Desired by Alpha

Desired by Alpha

By:  Anne Garcezz  Completed
Language: English
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Andrew is an Alpha Lupus, a prince who does not want to be King, much less marry an ordinary Omega like Lady Artanis. The Prince discovers a secret that could change the course of the kingdom, and runs off in search of clues that will lead him to find the true heir to the throne, the Lost Prince. Andrew's paths cross with those of Noah, a young man who awakens the Prince's most intense desires. Noah always thought he was different, he believed he was not Omega, Alpha, let alone a Beta, and that he was descended from the Witches. Everything changes in his life after a stranger is captured by the rebel army of which he is a part. The man awakens unknown feelings for Noah, leaving him completely lost, and trying to fight something he can't, the predestined connection between a Lupus Alpha and a Lunar Omega. Andrew must flee to find the Lost Prince, but he knows that there with the rebels, he has found something he has been waiting for for a long time, his Lunar Omega. Will Andrew be able to leave without taking his predestined one? Can their bond succumb to the social differences between them?

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76 Chapters
NOAH Ah... The Alphas! Everything that happens depends on them, is determined by them, thought of by them, this is a question that bothers me a lot, because I hear this since my childhood, and today at the age of twenty I still haven't come into heat, which I thank heavens tirelessly, because my age would have already occurred, and even if I were Alpha, Omega or Beta, my life would change. My biggest concern is if my heat occurs, and I discover that I am an Omega, that would be very difficult for me, after all, their life is not easy, whether male or female, they always suffer, because it is their responsibility to generate the offspring, in addition to being totally submissive to the Alphas. My speech seems pessimistic, but in the world we live in, Alphas, both men and women, are surrounded by privileges that Betas, and especially Omegas, don't usually enjoy, whether here where I live, or even in the capital of the kingdom where everything seems more modern. , their lives are all a
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ANDREWThe idea of a Lost Prince dominates my thinking, this is the perfect opportunity to free myself from the obligation of being King. I'm tired of living my life for something that doesn't belong to me, my father would never accept my uncle's heir in power, so I need to do something, since I never agreed with his attitudes, and I couldn't do anything against his. violent way of ruling. Therefore, meeting my cousin, before my father, is perhaps the great chance to show me that I am capable of doing something for the kingdom of Ascabaltt .I was so lost in thought, lying in my bed, that I didn't notice the time passing. I look out the window, and notice that the sun is setting. I'm snapped out of my trance when I hear someone knocking on my door. I get up, walk slowly, lost in a strange sensation. I open the door and a servant tells me something.— Your Highness, I come in the King's name to bring you a message...— Say!— King Alexander, your father, has asked Your Highness to come
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NOAHThe closeness is such, and I feel uncomfortable, he looks at me intensely. I don't know how to act, normally I would put him in his place, I don't like being taken liberties with me, or looking intensely at me. Paolo's gaze flicks between my eyes and my mouth, and it makes me angry.— Are you mad at me? she asks, I look at him, and he speaks again. —Your eyes have changed from violet to blue, and now they're violet again!— What are you trying to say?— Violet, you were angry with me, and blue, with desire, and now violet again...— For a noble, you talk a lot of nonsense, don't you think?— I ask, and he smiles. — So, if so, your eyes are blue, and...— Am I lusting after you?— Don't look at me like that!— Can't I look at you?— No, you can't! — I say in an angry tone.— Because?— I don't like the way you're looking at me!—— The same way you're looking at me too?— I don't, it's ... I look, I mean, I'm not looking at you the way you look at me! — I need to clean your wound...
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ANDREWWaking up in an unfamiliar place is not a good thing, mainly because it can get in the way of my plans, but what's strange about it all is the sense of relief I've been feeling since waking up to the boy next to me. His curious gaze on me, every detail of his face so angelic, eyes such a deep brown, mouth full and red, hair lightly curled under his eyes, wearing a tunic and pants that gave him an air of power. I'm not usually interested in men, even if they are Omegas, and I don't know why, but something about this boy caught my attention, it's not just his beauty, there's something about him that made me out of control, and if I remember correctly, I'm not close of my heat.When his fingers touched my skin, a strange sensation took over me, and my mind went into ecstasy, his scent makes me intoxicated, his eyes changing color, a mixture of sensations made my defenses come down. It makes no sense what I'm feeling, and the word from the wizard Killian comes to my mind...“Luna
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ANDREW— You're feeling the same as me, aren't you?Hearing me, Noah looks away from me, and shakes his head in denial and pulls his hand away.— No, I'm not feeling anything! — You're getting crazy?— Don't pretend you don't feel anything, I know you felt the same as I did, all this energy, and just as your scent is driving me crazy, mine is also driving you... My statement seems to generate a revolt in Noah , who looks back at me, and I can see the anger emanating from him.— No, I don't know what you're talking about, and I think I'm tired of hearing you talk so much nonsense!— I know it's hard for an Omega as powerful as you to accept that... — Shut your mouth! I'm not Omega, Alpha, Beta, or anything else, and I didn't feel anything you said, understand? — You're running from the truth!— The truth here is that you are a prisoner!Before I can answer, he turns, opens the door and leaves. Once the wizard Killian was arrested by the palace army, and as I was always curious, I wan
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NOAHI always thought there was something different about me. Everyone around me has already felt the awakening of the animal nature that inhabits them. Alphas and Omegas get weird, smell and emanate when they are about to come into heat. The Omegas become more sensitive, it is a period that leaves them extremely vulnerable to the Alpha. My brother has been going through this for some time, and every time he uses some herbs to control his extinct during the painful process he goes through, as he still doesn't have an Alpha by his side. Seeing all this drama not happen to me, I came to believe that I was descended from ancient humans, or from magical beings, such as wizards and witches, and believing in this idea always made me relieved, until the man before me appeared.I've never been able to smell the scents that indicate the coming of heat, or speak to the inner wolf, but since Paolo came along, all that has changed. I didn't expect him to be so audacious, and feeling his arms arou
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NOAH— What?— That's right, and more importantly, the only kind of companion he can have by his side is an Alpha Lupus!— Are you crazy? This idea is absurd, I have never heard such nonsense in my life!— I find it so amusing the way you try to run away from the subject!— I'm not trying to run away from anything, it just doesn't make any sense to me!— It may not make sense because you want to run away from the subject, after all, it must be strange for you to let your instincts get the best of you, and...— And I think you'd better shut your mouth, you're talking too much! I'll reinforce this one more time, you are a prisoner here, understand?— If I was free you wouldn't tell me to shut up! — he answers and looks at me intensely, which makes me uncomfortable.— I would just do the same, and you would have to shut up!— I really would if the way to shut me up was with a kiss! — he says, smiling, I crouch in front of him, point my sword at his chin, and bring my face closer to his,
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ANDREWLying down, the half light that came in through the window, I was thinking about how to escape, I already had the knife and the kiss left Noah distracted, even if he remembered the object, he wouldn't know it was with me, the moment he called the soldier, I treated him to hide it inside the straw mattress quickly, before she knew it. Now, I just had to wait for the right moment, but something worried me, even though it was part of my plan, the kiss aroused an overwhelming desire, and my wolf claims he's an Omega, and it's not common. Remembering Killian's prophecy, even if it's the Lunar Omega, I can't at this moment let myself be carried away by it, after all, I have a mission to fulfill, and maybe at another time we can meetHowever, my wolf could be wrong, and this boy could be an ordinary Omega, or Beta. I know I can't imagine anything about him right now, after all he's thick, stupid and doesn't even remotely resemble the delicate omegas of Epassi, Spaldi or Venas, always
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NOAH— What really happened, Lord? How did he manage to escape?— I don't know, the information that came to me was that he released the handcuffs while Maylon slept, beat up other soldiers and managed to escape! — He answered me with a serious expression on his face, he looks towards everyone who is in front of his house. — I'd like to know how he managed to escape, but right now we need to find him, but after we find him, I'll do a more thorough investigation to find out what really happened!Duric instructed everyone to search throughout Rebel Territory, as he would likely still be out there somewhere. I listened carefully to Duric's instructions, who divided the groups and determined where we would look, but something bothered me, it seems that I wasn't included in any group. I asked which group I would be in, but he didn't answer me and everyone looked at me, I felt very embarrassed, it seems he found someone to blame for this escape story.— Sir, won't I be in any group?— I d
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ANDREWNoah's words touch me in a worrying way, because it makes me think that all this time, even though I didn't agree with my father's way of ruling, I never did anything to change that, I never stood by the people. I admire him, he doesn't have the power that I have, but somehow I see that he has the initiative to try to change the reality in which he lives. He took some buns and apples from his bag, tossed them to me, and sat down.As I eat, I continue to watch Noah and try to imagine what his reaction would be to knowing who I really am, and why I came here. Will he believe me and help me find the lost Prince if I tell him? After all, Noah doesn't want my father to continue ruling either, he dreams of a more just form of government that doesn't exploit the citizens, and that doesn't use power as a source of self—benefit for the ruler, as the King has been doing since my uncle died. It's a fact that I don't want to rule, and I also don't agree with what my father does, if I tel
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