Demonic Lycan's Royal Consort

Demonic Lycan's Royal Consort

By:  Apollona  Ongoing
Language: English
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As the only princess of the vampire race, many cast a doubtful look, regarded her with ridicule, and called her a fake. She wasn't bothered. In this world, nothing matter more than a power that came from oneself. Irene Hildegard came from a bloody place, with a power stronger than many races. She wanted to seek the truth of her mother's death, fight many battles, beat her presumptuous brothers, and in between, maybe take the responsibility of a certain powerful demonic lycan. *** They started as enemies. When the two met, sparks of fire would collide. Irene couldn't help but wonder, when did this lycan werewolf start getting possessive? His face was like a sculpture, without any blemishes. The masculine aura had a hint of evilness, carrying a poppy-like attraction. His deep voice was pleasing to the ears. "In this world, none would be more compatible with each other besides mates. It is not just for a lifetime, as long as a soul exists, the other would too. So, Rose, you know that the purpose of my existence is because of you."

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25 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Only Royal Princess
Copyright © 2022 by Apollona.The black dress was glamorous and perfectly outlined her figure. The intricate red rose was so life-like, attached to her shoulder.Her lips curved lightly, and the servants dared not make the slightest sound, afraid of attracting the woman's attention.Her face seemed small and lovely, nearing the description of cute and pretty. However, those who had dealt with her knew she wasn't as lovely and soft as she looked.The slender finger traced the outer side of the glass on the table. Listening to the report of the guard who was kneeling below her, she seemed emotionless.Without her order, the guard dared not lift his head. He continued to kneel. Anxiousness grew in his heart. The sweep of that sharp, knife-like gaze was brief, yet it brought him pressure.The princess brought in from the human world wasn't as weak as the rumor outside, he complained in his heart."Say that again." The cold voice sounded again.The servants' hearts shook, almost jumping in
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Chapter 2: The Royal Family
The majestic hall was built so gorgeously with many sparkling ornaments, the walls a few times higher than the average height of a human; they were painted in tapestry. Such a sight, the sense of ancientness of the palace would definitely attract Irena's admiration if it were an archeological site for tourist attractions. However, at this moment, she had no attention to spare, for her eyes were looking straight ahead. She hadn't seen them within her eyesight before, but she could sense their presence. Standing on each side of her, Stelian and Edmund were also awaiting the king's order. The king didn't seem old. He looked like he was in his early thirties, his eyes shone with wisdom and brilliance belonging to a capable monarch. His shoulders were sturdy, straightened with the sense of majesty. His silver hair was cut short, and the color of his eyes was bright like gold. Neither cold nor warm, he was better at controlling his facial expressions than his eldest son, Stelian. Even n
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Chapter 3: The Queens
She was Celosia Ferner, the daughter of Duke Ferner, one of the prestigious nobles in the vampire race.As the daughter of a duke, her life felt like a princess, didn't it? Just lacking the formal title. Now that a genuine one showed up, it was like a basin of cold water splashed on her head, reminding her she wasn't a true princess.No matter how close she was to the few queens, in the end, she was still not a true royal.The palace maids around working on their job shifted some part of their attention to the two of them, their ears perked up like an audience listening to a drama.Queen Alvira had just returned from giving orders to a maid. She kindly gazed at Irene. "Irene, sit down. I will introduce you to a new friend."Irene complied, sitting down without any scruple. The palace maids seemed to hear the sigh of disappointment from within their hearts."This is Celosia. She is the daughter of Duke Ferner. Her mother was pretty close to your mother back then." Queen Alvira introduc
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Chapter 4: Forest of Beasts
At night, Irene was back to the city lord's mansion. The servants knew that she was still practically half-human right now, and she couldn't get rid of the habit of eating human food.She could perceive their contempt as they moved around cutting fruits, preparing the cutlery, and making the dinner table. She simply put on an emotionless face. How could such a little thing bother her? In the end, they still obediently serve her.She tasted the food. Even if some tasted too salty or too sweet, she didn't blink. She had eaten food which tasted way worse, and she also had begun to lose her sense of taste. The only thing she regretted was this loss, that she pestered her alchemist friend to make food that could be eaten by vampires.She was served by a lot of servants. As she ate, one servant was washing her feet. Albeit she was eating pretty quickly, she still retained her calm and collected demeanor, not lacking the table manner of a lady.At some point she felt that the maid washing he
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Chapter 5: The Mysterious Man
"You are not bad." The deep voice sounded pleasing to the ears.Irene's eyes narrowed at his words, suddenly her anger spiked up. She forcefully restrained her uncontrollable emotion.She didn't know why this man's words could induce such a reaction from her. Besides Stelian, he was the second person in this Astral continent who managed to annoy her.She didn't hesitate anymore to move very fast, the small nimble body jumped into the air, not impeded by the black dress in the slightest. She quickly sent him a punch, gathering the familiar power in her body.The man wasn't about just becoming a sitting duck either. He parried her attack, sometimes dodging, and oftentimes attacking back.In less than a minute, they had exchanged hundreds of moves.Irene fought him fiercely, not annoyed at all when she found that he was harder to deal with than she thought. The more she fought, the more excited she became.Obviously, the man also noticed her weird state.The matter about her fighting bea
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Chapter 6: An Attack
Irene was silent, her expression inscrutable. It was unknown whether she felt disturbed by the question or not. After all, it had been her obsession.Reyes' eyes became complicated. He sighed quietly in his heart. "I have been gone for a lot of days. There are a lot of things to be taken care of." Her face didn't show the slightest emotion. She slung the things on her shoulder, then walked out of his cabin.The cabin was quite big, but since Irene used the teleportation ability that the royal vampire possessed, she had gotten out quickly.Thinking of this newfound ability, the light in her eyes deepened. Going to the Forest of Beasts wasn't without gain this time. She had actually awakened the most useful ability. Not all vampires possessed this skill, mostly only those with thick bloodlines did, so royal children were a must.She was a bit uncoordinated at first, and slowly, she was getting better at it. It made dashing around the forest more convenient. She was able to move without
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Chapter 7: Trouble
Irene could still hear Stefan saying a series of words to Rufus, and her brain seemed to process them too slowly. However, she vaguely still understand what he intended to do.Her eyelashes trembled as another wave of pain wracked her body. She was gasping, breathing hard. If she was not in the middle of completely transforming into a pureblood vampire, perhaps her body would have been drenched with cold sweat at the moment. She forcibly endured staying conscious."Her Highness is busy. Go back, I will call you when she is ready." The stern words were uttered by Rufus, standing straight in front of the door, blocking Stefan and his people. His whole body exuded extreme coldness."This is a message from His Majesty. Do you dare to ignore it?" Stefan insisted, his head was raised high. The people behind him, mansion guards, and some maids seemed to reveal the look of approval even though they didn't voice their opinions.Rufus' brows knitted together. He still didn't back down. "You do
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Chapter 8: The Awakening
It was Kairos, her full biological brother.The silver hair was unlike Stelian's, as his hair was cut short. It made his countenance resemble King Darien, the vampire king further. Whenever she faced him, she couldn't help but fall into a fleeting stupor. Those grey eyes were so similar to her mother, whose eyes, in the short minutes were etched deeply and indelibly in her memory. The thought only lasted a moment, and she quickly recovered herself. Nevertheless, her mood was slightly affected."Welcome, brother." She said with a little stiffness. As quick as passing clouds, her countenance returned to that aloof, undisturbed expression again.Kairos wasn't as aggressive as Stelian, but he was equally inscrutable. Especially his stance toward his sister. Would he think that she had killed their mother?"Lord Father called you to the palace for the awakening ceremony." He said concisely, straight to the point. The pairs of grey eyes flitted to Stefan, who had just awakened from his da
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Chapter 9: Enemy?
In the awakening chamber, Irene was currently unconscious. Her skin was coated with red, and a trace of blood was on her lips. It was her blood. It was not without consequence that she tried to withstand such a terrifying force.The accumulation of the power of ancestors indeed couldn't be underestimated. She had been too reckless and impatient. Now, after she had just recovered from the magnetic field sequelae, she was injured again. Her inner organs had ruptured, hence the blood on her lips. Luckily, she protected her heart. Otherwise, she'd be without a complete corpse by now.The damage caused by the tyrannical force had calmed down, and the cells began to repair themselves slowly. Even in her unconscious state, Irene still dimly feel great pain as weakness overtook her entire being.After what seemed to be a long time, her consciousness hovered between sobriety and drunkness."Dæmon's people snatched the weapons again. We were the ones who intercepted these scoundrels. Now, they
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Chapter 10: Bloodline Test
She dusted herself off, standing up. Her eyes swept the surrounding, finding that the man had disappeared. A surge of disappointment filled her heart. She yearned to see that man in the same state as she was, untidy and vulnerable. It was a petty thought, she knew. She couldn't help it that she also wanted a little revenge. As the door opened, two silver heads came into sight. They were Edmund and Kairos. The two seemed to be startled at the condition inside. The pool of blood was bubbling like lava, rolling with oppressiveness toward those of the same bloodline. Even both men could perceive it, the anger. Some places were wrecked, lamps shattered on the floor, and debris of whatever they were before they turned into such unrecognizable things was scattered around. There were signs of battle everywhere, and the residue of power was still faintly looming. "What happened?" Kairos opened his mouth first, taking in the sight of Irene, who was wiping blood from the corner of her lips.
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