VASILI, Not A Mafia Boss

VASILI, Not A Mafia Boss

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****Sequel to The CEO's Ten Million Dollar Wife**** Two years earlier than planned, Alek Vasili Wright claimed his birthright as Petrov's heir. Stepping up as CEO of Petrov Petroleum, rumors came afloat, questioning his capability to lead a multi-billion dollar oil company. The only way to stay on his spot is to prove himself that the Wright blood is equal to the Petrov. As a businessman, he was known to be shrewd like his father. The world had acknowledged it. However, he is gauged not in business. He is being measured by the blood running through his veins. Seeing him as puny. A man who only looks good in a coat and tie. A man who has only mastered the stroke of his pen against documents. A man who should only stay inside the comfort of the CEO's office. A man who is a Wright and not a Petrov. However, he is a Petrov. A hot-blooded Petrov who will kill to protect. A protection he once promises to a child. A child who grew into a captivating woman. And when her peace was threatened, he eliminates the line he had drawn between ink and blood. He embraces the Petrov blood running through his veins. He unleashes the demon buried deep in his soul. But his real battle is not solely with dangerous adversaries but with fulfilling the promise he made to his sweet mother, Alexzia Montes Wright. And though he delved into the dangerous life of the Mafia world, Vasili is not a Mafia Boss.

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    97 chapters
    "Ame! Go! Run!" She heard her father shouts at her in the middle of rapid gun fires around. But there was no way she could escape without being hit by the bullets flying from different directions. They have a peaceful morning while she joins her father's training with a high-profile trainee when gun fires erupted. Suddenly, enemies swarmed the forest surrounding the training ground. It's a remote location and only a few know its existence. Enemies found them. Gunfires never cease as she was ducked to the ground, beside a pile of wood. "Father!" she tries to call him but he is busy protecting his most valuable trainee. Though the younger man is having a great deal of killing enemies they are still trapped and outnumbered. "Ame, hide!" desperation sounded in her father's voice after they found a sturdy hiding place adjacent to where she was hiding. They were caught off guard and even the other security was slaughtered in the open. The enemies came prepared. "Father..." fea
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    Chapter 1 Stray Cat
    "Young Mistress Amelia, your breakfast is ready" the polite and fond tone woke her in deep thoughts while descending the huge stairway.Looking up, her gaze was met by a soft gaze from the smiling man."Thank you, Manuel" giving the middle-aged man a soft smile, she takes her seat at the head of the massive long dining table.Amelia stared at the abundance in front of her before looking around the empty seats. Like the usual days, she will be eating alone.A soft sigh escaped her before picking up the utensils to start eating. Oblivious of the sympathetic look coming from the man behind her together with the rest of the household staff who are hiding from the kitchen to secretly watch her eat.The entire mansion is too quiet with just the very soft clinking of silverware while she continues to eat alone. It's been six years since they have been serving the young mistress alone in a huge mansion. The beautiful girl is quite pampered with all the lavishness in life while living the dre
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    Chapter 2 Unpleasant First Meeting
    Donning tattered shorts paired with a loose black sweatshirt and sneakers, Amelia and her friends made way to the crowded aisle of the Lindt Mall. Although the three of them constantly banter about a lot of things, even petty ones, they love to spend time together during the weekends."Lia, there's a new summer dress I've been dying to have. It's a limited edition and it's only available in three colors but only one per color. I really love the yellow one. I have to buy it before anyone does, please, let's go to the shop first" Cristy pleaded while they all entered the mall entrance. "K, let's go there first" Lia casually agreed while Caleb followed in silence. Cristy is seeming to be bouncing in glee while entering the elevator that will bring them to the fourth floor of the mall. The instant the elevator door opened, she hurriedly dragged the two towards the exclusive shop where the dresses are already on display. "Wow, there it is Lia" Cristy whispered in awe while her eyes glis
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    Chapter 3 Black Card
    Sophia was in a daze while staring at the black card. She had been dreaming to own one but failed all the time. Knowing a mere student owns one made her loathe her more. "A mere student having a Black Card, interesting" she snickers. "Which you don't have, I pressume" spitting back, Amelia mockingly smiles. "You, impertinent girl!" Sophia angrily raves.Scoffing, she just watch the woman throw a fit. "I don't think pointing out a fact is impertinence. What's more interesting is a full grown woman throwing a tantrum like one year old child. You should watch your unbefitting action" she spoke after a while of enjoying Sophia's tantrum but her words riled the woman even more. "You...bitch" "Enough!"The woman is about to attack her when a thunderous voice rumbled. Flinching from the frightening sound, everyone froze on their feet. "You tame your cat's tantrum. A preschooler has a better disposition than her" turning to Mr. Wright, Amelia mutters with disgust. Unaffected by his ang
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    Chapter 4 Triggered
    "Welcome home young mistress Amelia" Manuel greeted her and got her sweet smile. "Thank you, Manuel" she smiles and politely thanks the man. "How's your day young mistress?" he gently ask, staring at her tired face. He watch her drag her steps until she reach the couch and slumped her whole body on it. "The usual, I just met a petty old man at the mall earlier, he is such an ass...but all in all I had a great day" she softly whines but becomes annoyed at the thought of the man at the mall. Amused, a smile grazed his lips while watching the emotions crossing her beautiful face. It's very unusual for her to be irritated like what he is seeing now. So maybe the man she met really exhausted her patience. "Have some refreshment first, young mistress. Take some rest. Dinner will be served later" he gestured to the servant to serve the fresh strawberry shake. "Thanks, Manuel, this is what I really need...hmmm" she smiles sweetly while taking a sip of the very cold shake, her favorite.
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    Chapter 5 One Night F**k
    It's been a few days since the restroom encounter and Amelia's life is quite peaceful. With their upcoming hospital internship, they become preoccupied. Except for tonight. They will be attending the birthday celebration of Cristy's father.Caleb picked her up from the hotel she was staying in in preparation for tonight's event."This unit hasn't been out of the market yet and this is the top of the line" Caleb mumbles as he admires the interior of the latest addition to Amelia's car collection. For a girl, she has all the latest and limited-edition vehicles any man could ever dream of. No one knows Amelia's background but whoever is her guardian, he or she is insanely wealthy. He and Cristy never ask where her wealth came from. "She is yours tonight" Amelia winks before buckling herself. Tonight, she let Caleb drive her newest car.Upon reaching the hotel, admiring eyes turned their way while they walked towards the entrance. From just anyone's perspective, Caleb and Amelia looke
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    Chapter 6 Petty Old Man
    After the encounter at the party, Amelia is once again faced with the tense encounter with the Wright heir.She clucked her tongue upon seeing the couple at the other table. Unfortunately, the two are also looking at them when they entered the exclusive restaurant. The tension immediately become obvious when they were seated next to the couple's table. Despite being dismayed by the table assignment, she choose not to show it. She will never give the shameless couple the chance to see her as a coward by requesting a transfer. After the encounter at the restroom of the bar and at Cristy's father's birthday celebration, of which her friends are not aware until now, Vasili Wright seemed to be more pissed with her. His expression darkened upon seeing her. Needless to say, he and his date has been trying to intimidate their group, which somewhat affected her friends' mood. An attendant approached the other table after Sophia Saunters gestured for them. "What are the students doing here
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    Chapter 7 Jealous Not Angry
    Inside the vehicle back to his office, Vasili remains dangerously quiet. Wanting to be alone, he sent Sophia Saunters in a different vehicle. Which the woman didn't counter seeing his grim disposition.His mind is full of the girl whose angry eyes taunt him more than being infuriated. She reminds him of someone he cannot remember. Yesterday, Timothy Petrov has officially turned over the CEO seat to him upon the approval of the board. The official announcement will follow in the next few days. The weight of the responsibility of the entire company has been transferred to his shoulder but here he is, troubled over a petty fight with a university school girl. He has been immensely busy but his mind cannot sit well until he knows all about the girl, Amelia. Admittingly, she had succeeded in creating havoc in his peace of mind and he is not liking it at all. He won't be pacified until he gets what he wants. He cannot go on with all the uncertainty lingering in his head. With a grim face
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    Chapter 8 Waging War
    "You are jealous and you are stubborn to admit it" Larry added.He is sure Vasili heard him but the man chooses not to counter. Instead, he stares at him in silence. Defiant of what he said. "I don't care how you understand the situation, Larry. I hate that girl and I want her background. I'm asking you a simple task, do it" he coldly mutters. Looking at him, Larry heaves another sigh. "Vasili...stop it" he frustratedly begs. "Why are you protecting her? Are you attracted to her?" seeing the other man's frustration, Vasili angrily raves.Taken aback, Larry gaped in pure surprise."What the fuck, Vasili? What's happening to you?" upon coming to his senses, he spat at him. "Why are you protecting her? What hold does she have on you?" he persistently asked while fuming in anger. "I'm not interested in her...fuck Vasili, why are you this unreasonable? Leave the girl alone" exasperated, he exclaims while glaring at him."Then why are you protecting her? Do you know her parents? Is s
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    Chapter 9 Her Protector
    "I am fucking jealous that she is so fucking cocky on me while sweet with others! I seem to not do anything right in front of her! She despises me" he paused to take a ragged breath. "I hate her for displaying that boy everywhere near me! She is rubbing to my face how attentive she could be towards him! It's making me feel insignificant to her" huffing, he continues."She will only look at me with disgust and mockery. While she looks at the boy with her sweet smile! Everyone bows to me but she ignores me like I'm just a scum" furiously, he seeth."She is fucking making me feel like an asshole! Making me desperate to gratify her. I am Vasili Petrov for goodness sake!" he growls despite the frustration in his voice."I will not be treated like this! She will witness how capable I am to destroy her. I am not a coward, Larry! I will let her see how powerful I am. I will make her watch how I crush anyone if I dare to!" Vasili yelled back, totally forgetting all his facade. The entire tim
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