Girlfriend for Hire

Girlfriend for Hire

By:  Elena Parks  Updated just now
Language: English
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Bain and Gia met in Sizzling Strip, a pub along Times Square where Gia works. Bain is hunting for the perfect woman to propose a deal to—be his girlfriend and convince his mother he is in love with another woman so she will help extricate him from an arranged engagement with a socialite he wanted to back out of. Gia can’t believe the exorbitant fee she is going to get paid with, until he informed her there will be—possibly—a marriage contract should it come to it. And the reason she was qualified for the job? Not only did he like her, he feels she is attracted to him, too. But Gia has important reasons to accept the proposal--her mother has cancer and needed money for treatment, they're going to lose their house and her nanny, and she is a semester away from graduating college. It isn't like it’s going to be hard pretending to be the girlfriend of a wealthy, hot and sexy businessman. So the contract is signed and all and she is set to follow her boyfriend to Texas to start the game and meet with his mother. Whatever else could go wrong?

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16 Chapters
He’s here again.The hot guy from Las Vegas.I spotted him easily in his booth in the bar. He was always in that shadowed corner, barely a part of the place and yet, always observing. He didn’t look creepy. Far from it! He had this kind of face… too handsome. Deep-set eyes, dark irises, elegant eyebrows, passionate lips. Somber, earnest… piercing look. He had been here a few nights already and the first time in, he was with a crowd. I didn’t know why he made me feel both nervous and excited – he wasn’t the only handsome, hot guy that ever came in. I had worked here for a while. My co-workers did say he was hot and sexy. He was. And unapproachable, really. He charmed with a smile, but no. No more additional drink. “No, I don’t need company,” was what I heard him say to a regular. I’d seen women giving him their numbers, but he always handed it back. Not interested. Food was great according to him, and he’d leave a big tip every time. He was one more customer that made working hours b
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But he was here again. He was a little late than the usual hour. I was disappointed. Shit, I shouldn’t. So what if he went and had hot wild sex with that woman the whole night last night? What if I felt that she should have been me? Maybe she was dead now, stuffed in a tub, melting in hydrofluoric acid.Too morbid. Gah. Stop thinking, Gia!Good thing I was assigned to a different set of tables tonight. I didn’t need to talk to him. I tried to not even look towards the direction of his table again. It was hot and I was sweating. I needed a cool glass of water. I was going to get it when someone tapped me on the back.“Gia?”I turned to Lucy and wondered at the heat of excitement bubbling in her eyes.“Bain, our guy over there? He’s requesting that you serve him at his table—just you. I already reported to the manager. He doubled his tip last night just because you sat with him. Now, Langdon hopes you’ll sit with him again.”I looked over at Bain’s table in surprise. He was lookin
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It took a moment before I could speak again to ask. There was a burst of very loud laughter behind me and that saved me from my apparent incapability of speech because I was trying hard not to laugh. He was shaking his head as he watched me fight it off. “Let up. You haven’t met her. You’ll understand when you do.” “Why can’t you just tell your mother the truth?” “I did and she wouldn’t. It was so stupid that she wouldn’t even lift a finger to help me. She’d say I made my bed so I should lie on it. But she’s incredibly romantic and this is the way. This is easier.” “And you think I can help? How?” “I like you.” I blinked. “And that hasn’t changed as I observed you for days now. So I know it will work.” The man was a tease after all. I almost shook my head. “Yes… you did a background check on me. That’s an invasion of my privacy.” “I had to make sure you’re a fit.” I should be angry, but I was more curious than any desire to feel the right emotion for this. “Fit how?” “Some
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That night, I went home to my mother’s house. The only light that was turned on was a soft lamp in the living room when I got in. I walked towards her bedroom door. She looked like she’s peacefully sleeping in her bed. Her face looked pale. I always felt sad about how she’d lost her beautiful hair to chemotherapy. She still looked beautiful, but frail. She looked disturbed. Like she was having a bad dream, or she was in pain. “Gia?” I turned to the soft call to my name. “Nana,” I replied just as softly to the older, Asian woman standing by the open door. Nana Maria was my nanny when I was young. We were doing fine until my father died in an accident. He was an accountant. My mother was a housewife. Life hadn’t been the same since then. Not very bad, but not easy either. Nana Maria stayed, and we were able to maintain the mortgage to the house as my mother found one work after another. Nana had her garden at the backyard that put herbs and veggies on the table for the three o
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“I’ll take those two days, Bain.” There was a pause for just a tiny moment on the other line. In that tiny moment, I suddenly panicked. Was he going to tell me he’s found someone else? Of course, I mustn’t be the only one he’s ‘screening,’ for lack of a better word, for the girlfriend job. “I’ll get you early in the morning.” I didn’t know I stopped breathing until I had to breathe again to talk. “How early?” “Hey, breathe. You sounded choked. I’ll be there as early as when you can open your door for me.” The relief that passed over me was so huge, I didn’t even hear him say goodnight until I heard the click on the line. He didn’t ask for my address. Of course, he knew where I lived. Bastard. But I was smiling. I put the phone down on my night table. Then I laid my head on my pillows. “As early as when you can open your door for me.” It was in his voice, low and dewy, that although he was expecting my answer, he wasn’t truly sure until now what I would say. For the first
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It was the doorbell that woke me up that morning. I stared at the slowly rotating ceiling fan above the bed as I searched my memory for the identity of the stupid sound. It all came back to me at the same time—everything that happened last night—and I was suddenly out of bed, tripping over the panties that I didn’t get to put back on the night before. I was out of the bedroom when I realized I only had my nightshirt on. I went back, got my robe, and frantically wore those, then dashed out again to answer the door. But I made sure it was him through the peephole first. “Do you know what time it is?!” I asked the moment I saw him, grateful for what I did last night because he was such a sight in the morning light and it would have been hard to pine for him and be unsatisfied. “Six,” he replied, his eyes on my face for just a second before they started to explore. I gulped. I might have found relief too soon. I suddenly felt naked standing there. I couldn’t complain because as he
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“I mean, the job was for the position of a girlfriend, so that’s checking out the merchandise for you. Not that I’m innocent. I’m fine. But if this is like… something a man and a woman do like… something I haven’t seen yet except in movies…”What the hell am I babbling about? “I’m saying I haven’t done the ‘how’ of this play ever yet.” “Are you fucking kidding me?” “No. I have a dildo in my room, that’s the best that I can say.” I even said that proudly, because that couldn’t be more embarrassing than saying I hadn’t had a boyfriend in my twenty-one years. “No, I’m not a lesbian either.” He was looking at me now like I was a specimen in a petri dish under a microscope. “I thought at first that you'd just been very private with your relationships that it wasn’t shown in the report. But… you’ve liked men before?” “Sure. But not enough to want to have sex with.” “Have you been asked out? I mean, of course, you have…” “Of course, I have been! I’m not completely hopeless.” “Oh, baby,
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Bain’s head came down, and I find myself angling my face for what was coming before my head could even register what I was doing. Then he was kissing me. And anything coherent still left in my brain dissipated like alcohol exposed to air. I was only aware of the way his lips felt over mine, pressing a little, as they moved to caress my lips. His arms tightened their embrace and our bodies came together, and I could feel the contour of his hardness against the softness of mine. My arms went around his neck, and his kiss deepened as I tentatively opened my mouth, asking for more of this curious thing called kissing. I was melting on him, thinking again, as I eagerly kissed him back… how Mr. Beast couldn’t give me this. The kiss was getting hot, fast. My mouth welcomed the delicious assault of his tongue. I consciously surrendered to what I remembered telling myself the first time I saw him in the bar before those piercing dark eyes even saw me. When I had thought wistfully—that’s
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“Oh, Bain…!” I whimpered as I held on to him for my dear sanity. He was moving, measured stroke upon measured stroke. It wasn’t just that. The way his body moved against mine, skin to skin, there was nothing more erotic. His arms held me protectively and I couldn’t feel any safer. That sensation began again, something small and solid inside me, building and building with each thrust of his. I could hear his harsh breathing. He couldn’t talk anymore as his attention was consumed by our coupling like mine. I couldn’t control my moans either. I couldn’t even think. It’s just all him and this. “Bain! Oh, oh… I’m… cumming… again!” “There… yes, baby. There you go… fucking let go… I’m here…!” I did, and he nursed it, diving in deep and anchoring me with his arms as my whole body writhed from the waves that kept coming and coming… I felt his kiss on my forehead when he took himself out a moment after I subsided. Curious, I pried my eyes open. I wasn’t sure, I didn’t think he had cum
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In five minutes, he was tapping his pass key on the panel of his hotel room door. And as soon as that door closed behind us, we were in each other’s arms, giggling like fools, kissing. “Bain…” I whispered as he started to decimate the buttons on my shirt. “Yes, I was celibate that long. Oh, were you asking that?” he asks, breathing heavily as I. “This is crazy,” I said. “What are we doing? This isn’t supposed to be like this.” “Right, we haven’t even gotten your pills yet. I’ll have to use another condom,” he said as he pushed me to the bed. He followed me right away and kissed me on my exposed breasts. We hadn’t even discarded all of our clothes yet. And I wanted to touch him, feel his nakedness against my skin. That was taken care of at the next minute. I was lying across the bed, and he was on the edge of it, between my legs. He pulled me towards him while he opened my thighs at the same time. My legs went over the edge, and he kneeled on the carpeted floor. His fingers open
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