In a nightmare

In a nightmare

By:  JC. Molina  Completed
Language: English
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Sam is between the living and the dead. When Sam wakes up one day and realizes that her soul is wandering in limbo she will do everything she can to get out of there and come back to life along with the help of Brandon, a 13 year old teenager who has been there for 6 years. When Sam discovers that she has a purpose in limbo she realizes that coming back to life to meet her boyfriend Jay again is hopeless, but she doesn't give up. But she meets Charles Cannadian, a condemned man who deals with taking souls into darkness. Sam hates him from the first moment, what she doesn't know is that Charles was part of her past life and may also be part of her present one. Two loves. One choice: give up living to fulfill her mission in limbo or come back to life to meet her boyfriend Jay.

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55 Chapters
196 DAYSI stare at my wall clock as I listen to the non”stop ticking. Since when did that ticking become so deafening? In addition to the clock ticking, I'm starting to feel a twitch in my eye. The clock is getting on my nerves.The rain is coming down outside. That makes me kind of sad. I need it to stop. I need the sun to come back.196 days.That's how long he and I have been together since we talked. The best 196 days of my life. I miss him. Because of the rain I haven't been able to see him. My boyfriend Jason who I affectionately call Jay lived in the other town. Palmer Springs. He was close by. I could see him if I wanted to. He could come or I could go. But that's not the case.I remember the first time I saw him, he would come walking along the shore with his slow, sure steps.Why does he come so slow, I wondered. That was Jay's way, unhurried, whereas I was more anxious and hurried. When he arrived and sat down next to me he said a tender hello. I was nervous but didn't sho
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FROM THE OTHER SIDEWhat, how, when, at what time? I sat down in the chair next to him and put a hand to my chest. I didn't feel my heart beating. It wasn't beating, why isn't it beating? My lip trembled.“Sam, it's hard," Gertrudis crouched down next to me but then moaned a little from her back, "I was pretty much the same when I came here, well, actually when I woke up and noticed everyone was ignoring me. I was very frustrated and angry with my daughter and grandchildren. I would ask them for things and they would walk right past me. Then I understood that they didn't ignore me, that I was dead, so they couldn't see me.I was trying to assimilate all this that was happening. I was trying to assimilate the situation. I was trying to find some logic, some explanation.“I... I don't understand, I was fine, I didn't feel sick or anything, I didn't even leave my house. Last night... I slept, I just slept, and today... today I'm dead “ the word was heavy even for me. Now I understood why
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THE MAN WHO CRIES ON A BRIDGEAs we walked down the road and cars passed by, I felt so strange and so sad at the same time. Brandon was walking in the middle of the track, oblivious to the cars passing by throwing his... spirit.“They won't do anything to you, after all you're already dead," he said, "I like to do that, I feel invincible.I was a kid, I watched a lot of movies. But when I positioned myself in front of him and saw a car coming super fast towards me, I screamed, staying static in the same place.But the car passed by my body, without provoking me at all.“Do you see it? Feel free to walk wherever you want. But wait, hold on a moment.“What's the matter? “I asked.There was a bridge a little further on.“Do you see that guy over there? Sitting on the bridge," he pointed.I could see him. There was a man sitting on the bridge, somehow I knew it was another soul. I had the feeling inside my chest. Maybe because I had learned to observe the Aura around me in the short time
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THE BOY WHO DIED ON HIS GRADUATION DAY“How do you know my name? “I asked a little suspiciously.“I see a lot of people come through here, honey," he smiles at me.I look at him with boredom.“Don't call me honey, please," I cross my arms.“Charlie, Sam... as you can see, she's here, dead, and she wants to know why.“That's right," she looks at me, but no longer with that mischievous look, but with some sorrow and confusion as well. “You're here which means you're dead. Tell me, Sam, what happened before you woke up like this?I remembered.“Well, nothing, I've been at home all week because there was a lot of rain and no one was going out, yet I was lonely all that time. It was very cold to be like that.“Since when?“Tuesday, last week.“So you've been feeling lonely, sad, a bit empty and there's a lot of rain? “she confirms, but it was more like a question.“I think so.“Did you have feelings of unreality all that time?“Of course, I suffer from anxiety so I do have feelings of unre
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LOOK FOR ME IN THE PAGES OF THE BOOK I GAVE YOU AS A GIFT-We have to get there, Brandon, we have to make it," we kept running, almost over the bridge. We looked at Chico in the distance, he was now smiling and watching for anyone passing by. As we got closer he looked at us.-They're back! Guess who saved a little bird from being hunted by a cat," he told us.-Excellent, Chico, keep it up! We can't talk now, see you later! -Brandon says to him.-All right, if you need any help I'll be here! -he replied behind our backs. We still had a long way to go and I was feeling more or less tired.-Come on, what's wrong? We have a long way to go.-I feel tired," I answered, pausing a bit.-Tired? Dead people don't get tired, Sam," he says.I looked at him blankly.-Well, I feel tired, like I've run a marathon.-Sam, wait... -He says, "Do you see that man over there? The one in black.I did look at him, in the distance was that guy, he looked like he was waiting for someone or something.-Yes, I
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A HEART BROKEN INTO A THOUSAND LITTLE PIECES-Jay? -I cried out, feeling hopeful that maybe he could see me. His face was so close to mine that I could smell his perfume. I could feel him. How I missed the smell of him. I loved when he frowned, loved that confused look on his face. It made him look so good.But this wasn't the case, I was getting distracted, Jay was looking at me...or through me.-I'm not Sam," said a voice behind me. I tensed at that moment. I remained static in the same place.What was she doing here?-What are you doing here? -Jay sputtered, wiping away his tears.-Your brother told me you were here," she replied.Leah: Jay's ex-girlfriend.I had had a lot of doubts about whether Jay was completely over Leah, they had broken up years ago women are always thinking things. Jay had opened his heart to me and told me that he no longer had feelings for her.However, I...-Can I sit down? -Leah asks.I stood up the moment I noticed Leah sitting down, so I stood
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CLING TO MY VOICE SO THAT YOU MAY FIND YOUR WAY BACK TO MEI felt the sea breeze on my skin, felt the wet sand on my feet. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the atmosphere. Of being in the sea. Of still being able to smell it. The night before had been a complete nightmare but today I woke up a little calmer, I mean, I had cried a lot of tears last night.Today I would let the sea comfort me.I was on the beach, punctual to the time I had arranged to meet Brandon, waiting for him. I honestly didn't want to remember yesterday, I wanted to forget that I was dead, that I would never talk to my friends, to my family again. I wanted to forget that they would move on and I would be stuck here forever.At least I would be 21 forever. -Sam, you came! -I hear Brandon's voice in the distance. I turn to look and raise my hand in greeting.-I told you I'd come! -I walk over to him.-How are you? -he asks me.-Well, I'm... neutral," I answered, "how can I help you today?-Well, really all we hav
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NOR TILL DEATH DO US PART-I think the rain is slowing down," Brandon stands up and stretches a bit. We were more or less wet, my hair was a mess but my mind was just thinking about things. Ugly things about Jay and Leah.-Shall we go then? -I ask him, trying to stop thinking about bad things.We'd been here a long time.-I think so.-Well, well, who do we have around here? -A voice behind us makes us immediately alert. I stand up and back up a little. It was a man in his late forties, he had a beard and looked like a castaway. Apparently he had been here for a long time.-Who are you? -Brandon asked him.-You don't know him? -I whispered. Brandon knew almost all the... dead people.-I had never really seen him before, since he had never come to this part of the beach before.-I'm Lalo, I've been lost here for fifteen years, I crashed my boat on those rocks over there," he pointed to some rocks in the distance. And indeed, there was a small boat in pieces.-I hadn't heard of you," com
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TOGETHER FOREVERTo say that I didn't like seeing Jay in that situation, there in front of me.... dead was strange to me. Jay doesn't deserve to die. He doesn't belong here. Especially not because of me. He still has a lot to live for and I wouldn't condemn him to a life where he doesn't advance at all. He also has his goals, his dreams to fulfill.-Sam! -He hugged me so tightly that if it were any other case I'd say I was short of breath but I wasn't. So I hugged him too. I hugged him because I missed hugging him, I missed feeling him, feeling his arms around my waist, feeling his scent, feeling his skin with mine.-Jay," I tell him, "I missed you so much.-Sam, please don't leave me again. Don't leave me alone again. -His words were pleading. It broke my heart to see him like this.-Jay," I pulled away from him, "do you know where you are?He looked at me in confusion.-I don't know, the only thing that matters is that you're back," he hugs me again. As much as I wanted to hold him
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DON'T GET CARRIED AWAY, YOU JUST HAVE TO FIGHTAs I leave my grandparents' house and intend to go to my own, I notice something. The same man is in front of my door. The same one from yesterday and today. The guy dressed in black. Brandon said he was a condemned man and he's probably looking for me to take me into the dark.I hid behind Gertrude's rose bushes so he wouldn't see me.What was he doing here, how did he know I lived here? Now I wouldn't be safe even in my own house.-I know you're in there, Sam, you can come out," the boy said. I frowned immediately and was filled with terror, what had he said? And how did he know my name? Apparently he had been doing a lot of digging. I stand up straight and let myself be seen, keeping my distance in case there would be a need to run, of course.The guy is tall, still wearing black and wore his black cap. Having him around is quite attractive to be honest. But that was not the case.-Who are you?-The question here is: who are you?-I as
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