Cinderella My Ass

Cinderella My Ass

By:  PeperBlood  Completed
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The hermit Ryder Quin never thought that one day, her crush of three years now, the very handsome Aiden Caley, would suddenly want to be her friend. What's more, a stranger broke into her backyard one night, his face hidden underneath a hood, and ever since then he would show up at night and leave before midnight. The quiet and uninteresting life of hers unexpectedly was thrown into chaos. Having an introverted personality, Ryder struggles to keep up with the very energetic Aiden. However, because of the lack of her social skills, all of Aiden's flirty remarks and hints miss the mark, leading to Ryder accidentally friend-zoning her crush, all while trying to figure out who the stranger that meets her every night is. With the mystery of the stranger's identity and the awkward moments spent with Aiden pickling her mind and heart, Ryder realizes that she has been dragged into a whirl of feelings she has never experienced before.

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54 Chapters
Chapter 1: The headless-chicken mentality of Ryder Quin
It's funny how sometimes people when things don't go quite their way, turn their eyes to the past and wonder... Where did I go wrong? As if that would actually change anything. It's probably one of the stupidest things a human can do, but they do it anyway. It's not like they can go back in time and change anything. Where did I go wrong? For Ryder Quin, things probably went wrong from the first day of high school. Maybe it started with high school. Or maybe it went wrong when she decided that going to school with e fever and while on her time of the month was a good idea as if she would actually be able to survive that. It's debatable if ANYONE can survive that, but dear Ryder Quin sometimes has the mentality of that one chicken in Moana, so such situations are not rare. It was that sick body and blurry vision because of the fever, that made her faint in the hallways while trying to make her way to the bathroom. And because of her occasional headless-chicken mentality that convince
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Chapter 2: The struggles of a hermit
"Thank you for helping me, Ryder."How comic for such a sentence said with such a soft and warm voice, sounding so sincere to make one fall on their knees and keep sleep at bay all night.It was like she could hear the voice of that man saying that sentence over and over again as if he was taunting her.He knew her name.If this fact alone wasn't disturbing enough to keep Ryder all night awake, she also couldn't shake off the feeling that that voice was terrifyingly familiar, but not so much at the same time. She couldn't say much about it when the man spoke in the beginning for the voice was mixed with sobs and broken in tears, but when he thanked her... Where has she heard that voice?He knew her name.Ryder turned inside the house in a rush. Her feet tripped and her knees almost gave away a few times. She was trembling and cold sweat rolled down her back. What in the name of heaven did just happen? What the fuck was this out-of-a-horror-movie experience she just had? And most impor
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Chapter 3: The struggles of being prince charming
Mr. and Mrs. Quin arrived early in the morning before Ryder left for school. With their arrival the house was once again filled with loud voices, the peace and quiet Ryder loved so much shattering."Michelle, I'm telling you, she dead-ass tried to kill me." Henry Quin was at it again. Convinced his mother-in-law hated his guts and wanted him dead."She was sick, how could she kill you when she couldn't even leave her bed?" Michelle glared at her husband while Ryder sipped her coffee enjoying the show. Mom had a point, but dad is right. Grandma really hates his guts."She tripped me with her crane!!!""You're just too clumsy.""I'm not clumsy!!!"Michelle raised an eyebrow, the look in her eye full of indications. Henry was taken aback by that look, his lips twitching as his face flushed bright red."Just once Michelle. Just once. I fell on you just once. Get over it already." Henry threw his arms in the air frustrated and embarrassed. Ryder chuckled."I had to go to the hospital becau
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Chapter 4: At midnight they met again
The drafting table was finished. But there was a problem. It was too big to fit in Ryder's room."Didn't you measure it beforehand?" Henry asked his daughter while she stared at the drafting table in disappointment. He was changing the light bulb, tripping over his own foot, and then he even dared to say he wasn't clumsy.Ryder frowned, the furrow between her eyebrows deepening. "I followed the measurements in the blueprints.""Well, we can always just sell it. A friend of mine was planning on buying one. How about I ask him if he's interested in buying it?"It was a nice opportunity, but Ryder wanted to keep the drafting table for herself. She had worked hard on it and spent so many hours creating something from scratch... it hurt to part from it. Still, it would be sad to just keep it in the garage and never use it. In the end, Ryder sadly nodded. "I think I will fix my current desk into a somewhat drafting table."Henry chuckled at his daughter. His eyes wandered at the junk around
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Chapter 5: Mama-bear Jasmine
It was early in the morning. Actually, no, it was late at noon, but for Ryder, this was called early on Saturdays. The heavy dark curtains of her room were pulled closed, not a single ray of sunshine broke through. The bedroom was in total darkness. That is until the screen of the phone suddenly lighted up and furiously vibrated.Brrr... Brrrrrr... Brrrrrrrrrrrrr...Why do you hate me so much?Groaning in annoyance and with her eyes still closed, Ryder answered the phone. "UGH... Hungh... Hmmm." Which roughly translated into: what do you want, leave me alone."How are you still sleeping?" Jasmine sounded too energetic for Ryder who hadn't fully woken up yet. "Meet me at the café in front of the school in an hour.""I don't wanna go." Ryder sleepy answered. She had planned on sleeping until four in the afternoon and maybe... MAYBE... start a new project or just watch some anime. She didn't make any plans for today so she can't just... unexpectedly make plans out of nowhere. Where will
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Chapter 6: The perils of dealing with Jasmine
After that sentence, Remy's face looked as if it had been smeared with red paint and for some reason, he got so angry, that he kicked both girls out of his shop and threatened them to don't come again.Ryder didn't pay much attention to this reaction, while Jasmine was pouting, looking almost as if she was about to cry."You can't say such things so normally. He probably feels embarrassed."They were going back to Ryder's house, walking down the streets side by side, Jasmine leaning her head on Ryder's shoulder. She must have gotten worn out from all the fighting.Jasmine shook her head. "His pretty face... bruised..."Ryder rolled her eyes. Of course, this idiot would turn an ear deaf to any words of rejection. "What are you going to do about those guys? They will definitely come back again" It would be troublesome if they tried to pick a fight with Jasmine and her as well. "We probably angered them more. What if made it worse?"Jasmine shook her hand, not bothered at all. For such a
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Chapter 7: The awakening of a very weird feeling
The next day, Midnight didn't show up. Ryder just couldn't understand why she felt disappointed. Did she really want him to come by? Her thoughts were already in chaos, overthinking about that weird urge to protect a man she didn't know anything about that woke up last night. Why would she harbor such feelings? Ryder wanted to know why but didn't know where to search for the answer.On the other hand, Jasmine had her own thoughts about this guy that wanted her precious daughter's attention. After Ryder saw Midnight off that Saturday night, Jasmine was waiting for her in her room. Acting as if the room was hers, she had sat right in the middle of the bed, her legs crossed, her elbows resting on her knees and her right hand holding her chin. When Ryder walked inside the room, a chill ran down her spine, feeling like she had just walked into an interrogation room.Jasmine didn't say anything as her eyes studied carefully the expression on Ryder's face. The fair skin of Ryder had turned r
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Chapter 8: Failed attempt no #2
Aiden clearly underestimated Ryder's capability of being as boring as a rock resting under the sun when she shopped. He truly felt like his brain would boil from boredom as the girl kept staring at two vases of flowers that looked pretty much the same to Aiden. What is there to think so much about? Just pick one already!!!When the two met after school, Aiden was beaming with confidence. Jasmine was nowhere to be seen, apparently, something had come up with Remy. Aiden didn't care that much, but he was starting to think that maybe this whole "adaptation" thing could be very profitable for his side. At least he could have Ryder all for himself and not worry for Jasmine butting her way in between them like an overprotective dog that would bite him every moment now. Little did Aiden know that Jasmine had let Ryder go alone with him thinking that no matter how all this thing with Aiden ended, it could be a learning experience for Ryder. She still would avenge Ryder if he so much as hurt h
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Chapter 9: The Cinderella dilemma
  The more time passed, the more steps she took, the more Ryder's irritation turned into pure rage, mostly directed at herself. Why didn't she run after him? Why didn't she stay closer to the door? He was so close God damn it. They were in the same place, during the day, and she couldn't steal even a glimpse at him.   Ryder was furious.   What up with this shitty luck? And that worker... why didn't she say anything, but played dumb? Like hell, you don't know. The guy shows up every now and then and you don't know anything about him? Who are you trying to fool?   When Henry saw his daughter stomp her way into the house, he was almost scared to talk to her. That scary look in her eyes made him feel like he was looking at a grenade re
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Chapter 10.1: Ryder and Remy and the awkwardness in the air
Midnight left before midnight... =_= There was nothing to do in the backyard now that he was gone, so Ryder went up to her room. Only then did she realize how tired she was. This day had been so long and it had exhausted her physically and mentally. The bed felt like a bliss descended from heaven, yet as Ryder lay down, sighing in pleasure, the phone in her pocket rang. There was no need to check who it was, for who else but Jasmine would call her at this time? Ryder threw the blanket over her body and only then did she answer the phone. "What's up?" There were a lot of noises coming from Jasmine's side. She must be somewhere crowded. Ryder could barely listen to Jasmine as she answered. "I have good news and bad news." She sounded cheerful, but her tone was somewhat strained. Noticing this, Ryder who was just starting to drift into sleep, opened her eyes, sleep flying out of the window. "Did something happen?" "Mhm," Jasmine said, the voice barely heard as it blended with the no
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