Pampered Dirty By A Demon Prince

Pampered Dirty By A Demon Prince

By:  impassionategods  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Are you prepared to take responsibility? Responsibility for letting me live?" If there was anything Agatha couldn't believe, then it was that the man she met by a well turned out to be a prince. One with eyes for only her, with a resolve as tough as steel. Get ready for another husband spoiling wife story. ********** Born into debt, Agatha was forced to give up on her dreams of becoming a doctor and marry into her best friend's family, all to save face. When she learns of her supposed friends ill intentions towards her, she runs away and turns to suicide. However, on that windy night, fate seemed to have plans in-store for her. What could be this man's agenda? Why does he care so much for plain old Agatha? And why is it, that he showcases extraordinary human feats?

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1
Idle chatter and clanking of glasses against one another set the tone for the glamorous evening party. As Lords and Ladies flamboyantly took to the dance floor, enjoying the sound of the music to it's fullest. In every corner of the room, stood fairly aged Mama's, who kept their keen gazes on all the singles in attendance. And standing beside them, were their overly groomed daughters, struggling against a tight corset.As the helps passed about the tray of drinks, so did these women freely spread any form of gossip at their disposal. At the centre of it all, stood the subject of discussion, hand in hand, engaged in a practised definition of that they called...The waltz."Keep your eyes on me when you're on the dance floor." A not so friendly voice chided me, barely looking into my eyes as she addressed me. I had certainly displeased him.First it was the length of my black hair that displeased him, and after, was the lustre from my sparkly silver dress. There was simply no pleasing
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Chapter 2
I stopped to catch my breath, at the huge black gates which led to the mansion, where my supposed engagement party was being held. After finding out of Ace's deceit, I knew that nothing good would come out of me staying behind to watch the drama unfold itself. Running away, was the best choice, and frankly, my only choice."Miss!""Miss! Where are you headed?!"Despite the hollers from the perplexed men by the gates, I dashed off without looking back. Anywhere was better than here, my life had never been mine since birth. It had always revolved around this huge debt I knew nothing of. Up till now, any decision I made was to benefit everybody but myself.The deafening sound of thunder increased here and there, sending fear through my heart. As my limbs battled against the cold wind which almost sent me flying off my feet!The night was darker than I anticipated and the ground was still wet from the storm of yesterday. The base of my shiny silver dressed kissed the dirt, mixing with it
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Chapter 3
He led me into the unlocked mansion, just moments before the heavy downpour begun. I flinched at the clear sound of rain behind me, and heaved a sigh of relief."Thank you." I told him as I withdrew my hand from his firm grip and kept it to myself. He didn't say anything and ventured through the dark house, searching for a candle or so I presumed."I think I still remember where the candles were kept." I went after him, walking around the house without any difficulty. Ace and I used the broken window in the kitchen to enter and exit the house as we pleased. Hence, I was conversant with every nook and cranny of the area.It only took me a while to locate the candles, which were kept in one of the kitchen lower drawers. But then another problem occurred soon after. "How do you suppose we light them?" I asked, scratching the back of my head, unable to see squat in this room. "Check some more drawers and I'll look over there." He instructed, making hasty footsteps away from me. "I do
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Chapter 4
"You sound almost delusional, you speak as though it's so easy to fight against society." I said, placing a damper on his enthusiasm, right before it could reach me."And what's more, when you hear my dream...""I'll love it, because you're the one dreaming it." He rudely interrupted, speaking with tenderness so genuine, it made me wonder if I truly knew this man.I planted the candle on the floor, then rested my chin on my palm, hopelessly staring at him, he was fine to look upon. "I can't tell if you're being sincere with me." I voiced out my thoughts, "but anyway, have at it." Speaking about my ambition seemed like a taboo to me."I want to save lives, by becoming a doctor! Not just any lives, I want to treat the sick and the wounded soldiers on the battle field. Even if it means risking my safety to do it, I want to save a life." I stared at him as though my life depended on it, waiting to see his reaction to my words.Ace had made it clear a woman had limits, My parents did the sa
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Chapter 5
The news of me breaking off the alliance with the Crossfire family spread like a wild fire all throughout Credia the next morning. It was the hot topic all the Mamas spoke about during tea time, and the subject of discussion at the square.But what surprised me the most, was the fact that I was being stigmatised for being an overly ambitious woman, with a short sighted dream.My thoughts were preoccupied with these new accusations, that I did not hear my name being called."Miss Bellemere." Odet called out to me once more, reminding me that I was no longer in the Crossfire mansion but within the confines of my bedroom chamber. "Sorry, I had a thing or two in mind." I told her, dropping the apple I had been toying with on top of my silver tray."You're the centre of attention in the capital, almost everybody and anybody has your name on their lips. Though, you are only second place to the gossip of the prince's arrival at the kingdom after sixteen long years." Odet filled me in, servi
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