Forever the alpha

Forever the alpha

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Werewolves and Vampires don't mix, or that's what Valerie, a twenty-three-year-old vampire has believed all her life until she discovers her mate is none other than the Alpha King. In the year 2022, humans discover the presence of Werewolves and Vampires. Being the prime race, they terrorize the much-feared Vampires and give power to Werewolves.Alpha Xavier is the fierce Alpha of the Moon Edge Pack and the Alpha King of Washington. Having watched his parents and mate killed by vampires, he detests Vampires more than anything in this world. When the universe gives him a second mate who is a vampire, will he forget the pain from the past and use his heart to love Valerie? What if his wolf mate comes back to life again? Who will be his destined mate?

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240 chapters
Chapter 1
  Valerie  I slowly opened my eyes to the feeling of immense pain. I felt like my body was being hit with rocks from every angle. Where was I? That was the first thought that ran through my mind.  My vision was blurry tears  and sweat that clogged my eyes. My joints ached and my skin cried from the cold hard floor I was forced to lie on.  The cell I was in was empty and there was nothing else in it apart from the cobwebs handing around the corners of the cell.  My frantic effort to remember who I had offended or a crime I had committed was all in vain. I couldn’t remember doing any of this things, so why would someone do this to me?  The last thing I remembered was being in a vampire night club with Jenna. Some cops barged in and the room was filled with a fog. Silver dust.  What did the cops want? What offence did I commit.  I mustered the little bit of strength in me and groaned in pain as I got on my feet. The sharp pain in my feet caused me to look down at them and I realize
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Chapter 2
  Xavier  I watched from my corner of the room as two government officials walked in. Two special agents walked in after them, carrying large boxes in their hands and the door was shut. My gaze remained on the boxes as they were dropped on a table before my Beta, Nathan.  "General Rudolf, the Alpha took his time to honor your invitation so get on with your presentation." Nathan placed his hands on his waist. He was wearing a sweat pant and a simple vest that stuck to his body, making every outline of his perfectly sculptured body visible.  "I'm glad he came, afterall, he was appointed Alpha King by Mr. President." The smug smile on Rudolf's face disappeared the instant I shot a cold, icy glare at him. Of course, he wouldn't want to get on my bad side.  "Yesterday, there were series of attacks at Los Angeles. According to our investigations, it occurs that this attacks were carried out by a group of vampires." Rudolf paused. I had suspected the meeting would be related to vampires a
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Chapter 3
  Valerie.  I opened my eyes again and tried to make out where I was through my blurry vision. I could spot some open curtains and sunlight flooded through the windows. Good thing I traded my vampire wings for survival in the sun.  I was no longer feeling the terrible pain I felt after waking up in that cell, but there was still that throbbing headache. I noticed I was lying on a bed and I was surprised. I tried to remember how I had gotten here and fragments of the previous day began to flip through my mind.  I rememered confronting that guard and being punished with Holy Water. I remembered a guard announcing the arrival of an alpha. I think Alpha.....Xavier and then I was sprayed with silver dust. My head ached the more even as I forced myself to remember, but that was all I could. I stopped trying even though I felt there was something very important to remember.  I climbed down from the bed and looked at what I was wearing. It was a simple night gown made of silk and it expose
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Chapter 4
  Xavier  I groaned as I countered every punch Nathan threw at me. I swiftly beny down as another punch came my way and as his fist passed over my head, I threw my fist in his abdomen. He quickly moved backward and took advantage of my miscalculated force by kicking my legs. Loosing my balance for a sec, I flipped in the air and turned to hit Nathan in the face.  My class would have slashed his face if he didn't raise up his hands to block his face, my claws tearing through his arm flesh and causing a whimper to escape his lips.  Every training session I had done was always a distraction from the hardship I had faced in the past and the painful memories, but this was different. It was more of a way to process the fact that a vampire was only a few rooms away.  "How do I handle having a vampire mate? How is it going to be?" I stepped on the hilt of a sword lying on the floor and it flew into my hand. Nathan also did the same.  "I don't know." Nathan groaned as my sword clashed agai
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Chapter 5
  Valerie.  The moment he said those words, '... I reject you as my mate.' I felt my world crumble. I walked back to my room quietly and I sat on my bed.  I didn't know why it hurt, but it did. It hurt so bad. He rejected me just like that. He didn't even get to know me and he didn't give a damn. I never expected to have a soul bound partner since only few vampires had beloveds and I never wished to have one.  Now that I've been given a soul bound partner, it had to be a werewolf mate who even made it worse by rejecting me only a day after meeting him.  I remained there the whole day, crying and crying and until my stomach began to disturb me, I didn't realize that I hadn't eaten anything the whole day. It was evening already and the rain was falling.  I needed to find something to hit.  My vampire instincts were back and I began to walk towards the direction of food scents, my stomach rumbling even more. I followed the scent of the food down the corridor and through an empty gar
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Chapter 6
  Xavier.  I winced in pain as a silver plated wing tore through my arm and I let howled loudly, leaping into the air and pulling the vampire by the wings. I smashed him to the ground and I sent my spears right through his heart.  I looked around me to see several dead bodies. Several dead werewolves lying on the earth that had become red and blood soaked. All I could here was the clashing of swords, snarls, howls and the cries of wounded soldiers.  I locked eyes with a vampire and he snarled at me, dashing towards me and slashing his silver plated wings at me. I roared and bent to the side, quickly using the chance to stun him with a punch before plucking out his hands with my bare hands.  The vampires outnumbered us and I watched my fellow wolfs get killed by the merciless savages. I looked to the right to see Lena fighting off two vampires and using her sword to counter their wings. We had long transformed back into our human form after so much forceful reverting and we were all
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Chapter 7
  Valerie  I slowly opened my eyes and shut them instantly as sunlight flooded into them. I opened them again as my eyes adjusted to the bright blinding light.  I could feel a throbbing ache in my head and pain in my body.  Don’t tell me I’m in that goddamned facility again!  I sighed in relief as I saw that I was lying in a bed and was in a comfortable room. How did I get here? I was out in that heavy rain, cold and terribly hungry.  Then.............Oh my God! A Wolf had attacked me. I was at the point of collapsing when.....Xavier saved me. The last thing I saw was his face when he carried me in his hands and he whispered something to Gina.  I thought he hated me. That asshole.  I took another look around and froze when I saw Xavier sitting at a reading table some meters away. He had fallen asleep.  Wait.....this isn’t my room. This is his room. I tried to stand up and I groaned when a sharp pain hit me in the shoulder. Xavier’s eyes shot open instantly and he looked at me.
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Chapter 8
  Jenna  Newscaster : …… his speech, Senetor Griffin mentioned that the vampire culprits responsible for the series of attacks in Los Angeles have been apprehended and arrested. He further stated that the Nexus Services would do all it can to eradicate supernatural threats especially by vampires. His ann…..”  “Asshole.” I muttered as I paused the news playing on my phone. I locked the door to my house and walked straight for my car. I suddenly stopped as I decided to take a can instead. This could be a mission longer than I can think.  “Taxi.” I called out to a cab driving by and it halted before me.  “The airport.” I hopped into the car and it drove off.  ***  As soon as I alighted the plane, I switched on my phone and checked the time on my wristwatch. It was 4: 45pm. I checked my notifications to see an Instagram message from Jenna, a friend.  Jenna; I’m waiting at the airport, where are you?  I looked around to see if I could spot her before directing my attention back
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Chapter 9
  Xavier  The sound of loud howls echoed everywhere and my eyes shot open instantly. It was morning already. I looked at my body to see a towel draped around me. It was wet and cool.  The smell of hot tea drifted into my nostrils and I climbed down from my bed. I saw Valerie seated at my reading table and reading a novel. I was happy to see that she had already healed.  She noticed that I was already awake and she turned her neck to face me. She didn’t have any emotion on her face and she soon directed her attention back at the novel on the desk.  “Good morning.” I greeted her and picked up the towel, walking into the bathroom and squeezing out the sweat.  “Is that mine?” I pointed at the cup of tea standing on the small table next to the bed and she faced me.  “Yes, you were having terrible nightmares and sweating profusely so I covered you with the cold towel and prepared you this.” She said with that same stoic expression.  “Thanks.” I smiled and she shook her head.  “That m
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Chapter 10
  Nathan  I watched Xavier panic as he walked out of the healers dorm. He had gone through a lot of bad things in his life and loosing his mate the second time would be devastating.  I really wished that he would be able to find the antidote before it was too late. J would have followed him except that I had stay back to watch Valerie. Some stubborn pack members might want to take advantage of the situation to hurt her.  I watched him hop into one of the convertibles and drive off. Just as he drove off, I saw another car drive in. The car halted right before me and the front door opened, a lady stepping out of it. She sighed and took a long look at the building.  I could smell her human blood.  “Who are you?” I asked and she faced me.  “Hello?” She smiled and waved at me, “I’m at the Moon Edge Pack right?” She asked and I nodded in affirmation.  “Yes, what do you want?” I was really curious as to why a human could be here. It wasn’t like she lost her way. Was she a government of
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