Reclaiming my Fated Alpha

Reclaiming my Fated Alpha

By:  Joy Teo  Updated just now
Language: English
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Laurel Moon thinks she is both the luckiest and the most unfortunate soul to be the first ever female Beta. The story of her life starts here. Her mother wants her dead, her sister wants her life and her father couldn’t care less whether she comes home or not. Laurel has a secret though; she is secretly in love with Alpha Helios and has been for as long as she can remember. But Helios does not see her in the same way. To the Alpha of the Morningstar Pack, Laurel is merely his faithful Beta, friend, and confidante. To make it worse, Laurel's sister Jamie wants Helios for herself. And she is hell bound on making him her mate, by hook or by crook. Then, one fateful night, when the full moon shines bright, something happens. Something that was never meant to be...and their lives are forever changed.

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79 Chapters
LAUREL’s POV As a child, most of the girls in my pack loved to play dress-ups and Lunas. But I did not. While my friends busied themselves with lipsticks and eyeshadows, I was busy decorating my face with war paints and playing witches and wolves instead. I wanted to be a warrior, I wanted to be a heroine, I wanted to be acknowledged. But most of all, I wanted to be loved. You see, my parents had always loved my sister more than me. It did not matter how hard I tried or how much I achieved; I was always my family’s second choice. But all this might just change today. Today, after years of fighting for my dream, I will officially become the Beta of Morningstar Pack. “Laurel Moon, come forward and pledge your allegiance to your Alpha,” the master of ceremony calls out from the grandstand and all eyes fall on me. The sun sinks beneath the horizon and the late evening breeze blows across Morningstar Square as I stand among the best warriors of the pack under the open sky. I inhale
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LAUREL’s POV Helios, in his sleep, is sprawled on the bed, and on his lap is Jamie. She is naked and straddled on his thighs, sensually stroking his chest. And there are bruise marks all over her body. I quickly cover my mouth to stifle a gasp and watch in horror as my world comes crashing down with cruelty I had never known before. My heart shatters into a million pieces like glass thrown against the wall. But worst of all, I feel the sting of humiliation as I watch the only man I have ever loved in the arms of my sister. It is no secret that Helios has always been a womanizer, but among all the women that he has bedded, this is the final blow. Why does it have to be her? Why does she have to do this on the most important day of my life? And why does it have to be him? Did he call for me to come simply for me to see this? Does he not know how I feel or does he simply not care? Then, as if sensing my presence, Jamie turns her head towards me. Both our ocean-blue eyes meet and her
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LAUREL’s POV “Yes, Alpha.” I head over to the next room and stand like a soldier at ease next to a massive throne of gold. Moments later, a fully clothes Helios walks in and takes his place on the throne. He throws me a knowing glance and nods his head slightly. Taking his cue, I call out to the guards, “Send Nox in!” Helios’ jaws clench when the doors open. He does not like his uncle, not one bit. The man may be of the same bloodline as Helios but he is a double-headed snake and a poisonous one at that. “Ahhh….my dear nephew!” Nox walks in flamboyantly with outstretched arms. The lights from the corridor momentarily shine on his clean-shaven bald head before the doors close. But Nox is not alone, for on both his sides are two gorgeous platinum blondes with violet eyes; twins, both in identical scantily clad dresses that do nothing to hide the shape of their breasts and silky-smooth legs that seem to go on forever. “Look at what I brought for you, Helios!” Nox says, stopping rig
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LAUREL’s POV It's a lie. It's a freaking lie. But I refuse to answer them, I swallow the lump in my throat and forge on. “You seduced him to get this position, didn't you? Why would Alpha Helios appoint a woman as Beta? This is unheard of,” Lala taunts me. My fingers ball into a fist. That's it. They've crossed the line. “Oh puh-lease…she? Seduce Helios? Look at her face! Helios wouldn't be attracted to someone like her! A woman should know how to satisfy her man, instead of hoarding a man’s job. Beta, hah!” Cici exclaims, her voice rising loud enough for everyone around us to hear now. I take my whip out, crack it in the air and cry out, “ENOUGH!” The whip slices through the cold night air with a thunderous roar and the twins gasp in both shock and surprise. It never fails as a warning shot. I won’t hurt them but they have to know their boundaries. One of them, Lala, stares at me with eyes larger than the moon and begins to whimper but her sister, Cici is not backing down. She
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LAUREL’s POV Tears stream down my face as I run through the woods, ignoring the dry branches and twigs that scrape my feet. In my haste to leave the house earlier on, I had forgotten to put on my shoes. But it doesn’t matter. The pain from the scrapes is nothing compared to the agony my heart feels inside. Growing up, I kept telling myself that my parents loved me, that they were just stricter with me because I am the oldest, and that they wanted only the best for me. But who am I kidding? No matter what I did, no matter how hard I tried, it was never enough. Never. So, I studied harder, trained harder, and worked harder than everyone else, hoping that one day, my parents smile at me and say, “We’re proud of you, Laurel.” And when today finally came, I thought that I would gain their favour, that they would finally acknowledge their daughter. But they never did. Even the blind can see that they do not love me. Soon I reach the lakeside, deep in the woods and fall to my knees. T
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HELIOS’ POV I stand by the lakeside and watch as Laurel’s figure disappears under the canopy of trees. She is going home. I should too, but for some reason, my feet are rooted to the ground and I cannot tear my eyes away from her. For some reason, my heart goes out to her. It is only after she is long gone that I finally start to move. This is the first time I have seen Laurel cry. “You made her cry,” Apollo, my wolf chides, stating the obvious. I roll my eyes at his remark and continue my stride toward my residence. Maybe I should have gotten Laurel to stay at the packhouse instead of with her parents. At least I would be able to keep an eye on her. “Oh, what a wonderful idea! All the better for her to hear you hump her sister!” Apollo is very sarcastic tonight. “Shut up.” “You shut up. You’re the reason she’s in this miserable state.” I shake my head and smash a fist against a pine tree, scaring a few owls and they quickly hoot and fly away. In a sense, Apollo is right. I s
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HELIOS’ POV I grab a tiny glass vial and hang it around my neck via a string. It is a special ointment made by our pack doctor used to accelerate the healing of wounds. I could use this as an excuse to see Laurel. Her residence is on the other side of town and it will take at least an hour by foot. So I shift; my bones snap and break as my body starts to change and mend while my muscles tear and reform to my wolf structure. It fucking hurts every time I shift but it has happened so many times that I’ve gotten used to it. My skin burns and stretches to take on my wolf shape before dark black fur finally covers my body. The shift is complete and Apollo is now free. He lets out a howl that echoes into the night and we immediately tear through the woods, running as fast as the wind can carry out feet. My lungs burn and I gasp for air. This is usually never the case. On a normal day, I can run rings around my land without even breaking a sweat. But tonight, as the full moon rides high i
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LAUREL’s POVI wake up from a dark dream to hear muffled sounds coming from far away. Someone is upstairs talking to mother and father. And the voice sounds hauntingly familiar…Helios?My head feels like it’s about to split open but I force my eyes open anyways and wince at the bright light from the lone light bulb that swings above me. The brightness stings my eyes but it doesn’t matter.Helios is here! A tiny flicker of hope starts to grow within me. Help…I need help. Helios, help me!I try to call out but I am gagged. I try to stand but both my hands and legs are still bound by the metal chains.Helios I am here. Please…help me!I hear the sound of laughter…Jamie? Somehow, she sounds different. Then the footsteps fade as if they are walking away. Is Helios leaving?No, no, no…. don’t leave. Save me, please. Set me free! Someone…ANYONE!Desperate, I struggle violently only to end up falling forward on the cold hard basement floor and banging my head. I try to summon my wolf, but to
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LAUREL’s POV It is the second day of my entrapment. I probably wouldn’t have been able to tell that a new day has begun if it weren’t for the tiny rectangular window that sits at the top of the wall. Father had barred it with wooden planks painted in neon pink years ago to stop the rodents from scurrying in and out but years of neglect have left the planks rotting with no replacement in sight. Streams of warm morning sunlight shine through the dilapidated window and specs of dust dance in the light, swaying ever so gently without so much as a care for this world. And as the dust dance in the air, I lay on the cold damp floor, still chained to the chair. I inhale deeply. if only life was that simple and carefree. My head is throbbing, my arms are burning and my back is cramping. But I continue doing what I have been doing all night long. I continue to rub the chains that bind me against the chair, hoping against all odds to break free. I try not to think about why all this happened
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HELIOS’ POV SLAM! My fists connect with the mahogany desk and Rhode, my administrator from the pack council jumps in fright. “What did you say?” I growl as I lean over the table and stare into Rhode’s face. Rhode blinks rapidly, pushes up his glasses and opens his mouth to speak. But when his eyes fall on the dent I made on the desk, his words come out more as a squeak. “Um…Beta Laurel Moon applied for a few days’ leave.” I frown. This has never happened before. Laurel has never taken leave from work in all her years as a Beta. Is she still upset with me? Is it because I slept with her sister? ‘Of course, it is you dickhead,’ Apollo chides at me. ‘You bedded her sister…of all women.’ I sigh and wave Rhode off. He immediately scampers out of my chamber, almost bumping into the wall on the way. This guy is the only omega in my pack who wears glasses and still walks into walls. Apollo continues, ‘She didn’t even want to apply for her leave directly from you. I’m telling you Heli
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