Alphas Unwilling Mate

Alphas Unwilling Mate

By:  Silvija   Ongoing
Language: English
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All of her life Madeline thought of the whole alpha system to be crippled. This was why she left her first pack and found one that was in the city... one that only met up to run together. But pack like that didn't save her from being forced on by countless of alphas calming that they are her mate. They tried to take her even if she refuses. She gotten away most of the times... only one time she wasn't able to... and she matted to a man she hats. She refused that it was her end, so she ran and now she is the queen of the underworld... It was all fine... until her mate comes for her...

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13 Chapters
Another night of chaos
Madeline I stepped over the body of another alpha as a wave of disgust hit me. This man was the cause of so many deaths and so much pain. Killing wasn’t the thing I imagined myself doing… ever, but I had no choice now. I started my crusade to save as many people as I can and this beast had it coming for him. I Won't pretend that the first few were personal. Men who hurt me. They hunted me like a little rabbit in the night. Making a game of hurting a young scared girl. Seeing how far you can push her until she breaks, until she submits and you can have her as a little trophy for your collection. As I was about to leave the room I looked at him one last time and felt an uneasy feeling in my chest. Looking at him from this angle, for some reason he reminded me of my father. I haven’t thought of that man for many years now. There wasn’t a reason to. The man wasn’t really my father, he was just a beast that forced himself on my mother who died while giving birth to me. Then
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Uninvited guest
MadelineI swallowed as my fingers wrapped around the handle of my gun.“What are you doing here, Percy?”“Good evening to you too, my little mate.”Smug bastard.“What are you doing here?”“Yes, I missed you too and I am happy to see you.""What are you doing here?"And this time I pulled the gun out and pointed it at him."Well this isn't very polite, little mate.""Don't test me, Persy. You know that I will pull the trigger without any regret or much thought.""No you won't."The next moment he was in front of me.His movement was so fast that I didn’t even notice when he pulled the gun out of my hand. I Only noticed that when my hands were over my head, they were held up there with one of his and he was staring down at me. The close distance has created this little space that started to suck oxident out of my lungs. I couldn’t fight him even if I wanted to. This man was a beast, a machine that could never be stopped. That is a true alpha to you. They are a total different breed
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Naughty little mate
PercyA small part of me wanted to shake the girl. I sat back down in front of her, wanting to look her in the eyes, to better understand what the hell she was thinking.When I sat down, her eyes told me only that she was annoyed with me… very annoyed. She was delusional to any part of what she was to me and how her ties to me made her a target. That I couldn’t live with myself if I knew that I was the one to blame for hurting her.“I care because you are my mate, the mother to my future children.”I could see a little gleam in her eyes when I said that. I noticed that she had a little shiver every time I mentioned the fact that we are mates.“And you are mine. I take care of everything that belongs to me.”“I do not belong to you.”“Stop pretending, Madeline. You were mine since the moment I saw you and we both know it. You are mine in the eyes of the whole pack community and in the eyes of the moon goddess.”I could see that my words didn’t make the impact I hoped for. She stared
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Coversations in the night
PercyI knew that he would probably find me before I left his town. The truth is that a chance for me to slip in and out unnoticed from this heavily secured town was close to zero.I checked on Madeline one more time, hoping that the heavy dosage will be enough to keep her down, well at least until I would reach my territory.I took one last deep breath, happy to feel her scent fill my lungs.Her scent had a calming effect on me. For the last three years I became a beat that would rip anyone to shreds if he was challenged in any way. Day by day it got worse, to the point that I almost beat the shit out of my beta and gamma for not agreeing with me.The messed up part of that is, that they are right.I was wrong and I was pissed at them for not submitting to me.I pushed the conflicting thoughts out of my head and headed to meet the man that can either mess my plan up or save me a lot of trouble.Emanuel is the only other true alpha I know of. He, differently to me, had a father to lea
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The journey home
MadelineWhen I woke up in the car alone I was way beyond pissed.I was even more pissed when I saw Percy talking with Emanuel. I couldn’t believe that the person that was the closest thing to family, just betrayed me with the man that I hated most in this world.I wanted to lift my hands up and open the doors, but my hands refused to move. I wanted to shout, but no sounds came out.So I was left there frozen, staring at the betrayal of a lifetime.I stared at the two of them talking and all I could think about was how hurt I felt. Why was Emanueal talking to him, why is he letting this man take me somewhere?Isn’t he supposed to be on my side and arrive at my rescue?I felt defeated and fuzziness clouded my brain as my consciousness started to slip.Slipping into a dreamless blackness I could only think of the man sitting next to me.I resurfaced a while later, my eyes trying to get used to the darkness as I carefully looked around with my eyes only. I was still in a car, but we no
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Crazy ideas
MadelineWhen I pulled the handle and nothing happened I turned to Percy and the bastard was laughing.“I locked the doors, so there is no point in ripping the handle off. You should better sit down and relax. We will be home in a few moments.”“That place isn’t my home and it will never be suck.”He turned to me one more time and released a tired breath.“You are repeating yourself. I heard you the first time so there is no need for me to tell you again why you are wrong. So as I said before, sit and be quiet.”The bastard used his alpha powers on me. The growling sound of his alpha voice sent shivers down my body and I would be lying if I said that it didn’t affect me in any way. For some reason the slow vibration and rumble in the small space of this car made my lower belly squeeze in the most delicious way.Even before he marked me I had similar reactions to him. For some reason he could do what no other alpha could, with the power of his voice he could bring me to the edge of cl
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Bad ideas
PercyI held her limp body in my hands as I carried it back to the car. My heart is still beating so fast, that I have a hard time hearing myself think. It may have something to do with the fact that I was holding her in my arms.Fuck.After all these years of dreaming of it, I finally healed her.I held her so close that I was for sure going to smell her on me for the rest of the night. Her soft body fit so perfectly in my arms, that I wasn’t sure how I was going to release her. But I pushed those thoughts away, because that will be the future Percies problem. Now I had the girl that I dreamed about for the last three years in my arms. Fuck it was way longer than that.I started to dream about her when I was still a child, but back then I couldn’t understand who she was or why I was dreaming about her. So I guess you can imagine how surprised I felt when I saw her in that stuffy insurance office. Instantly I felt the lighting that struck me, it was the moment I knew that she was g
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Not so pure dreams
MadelineMadelineThe last thing I remember before falling asleep was Percy’s hands around me. He caught me before I landed face down on the pavement. I felt so exhausted from the rollercoaster of emotions I was in tonight and whatever he injected me with in my house didn’t help. I blacked out the moment his hands wrapped around me.If I was telling the truth I would say that it was also I felt so safe in his arms. No matter how much I would like to fight my body, but it reacts to him in a way…. in a way that it doesn’t react to anyone else in this world.The moment he stepped back into my life I remembered that. I remembered why I liked him so much in the first place. He made me feel safe and he still does. No matter how much I hate him for lying to me… for marking me without my consent… I still felt safe with him.There was never a doubt that he would hurt me or let anyone else do that to me.I pushed those thoughts away as I started to wake up.My body refused to do so, because I
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Wicked reminders
MadelineI stared at him as his words sank in.He was offering what?To remind me that I am his mate?Was he going to bite me again?“To remember, you have to know it in the first place."And that was enough to send him over the edge. He released a low growl as he licked the scar again, letting his teeth scrape the uneven surface. That sent shivers down my back and somehow they ended up in my lower belly."Oh, I will remind you who you belong to... I will remind you, so that you will never forget."His words were hardly understandable, but that was maybe because my own heartbeat was so loud that I could hardly hear anything else.In one swift move, he ripped off the clothes I was wearing and he turned me around so I was facing the wall.The studded movement made me release a little cry of surprise, as he leaned over me again. He pushed the hair covering his mark out of the way.This time he traced it with his fingers. Letting the finger feel each bump and he traveled lower.His finger
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Wicked reminders I
MedalineI was trashing against the wall as he continued to devour my mouth. Not giving me a moment to take a breath.His tongue explored my mouth as he leaned even more into me.I felt his hard length pressed into my sensitive, weeping pussy. At this angle I could feel my hard clitt getting rubbed against the hard head.All I wanted to do at that moment was to rip his pants off and take him... all of him.I imagined how it would feel to ride the hard length that was pressing into me, but he had me locked in place. His hands made it really hard to move even an inch.My legs were wrapped around his waist and, in the only way I could move, I pressed more of him against me, hoping that by some miracle he would take it as a sign to take things further.But he refused to be rushed as he used his tongue to open my lips and take my tongue for a dance. After a few moments like that, the only thing I could do was to lock my hands around his neck in an effort to hold him in place as I took my f
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