The Wolf's Claim

The Wolf's Claim

By:  Ashley Breanne  Completed
Language: English
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After Oliver felt the excruciating pain of his mate's death, almost killing him in the process, he left his pack to travel and clear his head. He never expected that he would come across the one person who had caused him so much pain, to begin with, alive and well. Seeing that his fated mate had marked another as her chosen mate had broken him. She had known that placing the mark on someone else without rejecting her fated mate, Oliver, first could kill him. Yet, she did it anyway. Lana had enough of controlling men. She had lived her life in fear of the next time her drunken husband would raise a hand to her or her daughter. After running away from her abusive home, she finds peace in a small cabin with her daughter. When an injured wolf shows up, her daughter convinces her to take care of the wild beast. Seeing him transform into a naked man in her kitchen was the last thing she expected… Can be read as a STAND-ALONE. Book 3 of The Alpha's Girl Series

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132 Chapters
One: Oliver
Oliver's P.O.V. The day I died was the best and worst day of my life. It was hard enough trying to breathe with what I had just witnessed. The way my fated mate had wrapped her arms around another male as she glared at me. The gentle kiss she had pressed against his lips as he assured her that he was okay. I should have ripped his throat out when I had the chance. Yet, I ran. I ran to clear my head, to restrain my beast who wanted nothing more than to kill her chosen mate and demand answers from her, leaving her children fatherless. Had I not known what it was like to have a parent taken from you, I would have done it. But those doe-like, watery eyes watching from the sidelines as their father challenged me for the hand and heart of their mother made me pause. It wasn't an option. She had chosen him, and they needed him. I was but a blip in the story of their lives, something unexpected and insignificant that popped up to cause a moment of chaos before fading back into the shado
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Two: Lana
Lana's P.O.V. There was no hiding the fear in my eyes as I stared at the broken man in the bed before me. For years he had taken pleasure in every bruise, cut, and broken bone he had inflicted upon my body. Yet, karma had finally caught up with him, and we were going to be free from his torture. In the past, I had been his only victim. The only one to feel the pain brought on by his rage and fists. But one drink too many, and he found himself thrown through his windshield with his car imbedded in the back of a pickup truck. Thankfully, the couple he hit had walked away with minor injuries. My husband wasn’t so lucky and that made me happy. The steady beeping made my eyes narrow as I willed for the line on the screen to stop bouncing up and down. It would only be the perfect ending to our horrific marriage. The plugs right behind the head of his bed taunted me as I imagined locking the door and ripping them from the wall. Only there were no locks on hospital room doors, and pulling
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Three: Oliver
Oliver’s P.O.V. The sun beating down on my furry body as water lapped at my legs had me stirring with a groan of pain. Every part of my body was hurting, and flashes of being attacked flittered through my mind. Leave it to rogues to not be able to even kill someone properly. But they did. I knew they did. I was wildly aware that my soul had left my body. What I couldn’t understand was why it was back. The Goddess had been a hair’s breadth away, ready to guide me onward. The sweet taste of the afterlife to feast with my fallen brothers…with my mother, was within reach and then it was torn from me. Then she sent me away, banished me from her world, back to the Earth to suffer the pain of mortality. I felt my wolf stir within my mind, clearly not appreciating my dramatics as he came to. I lifted my head, the dry sand from the ground beneath me coated my tongue, and I let out a wolfish cough to clear my throat. My legs wobbled as I pulled my body upright, my left hind leg remaining l
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Four: Lana
Lana's P.O.V. The sound of thunder roaring and echoing through the forest made me wake with a start. It appeared to be something I would have to get used to as we never had these kinds of storms in the city, yet they seemed to occur every other day here. After two weeks, it was finally starting to feel like home. I had cleaned it, started a garden with the seeds from the groceries I had brought, and all that was missing was to find and get rid of the rat that was pooping everywhere before he started to eat the wiring. But now, I was back to walking on eggshells in my own home as I had been stupid enough to bring a wild beast into my living room. Dragging him inside last night was a feat in itself. The massive animal must have weighed at least 200lbs, if not more. Since he had been able to pull himself onto the blanket, I had assumed he was healthy enough to help me get him into the house. Instead, he just laid there and watched me struggle. If I hadn't known better, I would have t
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Five: Oliver
Oliver's P.O.V. My stomach rolled as I sat with Maddie, fighting the internal battle to keep the contents of my stomach inside my body. The twisting of my organs made my eyes squeeze closed tighter as my mouth filled with saliva. I could hear my mate muttering away as she went through the fridge and cabinets, but I didn't want to move just yet. "You're going crazy, Lana. You're just paranoid." She mumbled as her footsteps got closer. I cracked one eye open to see her rummaging in the kitchen trash with her lips turned down with disgust. When she found nothing, she stood up straight with a sigh before moving to wash her hands. I closed my eyes again, enjoying the feeling of my mate's pup as she ran a brush through my dirty fur. The drawing she had started for me this morning was long forgotten on the table in front of her. Lana. My mate's name was Lana. It was a beautiful name that seemed to fit her perfectly. I let out a sigh of contentment as Lana moved over and sat down next to
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Six: Lana
Lana’s P.O.V. “He needs a name you know,” I said to Maddie as she walked next to me, her hand in mine. It had only been a day with him, but I was already feeling this pull demanding that I never return him to his owner. As wary as I was of him at first, now I wanted to be selfish and keep him as our wolf. The large beast trotted along, on the other side of Maddie, scanning the area carefully. He had gone off a ways to go the bathroom and when we had followed him, he let out a growl that I hadn’t heard before, telling us to stay back as he bared down. It should have scared me and made me worry for the safety of my daughter but for some reason, it just made both of us burst into giggles. When he returned, his head was down and he refused to look at us. It was the most bizarre reaction I had ever seen from an animal. “That’s silly. He has a name.” Maddie said as she stopped to pick up a rock, not caring about the critters beneath it that quickly burrowed into the ground. I eyed her h
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Seven: Lana
Lana's P.O.V. I turned my head to the side, feeling my clit throb with pleasure and disappointment as I opened my eyes. The white bed was gone, and the grey blanket that I had grown used to stare back at me mockingly. The missing warmth of his body on mine sent a chill over me. My hand had found its way between my legs in my sleep, reminding me just how long it had been since I had been touched, even by myself. The wetness that coated my fingers had me closing my eyes again, willing myself to fall back into my dream to pick up where we left off. Yet, as the sleep cleared from my mind the dream stayed with me. I could remember every touch, every kiss, and every thrust as he made my mind melt. My fingers pressed together, and I began to rub small but hard circles against my clit. My free hand gripped the sheets tightly until I could no longer feel my fingers as I imagined the sinfully sexy stranger moving down my body until his head was between my thighs. I wanted to feel his mouth a
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Eight: Oliver
Oliver’s P.O.V. I sat back on my haunches, watching with amusement as Lana moved around the animal with the steak knife, trying to figure out how to start. I wanted to help her, but there was only so much that could be done in my current form. She had just been staring at the animal for twenty minutes. The meat was getting cool and the longer she waited the harder it would be to get the skin off. I let out a grumble before getting off the porch and moving over to the animal. The sooner she did what she had to do to fill their freezer, the sooner I could eat the rest. She froze as I latched my teeth around the animal's back leg, pulling it to the side so she had room to start skinning it. Our eyes met, and she watched me cautiously. It seemed as though she was expecting me to tell her what to do as she stared at me with raised eyebrows. I dropped the leg 'huffing' at her as I stomped my front paw into the ground. "Well, what is that supposed to mean? Eat it if you're so hungry! I d
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Nine: Oliver
Oliver's P.O.V. My legs propelled me forward, faster than I had ever run before. My body weaved in and out of the trees as I pushed toward my mate. Nothing would be harming them today, of that I was certain. I would destroy every wolf that even looked their way before I let my family be taken from me. The smell of the rogue grew stronger the closer I got to the house, and as their scent mixed and thickened, I knew they weren't alone. There were multiple, hunting together. Whether it was me they were after or Lana, I couldn't risk it. The putrid scent surrounded me as I reached the tree line of the house. I came to a stop before exposing myself in the open area behind the building. They were here. I could sense them slinking their way around my mate's den, looking for the best method to attack. It was rare for rogues to go after humans, but not unheard of. A small head popped up in the window with a bright smile, and I
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Ten: Lana
Lana's P.O.V. The horrid sounds of the animals fighting outside had the small hairs on my arms and neck standing at attention. Each whimper and cry of pain made me flinch as I imagined my wolf hurt or possibly dead. There was a pain in my chest that restricted my breathing as I imagined anything happening to Olly. Maddie curled up in the bed. Her tear-streaked face and runny nose was a heartbreaking sight, but she kept calm as I walked into her room behind her and turned the television on. Even with the poor reception, the static-covered show was a relief as it helped to mask the growling. I was hoping the sound of the small picture box would distract her enough from what was happening outside for her to fall asleep. "I'll be right back. Try to go to sleep, okay?" I asked, but the sound of a wolf yowling in pain made my spine straighten. My heart was pushing me to grab my gun and go help, to protect Olly, but my brain was telling me not to get in the middle of a pack of wild wolve
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