Dating Miss Amateur

Dating Miss Amateur

By:  Moiris  Ongoing
Language: English
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A perfect year of freshman, where Annette Zales was an amateur student of notorious university in her hometown. She dream to become one of the scholars in that school, for she have a trouble with financial. So far, she still pursue her dreams in becoming a future fashion designer as her mother influenced her to be like it. For what she positively think to happen always been contradicted. While there's this guy named Carx Gomes, a freshman as well who dream to transfer to another school as he don't want to always depend from his parent's manipulation. He's hold in wealthy relatives, but he didn't like it for he affair with the woman with out of Midas Touch’s standard.

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20 Chapters
I sometimes wonder if being lucky isn’t part of my character or I just didn’t deserve to be acknowledge with those dreams I wanted in life. There’s this dream that I even want to achieve after I’d be turning to eighteen. And that is to make myself proud for taking good care for the responsibility as a daughter of our household. But then, I’m always ended up a failure. I got to be diagnosed with an illness, and have to visit the doctor weekly to his office. I just envy those people who make their success at young age. Imagine to see yourself in the newspaper and saw your face globally while holding your awards and trophies of hardship. But no one knows, only the burden was the kind of thing I always carry while watching my favorite TV shows with a millionaire artists and celebrity. Calmly sitting, sipping their coffees and confidently saying what thoughts run through their mind. And I also wanted to speak mine as well. That even at my broad country would know how misery weigh much po
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I just saw the results of my admission test in college. And I’m happy that I was qualified to enroll at this University. This was one of my parent’s dream, to get me studying at notorious school. I’d rather choose the State College to save high expenses that we’re going to spend during my school years. I don’t honestly think I deserve to live a life, calming myself because I have my parents to rely on. They’re up to that, and willing to support my studies.I sat to one of the benches in the school and scroll to my phone screen. I just haven’t reached out the guy who called me earlier. He didn’t even sent me the specific location to meet up. I saw a notification popped out from Wazup. One message from unknown number. I feel excited, for I was just using this mobile number for searching possible jobs as students. I have to be more generous as early as I could before it’s too late. A message was from the contacts of hiring maids/nanny at home. I was surprised to see the income salary
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I was still surprised till this morning. The feeling of receiving a charity-like funds from someone who willingly shares an amount without even asking for it. I jump in joy as I couldn’t get over with sudden sent money that night. I could see how my lips were about to rip while still widely smiling in front of the mirror. The moment he asked me for my number, and now sending me a money that I didn’t expected.“Oh, what’s with jolliness?” Mom asked while I enthusiastically ran downstairs and head towards the kitchen to get a glass of cold water. I quickly sip on it as I was still smiling while facing the opened window. The area of our house was peaceful, since it’s out of the city. The sound of the flying birds and dancing leaves are mere noise that can be heard around here. I usually sit on the swing that my father tied up under the acasia three that seems ten meters away from our house. I saw how it jocund itself by the whiffs coming from the sea. My mother, Melina, approached me
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“When did you apply a job here, Miss Annette?” I twist a bit to face the co-worker who was wiping the sink with a piece of cloth. She sound curious about me, when in fact I didn’t know some of her details and even the name. I already wear the dress that this madam have given me after I have a tour around their huge house. There are lot of rooms, desk, and even cabinets through every corner of their house. I saw how she smiled at me that makes my heart to jump in joy. It’s just feel so good to see people with good approach, that makes me more motivated to work. Quit the drama happened earlier. “Yesterday. I just didn’t expected to have a place working here since I actually didn’t intend to work as housekeeper—” She wry and scowled to what I said. Her laugh was sarcastic and means a lot of implications. I reached for the broom and swept the floor. She rose her brows to me and said, “Then, why are you here? You at least find or browse more.” She sound persistent and I wonder if she
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I was not in my own senses after hearing Carx asking me for a date. He really didn’t go to school, but instead he waited for me to finish my food. I didn’t say any word after he said that to me. I still continued doing my chores while he was hanging there around the kitchen and waited for me to get done. I feel irritated when I could feel how he keep me with his long stares while sitting on the high chair of kitchen counter. “Can you go out, sir? I actually have a lot of things to finish. And I don’t have enough time to play with you,” I reasoned and couldn’t help my eyes to roll them frustratingly. “You may either go to school. If that’s the case.” “You really making me wait,” he said while he was playing with his mouth. “Don’t find any reason to escape. You’re still under my order. And you have to go with me to the market,” he demanded and really show his serious expressions that I haven’t seen before until now. “I don’t go dates—”Carx laughed at me then grinned after. “You
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I feel how Feliz even offer a hand for me to help me firm my weight. I could feel how world would end and make my heart to rip in any moment. I couldn’t stop to overthink a lot, that’s why my anxiety disorder attacks me again. “I just need to head back after I’m done buying needs,” I said while showing my assuring smile. He’s really concerned and absolutely pure with himself. He didn’t hesitated to help me even we barely know each other. “Are you sure?” He examined and shout for Carx’ name, who was busy with picking fruits to buy. “Net was suffering,” he declared. Most of the people in this market are even looking on us. I tried to lead back my way to choose vegetables and have them purchased. But the feeling of barely breathing sucks. I couldn’t help but to laid my hands above my right chest to feel my heart beating. Carx was now alarmed as he probed to me about what was happening. “Aren’t you supposed to buy things? Why do you act suddenly like that? I’m no nurse,” he irritably
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After a week staying here in Gomes’ house. I slowly get myself used to chores that they’ve ordered me to do so. Since that mess I obtained weeks ago, I realized something that also come up to change the situation between me and Carx. He’s been nagging me through texts, but unable to reached me out in person even we’re crossing our paths in some corner of their house. When I am also cleaning, I could spot him lingering around. Pretending that it was all coincidence, but I assume he was intentionally doing that for the sake to bother my day.I was also seen making a converse with Carx, since the day we talked outside the gate, in the living room, outside maiden’s room, and also to garage. He was spotted to see bringing the purchase that only maids are obliged to do. But how gentleman Carx is, right? But it is not the right time to praise his human being after he really pulled me to harmful situation. My parents didn’t even know that I was having a very hard experience as stay-in work
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I didn’t got the chance to talk with Carx after that scene happened. And even during meals, he was absolutely quite and focused with his food. I couldn’t avoid my gaze to him since the day he offered me to wear his own designed dress. I just wonder why he suddenly got interested with fashion. Which in the first place, he is not obviously that typical kind of person who wears a lot of luxurious. Or probably, he have his own outfits namely branded by his own techniques and implications. It’s very amazing. If I could just have the chance to converse with him again, I’d like to have a peek inside his room. After a minute, I’ve washed their plates and waited for them to leave their seats to have us maids eat our dinner. While I was preparing the table, I couldn’t stop glancing through Magna. She just opened a can of sardines and put it on the bowl. We’re not allowed to take their dishes as our dishes as well, so we sometimes forced to eat preservative food quality product. “Are you cl
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Fortunately, I could have myself a chance to meet Camila at this moment. I was even conscious of what I am wearing when Carx was following me with his judging eyes. I’ve got goosebumps when he was whispering to me that way. It makes my whole body to shiver in surprise. I don’t really expect any sort of attention from him, especially for treating me like as if we’re friends in a very long time. I sighed as I pulled the door open and step out of their black gate. The weather was sunny and was not cozy for me to hike without an umbrella. I really wear leggings and a tight shirt on me. “Mind walking with you?” I heard the guy’s voice and sound of his shoes approaching to me. He scented so nice and addictive. I glance at him and was surprised to see it was Feliz, their neighbor. Their house was just meters away from Carx, he seems very kind and I find him charrming because of his looks. I can’t deny the way he was smiling at me while showing his white teeth makes me feel so down that momen
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I quickly hooked my arms to her and strides swift paces to get ourselves out in the campus already. I was surprised to see to the other corner that Carx was there waiting for something to the main gate. We’ve stepped out to the other gate that only vehicles and other private transportations are allow to enter. But I pulled Camila forcefully to make our way out successfully and take the shortcuts where there’s available fast food chain to the other side of the street. “What’s with the rush, Anne?” She asked while she tried guessing how I able to manage leaving the place so instant within a minute. “I get it. You’re afraid of the bills. Come on, the fast food chain there was cheaper than there,”she said and brought her phone screen in front of my face and showed me the image of what Gomes’ fastfood chain looked like. It was a mere house, not getting expensive vibe but only the lights are. The rest were only made of plywoods, not even painted and the interior designs are quite simple a
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