The Siren's Dark Past

The Siren's Dark Past

By:  high_dreamer  Ongoing
Language: English
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A well-planned day will be the way to cross their path crucially. August 13, 2014, was the marked day Lavender Visha Grey will meet her new psychologist, Dr. Black, to maintain her lovely reputation she will need a therapist to help her heal her darkest past she had been hiding since she escaped. Growing up in an orphanage as skinny and stinky as she was, she has been the target of big fat bullies since she arrived in the shelter. The poor little Lavender tends to stay alone in the empty room, as usual after their meal she will run up to the third floor with her little smile and the idea she will be alone again. But she didn’t expect that the moment she stepped into the room her nightmares would be made and hunt her for the rest of her life. She never expected that the mighty psychologist would find the key to open her soul again out of curiosity. With his charming smile and dark look. Will her walls be shaken with the hot psychologist? Or she will buy any preference book to learn how to seduce a great seducer. Even she can entice many as she can. She needs to have the one she can’t unless she tells her story for the first time. On their way to getting into each other, they will be burned with their fiery desire with their way through. One heart that seeks revenge for her loved one, and one heart that intends to show his love but in a wrong way. “Manipulation is not always needed I know,” “I want peace but I need to avenge, yes,”

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4 Chapters
Chapter 1: Model
I sat in the monoblock chair in front of the beautiful moon, it was so peaceful indeed. “I love how the dark comfort me,” I mumbled in a low tone. I tilted my head when I accidentally gaze at a shooting star, my heart started to thump violently. I feel the adrenaline rush through my whole body. The grief and sadness came back again ferociously. I close my eyes to feel the breeze of the cold air from the west. Remembering the past can bring me weakness. “Hello, I’m Lavender, but you can call me Lav for short,” I giggled while handing him my hands for a friendly shake. “New?” He asked in a cold tone. He is cute and maybe I would love to be friends with him. I thought it would take a month before he would accept my friendship but I think he just examined me and accepted my hand. We shake hands and then he leaves me abruptly. I now feel that I need to eat more healthy foods to be more beautiful like models, am I conscious of my body? I shrug my shoulders. Hah! I like him. “Why do I n
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Chapter 2: Coquette
Thinking about my creepy conversation with Logan gives me chills and goosebumps. “Someday I’ll be with you again I promise, but now I would like to watch from behind first…” What does he mean by that? I thought he was imprisoned for molesting a minor. That maniac deserves it anyway, I clenched my fist while going back to a traumatic experience he gave me and his friends. I know to myself that I’m over it but I can’t stop feeling extreme anger toward them. Soon I’ll touch on my sweetest success. I don’t care if I need to dig my own grave by taking the things I deserve. So much adventure and foreplay to succeed. I take off my three inches sandals. When my feet touched the ground of my room, I removed my clothes piece by piece while going to the bathroom for a good bath. I feel the cold floor of my bathroom, I stop at the sink and get the lipstick I left earlier. I painted my lips again with the intoxicating red lipstick. Red represents manipulation well suited for me. I smirked at my
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Chapter 3: Keys
I tap the table because of the excitement I’m feeling. “Okay everyone you can now go back with your activities for this day,”We all clapped our hands after the breakfast was done and also the head’s announcement. I licked my lower lip. I turn my head to look for Jake, my new friend, and my new crush. I giggled when I saw him arranging the seats. “Jake!” I scream at the top of my lungs. He turned to me looking distressed with what I'd done. He pulled me across the crowd. “What the heck are you doing?” He asked angrily. I pout, now he’s mad I have to make it to him. “It’s our free time,” I said with my puppy eyes to be a little more convincing. “Fine, let’s go,” he said before pulling me again towards the paradise he’s been trying to make. I woke up feeling dizzy, with my beautiful nightmares again. I felt a liquid gush on my face. I open the lights and rush for my water and sleeping pills on the bedside table. I’m trembling so badly that all I can do is wait for my tears to fa
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Chapter 4: Kiss
"What does that candle do?" I pointed to the candle sitting on the glass table. “It’s a calming candle,” he gently said while reading an article that was well obviously it’s screaming my name with a little stinky bad influence. Right, influence is the appropriate one about that piece of trash. “It’s not true,” I blurted out of the blue. He glace at me and ogles at the article again. This is so irritating. I leaned my back on the sofa whoever wrote that freaking article I’m sure he’ll burn in hell for lying that bad about my profile. Monroe didn’t even do something to clean the mess. I gritted my teeth before sipping the tea Jairo’s assistant gave. “You’re pretty rich huh,” oh gosh he is so sexy with that raspy voice. Wait, he said I’m rich and pretty? I smiled cheekily. “Many people said I’m quite a beauty,” confirm it’s my first time to tell him a fact. He smirked while flipping the paper he was holding.“How are you feeling that you stayed here for a while?” he spoke as he cros
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