Mr. Ghost. Blood of vengeance

Mr. Ghost. Blood of vengeance

This is a 《Vagabond 》 fanfiction

By:  Abalt Diamond  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jerry is a well-trained fighter who decided to go against politicians and wealthy people of the United State of America who abuse their wealth and power. He was tagged the name MR GHOST because no one knows when he operates. He's just like the wind that always vanishes into the thin air without a trace. During one of his missions, he stumbled upon a deep secret that involved the top officials of the country. He's now wanted by them. How will he escape from it when the secret has to do with his childhood and family. Cassandra is a beautiful young lady who is a Detective. She vows to bring the ghost to justice and this leads to the revelation of some top secrets. How long will she go about catching the ghost when the secret has something to do about her life and family. "If revenge is sweet, why does it leave such a bitter taste?"

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    3 chapters
    Chapter-1"Welcome Ladies and gentlemen to the final show of fast driving. Today the winner will be going home with the sum of $10m. Who will be the lucky winner?. I know everyone here has hope and expects Jerry to win because he has the highest point but don't be surprised if he doesn't win. That's why it's called a game. I'm Perry Jackson, your host. Let the game begin". Perry Jackson said and the countdown started. As soon as it reaches zero the race starts.Fast driving is a driving competition hosted by Perry Jackson. He hosts the game every year and anyone good at driving always comes to show his or her skills. Among this year's competitors is Jerry who has the highest point of winning the race. Jerry had always been the first since the commencement of the race and every spectator had their hopes for him.The cheers from the spectators could be heard, hailing and trying to give their best to the person they support. The sound of different bikes and cars could also be heard as ea
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    Chapter-2"What did he just call me?, a stranger!. You're such a fool!". Cassandra muttered beneath, hissed furiously, and walked back inside."Are you alright ma?". Detective Sam asked, looking outside, maybe he could find the person that saved their lives."Did he just call a stranger, really?" Cassandra said, gritting her teeth, neglecting detective Sam's question."Who ma?" Detective Sam asked again, looking at Cassandra who was still angry."That idiot just called me a stranger, he should thank his God I didn't see his face". Cassandra said, sat down, and drank her coffee."Since you don't know him, ain't you a stranger to him". Detective Sam said and Cassandra looked at him with an angry countenance. She was angry but didn't know why Jerry's attitude towards her made her angry. Probably because she couldn't see his face or felt threatened by her profession. She couldn't handle a gang of robbers, instead, a stranger came to save her and she couldn't even know his name. "I mean,
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    Chapter-3"She will be fine, the securities are almost here, we need to go Jerry". Sonia said and Jerry ran inside the car while Sky drove off before Tracy finally passed out. "What were you thinking Jerry, do you want the guards to get you huh." Sonia ranted at Jerry while Sky kept driving. "Can't just leave her to die. She's the reason we were here at first." Jerry objected and Sonia sighed."At least you should be careful. Safety first. Thank your star I worked on the CCTV already. So what did you get from her?" Sonia asked Jerry who was just staring at her. "Stop staring at me and answer me!". Sonia shouted at him which made Jerry laugh."She was gone before I got there, and you both disrupted the moment where I would have finished the mission". Jerry said, and Sky halted the car instantly and faced Jerry with an angry countenance."What did you just say huh?". Sky retorted at him while Jerry laughed looking at their countenances."Wow, you guys need to take it easy on me okay.
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