In love with my Best Friend

In love with my Best Friend

By:  Chidinma Precious  Ongoing
Language: English
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Fate most times fate plays a joke on us. We don't decide whom to love, and we sure don't decide when to fall in love. It all happens when we least expected. Being the most popular cheerleader in the school, Kira never expects to fall in love with the new guy in school. At first they clashed, but later on became friends. From being friends, she gradually started developing feelings for her best friend, feelings that weren't reciprocated as Edin doesn't feel anything for her, or so she thought. When she got betrayed by her female best from, Kira decides to leave the country in pursuit of her career while Edin stayed back to take over his family's business. Three years later, Kira is back. A chance meeting will bring the two best friends back to each other. But things can't be all that smooth for the two young lovers.

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9 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Hello." I pick up my ringing phone without checking the caller's ID."And she decides to finally pick her calls." The mocking voice of my childhood best friend came from the other end of the line."Says the same boy I was calling earlier." I roll my eyes at him despite knowing he won't be able to see my expression."So miss nagger, are you ready for the day?""Of course I'm ready", I said as I looked at myself in the mirror, admiring my beauty. "Okay then, I will pick you up in the next 10minutes" Edin, my best friend said as he ended the call.Meanwhile, as I was looking at the mirror, my mind flashed back to the days we became friends and gradually best friends.Just like yesterday, I laughed remembering how I was a popular girl which no one could pass without glancing at and I was also a troublesome girl(that was part of my hobby).How it happened, I was in high school and was 16years when I met Edin. After my mum dropped me off at school, I entered my class and met my friends si
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Chapter 2
I went over to the door and opened it. Just like I expected, Edin was the one who knocked. "Wow, you dressed up real fine today." I gave him a once over, my eyes lingering on his packed chest."You're more so gorgeous than I am." He winked, "you're really beautiful.""Thanks." I look down in embarrassment. My cheeks pinking automatically."please make yourself at home, let me quickly dress up" I said."But aren't you dressed up already" He said smiling at me."No, I only had my make-up on and I also don't like this gown" I said while trying to make my way upstairs to my room."Okay but be fast, we are running late" he said sitting down on the couch.Upstairs in my room, looking at my wardrobe, throwing most of my dresses on the floor."Gosh, why are there much clothes here, I can't even make a choice" I said to myself."Best, is there a problem there, you know we can't be late for my date", he cried out to me, as it was the only date I agreed to follow him."Be patient, you know I'm n
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Chapter 3
"What am I still going here, it is better I go home than staying in here", I said as I walked out of the restroom in anger.As I opened the door, I saw Edin staring at me, and that made me to go straight to where they were seated instead of going out of the restaurant."You wasted time in the restroom, is anything the matter"?, he asked looking at me to check if I'm okay."I'm fine, I really need to go home because it's already late", I said not minding how he will feel because I know he won't let me go on my own."Oh!, cut off the bullshit, it is not the right way to tell me that you don't like me, tell me to my face and don't go corners", Eva said feeling much angrier than I."You even know that, Jeez and I was thinking of a way to let you know, it kinda good that you figured it out yourself, so please let's end this here because I can't approve of you becoming my best friend's girlfriend", I said while having a smirk on."Edin, don't tell me that's why you brought her here, so she
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Chapter 4
"But ma'am I don't think you should go in", she spoke harshly."Why, infact just continue with what you are doing", I said making my way into the office."Why won't she just stop bothering him", she thought within her.As I entered the office, Edin was busy going through some documents which were on the table."Good morning", I said taking a seat in front of him while contemplating whether he will talk or snub me."Good morning", he said without even raising an eyelid."Well about yesterday, I'm so sorry, even though I don't know why I'm apologizing", I said without any remorse."Let's just forget about it, please I'm busy right now, let's discuss later", he said still not looking up."Won't you at least look at me before I go", I said feeling sad."That will buy some of my time, please later", He said but this time serious.I couldn't persuade him again, so I had to leave the office and went straight to my office but I couldn't concentrate."Is it a crime falling in love with him, wh
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Chapter 5
"I feel so hungry", I thought to myself as I quickly went upstairs and freshened up.Then I came downstairs and went straight to the dining table so I can enjoy the sweet delicacy cooked by my mother."Gosh, this woman is the best, what a food", I said out of happiness."I'm filled already, WOW what a meal", I said as I cleared the table and washed the dishes.As I was about to take a nap, the door bell rang."Oh God, who is this now", I asked no one in particular."I'm coming", I said while going to get the door."Surprise", Erica's voice was heard."Bitch, you would have called and who gave you the address", I asked suspiciously."Well Edin sent me the address", she said and I felt a little bit jealous."Are they close, it can't be", I thought to myself."Okay that's good, welcome to my apartment", I said welcoming her in."What a cozy apartment you live in", she said looking around."Thanks so much, you know I'm always good at choosing the best", I said with a feeling of proudness.
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Chapter 6
"What a beautiful lady", that was mostly people's comments and you should know the feelings one get from that.I entered my office and met my secretary, Glad, as she was arranging my table."Good morning ma'am, you look so astonishing and beautiful", she said warmly with a smile."Thanks so much", I said smiling."Any important documents here?", I asked sitting down on my chair."Yes, Mr Edin the Managing director brought in some documents himself and also asked that you should see him as soon as you arrive here", Glad spoke softly."Okay, let me go and see him", I said trying to figure out the reason for the sudden invitation."Okay ma", she said still doing what she was doing.I walked out of the office and heeded straight to Edin's office and met the secretary standing there."Good morning", I said closing the door after me."Secretary please leave us", he said without responding to my greetings."Okay Sir", the secretary said leaving the office."Morning, how was your night", he f
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Chapter 7
I sat down on the bed waiting for him to freshen up and get dressed so as to check if the clothes are good on him as it was almost the time for the dinner."Tada, how do I look", he said, looking so dashing, handsome, cute at once, I feel in love again."It's good", I only said trying not to expose my feelings."Thanks", he said not minding the comment unlike me that will query him and his cologne filled the air."Sit down, let me arrange your hair", I said picking up the hair drier from the closet.He sat on a stool in front of the mirror, then I plugged the drier to the socket and switched it on, I dried his hair, applied hair cream and combed it in a stylish way making him look like a model."That's it", I said dropping the drier back."Wow, I can't recognize myself again, thanks best", he said admiring himself."Anything for you, it's already late so start going and make sure you give me all the details", I reminded him."Okay ma, I will, let me go and come back first and don't mi
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Chapter 8
"How on earth am I meant to know", he asked pretending inorder to know the reason why she's asking."Okay, I love you and I'm serious, starting from when we were in high school, I was in love with you and I know we will make a nice couple", she said dreaming."You can't obviously like me, I'm your best friend's bestie", he said still in surprise."You're her best friend not her boyfriend, so we have a chance", she seriously said."Does she know of your intention, I mean that this is the reason of you calling me here", he said."Why should I have told her, it's not like she's your guardian angel or manager", she said arrogantly."I will think about it", he said not wanting to accept her proposal because it wasn't the girl that was meant to propose but it isn't bad."Okay, so when should I be expecting an answer", she said looking at him."I don't know, any time I conclude, I will let you know", he said getting up to go home."Okay, I will be waiting but please don't tell Kira about our
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Chapter 9
"Calm down, I will tell you on our way, you know you have to be in the office early", he said picking up his car keys."Let it not be that you are trying to avoid it", I said looking at him suspiciously."I'm not and why should I, I promise to tell you on our way", he said dragging me out of the house.He finally dragged me out and locked the door and we entered the car and drove off."We are on our way already, so start talking", I said facing him so I can see and hear him at the same time."You are really a pest, why do you want to know about it?", he asked me."Why don't you want to tell me", I answered him with a question."Well, it's not as if I don't want to tell you just that it's confidential", he spoke and I looked at him with a very bad eye."Confidential, woah, You could have told me earlier than making me disturb myself", I said angrily and turned towards the window."Please don't be mad at me, I know it's the first time I do not want to tell you anything", he said feeling
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