Rekindled Love

Rekindled Love

By:  Dylan Owen  Ongoing
Language: English
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She was once his fiancée, but now she was his sex slave. She was imprisoned in a small dark house and tortured day and night in that small bed just to give birth to a child for him and her infertile sister.But when she was nine months pregnant, he sent her to the operating table."She's pregnant. You must abort your child."After losing everything, she finally realized that falling in love with the wrong person will make her suffer all her life.

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    40 chapters
    Chapter 1
      In a dark room, Jane wraps her body with a towel and walks out of the bathroom, standing barefoot on the carpet.   The conditioner hums steadily, and the strong air blows on her skin, making her tremble.   On the dim side of the room, a figure is leaning on the sofa. He holds a medical book in his right hand, and reads intently.   He is wearing a black handmade suit with a white coat.   The floor lamp next to the sofa sheds a warm orange light to outline his handsome face. He turns a page and speaks without looking up.   \"Twenty minutes.\" He says with an indifferent tone.   Jane’s face flushes red, and she whispers, \"Can you turn off the lights?\"   \"Are you selling anything else? Take it off!\"   His sharp tone was like a hammer, causing Jane to shrink, \"Liam, I-\"   \"Don\'t say my name!\" The man\'s eyes were cold, \"Fucking disgusting dirty bitch!\"   Jane stares at him blankly, clenching and loosening her
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    Chapter 2
      The door slams and the buzzing silence returns, drowning out her ears.   Jane tries to prop herself up but has difficulty standing up.   She picks up the check and couldn\'t help herself from smiling bitterly.   Since seven years ago, her father brought his illegitimate daughter into the house. The Jiang family\'s property, her father\'s love, and her fiance have all become her stepsister’s playthings.   Her phone vibrated against the table.   Jane quickly walks and takes the mobile phone.   \"Janie, your mother had an accident!\" Her father\'s voice coming through from the phone.   Jane Jiang suddenly turns pale, \"What!? What happened to mom? Where is she?\"   \"To Liam\'s hospital. Your mother needs a blood transfusion but the blood bank is empty. Didn\'t he tell you? I’ve been sending you text messages the whole day!\"   Jane was stunned. Her body stiffened as if an electric current ran through it. Her face turned fro
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    Chapter 3
      Liam stood not far away, he put his hands in the pockets of his white coat and looks at the ensuing drama with no concern. He then turns around and leaves.   Jane wants to chase after him, but she is stopped by a couple of security guards.   \"President Chu is busy and he asks that no one disturb him.\"   \"I\'m his fiancee!\"   \"Miss, the President\'s fiancee is recuperating in the VIP ward,\" the security guard gave a sarcastic tone and seeming impressed with himself.   Jane struggles desperately, but she can\'t resist the strength of the guards. She is dragged to the hall and pushed out.   \"Look in the mirror, President Chu wouldn’t want a madman like you?\"   Jane Jiang sits on the cold floor, sobbing silently, pinching the palm of her hand with her fingers.   She hated her futility.   She’s already lost everything and now she is about to lose her mother.   Her whole heart is going to be broken. Despair came
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    Chapter 4
      She was tricked.   Jane\'s heart fell cold, and she desperately grabs Quinn’s feet.   \"As long as I can save my mom, I am willing to do anything!\"   \"Ew. Go away.\"   Quinn kicked her hands away, she leans down and whispers in her ear. \"Do you know how your mother got into a car accident? I hired someone to hit her. Your mother\'s blood left an ugly painting on the zebra crossing. I thought she was gonna die on the spot but she didn’t. Why would she wanna live? I mean, she already has heart desease.\"   Jane’s pupils suddenly shrinks and a burst of blood surges over her head.   Quinn smiles brightly, \"…both her legs got crushed and she just fainted-\"   With glaring eyes, Jane grabs Quinn\'s hair with gnashing teeth, \"Why did you do it?\"   \"Aaaaaaaaaaaah!\" Quinn Liu screams, \"Liam, help! Help me!\"   Before Jane could react, a big hand stretches out from the side, roughly grabs her wrist, and pulls her away.
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    Chapter 5
      \"Liam Chu! Take my life! I will give you my heart!\"   The quiet ward suddenly fills with a burst of heart-splitting scream.   The two nurses gossiping outside the corridor panics and rush into the room.   Jane goes mad in a frenzy again. She frantically struggles as another needle tries to enter her arm, the nurses fail.   \"Hold her down!\" The two nurses could not overpower her and turns to call the male nurses.   Jane tries to rid herself of her confinements but her head bumps into the bed’s metal frame.   Dong!   A stream of blood drips from her skull, she loses vision and finally faints. Before closing her eyes, she is reminded how nice life would be if she had never met Liam.   …   Jane floats in the dark. Deep in a trance, she returns to two years ago.   \"That little weasel! Frank Jiang\'s treachery ruined our business and nearly ruined our family! If you want to marry Jane, get out of the Chu family!\"
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    Chapter 6
      In the dimness, Jane felt someone gently touching her cheek.   That familiar gentle caressing is like Liam’s.   “How could it be him?” She laughs bitterly to herself.   Since two years ago, she left him alone at the altar. It was the day Liam died and another man was born. Someone that is more apathetic, more sadistic.   The aura around is familiar. Jane slowly opens her eyes, after clearly seeing the man in front of her, she holds her breath quickly.   “Is it really him?”   She couldn\'t believe it and couldn\'t help but scream.   \"Liam?!\"   His face froze, and he quickly withdrew his hand, his eyes became cold as ice again.   \"The nurse said you harmed yourself.” The trance in Jane\'s face froze all at once and quickly dissipated.   She remembers the present Liam is no longer what he used to be. “I don\'t care what you do with your life but before you die, you must give me the child.\"   \"Where is my m
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    Chapter 7
      “Am I dead?”   In the quiet ward, Jane\'s eyelashes moved slightly and opened slowly. The pale ceiling greeted her with a faint fragrance of flowers in the air.   “This is a VIP ward.”   Jane turns her head and sees that she is lying on a soft bed, the straps on her wrist are gone, and the worn areas are covered with gauze.   “Didn\'t he want my life, why did he save-”   Squeak.   The door pushes open and a tall figure walks in facing the sunlight.   Jane\'s pupils shrink, she uses all her strength to prop up her body, and shouts hoarsely, \"Liam! You-\"   \"Janie!\" She interrupts her.   \"Mom?\" Jane could hardly believe her eyes and even forgets to breathe. Her heart is happy but her throat is choking.   Just behind Liam, a nurse walks in pushing a wheelchair, and the thin woman sits happily. Her mother is alive.   Liam took the wheelchair and politely motioned the nurse to leave.   \"Mom, you’re n
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    Chapter 8
      She burst into tears, her heart hurting like it was about to split.   The oily soup ran across the ground, mixed with overturned vegetables and tofu.   Jane grabs them one by one, picking off the shards of broken plate. She fills her mouth and swallows abruptly.   Blaaarghchk.   A strong pregnancy symptom, Jane couldn\'t control her retching.   She covers her mouth, she couldn\'t tell whether it was soup or tears but she forces herself to swallow.   She can\'t vomit otherwise her mother will have to continue to be hungry until dawn.   Jane kneels on the floor, dripping with oil from her chin, ashamed and sick. Liam looks indifferently, showing no mercy but a hint of revenge in his eyes.   He will no longer have any sympathy for this woman.   \"Wow. Nothing is left, I hope your mother will do the same.\" He says coldly.   He turns and walks out of the room.   ...   \"Miss Jiang, your meal is-\"
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    Chapter 9
      Liam stares at the woman standing in the window, he looks at her up and down. The wind blows up her skirt, seeming to be blown away at any time. He remembers a time when he would run his fingers up her delicate legs.   There are wisps of pain deep in Liam’s heart. Once, he treated her like a treasure, unwilling to hurt her even for a bit. But now, he only feels the extreme opposite. He gave up everything for her but she left before getting married and went with another rich man.   He will never love this woman again.   \"Liam, please let my mother go...\"   \"Janie, I will never let your mother die,\" he gives out a demented smile.   Her eyes lit, \"You’ll save my mother?\"   \"Yes.\" He smiles and means the word, \"If you kill yourself, I will save your mother. I will make sure that she does not die. I will extend her life and cure her heart disease. Once she is cured, I’ll have her medically dissected. The knowledge that we can obtain from
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    Chapter 10
      Jane could not speak and her body trembles even more.   She wanted to go on a hunger strike to protest, but Quinn volunteers to feed her, and privately tortures her in this way, twice a day.   \"Janie, do you know why I hate you so much?\" Quinn sits beside her sister and slaps the nurse in the shoulder to go away.   \"You and I are both daughters of the Jiang family but we have different destinies. Why are you the eldest lady of the Jiang family and I am the illegitimate daughter?\"   Quinn\'s eyes showing strong resentment.   Cough! The tube in Jane’s mouth tears off and her throat is sore.   Quinn laughs, \"You won\'t be proud of it for long since you have a terminal illness. Your lucky to live an extra day.\"   \"Terminal illness?\" Jane froze, her broken eyes stares at Quinn in confusion.   \"You think I’m lying?\" she sneers at her and throws the torn medical record in front of her piece by piece.   She took care of
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