Alpha's Slave Mate: Her Redemption

Alpha's Slave Mate: Her Redemption

By:  Skykissing Moon  Ongoing
Language: English
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Avalyn always wanted a happy life, but that was what she could not get with the complications in her life. What holds her future now?

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70 Chapters
WARNING!!! If you are looking for a werewolf love story, this is not it. Although there is love in my story, a perfect love at one time. There is also a lot of pain, heart ache, and sadness.This is not a fairy tale, there is no white knight. This is a story about betrayal, anger, bitterness, forgiveness, and change. This is a story of how the main character’s life fell apart. I want to warn you that there are acts of violence in this story that may trigger some readers. This story contains acts of domestic abuse, and memories of sexual assault. This is not an easy story to read, and I caution all who do read it that there may be moments that will haunt you, I know because they haunt me to this day. Another warning this story contains is tales of addiction, again something that may be a trigger to some readers.My final warning to you is that this story includes mental health issues. Although this may not be considered a trigger, I want to make sure that you know exactly whatkind o
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Avalyn POV I couldn’t tell how long I was there, only that water was provided through a small slot in the door every so often. They didn’t give me food. My stomach ached. I grew shaky and desperate.Eventually, they hauled me out of my solitary cell and put me back with the others. Tara was leaning against the wall, curled up and silently staring into nothing. She was skinnier. She was curled into a ball, weeping to herself with a slowly healing bruise around her neck.Had they been treated worse because of me?The thought infuriated me. I turned to glare at the guards. “Cowards!” I yelled, rushing at them and slamming into them. “Crazy bitch!”The guard struck me across the face. I fell and got back up, furious and desperate. I spat in his face.He sneered at me before slamming his fist into my stomach. Pain exploded through me as I flew back, hitting the wall, and fell unconscious. I woke up, slumped against the wall in the dungeon just where they’d left me, but weaker. Hungrier
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Avalyn POV “You are just pretending Avalyn. Your virginity will be taken by the ruthless Alpha Grey of Draco pack. After taking advantage of you, do you think he will then take even one look at you after that? You will only be his sex toy and no strings attached. I know he is heartless that is why I don't want to let you go. Stay here with us Avalyn." The words that Andrew spoke made me even scared. He moved closer to me and rubbed my hair, then he moaned towards me.I wanted to cry, but I know crying would make him seems I was weak so I just decided to remain strong.“Why are you like this Andrew. You can't do all this to me. I am your step sister,” I said painfully. “You will only ruin your life and get in mess, so it's preferably you don't bring all that insane thing here." I know I would loose everything including my beloved father. I couldn't stand and let him take advantage of me or take my virtue away. “Mess...Wait, do you probably think that I am scared of him....Of course
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Avalyn POV Pounding. Heavily, my heart pounding . But why did I smell chemicals? I was trying to understand where I was, but my eyelids were too heavy to lift.My hand rested upon my head. The throbbing was ever so present. It hurt to even think. The fatigue had finally set into my body, and even moving the slightest made me wince in pain. Where was I? I heard whispers in the dark. It sounded like two women were talking. I could barely make out what they were saying, and I didn’t recognize their voices. “She isn’t good… No, I don’t think she can..” “… she has to get better first… conceive…” “… maybe there is a chance… Pregnancy…. I have a supplement that will help… It can carry…” Who were they talking about? It sounded like a poor girl with tons of issues. May the moon goddess bless her, I thought. I hoped she got better soon. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on their conversation. Deciding to give them their privacy, I thought back on everything that had happened. However, for a
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“Alpha!” Logan greeted the man with respect.The giant, gorgeous man acknowledged him with a simple nod, an aura radiating off of him that reeked of authority.He looked towards Natalie, who immediately pulled out her report. “Alpha, Miss Avalyn is still quite weak, but with proper care, she should be much better in two weeks.”His expression didn’t change, but he moved as she spoke.He was coming towards me!I had never seen such movement—graceful and swift, faster than any wolf I had ever encountered.So fast that, in the blink of an eye, he was at my bedside.The faint scent of musk surrounded me. The earthly aroma reminded me of the forest on a rainy day, and it replaced the smell of sterile chemicals in the ward. It was cold but almost psychedelic, just like him.I couldn’t help but lower my head. Through the gap in my hair, I saw his black leather shoes stop right next to my bed, with the toe of the shoe aimed in my direction.He had to be staring at me! I didn’t need to see to
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My father lied to me. I wasn’t sold as a maid. How naive I was to believe what he said?A BREEDER!What does being a breeder even mean? Carrying a child…? No… no…No matter how difficult my life had become, no matter how desperate I was, I had always still prayed that one day I could find my mate. Someone would take me away, save me, and love me. This was my only and my last hope in this life.And they took it away.Why did they have to be so cruel to me?“No.. please,” I begged, not sure of what else to say or do. “I can work hard. I will pay back all the money you gave him. Just, please… Anything but a breeder.”The man sat there quietly, watching me. He didn’t say a word, but his gaze grew colder.The narrowing of his eyes in that moment showed that he did not appreciate my outburst. I knew without a doubt that the powerful hand he had could clamp around my throat and kill me easily..Every part of me knew the wise thing to do was to stop talking and back away from this dangerous c
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Logan’s POVLooking at Rebecca, I nodded for her to take over the situation.Alpha Grey was done with the girl for the night.Rebecca and Natalie still needed to get Avalyn to eat something and take some rest. There wasn’t much need for me in the hospital at the moment, so I followed my Alpha out.Alpha Grey wasn’t just my Alpha. He was my best friend, and the position of Beta was given to me out of trust.However, no matter how close we were, I was first his subordinate, then his friend. Either way, though, he had my absolute loyalty.I was quite surprised to hear what he had said to Avalyn.I tried to catch up with him. He made his way down the hospital hallway before exiting the double doors which led out into the front lawn near the pack house. He was moving quicker than his usual pace, but I wasn’t aware of anything else on his agenda tonight.He turned quickly, and made his way towards his office. I followed him in, closing the door behind us.Strictly executing every single one
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Avalyn POVA few days had gone by since I had been brought to my room.The first moment I stepped into it, I was in utter shock over how beautiful it was, and the fact that he was asking me to stay here.Well… he wasn’t really asking me himself. In fact, I had not seen him since the day he left the hospital.It was a sunny day, and the clear blue sky was lovely. It reminded me of that pair of dangerous yet captivating eyes of his.The cold-hearted Alpha of Draco, Grey… and my master.It had been two weeks since I last saw him. A part of me longed with curiosity to see him again, but yet… I was also terrified.Shaking my head, I tried to brush off the thoughts about him. I should have been happy that I didn’t have to face that scary man.“Avalyn!”Knocking at the door drew my attention. As I stood from the small chaise in the room, I watched Rebecca enter.“Good morning! I just wanted to make sure they brought your breakfast already.”She saw the almost-still-full plate, and sat down
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Avalyn's POVTime might not heal everything, but it did heal me physically.Another week went by, I was feeling better than I ever had.I made sure to stick to the diet Natalie had designed for me. I went to every doctor’s appointment and did the light exercise of walking regularly to make me stronger. I wasn’t one hundred percent there yet, but I was improving steadily everyday.I was surprised by how fast I recovered when I put my efforts in. Then again, I bore Alpha blood.Since there was no way for me to look back, I persuaded myself to feel better about the situation. By the time this was done and over with, I would be in a much better place. I would be healthier, and I would have freedom.It was an hour after I had my dinner. I looked out of the window and saw the evening sky casting shadows across the pack grounds. This was the only leisure time I was given every day outside of my busy treatment schedule.I took a book from the library to the small reading nook of my room. The
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Avalyn‘s POV All of sudden, the body weight on me was lifted, and my wrists were released. Almost at the same time, a soft blanket was thrown over my body. I snapped my eyes open in disbelief. He stopped. Why? My gaze went to his face as he propped himself up on the bed. His expression seemed distant, and maybe a little concerned—I wasn‘t sure. Then I watched as he pulled back and pick up his clothes. I could see the broadness of his back, the curves and firmness of every muscle. There was nothing but power radiating off of him. He was the largest, yet finest man I had ever seen. As he buttoned his shirt, I realized what a coward I was. I had ruined it… No, I couldn‘t fail this task. I couldn‘t disappoint him. I had to do this! If I didn‘t, what would happen to my pack, my father… and me? Panic rose in me. I got up as quickly as I could and grabbed the bottom edge of his shirt before he got the chance to tuck it back in. I couldn‘t let him leave. I had to complete my task! “Please
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