Give You a Deep Feeling

Give You a Deep Feeling

By:  Jordynn Hall  Ongoing
Language: English
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When Joey’s career was flourishing like the green bay-tree, he was forced to retire. When he returned again, his lover who dumped him before became his sugar daddy.Joey said, “James,there will never be an end of our relationship unless one of us dies!”…James had been bearing hatred for Joey for several years. But when the truth came out, he found that he was not qualified to hate him.James, "Joey, can you love me again?"

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    50 chapters
    Chapter 1
      It was midnight.   The night club was famous in the capital for its colorful happenings.   Joey Xiao held a glass full of wine. He was so drunk he could barely string together a sentence.   \"Mr. Chen, I’ve had enough, \"Joey Xiao mumbled.   Mr. Chen raised his hand to interrupt, and pushed a bottle of newly opened wine to him.   Joey Xiao narrowed his eyes.   Mr. Chen was a famous guy in these circles. He was known for his drinking habits. If you can keep up with him, you earn his respect.   Refuse him and your mother would end up getting insulted.   \"Fine.”   Joey Xiao took a deep breath and grabbed the bottle.   Mr. Chen’s hand was on Joey Xiao’s knee and it began to slide to Joey Xiao’s thigh towards his manhood.   Joey Xiao was drunk and confused. He couldn’t even manage to push away Mr. Chen’s hand.   All of a sudden, a loud noise startled Mr. Chen.   He pulled down Joey Xiao\'s shirt in
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    Chapter 2
      The night was beautiful, as far as Joey was concerned. He had finally recovered from his hangover.   Lying in bed with his eyes closed, comforting himself with a bitter smile in his heart.   Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded from above him.   \"Wake up, Joey Xiao. Time to get up.\"   As he heard the words, he froze.   He pinched his thigh hard enough to make sure he wasn’t dreaming, and opened his eyes slowly.   James Fu stood by the bed, looking at him with an expressionless face.   There was pain on his legs, but everything felt surreal to Joey Xiao.   “I must be dreaming again,\" Joey Xiao whispered and closed his eyes.   Annoyed, James Fu, dropped some papers on his face. “Get up, sign the contract,” he said in a cold tone.   Joey Xiao took the papers and quickly scanned through the contents.   \"What do you mean?\" Joey Xiao looked at him with the contract in his hands, pretending to be confused.
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    Chapter 3
      \"This was your work plan for the next two years. Take a look at it and see if you want to make any changes, otherwise we’ll proceed with it.”   James Fu\'s assistant Danny Cheng was assigned to handle Joey Xiao’s matters.   Joey Xiao’s eyes flashed. He looked Danny Cheng in the eye and asked, “How does your boss compensate you for protecting his old lovers?”   Danny Cheng was silent.   In annoyance, Joey Xiao hit the wooden table with his fist. He shook his head and focused on the plan.   \"It\'s a big deal of money for such a generous condition.\"   He looked and evaluated.   Danny Cheng said nothing.   \"The work plan was out, and what about the agent?\"   James Fu had berated his former agent harshly. The poor guy has since disappeared.   After a while, Danny Cheng said in a serious voice, “Mr. Fu said that I will be your new agent for the next two years.”   Joey Xiao\'s eyes narrowed slightly. He made n
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    Chapter 4
      Less than a day after James Fu\'s plan appeared in front of Joey Xiao, Danny Cheng called to tell him that the schedule for this month had been arranged.   Joey Xiao went to the hospital before he left.   He went inside a room where a lady was lying on the bed, full of medical equipment. Deep in his eyes, one could see a flickering guilt.   Joey Xiao stood still beside the bed, watching the woman who was still sleeping with tubes all over her bed. The bottom of his eyes shone as the bright light reflected in his tears.   \"Mom, I\'m sorry. You’ve just finished the operation, but I can\'t take care of you. I\'m leaving tomorrow and going to Hainan Lu MV. It will take a few days to come back. While I\'m away, the medical staff will take care of you. I\'m already helping find a kidney donor for you. After the operation, we can go home.\"   Joey Xiao muttered to himself as he slowly knelt down by the bed, holding his mother\'s thin right hand gently.
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    Chapter 5
      In addition to Joey Xiao, the shooting in Hainan also included his new agent Danny Cheng.   Joey Xiao and Danny Cheng are both known to be \"old school\". The atmosphere was quite rigid when they were confined in one place.   Danny Cheng still insists on making sure the shooting of the scenes was finished in the evening as scheduled.   On the way back to the hotel together, Joey Xiao broke the silence.   \"Something tells me James Fu\'s assistant wasn’t built for this job, am I right?\"   Danny Cheng’s face turned bright red.   Joey Xiao put his hands in his pocket, looking straight ahead. “You’ve been with James Fu for many years. He was so powerful and it’s obvious he can’t leave you. I do whatever I need to do, so you don’t have to look after me all the time.”   Hearing the subtext in his words, Danny wasn’t surprised.   Danny understood that Joey Xiao was a rational person. It actually made sense for him to leave tonight.
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    Chapter 6
      \"Okay! Act naturally! Let\'s go again.\"   The director stood behind the camera and gestured at the two men, who were just a few steps away.   Joey Xiao lay on the ground, hearing words, and his eyebrows were not easy to read.   Larry Lin kicked him all over, really hard. He was catching his breath. He couldn’t believe the people around them were unaware that Larry Lin was deliberately hurting him.   It was very real.   The leading actress had been waiting for a long time on the sidelines The other actors and staff all seemed tired after a long day of work. Nobody took notice.   Joey Xiao warned him. \"Larry Lin, you\'d better stop.\"   Larry Lin just raised an eyebrow, and gave him a smug look.   Though badly hurt, Joey Xiao calmly sized him up .   Larry Lin was smiling at him. \"Are you expecting James Fu to back you up?   It was clear that James Fu had deliberately set him up for failure by sending Larry Lin he
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    Chapter 7
      Though James hated his cold attitude, the sight of him lying pale on the bed broke his heart. He sighed heavily as he left the room.   He had a disappointed look on his face as he asked Danny Cheng for a reasonable explanation of the incident.   Danny Cheng’s heart fluttered. Could he say that all these occurred because James had sent Larry Lin to the set?   “Also, why was his previous spinal injury not included in the information you gave me?”   James squinted and angrily looked at Danny Cheng, who was trying his best not to show his fear.   \"I went through various channels to verify Joey Xiao\'s activities in foreign countries. It’s possible that the waist injury might have happened there.\"   \"All kinds of channels? Huh.\"   Danny respectfully bowed his head. “I’ve looked into both the legal and illegal activities he was into.”   “Get more information.” James Fu instructed, as he taps his fingers gently on the armrest of a
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    Chapter 8
      Joey Xiao opened his mouth but gave no answer, seeing Lawrence Chu’s reaction.   \"What the hell was wrong with you?\" Lawrence Chu’s hands were clenched into a fist. Had Joey not been disabled he would have beaten him up to let him learn a lesson.   Looking at Lawrence Chu’s enraged appearance, he sighed and said, “I’m used to lying in bed. Let’s change the topic to a more relaxing one.”   Lawrence Chu turned to the door but stopped. “Who did this to you in the first place? I don’t care if you want to forget. I can’t.” With that, he strode out.   Joey Xiao tried to wave him away, as if to say “nonsense.” Then he fell off the bed.   Lawrence Chu went back in and lifted him back to bed.   “Look, I’m going to arrange for a hospital transfer. I am taking you to Xinjiang tonight.”   Joey Xiao wheeled himself forward as the sun shone on top of his head.   A camera filmed him from behind.   The make-up artist was helping to fix
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    Chapter 9
      Late at night, James Fu came to the theatre to visit the team.   But surprisingly, he wasn’t alone.   Joey Xiao could feel the tension as he faced the two persons who just came in.   He was breathing in the dark, deliberately ignoring everything that he sees and proceeded with the female colleague calmly.   \"Uncle, I haven\'t seen you in a long time.\" Larry Lin nestled beside James Fu, as he greeted Joey Xiao.   Joey Xiao was still immersed in the play at the moment, and it took him a few moments to register that Larry Lim had just greeted him.   Hearing Larry Lin talking, he briefly glanced at him and continued watching the play.   Larry Lin felt that Joey had deliberately embarrassed him for the public to see, and this made him furious. He wanted to attack Joey Xiao again, but he couldn’t, with James Fu around.   This time, he must behave in front of James Fu. He had been very disappointed with Larry for beating up Joey Xiao
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    Chapter 10
      Despite Lawrence Chu’s dislike of James Fu, he still organized a welcome party after the play.   He did this because James was the largest investor in the film industry at present.   At the banquet, James Fu poured Joey glass after glass of wine. People saw what was happening, but nobody dared put a stop to it.   While Lawrence Chu drank his share of wine, he also took Joey Xiao’s drinks given by James Fu. Halfway through his meal, he had fallen asleep.   James Fu took that opportunity to call somebody to take Lawrence Chu away. Then he sat beside Joey and poured another glass of wine.   \"Jimmy, you know I have a low tolerance for wine.\" Joey Xiao said in a soft tone, as they continued to eat their food.   James Fu, still in a poor state of mind, laughed out loud when he heard Joey’s refusal.   “What, Mr. Xiao refuses the wine I offer? Or, is there somebody trying to stop you from drinking?”   Then, James Fu grabbed the chopst
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