Love Gone Rogue

Love Gone Rogue

By:  seki  Ongoing
Language: English
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When Aster decided to confess to her childhood friend, Xavier, she feels relieved to find out that he feels the same way about her. However, he claims that he's not ready yet, asking for her to wait until he becomes the partner he thinks she deserves. Waiting for him would've been the easiest thing she'll ever have to do in her entire life if only her stupid mate, Khai, with his dangerously adorable grin and unwavering desire to befriend her, hadn't decided to conveniently show up a week after her confession. Shenanigans ensue as Aster tries to refuse her fate, believing Xavier to be the only one for her. ( cover drawn by yours truly )

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8 Chapters
Chapter 1 - rejected, but not quite
"Do you wanna go out?" She muttered faintly. So faintly that he'd have mistaken it for a rush of wind if he was human. "What?" Xavier blurted out in disbelief, tightening his hold onto the bridge railing. Aster scoffed, "You have super hearing and for what?" "Sorry, I was just taken aback." Xav shyly averted his gaze and stared at the ground, unable to look her in the eye. "Are you serious?" She sighed, "You know how much I hate putting myself in this kinda situation so hell yeah, I'm serious." This wasn't how it all played out in Aster's mind. She was supposed to confess her three years of harbored feelings, and then he'd say 'Oh! I feel the same way too!' and then they're gonna enjoy each other's company as the sun sets, agreeing to meet at Sooubway the next day so they can happily eat Cold Cut Combos together. She forgot to add this terribly awkward atmosphere into the equation. Aster was mentally begging the ground to swallow her because if
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Chapter 2 - feelings are gross
"Hm, he won't do," Pollux said as he stood up to bring his plate to the sink. "What makes you say that?" Aster was surprised to hear that her brother didn't approve of him. He's known Xavier since they were children. He's never done anything to hurt her. Besides sitting on the cupcake she personally baked and left on his chair as a surprise when they were in 3rd grade. Of course, he didn't mean to sit on it but she still finds herself pissed every time it crosses her mind. She stayed up all night for it, after all. "He's a great guy!" "Yeah, but he seems unsure of himself." He gently pours water over his plate and utensils to soften the leftovers sticking to them, "How do you give love to anyone when you don't even have enough for yourself?" "Wow, such wise words." She replied sarcastically, cutting the last bit of steak she has left, "But that's why I'll be waiting for him." "It won't be easy." He turns off the faucet, "It's hard to regain self-love once you've
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Chapter 3 - three and a half seconds too long
Pollux rushes over to the second-floor window and finds his junior waiting by the sidewalk. Aster stands up from her chair and follows after her brother, "Is he outside?" "Yep. I mean I knew he was gonna come along, but I didn't know it was today." She approaches her brother and stands beside him, brushing aside the curtain blocking her view, expecting nothing but another boy whose name she'll forget about an hour from now but she was instead met by a hard pound in her chest the moment she laid eyes on him. She sees a boy, preoccupied with his phone. He had short golden brown hair, carelessly tied up from the top of his head, he was wearing a baggy sweatshirt, had his backpack hanging from one side, and there was something on his mouth that she couldn't quite make out. 'Is that a cigarette? Ugh, more importantly, what the hell was that.' She thought. "Hold on a sec." Pollux typed 'i see u' on his phone and the boy immediately looked up to the window and greeted
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Chapter 4 - allergic to chocolate
It's been two excruciating weeks since Khai joined them on their morning walk to school. Aster doesn't appreciate the fact that she still feels weird around the guy. He still makes her heart skip, her breath stop, and her cheeks warm, but thankfully, not as much as before and not as intense as the first time it happened. Why a stranger has this kind of effect on her could only mean one thing and she does everything in her power to not think about it. What bothers her is that the first one felt scarily similar to the feeling she gets when she's with Xavier, only increased by tenfold, it's unreal. The following 'heart attacks' as she calls it, felt more like she was immensely attracted to him more so than actually in love with him. So the first one was kind of a one-time thing and thank god for that. On top of that, it's been three agonizing weeks of waiting for Xavier to tell her that he's ready. She feels a bit selfish for wishing that it wouldn't take him so long to give her
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Chapter 5 - much to her dismay
"Good morning." Xavier greeted her with a gentle smile. "Morning," She returned a soft yet visibly exhausted smirk. As if she had just come back from war. He fell silent for a while, closely examining her face, "What happened?" "Nothing. Have you done your homework? Can I copy just this once? I totally forgot." It was true that she forgot. But that's because she's distracted by a certain golden-haired dumbass. "Well, yeah, of course. But before that, you tell me what happened, 'cause you've been coming to school like this for weeks. Are you sick?" He puts a hand on her forehead, checking her temperature, "You feel warm." Her face heats up, "I'm fine, and duh, we're werewolves, remember? We're supposed to be like, really warm." She grabs his hand and sets it down, "I seriously don't know what you're talking about." "Cut the crap, I can practically smell your exhaustion from a mile away." His face quickly went from concerned to frustrated in a split se
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Chapter 6 - out of their control
:so bored, lets ruin someones lyf lol:great idea. lookadis werewolf gal, she finna confess to her childhood friend, how cute.:does the friend like her too?:i think so ya:ight lets have her meet her mate a week after she confesses so she gets rly frustrated haha:oh and then lets have her walk next to her mate every morning even tho shes like, super crazy abt the other guy xd:thats hilarious! now tell the principal to have the upper floors be used for clubs so everyone will have to change rooms and lets have her class be conveniently placed next to the soccer field so he sees him even more lololol:lmaooo absolutely genius !!-group chat of the gods, probably. Aster has had enough. She surely wasn't a perfect daughter or student, but she sure as hell hasn't done anything to deserve all of this bs. Ever since they Khai and Aster spoke to each other for the first time, Khai has been bugging her everytime they meet. Like asking her how's her day (to which she replies with a m
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Chapter 7 - what silly nicknames are for
"There she is, what took you so long?" Pollux and Khai were waiting for her in front of the school gate. "Sorry, cleaning duty today." She mutters. "Miss Krakatoa has cleaning duty every Tuesday, mentally noted~" Khai interjects. She glares at him with a grumble to which he returns a wide grin. They walk back home, mostly in silence until Khai decided to speak up. "Seriously, how do you hit your head that bad?" Khai looks at Aster with visible concern. No reply. "Also, not gonna lie, you look pretty badass with that bandage. Kinda like Ereh Yeager!" He smirks, strawberry milk lollipop sticking out of his mouth. "Shut up." Aster snarls. Actually, her wound has already healed due to her quick healing ability but it would be suspicious if a wound that major was to be gone so quick, so she's stuck with a stupid bandage around her head for at least another week. "Would it really kill you to act like a decent human being?" Khai glowers. 'I do
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Chapter 8 - what's not to like?
"Hey. You eating with someone?" Xavier takes a seat beside Aster with his tray in hand. "Hey, yeah, with Rhiane, she just went to the restroom for a while. Anyways, whashup?" Aster asks, munching down on the pork stew her brother made. He had his usual resting face on, "I've been listed as a candidate for Vice President." "Wait, really? That's awesome, you should've told me you were running!" She beamed. "I wasn't planning to run. My mom urged me to. For college credit or something." Aster had a worried look on her face, "You know... You should just tell them if you don't want to... do some things. I mean, you're already doing great as a student. You win competitions left and right, you also do sports, and now you're entering student council? You should live a little." "I'm doing this for myself." He mutters. "Are you happy with your accomplishments?" She looks him in the eye. He doesn't say a word. She pinches his cheek, "We're not gonna stay
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