Arrange Marriage?

Arrange Marriage?

By:  Ekta Mitaliya  Ongoing
Language: English
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Meet Raghav He is the eldest one and CEO of Kapoor Corporation. Ruthless and coldhearted to everyone while warm to closed ones. Deeply believes in arrange marriage. Meet Siya She is Youngest and Mysterious. Introvert but Happy to go Person. Doesn't want to get married. What will happen when they both will get married to each other without each other's knowledge? Is it Arrange Marriage or something else?

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4 Chapters
Chapter 1
RaghavI have fired three people today but so what? I pay them good salary so they do their work with perfection not to chill around. I just wanted one report perfectly bloody one report but no they can't even do that. I am working here even on Saturday night but what you can do when you have empire to run. Kabir my little brother has just completed his post graduation and still learning.I am 32 years old CEO of Kapoor Corporation. I have worked hard in past 8 years to expand our business and I am quite successful. But with success you also get lots of work as well. I can barely get time for my self. From outside our life looks full of glitter but no it is not like that. Danger always play around our selves. Some times on us or sometimes on our business.Finally, work got completed and I can go home. Obviously I am taking some work with me to complete at home. Also I have 1 late night meeting as well. I was about to leave when my best buddies came to me.Veer Khanna and Saurya Khura
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Chapter 2
SiyaI looked at pond. Clear water between lush greenery. It is soothing for eyes. Even if I own a house still it always feels good when I am at Hope's. It is my second home. I love my Job. I usually don't have to appear publicly so it's fine by me.I don't like much to stay in public eyes. Only one time is there when I am out in the public. Hopes. This is Orphanage connected with Old age Home. I love spending my weekends here. Elders and children both left behind by their loved ones. But they get each other's love here. Elders get love from youngsters and children get love and care from elders.I love to play with children and spend time with grand mothers and grand fathers. However sad or gloomy I will be but five minutes with them and boom I'll be happy to go person again.I also have two friends. Riansh and Kiya. Who are in love with each other and happily engaged.They also join me sometimes here. Today is one of those days. Today is Saturday and tomorrow will be Sunday. They a
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Chapter 3
RaghavI woke up around 9 in morning. I usually wake up at 7 but I slept late after whole wedding talk and I needed sleep after that.Today is sunday so no office. Also my wedding. Before twenty four hours I was busy with my work without the thought of marriage but right now I am facing so many emotions. Wedding. Will I be good husband? I hope I don't hurt my wife even unintentionally.I took bath and went downstairs. Everyone already had their breakfast so I ate my breakfast alone and went to livingroom where my whole family was sitting.I took seat on one of empty sofa beside dadi after greeting everyone. Dadi held my hand said '' this friend of your grandfather was very closed to us. Your grandfather was supposed to marry this man's sister but she ran away in her childishness and made me sit on her place. After wedding got complete and she got her sense and came back but you know our traditions nothing could happen after wedding. She blamed me but your grandfather knew how she was
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Chapter 4
VeerI am happy for my best friend that he is finally getting married. I wanted to inform them about My sister but after Raghav's marriage.Yes. I have a sister but they don't know about her. No one from my friends or their family knows about my sister. She is princess of our house and we have kept her protected.When I was doing kanyadan for Raghav's wife I feel so much emotional. One day I will have to do my sister's kanyadan as well. I also have to give away my sister to her husband. What will I do that day?When Raghav's marriage finished I got call from my sister's security team head. As i said she is heavily protected so there is always security around her. Security Team Head : Sir madam went missing.Veer : Don't try anything funny act with your madam because that will not end good with you guys.(My sister loves to play pranks on me and I don't think anyone knows about her that they will try to kidnap her. I know she is playing prank on me. I hope it is prank.)Security Tea
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