Mated By Mistake

Mated By Mistake

By:  N Chandra  Completed
Language: English
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Rosalie Murdoch was devasted when her mate and the Alpha of the pack, Chris Reynolds betrays her taking someone else for his mate. Heartbroken she has a one night stand with the visiting alpha, Alex Greyson. Horrified, by her action, she tries to run away, only to be claimed by Greyson as his mate. But now, Chris her former mate wants her back. Stuck between the two Alpha, and an impending pack war. What would be Rosalie's fate?

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58 Chapters
Rosalie –"Why are you doing this to me?" I cried, holding his collar. His eyes stared back at me, cold, emotionless. They used to be so full of love, once upon a time. But today they were like black pools on nothingness. This could not be real. Was I in a nightmare? Would I ever wake up from this painful dream?"I am sorry, I can't take you as my mate, Rosalie. You know that I did not have a choice in this matter. I have to obey the council." Chris said in his deep husky voice. That voice always sent my heart racing, but today I shuddered with hopelessness."But I am your mate! How can the council decide your mate? You know it's me! your wolf knows it's me!" I tried to reason. I wiped off the stubborn tears. I knew the rules, an Alpha could only be mated to an Alpha or a high-ranking Beta if the need arose. I was an Omega. Though my dad had been promoted to a Beta, he was an Omega by birth, and so was I. The pack rules were strict. Though it did not make any sense. I was the fasted w
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Rosalie Murdoch
15-year-old Rosalie Murdoch opened her eyes as the afternoon sun hit through the window of their car. She let out a groan and rubbed her eyes, the nap was not long enough. She checked her iPhone, it was 2:30 on a Saturday afternoon and they had been on the road for the last six hours. She sat up and stretched, her muscles were stiff from the awkward sleeping position. "Where are we, Mom?" "We'll reach in about 20 minutes. You need to wake up and fix yourself up, dear. Your hair is a total mess." Her mom smiled as she looked back at Rosalie. Amelia Murdoch was a stunning woman. She had angular facial features, long blonde hair that hung straight to the middle of her back, matching her pale complexion. At age 35, she had a body of a twenty-five-year-old. She did not look a day over twenty-five. Being a werewolf was a blessing for the skin. "We'll be arriving there in a half hour or so." Amelia reminded her daughter. They were returning from a much-needed vacation. Scott Murdoch, the
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Alex Greyson
"Hey Rosalie, I heard Peter and a group of boys talking about going for a run in the woods." When Rosalie bumped into Melissa in the corridor, she said. “So?” Rosalie inquired. "Let's go see what they're up to.” “Why? I'm not interested in anything those knuckleheads intend to do." "I heard they're going to drink." Melissa made a sly remark. “Really?” Rosalie's pupils dilated. Her interest was peaked. "If I leave now, Mom will murder me." Rosalie sighed and frowned. "She's still mad at me for being dirty, and if she sees us together, she'll be furious. She was about to lose it." "I'll go first, and you can follow me after a while." Melissa made a suggestion. “Alright.” Rosalie responded. Rosalie felt her wolf take over as she kicked off her heels near a fallen tree. She couldn't shift without being supervised. Because the juvenile wolves were prone to losing control, they were not allowed to shift on their own unless accompanied by responsible adults. Rosalie, on the other han
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Melissa snatched Rosalie's hand and drew her focus away from the audience to the stage. "The coronation ceremony is about to begin." She then walked across to the other side of the stage. "That's Alpha Greyson, and he's just stunning! But why is he looking at us? Do you believe he has a thing for me?" Melissa couldn't stop herself from gushing. Rosalie snorted and said, " You think too highly of yourself. Why would he like us? He is an Alpha and much older than us, but he is nice." While primping her skirt, Rosalie muttered. Alex was indeed glancing in their direction with an amused smile on his face. "He is 19, and doesn't have a mate yet. He is not that old." Melissa whispered. "Shhhh, why would he be intrested in betas like us? It's nothing." Rosalie assured her friend. The fact that she had bumped into him in the forest, that was her personal secret. On a platform that was approximately one foot above the ground, Chris Reynolds kneeled. One of the Four Councilmen stood in fro
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The rejection
Three years later – Chris Reynolds, the 22-year-old Alpha of the silver moon pack, stood in front of the council, his gaze fixed on them. In the beginning, there were multiple werewolf packs in North America. However, after the horrific conflict, only 10 packs survived and came to an agreement. In order to bring about peace, they formed a council, which devised a peace accord and oversaw its implementation. It also had control over the mating of the Alphas in order to ensure that the packs received the most advantage from the mating. "Alpha Chris. Do you accept Grace Anderson of the Blue moon? Daughter of Alpha Frank Anderson, as your mate?" The grey council member asked. Chris bowed his head for a second, his wolf was still not ready, but he had little choice because the blue moon pack was an immensely powerful one. Aside from that, the land and business contracts that Frank had pledged in exchange for his daughter's hand in marriage would bring riches to the pack. Being made an Al
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The abandoned mate
Rosalie Murdoch stared at the sacred circle. The circle was a patch of land on a hill that was surrounded by a ring of stones. It was the sacred ground of the pack. This is where Christopher Reynolds would mate with 19-year-old Grace Anderson. Under the blessing of the moon goddess, the Council, and the pack's watchful eyes. Grace was another insufferable bitch! Rosalie had met her on a few occasions. She was a typical Alpha princess, with her head stuck in the clouds. "Rosalie, there you are. I looked for you all over." a curious voice startled her from behind. Melissa approached her carrying a bunch of white and red flowers. A few girls of the pack, including Rosalie, were assigned by the beta Roger, the second in command, to put fresh beautiful flowers on the stone pillars surrounding the circle. Grace Anderson, the bride to be, had requested to have a "flowery" union. Ugh. Everyone was busy preparing for the ceremony and decorating different areas of the pack. Several distinguish
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Missing the mate
Rosalie walked into her living room. The manor was divided into several sections. Each suite was like a flat. Based on their ranking, each wolf family got their living quarters. Like the second-ranking Betas, Rosalie's father had a luxuriously furnished suite. Though it was not as opulent as the Alpha's quarter, it was still better than most others. Amelia Murdoch, smiled at her daughter, as Rosalie squirmed in her figure-hugging red bodycon dress. It was sleeveless with a deep V at the back. "You look beautiful," Amelia whispered, with misty eyes. Rosalie rolled her eyes, "are you done now? Is this why you were looking for me? Just to try this stupid dress?" "Rosie, it's a very expensive limited-edition dress, thankfully I managed to find it online." She beamed. "Dad needs to put a stop to your online shopping!" Rosalie grumbled. "One day you will thank me, young lady," Amelia said sternly, wagging her finger. She took out another shimmering blue gown and waved it in front of Ro
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They meet again
"Now why is a girl as lovely as you are crying?" a deep male voice said. Rosalie hiccupped in surprise and quickly wiped her face, trying to locate the speaker. He was standing in the doorway in a white tee and jeans. A black leather jacket adorned his broad frame. He was tall and incredibly masculine, well-built, and powerful looking. He had thick black hair. Dark, expressive eyebrows sat atop deep-set, steel-grey eyes. His jaw and chin were broad and hard. To Rosalie, he looked dangerously handsome and familiar. Chris was handsome like a pretty boy, but this man was all hard muscles and he oozed power. "I'm so sorry sir, I was just...preparing the rooms for the guests. I did not know you would be here so early," she stammered. He slowly stepped closer to her, and Rosalie began feeling incredibly tiny in comparison to him. "It's no problem, Rosalie," he said. His steely eyes seemed to see right through her, and she looked at him in surprise. " do you know my name?" she
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The Ceremony
Rosalie rushed out of the Alpha's suite with a hammering heart. She looked down at her feet, tears were starting to pool in her eyes. She shook her head to dispel the treacherous tears and hurried towards the circle. The crowd and the excitement would make her feel better. It was midnight, and the ceremony was about to start. Rosalie ran towards the circle to claim her position. The mating ceremony was usually not conducted for lower-rank wolves. It was done only for Alphas and a few other high-ranking wolves. When we say mating, it means mating. The couple would mate and bite each other in the presence of witnesses, the pack, the elders, and the Holy Moon. Nudity or public sex was not a problem for them. They were part animals. However, they did not go around prancing naked all the time. It is just that wolves had a higher tolerance for these things compared to humans. By midnight, the atmosphere grew more intense and heated. Rosalie reached the group of unmated betas and found Meliss
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The new Luna
Rosalie watched as the last of the wolves left for the run. She was left alone along with several unmated wolves and those who had duties to perform. She saw Alex approaching them and her eyes widened in surprise. "Hello there, I see you didn't join the run," he said in his deep baritone. "You didn't join them either," Rosalie retorted. He smirked," I was planning to, but something else caught my attention." His eyes rolled over her, taking in her figure-hugging dress, the deep V in her back and her narrow waist. He would have loved to chase and conquer her. His wolf nodded its approval. Melissa looked at both, then said. "I think my mom called me," she smirked. "I should be going," she started to walk, "See you later." "Melissa!" Rosalie snapped at her. What was she doing? Why was she leaving her alone with him? To her annoyance, Melissa continued to walk, pretending not to hear Rosalie's mental messages. Rosalie scratched her head, feeling a mixture of annoyance and awkwardnes
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