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What happens when two billionaire step-brothers who dislike each other both fall in love with the same woman? Alexander Hernandez—the first son of the billionaire CEO; Gabriel Hernandez—after spending fifteen years abroad, returns back to his country under the disguise name 'Asher', fully prepared to avenge the death of his first love; Annette Nittolo, who died in a suspicious accident during his younger days. Along the line, his fate got intertwined with a young chef, Josie Maran. However, his step-brother, Chazz Hernandez, who he hates so much is also interested in the same woman as him. What happens when the two billionaire stepbrothers have to fight each other for their father's company and also fight each other for the same woman?

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York Police StationPanting heavily, Josie Maran stopped the motorbike she had been driving very fast and came down quickly. Removing her helmet, she brought out her phone from the pocket of her trousers and dialed the last number on her call log, kicking her feet earnestly for the receiver to pick up.“Please, please pick up.” She muttered to herself. The call went unanswered, making her sigh in frustration, giving her no other option than to try again the second time and then a third time. She was about giving up after the third trial when her phone suddenly vibrated. Her face lit up in happiness as she quickly picked up the call.“Hello, customer!” She spoke quickly. “I'm calling for the delivery you requested for. I'm in front of the address you gave. How do I get to you?” “Really? Do you usually take this long to deliver?" A clear masculine voice sounded from the other end. “No, not at all!” Josie defended quickly. “Something happened on the way, that's why I'm here this late.
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Hernandez Group.Boardroom. President of Hernandez Group, Chazz Hernandez walked into the boardroom after receiving a call. Walking round the boardroom with his arms behind his back, he waited for about five minutes before a woman, Rita Oliver walked in.“You're not supposed to be here,” he said after making sure the door behind her was closed.“Is that how you greet someone you've not seen for a while now?” She asked as she sat down opposite him.“It's not even up to a week.” He replied and rolled his eyes at her.“So are you saying you didn't miss me one bit?” She asked, folding her arms.“Mum!” He called as he walked up to her. “Why did you come back? I told you not to come here.” A look of seriousness appeared on his face as he stared at the woman before him.“Why can't I? My son is the president here and you're telling me not to come here. Is there any tangible reason why I can't come here? Tell me.”“There isn't, but you can't just come here as you wish. You should have called
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Smiling, Phoebe stood up with her arms stretched out as she walked closer to him. "It's me! I thought you wouldn't recognize me! I would have been really disappointed.""I almost didn't recognize you. What are you doing here?""Is that how you greet someone you've not seen for a very long time?" She asked as she dropped her extended arm. "That's not nice. You should have at least asked how I've been doing." Shaking her head, she walked round his office. "Whoa! This place has really changed a lot. You did a lot of furnishing. I also noticed the change at home. Whoa! It has been so long. How long has it been? Nine years? Ten?""Twelve." Chazz replied nonchalantly."Ah!" She exclaimed as she clapped her hands. "Right! Twelve years. It's been twelve years and you're not showing any sign that you missed me. How then will you react to someone you've not seen for fifteen years? I wonder. Well, if you didn't miss me, I did.""What about Alexander?" He asked her with curiosity in both his voi
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Granny's Restaurant.Minutes after walking down from the police station, Jared Nittolo and Asher stopped by Granny's restaurant. Walking into the restaurant, they both sat down to talk after ordering for drinks. An elderly woman brought them what they ordered for before they kicked off their conversation."This is the first time I'm drinking after returning back." Asher started as he poured Jared a drink before pouring himself."Really? Then I guess I'm getting the honour of drinking with you." Jared raised his glass up to meet with Asher's glass. "Cheers!" He exclaimed as he gulped down the glass. "When did you get back?""Yesterday.""Did you go home?""No," he replied as he took a sip. "And I don't intend to," he added."Are you saying they don't know you're back?" Jared asked with a look of shock and surprise written all over his face."Brother," Asher called looking at him closely. "Aren't you happy that I'm spending my time with you?""Look at you. Of course, I am." He replied a
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“Brother!” Phoebe exclaimed. “I thought you've forgotten about me! Where are you? I tried calling you when I got to the airport. I even thought you changed your number immediately you got back.”"Look at you. Have you been expecting my call that badly that you couldn't even wait before picking up?” Asher teased.“Uhn.” She replied quickly. “Besides, I'm angry that you didn't call at all.”“But I'm calling now.” He defended himself.“You should have called earlier.” She insisted. “Whatever! Are you fine? Where are you?”“One at a time, lady. I'm fine and about where I am. . .” He paused looking round. ". . .I'm not sure, but I was with brother not too long.”“Brother Jared?”“Uhn.”“Really? Did he ask of me?”“Uhn.”“I should go see him soon.” She replied quickly. “Are you coming home?”“No. I'm not.”“Why?”“Hey, don't worry about me and start worrying about yourself.”“What do you mean by that?”“When will you start working at the hospital?”“In the next two days.”“Make your brother
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Granny's Restaurant Asher sat down with the empty bottles of drinks in front of him while different thoughts of his past ran through his mind.Flashback Fifteen years ago At a garden, 14years old Asher and a 12years old girl, Annette Nittolo played around. They kept on laughing as they played on the swing and then they moved to the seesaw. They played for a long time and when they finally got tired, they sat on the grass. Asher brought out a necklace with a pendant that made it look like a locket and gave it to Annette.“It's my mother's necklace.” He told her as he gave it to her.“Why are you giving it to me?” She asked as she rejected it. "It's the only thing of hers you have to look at whenever you miss your her. Why are you giving it to me then?”“No.” He insisted as he offered it to her again. “I want you to have it so that whenever I miss her, I would like to look at you and the necklace at the same time. Also, my mother told me that it's a key to something I'll get to under
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Aunt, you're still around? I told you to stop closing late. Do you want the thugs that came by the last time to reappear? If you continue closing late, they'll come back to disturb you." Josie scolded the restaurant woman."Oh my! See this girl. You keep on telling me to stop closing late, but you yourself still come by looking for me late. Besides, I can't leave until all my customers leave.""You still have customers this late?" She asked worriedly. "It's past twelve already. Aunt, if you go on with the rule of customers leaving first, you'll end up sleeping in this place one day. You tell the customers to leave when you want to close, that's the rule.""But what do I do?" She asked, looking at Asher worriedly and dropping the bottle of drink she was holding. "That person over there is not ready to leave yet. He even ordered for another bottle."Josie turned to look at Asher who had already placed his head on the table. "Don't worry Aunt, I'll take care of this for you. Just watch a
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Richard Maran's ApartmentAfter taking a glass of water, Richard was about switching off the light and retiring to bed when he suddenly heard someone imputing his pin. Knowing who it was, he walked to the dining table and watched as Josie entered the apartment.Glancing at the wall clock, he scoffed at how late she was. Closing the door gently behind her, she tiptoed to the couch, dropped the nylon bag she was holding on the table, removed her shoes and she jumped on the couch feeling exhausted. Sighing, she closed her eyes while Richard stood up from the dining table and walked up to her."What do you think you're doing here?" He asked.Startled, Josie flickered her eyes open quickly and sat up. "Hey! You startled me!"Folding his hands, he looked at her closely. "Hey? Am I your friend? I asked you what you're doing here. You should be at home and if not, your apartment."Looking up at him, she smiled. "My darling, why would you want to send your wife away?""What? Darling? Who is yo
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The Hernandez's House That morning, the Hernandez family sat for breakfast at the dining table. Chazz and his mother, Rita couldn't help but notice the annoying presence of Phoebe, who didn't bother to acknowledge the obvious fact that her stepbrother and stepmother were feeling uncomfortable. Despite the fact that she spent three years with them before going to the states, they were not fond of each other. They only acted all nice and close in front of Chairman Gabriel - their father, but once alone, they acted cold and distant. “Wow!” Phoebe exclaimed. “It's really nice to be eating homemade meal after a very long time.” She turned to Rita and smiled. “Mum, I missed your cooking. It tastes nice just the way I remember it.” Rita gave her an approving nod knowing she was being sarcastic as she never really liked her cooking and complained a lot before she left. “No wonder Brother Chazz is looking fresh.” She commented, looking at Chazz, still smiling. Chazz tensed at the name she
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Roosevelt Kitchen.With everyone preparing the ingredients for the night course, Josie had a difficult time trying to work with her junior who turned out to be Asher. Since he came in with Mason, she had voiced out her opinion that she didn't want Asher to be her junior judging from the times she had met with him, but Mason told her she didn't have a choice since she was the one that requested for a junior to work with. Asher had also asked for someone else to work under but everyone told him they had a partner, even Rose who would have loved to drop Mason as her partner and Isabella who would have done the same. However, the stern look on Josie's face gave them a message. Whatever reasons Josie must be rejecting Asher for, they weren't ready to interfere. Out of curiosity, they both asked them if they knew each other but the two of them denied flatly. Josie had later decided to work with him stating that it was because she had no choice. Others had encouraged Asher to learn from her
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