, Evelyn's mindset changed to wish for the bullying to be lighter.It was concerning how instead of being mad at her classmates for locking her up in the room, she felt grateful and pleased that they didn't beat her upThat night was particularly cold, and she was shivering. The thin jacket she wore did very little to provide her with warmth. Rubbing her hands together, Evelyn whispered to herself that it would be fine.Just when her eyes were about to close, whe
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Their Second Interaction
The second interaction between them happened when Evelyn was carrying a large of notebooks to the teacher's office all by herself. As she walked through the staircase, she had a hard time looking at her path and balancing the notebook.She knew that she would be done for if one of the notebooks fell and incurred damage. Regardless of how careful she remained, the books wobbled, and her steps were unsteady.However, before any damage was inflicted, a hand was placed on her waist to stabilize her before someone grabbed more than half the books from her hand, lessening the burden."Where to?"Surprised at Landon's presence, she stared at the teen with widened eyes. He raised one of his eyebrows, waiting for her response."Ah, uhm, the teacher's office on second floor," she stuttered out before turning her head the other way. Her cheeks heated up while her heart went out of control.By the time she snapped into her senses, she realized that Landon had gone few steps ahead of her, and she
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The Blame
"What is a young lady like you doing here, standing all on her own? Is the party that dull?"Evelyn turned her head to face a cordial old man. She failed to recognize him. His words left her thinking on how to appropriately respond.A silly laugh left her mouth as she patted the back of her head and said, "It's not that it is dull. I don't know how to get along with people."Back then, Evelyn was a little foolish. She always had an honest mouth, saying the first thing that came in her mind for the first time. Nonetheless, despite what she went through, she had those pair of bright eyes."What about you, Mister? Do you not get along with people as well?"Amusement crossed through the man's eyes."Do you not recognize me?"Evelyn frowned. Creases appeared between both of her eyebrows, and she shook her head. At that, the man only laughed."What an adorable child."This only made Evelyn grin.Following that, the two of them conversed. Despite the large generation gap between the two part
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The Fiancé
Evelyn stood with the Stone family, waiting for the arrival of the guests. The guests seemed to be pretty prestigious given the level of enthusiasm and carefulness shown by everyone.The main branch of the Stone family had Richard and Susan Stone, both being Evelyn's grandparents; Caspian Stone, her birth father; Janice Stone, Annalise's mother; Annalise and her although she was hardly counted to be a part of the family; and Evan Stone, her half-brother in elementary.Evelyn's mother died before her birth, and there was nothing Evelyn knew of her, not even her name. This was because her birth mother was considered a stain, and that's why, measures were taken to erase her existence.Back when she was a child, she did request to see the woman, but that ended up with her receiving an deep injury to her forehead which needed stitches. From then on, she knew not to cross the boundaries.Evelyn stared down at her hands. They were covered up in bandages. She didn't treat them with much; she
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Moving In
"Marie's daughter? What do you mean? Are you confusing Evelyn with someone else? She is my and my wife's daughter."Marie? Was that her birth mother's name? Evelyn looked at Chairman Parker with anticipation and curiosity in her eyes. She wanted to know more of the woman who gave birth to her."I am not here to play games. I am here to take Marie's daughter back. She shouldn't stay in this filthy family anymore."Take her away?"Evelyn, I am sorry for being late. Won't you go with me?"Evelyn wanted to.For the first time, someone was so warm with her, and she wanted to follow along. Also there was Landon who came with Chairman Parker. Of course, she knew that the rest wouldn't spare her once they left and she was here all alone."I respect you, Chairman Parker, but you are going too far. Evelyn is going nowhere. She is my daughter. I can take care of her, and if you are going to force it, I will have to involve the legal department."The old man's expression changed to become more en
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Tolerate Him
Throughout the car ride, the old man talked to Evelyn softly, trying to ease her nerves. She had to admit that she appreciated and felt touched by the effort, but it did very little to soothe the uneasiness.Even though she was welcomed by him, what about the rest of his family members? They shouldn't be fine with a stranger suddenly coming to live with them. There was a Landon as well.Despite being nice, it couldn't be that Landon w as s willing to be tied to her. The boy was so outstanding, and then, there was her— way below the average.Every glance at Landon only made her self-esteem go lower. However, at the same, a tiny hope of what if bloomed in her chest, spreading its roots more gradually.The car stopped in front of the mansion, and Evelyn entered. Her bag was taken away by the housekeeper, and Landon has been ordered by his grandfather to show her around.Although he maintained a nonchalant attitude, he introduced Evelyn to every corner of the mansion slowly and let her ha
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