Accidental Affair

Accidental Affair

By:  k.crush  Completed
Language: English
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Yasmin Cassidy had a one night stand with her boss and got fired by him, treated unfair, she came back to settle scores with him But for Kyler it's a disaster as he couldn't get his mind off his former secretary who is filling his heart slowly, faced in the dilemma of choosing his wife or the other woman

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Yasmin felt dizzy as she take another sip of her glass of wine not sure if she was getting drunk she took yet another sip and drop the glass on one of the passing trays she decided to go find her Boss and inform him about her wanting to leave the party earlyHer eyes search for him and she couldn’t see him anywhere in the large room or maybe her eyes are feeling a bit weak to see the hall clearly now still determine to find him She sighted Talia from a distance and walk towards her she called to get her attention since she was busy talking to some other people in the party“What’s wrong Yasmin? You don’t look good” she said observing her tired eyes“I’m not sure but I feel so dizzy, where is Boss I can’t find him”“I think he went to have a talk with the Ambassador minutes ago, I will tell him you are leaving” Talia offered with a smile and Yasmin nodded at her and mouthed a thank you, she turn to leave but her legs suddenly felt wobble and she almost lost her balance she quickly h
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The two glasses clink and Veronica smile at her victory she had just heard the news and receive the video from Conrad about their plan being a successYesterday was a day she’s been looking forward to and if she had missed it then she won’t be able to save herself from giving birth to Kyler’s child. The thought of that almost made her lose herself, giving birth to his child is the last thing she ever wanted in life although she has married him against her wish and desire but she can’t endure having his blood grow inside of her and thanks to Conrad quick thinking they finally have a way to prevent her from getting pregnant.Kyler Black is a perfect man and never make mistakes therefore there is vividly nothing or no way to get his dark secrets but then being his wife and the closest person to him, Kyler trusts her so much that he could lay his life in her hands and Veronica decided to put that trust to her advantage. The love he had for her is so strong that if he did anything wrong
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The little holiday was over and work resume as normal with everyone getting busy, Yasmin resumed early to work than the rest in order to put few things to place. President Black has always hated a tiny dirt or any trace of error in his space so she had to come in time with the cleaner to monitor their work and see if they had everything properly done, she also has to do a little clean which is why she always had to bring a pair of soft slippers every day to put on and put them off after cleaning to dress up neatly in her heels and not too much perfumed outfitThe first time she had start work with him and had put on too much deodorant to impress him, was the day she received a great humiliation as she was told to go wash them off her body.Dropping the clean napkin on her desk after a thorough cleaning, the incident flash back into her memory once again and she felt her chest tightened in unknown excitement and fearShould she assume that finally after eight years of one side crush,
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Six weeks later…Wearing a creamy long sleeve shirt with a knee leveled skirt to match and a heel, Yasmin walk into a café shop looking so different from her usual self, she ordered for a cappuccino and took it to cornered seat while she gets busy with her phone as she await someone. An average height man walked into the same café shop and look around until his eyes settled on her, he smiles in acknowledgement and went ahead to get his own drink before approaching the table“You look radiant today” he complimented as he got to her“Thank you” she replied with a brighten expression while she took off her glasses and place them beside her cup “I’m sorry I’m late”“No I’m just a bit earlier” she said and clean her mouth with the tissue on the table“You look so ready to visit old friends today” he said and Yasmin nodded with much confident “Old friends? More like old enemies” she replied and shared a smile with him, they both focus on their drink for a while and after that decide to
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Sleep with me this once
The plan to finally get rid of her husband and be with who her heart belongs to now was going perfectly for Veronica, these days she has exhausted a lot of things from Kyler all in guilt of having cheated on her. What’s more it is that they don’t share the same bed anymore and in order to heal her wound she has requested a time space between them which includes a travel out and a secret romantic trip with Conrad.Life for her couldn’t have been so hard and this for her is the beginning of a new life of freedom, with a divorce paper in place and evidences to proof that he cheated on her, veronica felt on top of her game as she took a cocktail to celebrate her success.She requested a maid to open the drink and pour her a glass, with her drinks in her hand she click glass to the air and took a tiny sip then dropping the glass as she felt nauseous all of a sudden.Not wanting to make a big deal she took the glass again and finish the content once and for all but then her stomach begin t
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She's pregnant?
Worried president Black sat the office without doing anything but ruminating his thought and trying to get his emotions to one piece the sooner he does seems to be the better for him Now that she’s back and he might have to keep seeing her more than often.He had tried to avoid this situation but maybe heavens is playing games with him and brought her back to him againKyler had thought once she’s gone everything will be fine but he never imagine her to be back and this time she seems to harbor hatred in her heart towards him.Remembering today’s meeting with her and the way she countered him with so much effrontery and rendered him almost out of speech made a smile escape his lips as he swivel the chair he is sitting on at the thought. “Fuck!” he cussed inwardly getting out of his trance and hitting the table in irritation, this is bad for him. Having the thought of another woman in his heart is something he detest for himself, right from being a twelve years old boy he had made a
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Accepting the baby
….the past… The exquisite living room looks a bit messy from the usual picture and as young Kyler entered the room he knew at once what had happened in the room, his legs hesitated for some moment but then he turned to go into his room and lock himself up. Rosa’s eyes watch him till the door closes, her messy clothes as well as ruffled hair made her feel ashamed to be seen by her son in such situation, her gaze turned to her husband who sat on the lounger with his loosed boxers looking nothing less.As usual he had just rough handled her and that too inside the living room without any care or shame, Rosa who look at her husband and saw no iota of regret or shame in his action burst into tears covering her face fully with her palms.Young Kyler in his room also struggle with the tears that kept falling, he has gotten used to the scene of seeing his mother being molested by his father and every time this happens he had no choice than to go to his room an cry silently.Then on a fate
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A fool in love
Forgiveness seems to be the best option that he could arrive at in the threatening situation, not wanting to be a scum and divorce his wife, they had both had their heart diverted and committed mistakes but he’s confident about overcoming this and restoring his marriage again. He can’t give up on his love and marriage just because of some uncertain feelings.Not having anyone to talk to about the incident he called Conrad for a drink at a private bar in order to have a clear discussion, though he had agreed to forgive Veronica but the thought of another having slept with his wife torment him every time he closes his eyes. The fact that his wife committed adultery simply means he’s failed her at a husband and must have hurt her so much that she felt so helpless and distress.‘Why did she cheat on me?’‘How good was the guy?”“How long have she been cheating on him?”‘Who exactly is this guy?’These questions and tons more travel around Kyler’s head each time and he strive hard to find
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One night stand again?
Yasmin walk into the clubhouse with a gloomy face and head to grab a drink, asking for a more stronger alcohol than she usually take, she gulp it all down despite the bartender words not to drink it all at once. Not satisfied, she took ask for another drink and quickly took it down her throat and felt a sharp pain through her body, knowing she has gone a bit too far, she decided to go to the bathroom.On the way to the bathroom, she sighted another large room, a little bit far off the loud blasting room, it seems like a VIP room seeing there are bodyguards who look hefty and unfriendly.“Maybe that’s where she needed to be”She thought and walk towards the room, after giving a little lie, she’s allowed inside the almost empty room and walk around trying to get a convenient place to sit down. At a glance to the right side, she sighted President Black and turn away almost immediately, wanting to go back to where she came from“What is he doing here?” she asked herself, worried he might
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Falling back in love
Flashback…The group of workers stood side by side as they watch President Black walk in the parallel line they created, it was Yasmin’s first day at work and the first time she would be seeing her super awesome Boss like everyone describe him to beAlthough she hasn’t really been excited about it but just like every lady she sure put on some make-ups to make herself look pretty and go to buy some new dresses for a change.When he was about to walk pass her, Yasmin felt it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to see him up-close so against the rule, she raise her head up a little to have a glance at his faceUnluckily for her, the Boss was standing so close to her that the moment she raise her eyes up to look, his eyes were staring at her, flustered at that instant she gasp out loudly and jolt backward in a dash breaking her heelsBut his hand grip her before she could make a ridiculous fall and held her in an embrace, looking more flustered, Yasmin quickly withdraw away and said a
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