To My Ms. Forbidden

To My Ms. Forbidden

By:  Moni Sky  Ongoing
Language: English
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Anne is a special girl, who is young and beautiful. She was neglected by her family as her supposed Stepmother always mistreats her. She always sends Anne away from home to hawk fruits. Anne was deprived of schooling for some years. Until, she miraculously saved the Proprietor of one of the most prestigious schools in the country, "Hillary High School"There, She was hated by everyone because of her poor family background. She was vulnerable to staying with the rich kids until she met Jeremy. Everything changed after their encounter.Jeremy is a cute, handsome guy who was sent by his father from the states to further studies at Hillary High School. He hated that he would be staying in Nigeria because he has a feeling of hatred for Nigerians as he saw the country as a dumb country where ugly and clumsy people stay. But, his story and thoughts of Nigerians changed drastically when he met the school Ms. Forbidden, Anne.Jeremy found himself falling in love with Anne and was ready to do anything to win her heart. Unfortunately, when their love life was about to blossom, an event that tends to destroy their relationship occurred.....

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60 chapters
Chapter 1
  **** Jeremy P.O.V ****  The alarm on my phone blared loudly jerking me off from my nice sleep. The sound was so loud and annoying that I found myself flinging the phone to god knows where.  I tried resuming back to my sleep but it could not come back again….  It was Monday but I’m not just ready to start preparing for any fucking school right now, I just wonder why my father brought me down to this dumb country, why will it even be Nigeria… I just can’t believe I will be living here because of some fucking politics my father entered, I can never believe it was all happening, how will I live and school with the people of this country.  Those black and stinking human living here, Ohh!! I hissed and stood up from my bed, I sat at the edge of the bed.  Today is Monday which was the day I would continue my education as said, I looked at the clock hanging on the wall, it was 7:20am that means I had less than ten minutes before the assembly gets started.  I hissed loudly then laid bac
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Chapter 2
  **** Jeremy P.O.V continues ****  I bent my head down on my locker ignoring the stares of the two annoying human beings in front of me. I’m so sue they would be really shocked but I don’t just care, I really hate this country like crazy and staying here makes me feel like throwing up. I hate my fate for bringing me here, I mean why this fucking damn country?  After some minutes, I raised my head and to my utmost surprise, I found the three girls still staring at me without moving an inch.  “What are you bitchy a**s still doing here huh? Are you girls deaf? …. Can’t you just leave and give me space so I can breathe normally?” I sneered making the girls more pissed off and embarrassed.  The other students in the class had their palms across their mouths as they gasped in total shock.  “What . . . “ The girl at the left side made a shout back at me but the one in the middle which seem to be the boss shooed her then glance at me with an expression I couldn’t detect before walking ba
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Chapter 3
  **** Jeremy P.O.V ****  My hand couldn’t just leave my cheek as I found my way to the principal’s office. Till now I can’t just believe that, that cow dung laid his filthy hands on my cheek. I mean.. what gave him the audacity.  Oh yuck!!!  The slap as really painful that I thought my cheek had gone blaze, it really came unexpectedly. After a long walk, I finally got to the principal’s office, without knocking I pushed the door open and dashed in.  “Who the hell…” he stopped abruptly as he found out I was the one.  “Jeremy, what is the problem?” The principal asked immediately  “I want him arrested this moment” I yelled loudly with the anger written all over me.  “Who could that be?” He asked with a grimace  “I want that bastardized fool arrested this moment” I yelled again fuming in anger.  I was really close to tears, the slap as still hot and was burning my cheek that I couldn’t help but wondered if that was just a slap.  “Please Jeremy; tell me who you’re talking about…
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Chapter 4
  *** Jeremy's POV continues ***  Oh fuck!! what was wrong with me?. Did I just felt sorry for that hawker?  Wait a sec, I even gave her my money.  I can't believe myself anymore, how could I feel pity for that lady?!!  Uhmm... Jeremy you're getting crazy.. (I said to myself) and immediately hopped into my car.  I drove into my house and rushed upstairs to my room, I took a cool bath then slumped on the big king-sized bed,  I turned my head to the clock hanging on the wall and found out it was 6:10pm,  I brought out my phone and scrolled through the contact in search of Sophia's number,  I knew it wouldn't go through but I foolishly clicked on it and like expected, the call bounced back,  I hissed loudly then sat up,  I'm so bored, no one to talk to, no one to gist and play with,  I laid back on the bed waiting patiently for sleep to come but it couldn't,  Just then, the face of that girl appeared in my memory.  Who is heck is that fucking girl for Christ sake?  Why does
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Chapter 5
  … 24 Hours Earlier …  *** Anne's POV ***  I have to rush to the principal's office, I have to tell him this or else this school would be history.  Yeah, no one is aware, no one saw it, it was done neatly that, it can never be detected.  An explosive bomb had been planted in this building right inside the proprietor's car,  I don't just know why that guy dressed in black did that. I can't tell why that guy secretly implanted that bomb inside the proprietor's car..  I was hawking some fruit as usual when I noticed a guy creeped to the car which was parked beside the road. he took out the device and fixed it on the car tyre then scurried off, I wouldn't had knew what he did if not for the call he made saying that he had successfully planted the bomb.  I stood by the road side waiting for the occupant of the car to come out so I would tell him or her what just happened but it went sour, at the same moment when I was selling my fruit to someone that was when the car owner rushed ou
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Chapter 6
  *** Jeremy's POV continues ***  I peered into her eyes waiting for her answer anxiously.  I don't know what made me to ask this from her, I don't know why I wants her to be my friend, I can't even say what difference I found in her.  She is beautiful but not as sophisticated as Lisa.  Just a glance at her, I had found myself unconsciously falling for her.  "I need an answer from you, please say something" I urged breathing heavily.  "Why do you want me to be your friend, I learnt you detest Nigerians, you hates them with passion, what then are you insinuating.. I'm a Nigerian, a poor one, I'm a hawker hated by almost everyone in this school, I'm not classic or rich, what then do you see in me that made you want to bound friendship with me.. I don't think I can accept that" she said calmly with her head bowed slightly.  "I'm also as confused as you are, I don't know why I wants you to be my friend. I.. don't just know" I said with a sigh and slumped on the bench then buried my
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Chapter 7
  *** Anne's POV continues ***  Omg, I can't believe I'm hugging the school cutest, how can he hug me when he knew I'm a piece of trash, I mean, what is he even thinking? In the front of the class and Lisa his girlfriend was right in front of us and he is still hugging me,  Omg!!!  I tried breaking the hug but he held me more closer to his body.  *** Jeremy's POV ***  I cuddled her close to my body not minding the raw egg which spurts all over her.  My heart kept beating loudly, my whole body trembled in an inexplicable sensation which left me feeling great.  I don't know what is going wrong with me, I don't just know, but all I know is that this very girl who everyone hates is making me go weirdly crazy for get, everything about her is enticing to me, looking into her eyes gives me joy,  I don't just feel like breaking the warm hug which was making my heart throb.  "Please release me, I'm suffocating" I heard her say,  I broke the hug and held her palm making her face me,  
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Chapter 8
  *** Anne's POV ***  I walked away with a heavy heart, I feel drawn and pained, I regretted being a poor girl, I regret the fact that I can't fight back.  Entering into the class, I went to my seat and sat quietly without glancing at Jeremy.  I know he must be peering at me but I can't spare him a glance.  I don't want to fall for him more deeply, I'll try to kill the feelings growing in me, I'll try to forget everything about him, he can't be mine even if we love ourselves,  I hate and detest wrestle of love,  Two more teacher came and taught before the school bell rang for closure.  I picked up my bag and scurried out of the class heading home, I sighted Jeremy picking his bag also following me.  *** Jeremy's POV ***  She rushed out of the class immediately the school bell rang, I stood up quickly and followed her.  I've a lot to ask her, I have a lot to understand, She had been acting cold on me and I've to know the reason, I need to know what Lisa really told her.  I'm
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Chapter 9
  *** Anne's POV ***  He kissed me passionately like I was his lover, although I was shocked but I never thought of breaking it.  I was confused but I left him to go on with whatever he was doing, I'm not his girlfriend but I love him, I closed my eyes feeling the great pleasure of his deep kiss, I've never kissed anyone before, the pleasure was really new and intense,  I don't even know how to kiss well..  His hand went round my neck drawing me closer to him, that made his lips go deeper, I could feel a shudder of sensation go down my spine,  my whole body kept quivering.  I couldn't tell when I wrapped my hand around his neck and returned the kiss.  We kept devouring each other's lips as if our life depends on it.  His hand went all over my neck down to my back romancing it sweetly, a soft moan escaped my lips immediately, the pleasure was immeasurable  Just then, like a lightning, I got back to my senses and quickly broke the kiss.  We both peered into our eyes deeply,  "
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Chapter 10
  *** Anne’s POV ***  “Uhmm. You mean. Ermm” I muttered bringing my arm close to my nose to perceive the scent, it was the cologne of no other person than Jeremy, I felt like kissing my body as I perceived the scent, I really love it like crazy  “Who has that scent or have you started meeting boys!!” She queried with her eyes filled with anger,  “No no no.. I don’t know any boy, I have no boyfriend.. the scent could be…okay yes, I got this scent on my body when I was rushing through the crowd to get my own share of the money I just gave you” I lied smiling foolishly scratching my head vigorously.  “I don’t have any time for you, mind you, I’ll never take it lightly with you If I finds out that you have start having any kind of relationship with any guy, get out from my view!” She barked dryly.  I walked to my room feeling very elated, what made me so happy isn’t far fetched, it is no other thing than what happened between me and Jeremy earlier.  I slumped on my bed without removi
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