The Child Robber

The Child Robber

By:  Isobel McKay   Ongoing
Language: English
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A corrupt father escapes from jail, his son, Texas ranger Dean Grayson, is suspended from his job. With nowhere else to go he heads back to his home town, Valley Mills, Texas. Flooded with painful memories for him. He discovers a secret that has been kept from him by the woman he once loved. Olivia Reed had no doubt she was doing the right thing by keeping her secret from Dean, Afterall his family was no place for her son. A child is taken and the police can't find any leads...Valley Mills is about to discover how far a Grayson will go to protect his own.

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19 Chapters
Dean returns home.
The Child Robber.They had surprise on their side. The only thing that worried Olivia was the possibility that he might be in that darkness with her son.Was he so unhinged he would hurt a little boy?Two weeks earlier…After a 9 year absence, Dean Grayson was finally heading back to Valley Mills, Texas.He thought he’d never return to the small town where he’d grown up.His superiors had strongly encouraged him to take some time off. Humiliated and embarrassed by his father’s crimes, he couldn’t think of where else to go.His anger was palpable, always simmering in the pit of his stomach. Nothing beats being a Texas Ranger and having one of the FBI’s most wanted as a father.His anger subsided, and a smile curved his lips as he turned into the Clover Farm driveway, Mia’s Farm. Despite the ten years’ difference in their ages, he’d always been very close to his younger sister.As he stepped out of his car, he took a deep breath and enjoyed the sweet air. He looked up to the house to see
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chapter 2
A distant sound of a car approaching tensed all of his muscles.“I think I’ll step outside and wait for Eli’s mother to pick him up.” He drew a few deep breaths and then prepared himself to face the woman who had kept this secret for so long from him.Olivia reed couldn’t help smiling as she saw Eli & Mia waiting just outside the stables.Her work worries were impossible to hold on to when she was with her son.In the morning she was going to fire an employee, never a pleasant thing, but in this case necessary. The landscaping company was left to Olivia by her father after he passed away from Cancer two years earlier.But for this afternoon and evening, all she had to think about was homemade tacos, popcorn, and watching a movie with the little man in her life.She pulled up and turned off the car engine, then got out of the pickup. At that moment, a tall, broad-shouldered man wearing a black cowboy hat exited from the stables and into her view.She froze in her tracks.Dean.For a lo
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Chapter 3
Dean headed back to his brothers Ranch feeling a mixture of anger at Olivia and shock at discovering he was a father. It finally occurred to Dean maybe Olivia was married and Eli already had a father figure.He had noticed Olivia was even prettier now than ever since when they were dating. He had taken her in. From the tip of her head, her long dark hair cascading down and framing her green catlike eyes luminous in her beautiful face and her lips - hell, her lips. Nobody wore a pair of Levi’s like Olivia. The jeans hugged her slender, long legs and reminded him of how much he had loved those legs tangled with his.He tightened his grip on the steering wheel and remembered his anger. That was easier than to admit the sight of Olivia after all these years sent him reeling.Years ago, he had called her to see if the baby she had was his. She told him it belonged to someone else, and she’d gotten pregnant during the time after she and Dean had renewed their relationship.He hated her for
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chapter 4
The house had never been so silent as it was then. She longed for her father. Henry Reed had been a single parent after Olivia’s mother had died of cancer when her daughter was seven. He could take your breath away with one of his many architectural landscape designs. Transforming aches of barren land into a magical oasis, help her with her homework or bake cupcakes for her school fete. After school and on weekends, she spent time at the Landscape company her father owned, the same one she now owned and operated.What a hypocrite she was missing her own father and at the same time wishing Eli’s had never shown up in town.She couldn’t help but wonder, once Jack was back behind bars, would Dean once again leave Valley Mills? She had to believe that he intended to be a full-time father. She also had to believe he’d protect Eli at all costs. She was going to give him the benefit of the doubt until he showed otherwise.The hours of the afternoon crept by slowly. She did a pilates workout.
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chapter 5
Monday morning at eight-thirty, Olivia sat at her desk in the Reed Landscapes company’s office. The business had begun 30 years ago. It was her father’s creation and over that time had evolved into a company with over 125 employees, many long term. Three men who started with her father were still with her. Phil Dark, chief designer and draughtsman. Albert Hunter, head of finance and accounting. These two men were her rocks. She knew she could rely on them. Their values were that of her father’s, Honesty, Integrity, Quality, and Teamwork. Graham Styles, was her third rock, he was the companies Operations manager. Olivia spent much of her childhood in the company’s office, factory and building yards watching men and women create and develop designs that helped make the company the success it is now. The sounds and smells that emanated around her were as familiar to her as her own heartbeat. This business was a part of her, a continuing tribute to the father she’d loved so much.She
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chapter 6
Tuesday afternoon Dean arrived at Olivia’s house at three thirty for his visit with Eli. His plans for horse riding were a washout because of the heavy rainfall most of the day. He was glad it had eased as he left his car and walked to Olivia’s porch.She met him at the door and let him inside, where awkward “hello’s” were exchanged.“Eli should be along in a few minutes.” She said. He looked out the window. “Since it is wet outside, maybe I should go pick him up?”“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”He turned to look at her. She smiled at him. It was the first real smile he’d received from her since his arrival. He had to admit it warmed him from the chill of the weather. “Ive been told that a soon to be nine-year-old boy quite enjoys walking in the rain.” She explained. “He’s also told me that he is no longer a baby.”“Then im glad you stopped me from making a serious error and insulting our son’s budding manhood.” Dean said.Just then, Eli came bursting through the door with laugh
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chapter 7
The sun was bright and warm, the rain from the day before was just a memory. Driving down the main street in Valley Mills, Dean thought how quaint. The buildings all look like a western movie set. Only a few businesses had changed. However, there were still familiar places like Willies Joint Bar & Grill and The Beer Joint, still popular drinking holes. It would seem women still got their hair done at Curl up & Dye. The Mexican restaurant from back in the day brought a smile to his lips. He parked his car a few spaces past the restaurant and got out. He thought about those kisses long after he’d left Olivia’s house last night. Her mouth had been as inviting as he’d remembered. Something about her created a desire in him he’d always knew existed. He had to admit he wouldn’t mind getting her back into his bed again. At that moment, he was walking past the Sheriff’s office when Olivia exited the building walking almost into him. Thank goodness she couldn’t read his thoughts.She brought
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Chapter 8
There seemed to be nobody working in the office when Oliva and Dean arrived. She sat down at her desk and turned on her computer. Dean picked up a beautifully framed picture from her desk. He smiled instantly, recognising her father and Eli together. “Your father was a wonderful man.” Dean placed the frame back down. “I can only imagine how low he must have thought I was.”Olivia looked at Dean in surprise. “Why would you say such a thing?”He dropped his head, unsure what to do with his hands he in reached them down deep into his pockets. “He must have known Eli was mine, and I was nowhere to be seen.”“Dean, when I told him I was pregnant, I also told him I was going to be a single mom. He never asked me questions, and I never told him who the father was. When we were a couple, I know he loved you and I don’t for a minute think anything over the years changed how he felt about you.” His eyes narrowed as if in pain.He moved around behind her to view the monitor. “Lets see what that
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Chapter 9
Dean had spent all afternoon on the phone with his siblings. They all agreed whoever had talked to The Roaming Texas had shared enough information to suggest they had intimate ties to the family.Dean couldn’t imagine who the source of the information could be. Mia had called Dean. It outraged her that somebody was feeding the blog intimate details of their lives. “Dean, it’s not me I’m concerned about. Cate and I are adults, we can weather it. It’s Eli, I’m worried about.”“Me too, Olivia and I want to be the ones to tell him. I’m heading over there tomorrow afternoon. I’m glad you’re okay Mia.” He said.“If you need to talk, I’m here.” Mia knew her older brother was strong, but all this was a lot for even him to digest in a week.By the time the following afternoon rolled around, Dean was eager to spend time with Eli. He pulled up in Olivia’s driveway just before it was time for Eli to get off the bus and walk the couple of blocks home. As he walked to the porch, an unsettled energy
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Chapter 10
Olivia had to be honest with herself. It had been a tough week, and she didn’t mind that Dean was picking Eli up for their Thursday afternoon together. She could use the time to relax and unwind. They’d had to file another police report earlier that day about more vandalism on the current site, coupled with time on the phone soothing the council. Ensuring their job timeline will be honored. It was almost time for Dean to drop Eli home; she sat at the kitchen table with a cup of coco, but she didn’t expect him to come inside the house. Saturday and Tuesday past. Dean had picked up and dropped off Eli without coming inside. It irritated her. She didn’t feel relieved he was seeking some distance from her. She felt more than a little disappointed.Olivia saw the happiness and joy emanating from her son when he came home from his time with Dean. The two were growing very close. Perhaps it was time for her and Dean to sit down with Eli and tell him the truth. Maybe it was time for her to t
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