Her Con Artist

Her Con Artist

By:  Maryam  Completed
Language: English
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Monica, a girl who is in desperate need to achieve something in life to show her family that she is not a failure. Erik, a carefree and arrogant boy, who is a con artist. Despite the being chased by gangsters, he cherishes small things in life. What will happen when the two clashes?.

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20 Chapters
♤Chap: 1
Just one more and i am done. I thought as my fingers ran over the keyboard, aching badly from typing for a long time. They felt like they are about to fall off. Eyes which were now burning, moving up and down from the bright laptop screen to the keyboard. Pressing Enter, click, the only sound heard in the empty office and i was done with my work. The sound of this specific key made my heart flutter with so happiness that even a boy failed to do so over the years. Boring life. Right?. Sighing, i stretched my arms above my head and yawned with my neck stretched to right. Relaxing the taut muscles. "Are you done?." Quickly moving my arms down, fixing my ridden shirt, i looked up at my colleague who was my friend as well. Dalton who stood in front of my table with a tired look and messed up blonde hair. "Yes, at last." I said, running a hand over my face in tiredness. "Good. Transfer the files to me and let's get going." He said and sat down on a tiny space on my table. Quickly s
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♤Chap: 2
Water. I want water. Running, sweating, panting like a dog, i finally grabbed the only water bottle available in the mart. Haphazardly dropping the cap of the bottle on the floor as i chugged cold water down my throat. Quenching my thirst. Satisfaction filled my bones as i looked up and- "Monica!." Hands shoke me aggressively, making me freeze in my dream.What the hell?. Gears started moving in my head as my heart was beating rapidly against my rib cage. My hand molded into a fist, throwing the covers away and threw a punch at the culprit. My vision was still bit hazy but my mind was alert. "Oumh!! Ah!" The man fall down on the floor with thud as i punched and pushed them away. Not giving time for the culprit to recover and fight me back, i grabbed the lamp from the side table of the bed and hit them on their abdomen, which caused them to drop their hands from their face to cover the abdomen. My hands were sweaty from the tension which was running in my body and could feel my br
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Today it was company's annual dinner, so I was getting ready for it. My outfit was off shoulder black dress which came above my knees with long sleeves and belt. It was cute and sexy. I chose my favorite high heel boots and wooden colored jacket trench coat. I went with light smoky eyes and maroon lipstick. Letting go of my long blonde hair into their natural curls and just brushed them to untangle them. After i was ready, i walked towards the full length mirror to observe myself. I was satisfied the way i look. My eyes slowly moving over the pieces of clothes i wore as memories rushed to my mind in a flash. How i used to long for these things. I would be happy even if i just touched the good clothes, feel the texture against my rough skin. Wanted proper shoes to wear not the ones which had holes in them. How i wished i had another warm coat to wear in the cold except the one that i have been using for years now. It never offered me warmth but only gave me sense of comfort that i ha
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Seating in the car, i looked at the messages and emails that i received over the day. First one belonged to Zara. Take care bro :) She replied to my message that i send her yesterday night on my way back home telling her i am going home with a colleague of mine. I was finish with my work for today, which was really hectic. I was waiting outside Zara's apartment to pick her up for our dinner. Funny, i read her message now as i stood outside of her house. I put my hand the car horn and she came out as soon as the horn sound finished. She came near the car glaring at me for horning. I shrugged my shoulders as i gave her a toothy smile to rile her up. She shoke her head and sat inside the car. Leaving Zara at her place i drive out and was not feeling going home. So i decided to just drive around the city. Looking at my mobile to know the time it was 9 o'clock, putting up a music, i started my journey. Just driving here and there, lost in my thoughts. I applied break as the signal tur
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♤Chap: 5
Days went by as usual. Work, eat, sleep. The coming days were important to all of us as we are trying to secure a deal with a major shareholder. So everybody is busy all day around. I didn't went anywhere except home and back to office. I was a bit nervous today because i have present the idea of our new project with every head of all departments. Dalton cheered me up, giving me thumbs up as he entered the meeting room. I nodded my head and took a deep breath. The meeting was tiringly long, i took a seat when i was done. My boss who was siting beside me gave me pat on my back with a satisfied look. It felt like alk my tiredness went away at that. The meeting was over after 3 hours, i stayed in the office while the rest went away. I put my head on the table and closed my eyes, i was really tired today. Have been working day and night for the past week for this presentation. I heard the opening of the door, but i was too lazy to look up and see who was here."Here drink this." It was Da
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♤Chap: 6
Throwing my jacket across the car and slamming the car's door with a thud. Adrenaline pulsing in my blood as i tie my hair into a bun and started my car's engine with a roar. I will catch those bastards. 30 minutes later;- Sighing, i untied my hair and slurped on the drink. I looked around the town where i thought they could be, but all in vain. Except that my car was running out of fuel. I even went to the party site where i visited them, but there was no one to be seen. Upon asking the neighborhood, i came to know the house belonged to a guy named- Shawn ,who was friends with Russell. And they haven't seen Shawn for a while. It keep on adding mystery as i went digging deeper. It was now late evening, looking up at the sky which was the deepest hue of aquamarine, i sighed in restlessness. Looking at my watch, i read the time it was 6 pm. The bars must be opening right now, nodding my head. Applying the gear, i drive the car out of the parking lot. Feeling hopeful, i made my way
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♤Chap: 7
"Where the heck are we going?" I asked for the tenth time but still no response.My hand was itching to pull the hand brake and pester them with my questions until one of them speaks up. But i remembered it was my car that they were riding in."Keep quiet. You will know once you reach there." Eric said. His tone was calm and thick with annoyance at the same time.Which awfully attracted me.Rolling my eyes, i leaned back against the seat and crossed my arms over my chest. I stayed silent during the whole ride lost in my own train of thoughts.What would be boss doing right now? I hope Dalton was okay.Owen and Ella were busying doing something on their laptops, their fingers typing hastily over the keyboard. I looked back at Eric who was fumbling with the phone in his hand."Give me that." I asked, not letting him answer as i snatched the phone from his hand.I want him to focus on the road and not hurt my baby car."Wai- what?" He mumbled confused as he looked at the phone. His hand
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♤Chap: 8
I was lost in my own train of thoughts while drying my hair with a towel when a knock on the door pulled me back to the reality."Come in."Ella poked her head in and found me standing near the bed. Passing a smile she walked towards where i stood. Pulling the towel down from my semi-wet dry hair, i gave her my full attention."I wanted to talk to you before we leave." She said, fidgeting in her place. Biting her lips in hesitation."Sure. Sit." I said, taking a seat on the bed, patting the space beside me.She passed me a soft smile and sat down, looking down at her hands. I frowned at her behavior."What happened?" I asked, curiously"I-i am sorry for hurting you, Monica. In a span of few months, you have become a really good friend of mine and i dont want to lose that. I know our reason is not valid for what we did to you but it was never our- especially my intention to hurt you. There is a reason we are gathered here and doing this shabby stuff. We are nice people though our actio
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♤Chap: 9
Run monica! Before they catch you, run!I can't, my legs. They have no energy left. Hot tears streaming done my face as i tried to run in agony.Why can't they leave me the hell alone?My breath- I can't breathe. My chest why isn't it moving!? Am i going to die?HELP! I CAN'T BREATHE.Feeling my throat constrict and making it difficult for me to breathe, i woke up abruptly. Heart beating rapidly against my chest. Sweat dripping down my chin, as i focused on my breathing but i couldn't. I was having a panic attack.My vision was blurry and i couldn't see anything properly. I let out a cry of help and heard footsteps nearing me amongst all the chaos."Monica! Listen to me! You are alright. Here look. I am here. Breathe!" I felt hands on my back and holding me close to them.Trembling i held their hands and laid my head on their chest and tried breathing in."Follow my breathing. It's okay. Everything is fine. I am here, Monica. I am here." They cooed me like baby as they rock me back an
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♤Chap: 10
Once we all were done, deciding who will share the room, we all went to get fresh and then came down for dinner. Ordering food, we decided to play a game. It was suggested by Ella. We all were bored so decided to play along. "What's the game?" Josh asks Ella, who was busy removing stuff from the coffee table. We all were huddled in the living room."This game is trending. So i wanted to try it." She said, giving no clue about this game of hers. Owen and i shared a look, rolling our eyes at her. "Bring me beer and vodka. Come on hurry." Ella said, slapping Keith's leg. He sighed and stood up lazily from the sofa. Dragging his feet he went into the kitchen. "Where is the tape?" She asked Eric, who had his head laid against the sofa and watched her with boredom. "In the drawer." He said, pointing at the drawer of coffee table. She clapped her hands in excitement and pulled it out of drawer and a scissor. "Help me." She said, looking between us. Sighing, putting my hands down on
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