Alpha Nathan

Alpha Nathan

By:  Crystal L  Completed
Language: English
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In dark times when the elders of the mating abandoned their wolves, the elders of the packs were in charge of choosing the proper mates for their pack members. Katerina, beta and daughter of the Alpha of the Silver-Night’s Pack, was born in those dark times, and having come of age, it was time for her to marry. However, betrothed to none other than the well known Alpha Nathan, of the Dark-Moon’s Pack, she has found that she has taken more than she could handle. Having completed their mating ceremony, Katerina and Nathan find out about their elder’s dark secrets and Katerina finds herself falling for none other than the dark, ruthless, Alpha Nathan.

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108 Chapters
Chapter 1
Katerina: I walked down the aisle where I was to marry the man who our elders saw fit to choose for me. Our family members united to see us both out of this hellhole that they called forest. A marriage that was to force me to submit to a man who wasn’t my own, a man who I cannot call a mate. A 'chosen' arranged marriage for both of us. I was told of times where wolves were chosen by a mating bond, but these times were mere stories now, a memory for our elders. The Alpha that I was to marry was known for his ruthless, cold, and rigid heart. His eyes which were as blue as the ocean were as cold as ice, and one glare from him was enough to make my heart drop to my stomach. We both stood in front of our elders, my forest green eyes meeting his ocean blue ones. Those who did not know of his reputation would have been attracted to his fine looks. “Do you, Beta Katerina Sforza of the Silver-Night’s Pack, take Alpha Nathan of the Dark-Moon’s Pack Kozlov as your husband?” One of the
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Chapter 2
Nathan: I watched as the woman, my wife, entered the house before closing the door. Her eyes were fixed on the ground as her heart raced against her ribcage. I let the pack’s females deal with her as I entered my office, ignoring her presence. They were here for the mating ceremony tonight and they would be gone by morning, leaving us alone as they each went to their houses. “Nathan, you must complete the mating, you know that” mom said, entering the office after me. Her eyes didn’t meet mine, knowing that I was already annoyed by this whole thing. I knew that they would be choosing a mate for me, but I didn’t expect her to be ten years younger than I was, nor did I expect her to be from a rivaling family “the ceremony is tonight, and both of you would be expected to attend…” “I believe that I am thirty, and I know my orders, mother. Therefore, I will finish what I have to do here before going up to my bedroom. I expect her to be ready by then” I kept my eyes on her as I spoke, m
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Chapter 3
Katerina:“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Nathan’s mother, Inna, said entering the room. Her blue eyes, which matched her son’s, were wide with rage as she approached me, pulling me to stand on my feet as I sat on the ground when my weight no longer held me up.“Please, Inna…”“Do not cross my son, do you understand me? He gave an order, a direct one, give me one excuse to explain why you did not fulfill?” She snapped, wrapping her hand around my throat, forcing me to look at her. I gulped, trying to catch my breath as I looked at her, fearing her reaction.“I just need the day, him and I already…”“I do not care what you told him or what you two agreed to do. Tonight, after the mating ceremony is done, you will be on this bed, ready for him to take you. Otherwise, I will be the one reporting to the elder’s council that you are not fulfilling your duties as a wife, do you think that they would be lenient on you if they find out that you are still a virgin based on YOUR requ
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Chapter 4
Nathan:I watched as Katerina entered the house after her conversation with mom. Her eyes were fixed on the ground as she avoided looking at anyone. Her curly hair covering her face, not revealing her expression.My beta and best friend, Carter, walked up to me with a glass of whiskey in his hand “loosen up, it’s your wedding ceremony”“Shut up before I rip that tongue out of your throat” I said, taking the glass from him. I took a sip from the glass before placing it on the arm rest, running my finger over the top of it as I looked at the dancing crowd.“Where’s your bride?” He asked, nodding at her empty chair. In tradition, my wife should have been by my side throughout the whole evening until the two of us went back to the room while everyone partied. Eventually, the house would be empty by morning, leaving the two of us alone, giving us our privacy.“Probably locking herself up in the bedroom, crying for the ‘fate’ that has been forced on her” I said, rolling my eyes. Her poor, w
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Chapter 5
Katerina:I paced around the bedroom, waiting for the Alpha to come up.My heart raced against my ribcage, threatening to leave my chest as I thought of what I just did, and the fact that I could hear his footsteps as he walked up the stairs didn’t make the situation any better.The fact that I stood up to him when I knew the consequences of doing so was something that I couldn’t let go of. If my parents found out about this, I would be dead, they wouldn’t even give me a chance to explain why I did it. The door to the bedroom opened, revealing the raging Alpha who walked toward me. He didn’t even give me time to open my mouth or to speak. His mind already fixed on what he wanted to do, his heart racing against his ribcage, his canines exposed for my eyes to see. “You played with the wrong Alpha, malyshka” he snarled, turning me around. My back against his chest as he pulled me to him, grinding his hips against me. His right hand slid down my body, exploring it while I froze, not kno
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Chapter 6
Nathan:I stared down at Katerina, stopping when my cock was buried deep inside her. Her eyes were closed as she pulled on the restraints that held her in place, and sighing, I untied her left hand, taking it in my right and squeezing it in assurance. I leaned down to her lips, connecting them with my own as I kissed her gently, distracting her from the pain.“I’m going to move now, Katerina”“Please don’t…” I didn’t give her time to complete her sentence as I pulled out half way before pushing inside, my thrusts slow as I considered the fact that she was a virgin. She squeezed my hand tightly, her tears forming in her eyes as she bit her bottom lip, drawing blood. I lowered my hand between us, gently rubbing circles of eight over her clit. Her eyes widened in surprise at the feeling, and despite them being filled with tears, she seemed to have gotten a bit distracted from my rolling hips. I pulled out completely before pushing back inside, the force taking the woman off guard as sh
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Chapter 7
Katerina:“I will be at work for the day, be sure to familiarize yourself with the house. If there is anything that you may need, the maids are here, just let them know and they would provide” he walked out of the kitchen, heading toward the bedroom, leaving me alone to process what just happened. I stood in my place for a few minutes, staring at the food that I have spent the past hour before turning to the stove. I placed the rest of the food on the dining table before leaving the kitchen. My heart raced against my ribcage as I heard the Alpha walk out of the bedroom, heading toward the door. He didn’t bother looking back at me as he slammed the house’s door shut, leaving me to stand in the middle of the hall like some lost kitten.I was not some whore that he brought from some hooker club to satisfy his sexual needs, why the bloody hell would he be considering that I was? Fucks sake, who the fucking hell did he think he was to think so? “The Alpha” my wolf, Vivian, responded sarc
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Chapter 8
Nathan:“Set these here please, Annalise” I heard Katerina say when I entered the house.I entered the dining room, following their voices to find her setting a table for two alongside the maids. She looked up at me and smiled, nodding at the maids, dismissing them as she stood in front of me.“What is the meaning of this?” I asked once they were all out of the dining room. Her eyes met mine and she sighed.“I made you dinner”“Are you stupid? Or do you intentionally want to get on my nerves?” I asked the woman who took a deep breath, biting her bottom lip as she stopped herself from saying whatever was on her mind. I glared at her, waiting for her response, but none came for a few seconds, the one thing that could be heard was her racing heartbeat as she stood in silence in front of me. “Call the maids to gather all this, I want nothing…”“I am your bloody damn wife…”“I told you in the morning and I will tell you again, your duty is to please me in bed…”“And I will tell you now, I
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Chapter 9
Katerina:I limped into the kitchen, my legs barely supporting me as I went to get myself something to drink. The idea of eating anything seemed to be impossible with each step I took, reminding myself of last night’s events. “Alpha Nathan has instructed that you have something to eat before the day” one of the maids said, approaching me to help. I smiled in thanks, taking a seat on the chair that she guided me to. Her brown eyes met my green ones as she looked at me, her expression as gentle as a mother’s looking at her daughter. “Thank you, love, but I would do with a cup of coffee please” I said politely. The maid looked at me, before she froze, taking a step back, worry and fear replacing her once calm expression.“You need to eat to regain your strength” Alpha Nathan said, walking into the kitchen. He stood by the door, his arms crossed over his chest as he waited for my response, but I wasn’t stupid enough to give it to him after what happened last night; I was barely walking
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Chapter 10
Nathan:“What you are doing is wrong, son” mom said, taking my hand in hers.She had called me to come and see her at her house, but I never expected her to call me to talk about Katerina “mom…”“I know that you don’t like how the marriage happened, and I know that you don’t like the girl’s family; but she did not choose her family” mom said, stopping me. She tightened her grip around my hand, gently running her finger over my hand, trying to calm me down.“Did she ask you for this?” “No, if anything, the girl does not leave the house until you are back inside the pack. But I am your mother, and I can see that you are breaking one another up” “We have been married a week, mom, there is nothing between us to be broken” I said, slowly removing my hands from hers. I got up from the couch before she could say another word, knowing that she might end up opening a past that I wanted nothing more than to get rid of. Gently leaning down, I kissed the crown of her head, letting my lips linge
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