Desire To Control Her

Desire To Control Her

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He was the strictest Dom, he loved to control women. She was a free bird and didn't want anybody to control her. He was into BDSM stuff and she despised it with all her heart. He was looking for a challenging submissive and she was a perfect match but this girl wasn't ready to accept his offer since she lived her life without any rules and regulations. She wanted to fly high like a free bird without any limitations. He had this burning desire to control her because she could be a perfect choice but she was a tough nut to crack. He was getting crazy to make her his submissive, controlling her mind, soul and body. Will their fate fulfil his desire to control her? Or will this desire transform into the desire of making her his? To get your answers dive into the heartwarming and intense journey of the hottest and strictest Master you will ever find and his innocent little butterfly. *** "Fuck you and get the hell out of my cafe if you don't want me to kick your ass." He frowned and dragged me to the backside of the cafe by seizing my wrist. Then he pushed me into the party hall and hurriedly locked the door. "What the fuck do you think of yourself? You," "Shut up." He roared, cutting my words. He grabbed my wrist again and dragged me to the sofa. He sat down and then, with a swift motion he yanked me down and bent me over his lap. He pinned me against the sofa by pressing his hand on my back and locked my legs between his. What is he doing? Chills rushed down my spine.

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101 Chapters
Part: 1 A Sudden Urge
Anna's P.O.V.I'm getting ready for the club. It's not a normal club. It's a BDSM club. No, No, I'm not into all this. I don't like it if anybody controls me. I'm a free bird. I have my own sets of rules.But my best friend, Eve is in this relationship. She loves her Dom and he loves her too. Her Dom Is Dev, he is a nice human being but a strict dom. He is very strict with his rules. Eve shares some time about him with me and I get goosebumps after listening to their session. But I have met him personally, he is a very nice person. She loves him, so I'm okay with them.The club is owned by Dev's friend, Ethan. Eve had told me this.I'm wearing sexy red midi today which is reaching up to my mid-thigh.Forget to introduce myself, I'm Anna Baker, from London, but now I live with my best friend, Eve in LA. We owned a cafe here. My parents live in London and her parents live here in LA only. Eve is from a very rich family but she always wanted to do something on her own, therefore we opened
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Part: 2 Pain and Pleasure club
Anna's P.O.V."Pain and Pleasure club." I read the name of the club and stared at Eve in disbelief."Seriously, Eve, why did you take me to this club?" I asked her.She chuckled, "I just want you to experience something new. If you don't like it, you can go, I won't stop you.""Let's see," I said and we both stepped into the club.I gasped seeing the people walking shamelessly naked and half-naked in the club. Waitresses in the club are braless. People are making out in groups. I can hear the girls moaning and screaming from all around with the loud music.This is seriously unbelievable.What the fuck I'm doing here?I looked at Eve, she is so normal to be here as she visits these types of clubs frequently.Then something caught my attention. I saw one girl, she is tied up naked with the chair. She is blindfolded, her vagina is fully exposed and stretched. A boy is rubbing the vibrator on her clit. I think he must be his Dom. People are gathered around them watching them, including me
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Part: 3 Hey, Butterfly
He raised his hand to slap me but somebody held his hand and our eyes drifted to that person. It's Ethan, Dev's friend."Eric, leave her right now." As Ethan shouted at him in anger, he instantly left my hair."But she,"Ethan cut his word and warned him sternly, "apologise to her and leave or you will be punished." His voice is filled with authority."I'm sorry. I didn't know that you're a slave of Ethan." And this is enough, I slapped him hard on his face.First, he dared to call me slut and now a slave."I'm not anybody's slave." I barked at him and stormed out of the club. It was my worst decision to come here. I'm hell angry with Eve for bringing me here. I'm feeling like killing somebody.Ethan's P.O.V.I came to Dev. He is now standing alone with Eve."Dev, I should check Anna." Eve said to him, concerned."You don't have to as she has just left," I informed them."What? Why?" Eve asked shockingly and then I told them everything."Oh, God! I shouldn't have brought her here." Sh
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Part: 4 I'm affecting her
Max's P.O.V.I'm extremely angry with my submissive 'Lara'. This time she has done a huge mistake.I brought her to the room of the BDSM club. She is in a lingerie set. Still, her eyes are looking down. She is so a perfect woman and obeys my every order. She is the best submissive I ever found but for the first time, she has disappointed me as a submissive.I took out the ropes, flogger, clamps, tape and vibrator band from the bag. I kept them on the bed and walked toward her.I grasped her jaw and pulled her face up to make her look at me. "Do you remember your safe word as you gonna need it for tonight because I'm very angry?""I'm sorry, Master." She apologised guiltily.Then I ordered her to lie down on the bed after removing her undergarments. I tied her wrists and ankles with the bedposts in the X position. I pinched her nipples before attaching clamps to them, she winced in pain but today I'm not going to show any mercy over her because she has hurt me a lot.Then I turned on th
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Part: 5 Deep Trouble
Anna's P.O.V.Oh, God! This Man is driving me insane. His proximity literally took my breath away from me. I'm not understanding what was it. But whatever it was, it was something very strong and foreign.But I need to stay away from him. I know his intention, so he should stay away from me.If he wasn't interested in the BDSM relationship, I would have thought to give him a try but never to this BDSM relationship.I'm thinking all this, sitting in the cafe and sipping the coffee with a serious look on my face.Eve's P.O.V.I'm going to meet Dev at his house and then he will take me on the date. I'm excited but a bit upset, because of the dress Dev had given me to wear, I couldn't able to wear it because at the breakfast Anna by mistake dropped the glass of juice over that dress.He will also become upset after seeing me not in that dress. I just hope he doesn't freak out and cancel our date.I stepped into his house and saw him sitting in the hall. He must be waiting for me. He raised
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Part: 6 I hate the feeling of love
"Is this the way you treat your guest?" He asked and I came on the earth back."No, this is the special treatment for the uninvited guest like you." I said curtly.He shook his head. "You're unbelievable.""Am I unbelievable? Seriously? You're following me like a ghost and you're saying I'm unbelievable." I chided him and rolled my eyes."Oh, God! Don't start again." He said, irritated."If I'm irritating you so much, then why did you come here? Did I invite you? No, right?" I asked, raising my brows."If you don't shut your mouth, then I'll make you shut up in my way and you know my way very well, Butterfly." He warned me and my mouth remained open in shock.I gave him a sullen look. "Come inside, the special uninvited guest." I invited him.He chuckled and stepped inside. I closed the door. He settled down on the sofa."Do you want something to drink or eat?" I asked, putting my anger on the side."I want you." I looked at him in shock. He chuckled and said, "I want water."I shook
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Part: 7 His Touch
Eve's P.O.V.We are going back home after our perfect date. When he is with me everything seems so perfect to me.First, we watched a romantic movie and then he gave me a surprise on the beach, I just loved the decoration, it was so beautiful. Everywhere lights and candles, it was so romantic, we had dinner, we danced and made love. It was like a dream date for me.I love my man so much. I'm falling in love with him a bit more every day.I'm thinking all this, gazing at his perfect face while he is driving the car and his concentration is on the road."Baby, if you stare at me like this, I will lose control over myself and kiss you hard." He said, making me blush hard. He glanced at me and said, "so stop distracting me, baby.""I love you, Dev." I confessed, holding his hand and put my head on his shoulder, smile isn't leaving my face.He is my happiness.After ten minutes we reached his house.Now it's time for my punishment. I'm excited. His punishments irritate me but in the end, he
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Part: 8 I want to dance with her
Ethan's P.O.V.When she insulted me, I lost my temper and dragged her to the empty hall. Finally, I touched her round butts and squeezed them, I was loving them a lot.I raised my hand to spank her but I stopped as soon as I realised that she isn't my submissive. I have no right to treat her like this, this is highly wrong.I immediately stood up and apologised for my behaviour but a bad girl like her deserves Spanking, so I said, "but you better behave with me from next time."Then I just dashed out of the hall.In all this, my one wish fulfilled that is I got the chance to touch her round and perfect butts. From the day my eyes fell over them, I was longing to touch them. They fitted so perfectly in my hands.I'm recalling how she was looking, bending over my lap and it's arousing me by only imagining it. I fucking want to do so many things with her but this girl is really challenging.Eve's P.O.V.I'm blindfolded, my wrists and ankles are tied to the bedposts. My master is rewardin
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Part: 9 Submissive For A Night?
Anna's P.O.V.I was trying to forget cafe's incident all day but couldn't. Therefore I came to club with Eve to forget everything. We got drunk and started dancing crazily. Everything was going perfect until I saw Ethan in the club. Again I recalled our club encounter which I was trying to forget.What is he doing here? He again reached here following me. I'll kill him."Dev, I was missing you so much, baby." Suddenly Eve shouted, hugging Dev.Now I understood that Eve called Dev, and Ethan came along. Why are we meeting again and again?"Eve, why did you get so drunk when I strictly warned you." Dev scolded her.Poor My Eve! Now she can't even get drunk.Disadvantage of having a Dom."Baby, I didn't drink too much." Eve shook her head and stumbled. Dev held her."Guys, you both stay here. I'm taking her to restroom." Dev said to us.What! Hell No, he is going leaving me alone with this monster."Dev, no, I want to stay here and dance with you." Eve said, encircling her arms around his
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Part: 10 Go to hell!
Dev's P.O.V.I brought Eve to the restroom and locked the door. She is staring at me with an angry pout."Dev, you are really bad. I was enjoying it so much and you took me to this boring room." Few minutes back I was hell angry on her but after seeing her cute puppy angry face, it melted my heart.I said sternly. "Why did you disobey me, Eve? You made me really angry." I pretended that I'm sill angry because I don't want her to repeat the same mistake next time. If she hadn't invited me to meet her today, anyone could have taken advantage of her drunken state. It's not safe for her to get drunk without me, how can she be so careless. Now she deserves her boyfriend's anger and also punishment from her Master.But I will punish her when she gets sober tomorrow. I'll punish her in such a way that she won't repeat it again as this is the matter of my baby girl's safety."I was just enjoying with my friend, why are you getting so angry?" She asked me."I warned you so many time to never ge
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