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Blaire Summers doesn't do serious, but she soon finds herself in a very serious situation. One that will deem her homeless if she doesn't find a job that actually pays. When she lands an interview at ALPHA INC, she expects the boot after she notices the line in tow for the job. She couldn't be more wrong. Luther Reed is more than just the CEO, he's ALPHA of the Legend Pack. He's ruthless, cunning, and never found his mate, which doesn't bother him in the least. Not having a mate means he doesn't have a weakness. Until Blaire stumbles into his office for an interview, and he knows instantly she's his mate. The kicker is that she's human, and has no idea werewolves exist. It's easy to turn to the next interviewee, and forget her. Until he sees Axel Hanes, the dirty Lycan tycoon, talking to her outside of his office window. That forces the hair on his neck to stand, and he hires Blaire, which causes a downward spiral of events that break Luther's guard, and forces him into situations that will cost him his position, and a war with the Lycans he didn't see coming.

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40 Chapters
Chapter One-Blaire
The man that stood in the doorjamb of my bedroom, of my one bedroom apartment, despite his devilishly good looks could have used a lesson in social skills. He had the tall, dark and handsome thing going for him, but he couldn’t notice the fact that I wanted him to leave—like yesterday. How many subtle cues would he need to hear before the dingy—probably pull string—lightbulb would go off inside of that perfectly sculptured head of his? How many, 'well, that was fun,' or 'I have an interview soon,' would he need me to say before it clicked? "Thomas," I said gently, pulling my lacey white satin top over my head, and stepping into my un-ironed pencil skirt. "I have an interview in like," I glanced at my watch, "thirty minutes. I'm leaving," I said, standing up straight and putting my hands on my slender hips. "So that means you need to leave, too." Thomas stood up straight, his broad shoulders took up the width of the doorway, and there went that lightbulb. "Oh," he said. "I'll go get
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Chapter Two-Luther
Hire her now. That fragrance would send me to my knees, make me beg, and grovel like a child. At the age of thirty-five, I never imagined I'd find my mate this late. I'd concluded that I would be mateless, and I'd become accustomed to that fact. Then she walked into my office. Blaire Summers. With the attitude of an undisciplined sixteen-year-old, and the body of something sculpted from a male's imagination. I watched her walk away; her hips swaying down the sidewalk as she bluntly disobeyed what I told her. My fingers curled into fists, and I fought the urge to stalk after her. Seeing her with Axel Davers set every nerve in my body on fire. I had made up my mind to let her go, ignore that I found my mate, and return to my life. Then I glanced out my window, scotch in one hand, while the other rubbed my temple in frustration, to see her fraternizing with the enemy—Axel Davers. The Lycan King. The bane of my existence. He mimicked my every move in business. When I opened the club
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Chapter Three-Blaire
I blinked my eyes several times, trying to determine if I'd walked into some kinky hot dream or really opened my door to Mr. Luther Reed of the Alpha Inc. The impeccable hunky grump that looked impossibly perfect for eight something in the morning. Once I gathered my thoughts, I crossed my arms over my chest. "What are you doing here? How do you know where I live—you stalker—and again, why are you here?" His gaze lingered on my clothes—or lack thereof. I'd been snoozing when he so rudely pounded on the door to wake me. Couldn't he have got my number from my application and called me like a normal pushy boss? Or got the hint that I didn't want to work with him? Either or would have sufficed. Luther licked his thick lips and dragged his eyes away from my legs to my gaze. "You're late for work, Ms. Summers. Get dressed. We're leaving." A bubble of laughter slipped from deep in my chest. I was sure Mr. Luther Reed was used to getting what he wanted—especially if he wore that stupid dr
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Chapter Four-Luther
She's driving me crazy. The sad part was that she didn't even realize that her presence had my wolf begging and pleading like a pup. When she called me out in my office, I wanted to pull her close and kiss her senseless, until her legs turned to rubber. Even the look Mr. Brown gave her—a polite smile—sent my nerves up my stiffened spine. My heel tapped against the carpeted floor of the conference room, while my fingertips drummed along the table to the same rhythm. "In all," he said. "We're very happy with the progress that Alpha Inc. has given us at Brown's Rentals, and we would like to extend your services to our partner company Brown's Towing, LLC." "We'd be happy to take on Brown's Towing, Mr. Brown. Let's schedule a time for our normal consolation and get things set up," I said, almost robotically. Brown was a huge client, but one of many for Alpha Inc. He smiled underneath his bushy handlebar mustache. "I'll call the front desk and schedule myself in then, Mr. Reed. As alway
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Chapter Five-Blaire
"That's your boss, Blaire?" Alicia, my best friend, asked from my bed. She stared at my phone, while resting on her belly with her feet in the air. "This is one drop-dead luscious male, Blaire Summers. I'm totally jelly right now." I turned around to face her, leaning back against my vanity table and folding my arms over my chest. The midnight black dress I wore hit my knees, but flattered my shape, and showcased my shapely legs. The nightclub we planned to go to was upscale, but I'd been there so many times they knew me by name. Alicia wasn't as brazen as I was with men—or flirty—but she loved to go dance and let loose after a long week working at the district attorney's office. "I know, Alicia, but he is one stick in the mud, and you know those types drive me up the wall." Alicia swung her legs from my bed and handed my phone back to me. "Yeah, but I'd let him do a lot of things to me against a wall, Blaire. Tell me he's single?" I nodded. "He's single—so he says—which makes sen
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Chapter Six-Luther
My wolf's chuckle vibrated deep inside of me, pushing me further onto the line that separated my irrational and rational thoughts. This was my club—I was the owner—and cornering a woman in the privacy of the women's bathroom wasn't rational. No—and neither was the thoughts my wolf forced fed my mind at the moment. That smug look on her face, the shape of that dress, and the ungodly way her dancing with another man made me feel, all crashed down on me at once, snapping my ability to stop myself. Now I was in trouble. I'd locked the bathroom door, barricading myself in a small space with the woman I'm destined to spend my life with. Even if I didn't want her—I wanted her. "Blaire. Blaire. Blaire. You're going to be a problem aren't you?" The pulse in Blaire's neck throbbed to a quick beat, showcasing her nerves when they didn't show on her face. "I don't see a problem," she said nonchalantly. "If you ignore the fact that you're in the girl's bathroom that is." I stood a foot in fr
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Chapter Seven-Blaire
I slid into the booth at the bakery across the street, and sipped my iced coffee. It'd been a long week with Luther, and his agonizing stare. For someone that thought our kiss was a mistake, he sure got riled up over nothing. His temper tiptoed on the border of obsessive, in fact, his entire personality screamed possessive and … alpha. I knew he was in charge, and probably didn't enjoy my smart mouth, or my sarcasm, but he did care about what I did and I wasn't entirely sure on why? It went beyond my position as his assistant. He wanted to control me, and my life, and it screamed controlling older boyfriend, but … I felt it was for a different reason, I just didn't know why yet. I sucked to the bottom of my coffee, and peeled the paper off my cupcake, taking a big unladylike bite of it. After our kiss, that was a completely different story in itself, because I'd never been kissed like that before. Every fiber in my body yearned for him after he stormed out of the bathroom, like my
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Chapter Eight-Luther
Scotch had become my best friend, ever since Blaire stumbled into my office that day. I'd been on an emotional roller coaster from the moment I met my mate. I knew having a mate wasn’t what it was cracked up to be. That's why I went thirty plus years without looking for her. She was infuriating. Her dark hair tempted me from the opposite side of the plane where she doodled on a notepad, and hummed along to some song in her head. I loved the length, and how the soft waves cascaded down her shoulder, while she bit her lip. I replayed her kiss in my mind so many times it felt permanently engrained in my brain waves. I tossed back the rest of the amber liquor in my glass, the ice rattling as I sat it down in my cup holder, and leaned back to cradle my head. It had been a mistake to ask Blaire to come, I knew better, but when she tried to force Stephanie on me, I couldn't help but to counteract. That was my problem. I was the alpha, and I hated her disobedience. I loathed it. My wolf
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Chapter Nine-Blaire
The look on Luther's face when I told him about my dream scared me. It wasn't what I expected. As an adult, you assume a nightmare wouldn't scare another adult, but this one turned his face ashen. His wide shoulders tensed, and his blue eyes turned that dark color I'd noticed in his office. "He stood on two legs?" he asked. I swiped the sweat that had gathered from my hairline with the back of my hand. "Yeah, I know it's weird. I need to get me a glass of water. I'll be right—,"Luther stood up. "I'll get it." He marched over toward the mini-fridge and snagged a bottle. "Here," he said, sitting back down. I noticed that he didn't have a shirt on, and my cheeks burned hot at the sight. He looked even sexier being that it was night, and his eyes were hooded from sleep. "What else happened in the dream?" I unscrewed the cap and stared at him. He seemed very interested in my dream. I sucked down half the bottle and sat it on the night stand. "I don't know, Luther, it's just a dream. Don
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Chapter Ten-Luther
She laid with her back to the couch, curled into a ball and I sensed every time she thought about our night, every time a rush of adrenaline coursed through her. I knew she wasn't asleep, but I couldn’t say I knew, because it would confuse her. In fact, everything in the upcoming weeks would confuse Blaire. Go join her, my wolf coaxed. I rolled my eyes, and placed my forearm over my eyes in attempt to drown myself of all emotion. Everything about the night replayed in my mind like a never-ending slideshow. Her soft touch made my body purr, and it scared me. No woman had ever done that to me. I pressed my eyes closed tightly; praying for sleep, but it never came. I knew a mate bond was strong, but nothing prepared me for this. When sunlight hit the window the next morning, I was up and making coffee in the small kitchen. Blaire was half-asleep; her mouth opened slightly, one arm hanging off the bed. I wanted to join her, kiss and bite every square inch of her body until she begged
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