Alphas Revenge

Alphas Revenge

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Trevor had been raised by the strongest Alpha to lead the Bloodsun pack. Out of the three packs that controlled their city, his pack was the biggest and the strongest. But without mates, an Alphas powers were limited. Trevor has to find his mate that the Sun Goddess has chosen for him, but he has no idea how to find her or where to find her. On his journey to find his mate, Trevor faces grave danger, betrayal, lies and pain.

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37 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Stella POV Rain. It always seemed to rain on days that I needed it not to. I know it sounds trivial, but the rain just put me in a bad mood. I wandered around my packs grounds looking for my sister, June. She had gone out the night before to a party at a rival packs group house. She knew what my father would do if he found out, so I was out here at 5am looking for her before he found out she wasnt at home. Our Father was the Alpha of the South Pack. Original name, I know. He came from a long line of Alphas. At one time in history, the South pack ruled our city. His Father, Julian, was the strongest Alpha any pack had seen in a long time. My Grand Father was lucky enough to find his mate when he was still a young pup in middle school. Once you find your mate, you know it instantly. There is no denying it and you are essentially one once you do find each other. The Alpha grows stronger each year when his mate is by his side. They had been together 50 years by the time my Gr
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Chapter 2
Trevor POV"You're my mate. I don't give a fuck who your Father is" I told her. And i didn't care. The want and need to have this woman as mine was stronger than any other feeling I'd ever had before. I wanted to protect her at all costs. It was like love at first sight. What I really wanted was to rip all of her clothes off and make love to her right here on the floor. But, I restrained my urges because I wanted to respect her, and make sure she felt respected too. I had been with plenty of women. Alpha chasers. Women who had not found their mates yet always held out hope that maybe they would mate with an Alpha or somebody within his lines of power. It was a safe bet to be with an Alpha. You were always going to be safe and taken care of. Women would come to the parties, and sleep with the pack members in hopes that it would spark a bond pull. It never did though, and they would shuffle out the next morning upset at their actions. Her entire body was shaking. I could feel it throu
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Chapter 3
Stella POV I knew that if my sister did not get home soon, my Father would quickly notice. I had turned back into my human form and was getting ready to sneak into my bedroom window, hopefully unnoticed. Which would be hard to do if somebody did see me, seeing as I was butt ass naked trying to climb in through a window. Plus it was after 9am. I hadnt planned on shifting this morning. I was just out to find my sister and bring her home from the party before anybody had noticed. Of course, a few pack guard members would have noticed me leaving the territory. But they wouldnt say anything. They were all afraid of the rath that would come down on them if my Father found out they allowed me to cross territory lines without permission from the other pack. Let alone the Blood sun pack. If there were ever any rivals in our city, the South pack and Blood Sun packs were it. The previous Alpha of the Bloodsun pack was Alpha Titan. He was a hard ruler and did not see eye to eye on anything with
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Chapter 4
As soon as we shifted, June stopped dead in her tracks and sat down like a pet dog waiting for a treat. June was a light brown color with pops of white on her chest and tail. Her furr was shorter than mine, but her tail was longer. She opened up her mindlink to speak to me. "Holy shit, Stella" I turned to face her. My large paws sunk deep into the mud of the forrest. "What is it?" I asked, confused by her reaction. I knew I was a little bigger, but that couldnt be what she was referring to. "Stel.." June stood up on all four paws and stood next to me, shoulder to shoulder. It was then that I could see the real difference in our sizes. Before I had met my mate, I was only about an inch taller than June. Her shoulder didnt even meet mine anymore, and I towered over her. I looked down at her. "It must be the mate thing. I knew I had gotten a little bigger, but, this?" I circled her. "You are huge. And your fur, is longer. And its almost silver now. It is so white!" She cried out.
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Chapter 5
Trevor POV I wandered into the bedroom of the suite in the hotel. I owned the hotel, but it was in neutral territory, so I didnt visit it too often. I didnt decorate it, I didnt manage it. I had employees for that kind of stuff. But I knew that if I wanted to meet Stella somewhere , it had to be somewhere that we would hopefully go unnoticed. Stella was in the living room, laying on the couch watching the news, waiting for her sister and Kyle to get back. We had a lot of decisions to make in a very short period of time. Stella was my mate, and we had confirmed that by marking one another. The feeling I had towards a woman I just met was crazy. The tether from the bond felt so strong between the two of us. But I knew that she was upset and nervous. Once I marked her, her tether to her pack would have broken and her Father would have felt it instantly. He had no idea Stella had found her mate, let alone made love to him and let him mark her all in one day. I heard rumbles in the livi
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Chapter 6
Stella POV "Shes huge" I heard my Fathers beta, Carl. Carl was old. Older than any other pack member that was still on duty. Most of the elders retired and lived out the rest of their days relaxing with their mates, not going on death missions. I stood next to Trevor, my head measured just above his shoulders. I hadn't seen him in his wolf form yet. He was jet black. No white or any other coloring anywhere that I could see. His eyes burned with rage. My Father had shifted back to his human form after I shifted and started in towards him. He stood in the Blood Sun pack house, naked, covering himself with his jacket. His pack members never shifted, neither did Trevors. It was just him and I at this point. But I knew my Father. He could shift extremely fast at the drop of a pin. I wasn't taking any chances. "I'm staying this way" I told Trevor through the mind link. He snarled a little, looking down at me, and nodded his large head, the tips of his ears flopping. "We need to get them
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Chapter 7
Trevor POV "I want guards every 20 feet. If we need to bring in more men, do it. Train them fast. I want the check points harder to get through, and I do not want a single Q pack member allowed in without MY permission. I don't give a shit who it is!" I was rambling. The news of Alpha Jones killing one of his daughters because who her mate was had my head spinning. I was terrified, to be honest. The boys were running around my office on their cell phones, making arrangements. I was a little confused why Stella didn’t bring this information to me from the get go. "We've got 30 more guys coming to the pack house tonight. Where should we put them?" Kyle asked. "Here. Stella is safer that way." I would keep Stella safe by myself, but a few extra men wouldn't hurt. I hoped that it would make her feel more at ease. Until this threat was past us, I had to do everything in my power to make sure Alpha Jones was nowhere near his daughter. "Border is secure sir" Collin rang out. "And check p
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Chapter 8
Stella POV "Trevor!" I was coming all over him. He thrusted his large cock in and out of me while his fingers tapped my clit as I finished my orgasm. I was covered in sweat. Mine or his I wasn't sure. But holy hell did he ever feel good inside of me. His other hand trailed along the crack of my ass, circling my asshole. I shifted myself a little, nervous to let him go in the back door. He took note and continued slowly entering and leaving me, allowing the tip of him to brush along the outside of my wet pussy. "Stella" He huffed behind me as he picked up his pace. He was about to finish. I pushed myself backwards on him, giving him a better angle inside of me. It worked, because he panted harder and slammed into me, my ass cheeks jiggling around his manhood. "Shit.." He kissed my shoulder again, wrapping both arms completely around me, grabbing ahold of my breasts tightly as they bounced with each sway.“i love you" he whispered and he slammed into me one more time before I could f
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Chapter 9
Trevor povI pulled on my tux jacket and buttoned it, looking at myself in the mirror. My bow tie was emerald green. I assumed that was the color of Stella’s dress since she had put out the tie on the bed for me. She wouldn’t let me see it, said she wanted it to be a surprise. That woman could put a black trash bag over her body and I would still drool in her presence. It had been a long two weeks, yet the most fulfilling of my life thus far. The alpha ball was finally here and we were about to head downstairs. My pack was on high alert. Alpha Jones and his mate, Stella’s mom, had checked in last night, yet he had skipped the casual alpha meeting that evening. In his place was his son, Seth,. I had Kyle check the hotel guest list to see who he had brought with him. A couple guards, his beta, and Stella’s sister June. Her brother had brought his mate as well. I assumed they would all be at the ball. Communications were cut between my pack and his, but he was civil with the others. I ho
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Chapter 10
The hospital room was all bright white, florecent lights burning into my eyes. We had been there only a couple of hours now. Stella was still not awake but the doctors reassured me that she would wake up and would make a full recovery. They were running a few tests and had given her an IV of fluids. The coloring in her face had come back, so I was hopeful. Silas and Kyle had gone back to the pack house to assemble a small grouping of guards to be at the hospital at all times while we were here. Collin was passed out in the chair in the corner of the room. He hadn't left mine or Stellas side since we arrived here, and I was thankful for that. As soon as Emily had told us to get Stella to the hospital, Kyle had rushed downstairs to grab my car. The Audi roared to life as he flew up to the back entrance and I ran out to him, Stella in my arms. I had went about 110mph towards the pack hospital, calling ahead of time to let them know I was coming and Stella was a top priority. We arriv
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