Arranged Marriage: CEO's Contract Wife

Arranged Marriage: CEO's Contract Wife

By:  Nona_nandin  Ongoing
Language: English
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“I will give you everything, money, and luxury goods but with one laden.""What's that?""Marry me by the contract, and you will get whatever you want!"Adeline, a 21-year-old girl, is a medical student who can't afford her tuition.Smith is a 26-year-old man, CEO of a large company.Their relationship began in a contract marriage which was considered to be beneficial for both of them.As time went by, they seemed to have a tender feeling for each other. But at the same time, more secrets and problems from the past came to the surface, especially the appearance of Smith's ex that shook their relationship.Slowly Adeline started to waver, did she have to endure the cold of their "marriage"?

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The novel is about possessive romance and humorous tragedy written by Nona_nandin. Adeline has to swallow her pride and marry a man she never planned to marry to pursue a good future. Her life with Smith is full of emotional adventures including feelings of fear, awkwardness, and chaos especially when Smith's ex tries to get in between their relationship which disrupted Adeline's duty as a wife and smith's companion. Nonetheless, as Smith was distracted by the return of his ex, another man is trying to pursue Adeline which gives their love tale a new challenge...

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Chapter 1
  In a big city with a population of almost double digits, a well-known company with the most employees stands firmly in the city center.  Smith Jeremy, which employee doesn't know him? Men or women may even have thought of getting him.  He is so workaholic, even rumors that he likes the same sex have caused quite a stir at the company because the man was never rumored to be dating like other wealthy businessmen.  The only child from the class of Jeremy Thomas who is famous as one of the world's best entrepreneurs. He began to worry about his son who doesn't even have a girlfriend at the age of 26.  Jeremy always tries to match his son, with other business children, even with famous models or actresses there. But Smith will not even come on the blind date made by his father.  A father's concern about the rumors that circulated made him confused.  He finally found a way so that Smith can start dating women, he doesn't care about anyone as long as the child has a wife.  "Smith cam
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Chapter 2
  Adeline is still trying to digest the words of the famous Young Master Smith, she thinks why should she even though he could have chosen one of the famous actresses who are often rumored to like him.  "Ah, does he really like the same sex?" Adeline thought, now she was frowning while looking at Smith suspiciously.  "I don't want to small talk if you don't want you can reject it right now, I'm not talking about rambling!"  Adeline looked into Smith's eyes that were shady though firm, she found calm even though her whole body seemed to be shaking and sweating.  "This is only Adeline's contract marriage, after all, see Smith is very handsome and you can't want this just for his needs, it might break people's assumptions about those rumors!" Adeline thought she was talking to herself.  Plus Smith's bluff did not make him think anymore other than just imagine the practical test he had to do as soon as possible.  "How?" asked Smith again.  Without hesitation, Adeline nodded, she was
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Chapter 3
  Adeline was silent for a while, and stared left and right continuously.  "Please ride Miss!" said the driver who was assigned to pick up Adeline by Smith.  Adeline woke herself from her daydream after pinching the waist of John who immediately screamed.  "Are you serious, why pinch me?"  "Is this real?" after pinching her brother John, now the girl is pinching her cheeks but in a state of open mouth still in disbelief.  "Of course, I also wonder who you've been dating all this time" replied John, he was curious about the figure his sister would marry if he was this rich.  Again, Adeline hugged John, who still looked like a child in his eyes.  "John, Brother will visit this weekend, take good care of yourself" Adeline's words seemed full of drama because she kept repeating her farewell words to him.  "You should take good care of yourself," John finally hugged his sister and gently stroked the head of the girl, who was shorter than him.  And finally, Adeline got into the luxu
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Chapter 4
  Adeline's first day at the Smith's. She is treated like a princess in the house, all the needs that are usually done alone, here can be done by the household assistants.  Even the clothes she was going to wear were helped out by the house clerk, this of course made Sofia furious, who couldn't stand to see Adeline there.  "Sofia, assign some employees near Adeline's room so she doesn't get into trouble when she needs something!" said Smith.  Even though she was a little hurt, Sofia still nodded her head to carry out her duties. However, she feels that in this world she is the only one who is closest to Smith, it makes Sofia sad because Smith has a lover without telling her all this time. And the news about the wedding, of course, made her very surprised. All this time she thought that the Young Master's closest person was her, but expectations undermined her confidence.  Smith called Adeline to come with him, yes the clothes room that he will use every day as long as he becomes hi
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Chapter 5
  Still looking stiff, Smith then coughed a little to lighten the mood.  "Are you ready?" he loosened a little button on the shirt he was wearing.  "Do you think this is appropriate? I'm afraid the wrong costume" Adeline looked awry, because the clothes she was wearing looked different from the clothes she usually wore.  "Yes, not bad"  Adeline and Smith immediately left, the limousine that was used to pick up Adeline yesterday has now been opened by the driver and they entered.  Adeline's hand touched the handle of the small refrigerator there. "Stop it, don't get drunk like yesterday," said Smith, immediately making the girl withdraw her hand again.  30 minutes drive now they arrived, the car stopped at a luxury hotel in European style that was lit by lights from all around.  Smith opened the door for Adeline, he immediately reached out his hand. But the girl seemed to be very mesmerized by the building in front of him and only reflexively held Smith's hand.  "My father asked
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Chapter 6
  Seeing the look in her mother's eyes like a tiger wanting to pounce on its prey.  "Tell me, what exactly do you mean by this?" "I like him, I want him not as my brother, I want him as a man" shouted Sharon to her mother.  "He is of the same blood as you, the blood of the same father, Sharon," shouted Martha, making Sharon shed tears.  "Mom, look at him he hasn't even thought of me as a younger brother isn't it fine if I want him as a man"  Plakkk....  A slap landed on Sharon's cheek, Martha slapped her daughter hoping she would wake up, then left her son's room.  Sharon covered her face with both hands, she was crying loudly in the luxurious room.  Every day after Adeline's arrival to her house, Mr. Jeremy looks very happy because finally his son will start a household.  This apparently spread very quickly on social media, everyone started flocking to find out who the woman who could conquer Smith Jeremy's heart was.  Especially the women who are very aggressively chasing th
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Chapter 7
  With firm steps and like in a hurry but without letting go of Adeline's hand, Smith only focused on getting to the front of the house and opening the door for the girl.  "Enter?" said Smith, after opening a luxury car that was no less shiny than the limousine he used to pick up Adeline.  A Rolls-Royce Wraith Inspired by Film  yes, a car with all the luxuries that exist.  Adeline was amazed when she sat there and saw her cabin covered in luxurious leather.  Then Smith got in and drove the car, as soon as the black car window was raised, things became very beautiful, the ceiling of the car turned full of stars which spoiled Adeline's eyes now.  It is a matchless beauty, until her mouth is wide open. Smith had time to glance at Adeline's face, which looked very cute at that moment.  "Could you shut your mouth?" Smith put a seat belt on Adeline.  They then went to campus.  As soon as he arrived at the campus area, Smith opened the car door for Adeline. All pairs of eyes were ver
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Chapter 8
  Finally he dared to walk and finally dropped his body beside Smith.  "Are you okay?" asked Smith.  Adeline shook her head, then nodded! I was very impressed by the good looks of the man in front of him, even though he had been acting normal all this time.  "Hey, correct answer"  "I'm fine," Adeline whispered.  "I will prepare guards for you, I don't want my valon wife to be in dangerous territory because of me"  "Future wife?"  "Yes, you are my future wife," said Smith.  "Contract!" Adeline said innocently.  "However I don't want you to be in danger because of me"  Adeline nodded. "Whether I can ask you something, it's a bit sensitive but you can answer it or not it's up to you"  "Okay, no problem"  "Are you a guy?"  Smith frowned.  "Why do you ask that?"  "I'm just curious, but we don't need to answer it"  "Is it because of the ridiculous news?"  Adeline was silent because she felt bad for having too much courage to ask halal like that.  "I'm a man who likes women,
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Chapter 9
  Smith held his head he almost lost consciousness and grabbed Adeline's shoulder, the girl immediately held the burly body that was bigger than her.  "Hey, what are you doing?" Adeline looked panicked. "My head hurts" Smith answered quietly.  Sofia was still awake at that hour, and she went over to Smith and Adeline.  "Young master, why are you helping me upstairs" Sofia looked more panicked than Adeline whose panic was only within normal limits.  Sofia supported Smith who looked very unable to bear his headache.  But he only took one foot up the stairs, Smith let go of Sofia's hand. "Sofia I can do it myself, don't go upstairs and follow the rules as usual" Smith said the words quite clearly, though one hand didn't leave his head.  "I'll take care of him, don't worry" Adeline interrupted Smith's words.  "But young master is sick, I will bring medicine then"  "I'm a Doctor, I'll take care of him"  "But you're not a Doctor yet." Sofia looked at Adeline's face without blinking.
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Chapter 10
  Adeline entered her room, she looked in the mirror and continued to wipe her face  Adding the level of coldness in the room, doesn't make the heat go away. Until he could not sleep and restless all night. "Clark, where is the young lady has she had breakfast?"  "Young lady hasn't left the room since yesterday, she also doesn't want to eat sir" Clark replied!  "Is he sick?" thought Smith, he stopped eating and walked towards the girl's room.  "Adeline, do you want to go to campus together?" said Smith, he kept knocking on the girl's door.  But there was no answer so he immediately asked Sofia to get the spare key to the girl's room. Once inside, Smith was so surprised that Adeline was in bed asleep! Without closing the door he immediately walked over to her.  His hand immediately touched his forehead. ''You're sick, I heard you haven't eaten yet''  Adeline noticed Smith's presence and removed the hand from her forehead.  "What do you want to do again?"  "Hey, are you sick bec
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