My Alpha From Hell

My Alpha From Hell

By:  Mark Favour  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sephora's life is about to be changed forever when she was Chosen against her will to be the bi-anual Sacrifice to the powerful and mysterious cursed  werewolf prince of Ardanam  living beyond the Veil of their two worlds, her 19 years of existence seemed to have all been for nothing.           When the yearly "chosen"  sacrifice was performed,  She was chosen as one who was to be sacrificed to maintain the thousand years old peace treaty which the Humans made with the werewolves a long time ago.             Until fate gives her a second chance….           She was later rescued from her perilous fate after she successfully passed the VEIL, a living hell on Earth barrier that separates the humans from the werewolves. Unfortunately, she was caught by the prince guards and  was made to serve  the mysterious cold-hearted prince.            Thrown into the complexities of living and serving in a powerful Court and chained to one of the most feared Prince's in Igritann was never her expectations.          Can Sephora survive in this power-hungry new world?           Not when darkness is beginning to gather overhead, Century old grudges start to fester and history threatens to repeat itself as the tenuous relationships between the princes of Ardanam begin to crumble.         With the Mortal World at threat and her family along with it, Sephora is forced to step up to the fold and strive to bring peace to her old world as well as her new one….        And what if this cold hearted prince was bent on changing the rules and rewriting histories just for a weak human girl….?        

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72 Chapters
Very Beginning
Sephora was kicking and screaming as they dragged her deeper into the forest. The night air was cold and bit at her pale skin until it sank into her very bones. But she didn't care, not as hands were gripping her arms and legs, while she thrashed in their hard grasp to try and get free. She growled in frustration and looked about her frantically; trying to determine how far it was back home, if she somehow managed to get free and make a run for it. But it was no use, the entire spread of the forest all looked the same, the towering pine trees above her started to look a lot like prison bars, as they still carried her deeper. She bucked and kicked again, thrashing and twisting, anything to relieve that iron grip on her arms and legs, but to no avail. This couldn't be how it all ended, she still had so much she wanted to see and do, so many days with her family that she'd looked forward to. She growled again at the four figures dragging her, their dark hooded faces r
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[One day earlier] Sephora gave a sympathetic smile to the grocer after paying for a few cooking apples. But the poor woman didn't return the smile, instead she turned to her next customer, her tired grey eyes brimming with anxiety. Hardly a surprise really, everyone was afraid today. Today was the day of The Choosing. It was an event held every year on the day before the evening of Samhain; the night when the veil between the Mortal world and Igritann was at its thinnest. Whoever was deemed as The Chosen, would have the whole day of Samhain to do whatever they wished. Most of the time, it consisted of having one massive party, when everyone could get devastatingly drunk and have as much sex, food and drink as they could possibly feeling their stomach. For some people, they considered being The Chosen as the best way to go out. But once it reached midnight, The Chosen would be taken deep into the Leath Forest, where th
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The Chosen
Sephora pulled back her auburn hair, clipping it back with a black clasp in a half-down half-up fashion, and smoothing down her grey winter dress. Although it wasn't yet winter, on the run up to Samhain the autumn humidity suddenly drops at a rapid pace. Nights become cold, and mornings are frosty - Sephora hates the cold. "Sephora?" Zach's little voice echoed down the staircase, down to where she stood waiting by the door. Sephora turned and grinned, to see her little brother clambering down the stairs with a smile that looked like he didn't have a care in the world. She wished she could share her brother's optimism about the world. It wasn't as though he was ignorant of the events that were occurring around him; he just chose not to let it get him down - you would never see him upset about anything, he could always find the good in things. Sephora loved him all the more for it. At the last of the steps, her brother hesitated and Sephora kn
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Sephora grimaced for the fifth time after looking at herself in the mirror, whilst reaching blindly across the table for a hair pin, to hold back another section of thick auburn hair. She had not slept well. Despite the warmth of the thick duvet and the plushness of the pillows and soft mattress, Sephora couldn't get to sleep. The duvet was so high that it reached her chin and began to make her sweat, despite the cold autumn air. The mattress was too soft, so much so that she felt as though she were sinking and couldn't settle her limbs enough to relax; the pillows were no better, her head felt like she were drowning as the feather down pillows smothered her. And the room being so light and airy, and the curtains consisting of nothing but some thin netting; the sun had indeed come pouring in through the windows - waking Sephora up at the crack of dawn. Now, even as the clocks tolled for 1 pm, Sephora still had dark rings under her hazel eyes, making her cheekbones
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Beyond the veil
So this is what hell felt like. All around Sephora there was screaming and wailing, unsure of where it was coming from; it took Sephora a few seconds to realise that it was all coming from herself. Her heartbeat was pounding like a drum in her ears, going faster than she thought was humanly possible. It was so loud, it was as though someone had ripped it from her rib-cage and shoved it inside her head. She tried reaching out, to hold onto something - anything, but there was nothing. There was no ground below her, no sky above her, no life-line to cling onto, that could help her. She was free-falling through the earth, and she wouldn't stop until she reached the molten burning core. Sephora screamed again, only this time no sound came out, she'd gone hoarse minutes ago. She felt like she was burning up, whilst being slowly cleaved apart from the inside. She couldn't see anything but red, black and orange, and she wouldn't have been surprised i
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The Lord's Mate
The world was knocked from under Sephora's feet. The guards still holding her, grunted in protest at the sudden weight in their arms, as they tried to hold her upright. That familiar wave of numbness washed over Sephora, as she replayed the Lord's words in her head. Mate. As in soulmate? She panicked. But I can't be his mate, that would mean we're equal, that would mean living with him and being with him and getting to know him. I can't do that, I can't do it. Sephora didn't realise she had been shaking her head, until the Lord spoke again; "Denying it, doesn't change a thing. You are my mate, accept it and move on." Sephora's head snapped up to the Lord, and glared at him. He had a point, but he didn't realise how big of a deal this was. How could the Lord be her mate? And what would he do with her, would he force her to bear children, would she have to serve him. She didn't know the first thing about life as a Nuanam, and n
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No Exit
[Sephora] Her breathing had started to become ragged, by the time she'd sprinted out of the city and into the forest, heading for the veil. The rumbling in the earth had stopped and the cries in the city had been hushed, when Sephora realised that the Lord had probably decided to come after her. But he couldn't stop her now, she was already too far away for him to possibly catch up - she was almost at the veil. So much so that Sephora was sure that she could even smell its power radiating towards her, as she closed the distance between herself and home. Home. She could see her family again, she could show her father that she'd made it, she could see her brother's smiling face, she could cook side by side with her mother. Sephora hurtled through the trees. She could have sworn she heard the faint rumbling of hooves behind her, and quickly glancing behind her, confirmed that a troop of soldiers on horse-back were rapidly galloping to
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Hate Love
Unfortunately for Sephora, after her little spat with the Lord, he'd later demand that she was to have dinner with him every evening, as punishment. Well, he didn't actually say that it was a punishment, but that's what it felt like to Sephora. She was still finding it hard to adjust to the fact that this was to be her life from now on, and that she would never see her family again. She knew this was selfish of her, seeing as she should be feeling lucky that she was still alive - but she wasn't happy. Although, she was getting better, and virtually knew her way around the entire palace, at this point. She still didn't feel like socializing with anyone, as she found it too taxing, and tried her best to avoid the Lord at all cost. He still didn't let her out of the palace, though she was allowed in more rooms now; his excuse was that he didn't trust her, which was understandable. But honestly, where was she going to go? She huffed a laugh, as she walked down to t
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No Longer Strangers
Sephora strode down to the Lord's office on a mission. She was tired of staying indoors, she wanted some fresh air. Even if it was only for a few minutes, she could not stand being indoors for another second. She had no idea how she would go about asking him though, if he claimed he didn't trust her, then how was she supposed to prove herself? Well not running to the veil as soon as she was let out, could work in her favor. She chuckled silently to herself. She'd even dressed for the outdoors. Knee-high brown leather boots were silent on the marble floors as she turned a corner and made her way up a flight of steps. Her thick auburn hair had been pulled into a french plait, as she didn't know how to do the fish-tail plait her mother wore so often. Her black skinny jeans might have been a bad idea in such warm weather, but they went so well with her tight khaki t-shirt, that she didn't mind.She reached the Lord's office door and taking his advice from the other night, she
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The Lord's Lady
Turns out dinner didn't turn out as bad as Sephora had thought it would. Ambrose had acted like nothing had happened and went back to his usual banter. Sephora was grateful, but couldn't help but feel as though he should share about his concerns about her suitability as his mate. After all, it did concern Sephora as well. But she decided to give him his space, she didn't want to ruin anything, and for him to return to being that stone-faced Lord that had greeted her a few weeks back. She would wait for him to tell her in his own time, what his findings were - if he did indeed find anything at all.Ambrose had at least yielded the rights to choosing dinner that night, and Sephora swore on her life, that she'd never tasted a better cottage pie than the one she devoured that evening. Ambrose had even allowed a little smile to come back, as he watched her demolish her plate of food. Sephora ate like she'd been starved for days, and didn't care one bit about the mess she'd made on the table
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