Mafia's Slave Pet

Mafia's Slave Pet

By:  Natie   Completed
Language: English
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“E-Excuse me?!” Evelyn yelled at Damian. ‘What did he say? His pet?’ “Why would I be your pet?” She questioned angrily. Didn't she mention that she would do her best to work and earn money? Damian massaged his chin while looking at Evelyn with a small smirk on his lips. “What do you think?” He asked her in amusement. “Don’t you know what a pet is used for in this context? You’re an adult, aren’t you?” Anger surged within Evelyn as her cheeks puffed up and her face flushed red. “I told you. I’M NOT A .” She said through gritted teeth. … Evelyn is an ordinary girl who finds herself entangled with a ruthless Mafia boss because of her cousin’s 3 million dollar debt. To save her family and also repay them for taking care of her, she agrees to a pet contract with Damian, the Mafia boss. Two people from two different worlds find themselves falling for each other. But their different beliefs stand as an obstacle to their love. One is righteous in nature, while the other is dark and dangerous. Will Evelyn and Damian go against all odds to overcome their differences?

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74 Chapters
01~ Captured
A round of applause erupted from the crowd in the hall when the students on the platform took off their graduation caps and raised them up in the air. A sign it was finally over. “Can you believe it? We are graduates!” Nina squeaked sharply in Evelyn’s ear, making her cringe. She smiled at Nina, fighting the urge to dip her pinky into her ear and rub the itch off. “Yes… I’m glad we both reached this far.” Evelyn beamed, grabbing Nina’s hand and leading her out of the hall. “We did it! We did it!” Nina jumped in excitement and Evelyn couldn’t help but smile… her best friend’s enthusiasm was contagious. “Congratulations Miss Nina… you worked hard!” She said dramatically, bowing slightly, making Nina giggle. They took off their hired gowns and dropped them off at the college administration. Evelyn sighed, taking a look around the campus. This had been her favorite place for the past four years and even though she is very happy to graduate, she will miss it. “So, now that scho
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02~ Escape
Evelyn trembled in fear, looking around the tiny smelly room she was kept in. ‘What are they going to do to me?’From the peeks she stole as they rushed her in from outside, she was in the basement of a nightclub – a place she had never been to, and never had the intention to go to ever.“Keep her here so we can have a little fun ourselves later,” the man who was in charge of the little group laughed, showing his yellow teeth, “the boss cannot know about this, understand?”Damian had one rule, no harm to women or children.“We are in deep shit if the boss finds out…” The little guy hesitated. He looked nervous.“No harm is done if the boss doesn’t know,” The leader smirked in a dangerous tone, “right?”The guys around him nodded quickly.‘The boss doesn’t check this basement. I’ve sneaked in a few toys occasionally so he wouldn’t know of this one too.’ “Mmmm,” Evelyn groaned when she was suddenly dropped to the ground harshly. “W-what are you going to do to me?” She asked nervously,
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03~ Boss
“That’s right,” Evelyn took a deep breath before she took his hand, a tingle shot through her body at the touch like lightning and made her shiver, “please, can you help me?”The man curved his lips, his deep blue eyes nailed into hers.“I don’t see how I can not,” His husky voice lured Evelyn’s mind away from all the fear and horror, “miss-?”“Evelyn,” Evelyn blurted quickly, “You can call me Evelyn.”“Evelyn,” The man took her offer with a polite smile, and hearing her own name roll off his tongue with that deep voice gave her an unexpected blush, “please give me a minute.”Evelyn nodded, still lost in his gaze that she forgot to let go of his hand. The man let out a little chuckle but he didn’t let go of her hand, instead, he turned around and snapped his finger at the hallway, and a few men charged into the room at his summon.“Get to the bottom of this.” The man tilted his head at the table, his voice suddenly all cold and sharp, “I want to know where the drugs came from and who
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04~ Let's bet
"Boss." Titus, who had just been arrogant to Evelyn in the basement, looked so pale now. His eyes were full of prayer and Evelyn realized she was right. These little bastards are afraid of Damian. No women, no kids, that was Damian’s code. "Do you know the girl?" The dark-haired man asked him in a cold tone. Titus turned his attention from the polite man to the black-haired man when he heard the question. When he glanced at Evelyn, his eyes became fierce suddenly and then he pretended as if nothing had happened when he looked back at the dark-haired man. Evelyn, however, did not miss that even though it was only for a split second. So did the polite man. He narrowed his eyes and returned to his true nature soon when he saw the change in Titus’ expression. "I- I don't know her." Titus said in a trembling tone. "Liar!" Evelyn was so angry, why was he so sophistry? "If you think you can be ok by pretending not to know me, you are totally wrong." Evelyn looked like an enrage
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05~ Repayment condition
Damian’s smile alerted Evelyn. She shrank back and narrowed her eyes at Damian. And the kitten-like action teased Damian once again. "You insist that your cousin doesn't owe me any money, right? So what if I prove that he really owes it?" Damian cocked his eyebrows and asked.He is a notorious, ruthless mafia. She is so stupid to bet with this kind of person who wins and will not admit it! "I'm a good girl, so I'm going to stay away from gambling." Evelyn rolled her eyes, rejecting his proposal outright."I think you know you are wrong, and that’s why you don’t dare to..." Damian looked at Evelyn, his eyes were full of mockery."I am not that kind of person!" Evelyn snorted, "I just worry you won't keep to your promise if you lose! I am a reasonable person, and I stick to logic.""Reasonable? That works, too." Damian sat up straight, his hands on the table with a serious negotiation look, "So it is natural to pay off debts, right?" "Of course," Evelyn nodded, smiling unblinkingl
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06~ My pet
Damian squinted his eyes at Evelyn’s uncle in silent warning. He didn’t like seeing the little kitten upset. It was evident that she was just learning of her family’s true nature at the moment. The tears in her eyes irked him. Evelyn clenched her hand into a tight fist. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Was her uncle about to say they used her money and didn’t inform her for no reason? ‘I thought they were sincere, yet they only cared about my parent’s money.’ “There’s no money so how will we pay for the debt?” She asked as she looked at her relatives. Her heart was aching from their betrayal but she couldn’t forget the fact that they were still in the mafia’s territory and they still had to pay back his money. Seeing that they didn’t answer, Evelyn sighed in disappointment. They caused the problem but yet they offered no solution. “I put up the house as collateral. You can get the title deeds while we look for money to pay back the debt.” She said, now turning to f
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07~ An agreement
When Jack heard Damian’s words, his lips twitched. ‘Since when does Damian keep women as his pets? He just sleeps with them but never keeps them around him.’ He studied Damian’s unreadable face and saw a glint in his eyes. After a thought, he looked at the small woman who was trembling and glaring at Damian in anger. Jack realized Damian was having fun riling the girl up. Evelyn’s hope was ignited when Damian suggested voting. There’s no way her family would sell her off. Even if they used her money, they still cared about her. But her heart dropped the next second. Her aunt, uncle and Mark both raised their hands, making her stomach twist painfully. Was she about to be sold out by her own family? It wasn’t going to surprise her anymore. They had proved to be capable of anything. To be honest, she thought they would fight to protect her. Feeling betrayed, a sharp pang of pain rippled through her chest. She wanted to resist and say she wasn’t obligated to do this, but she re
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08~ His home
The moment Evelyn walked up on stage, she regretted it. All the courage she had felt back in Damian’s office had disappeared and she was now struck with the reality that she was only in her bra and pants while several leering gazes raked her body. She felt exposed so she wrapped her arms around herself. “Come on! What are you doing? Show us what you can do!” “Yes baby! Don’t be shy!” A crowd began to gather down the stage and cheered her on. After panicking for a moment, she took a deep breath and suddenly decided to give it a try. She would make some money from Damian if she continued. ‘That’s right… it’s just dancing. I’m not doing it for free anyway.’ Evelyn convinced herself and began to dance on the stage. The onlookers were in awe looking at the beauty dancing on the stage. They could tell from her unskilled movements that she was a novice in this area. But it made her look more alluring. She had the perfect body with the right amount of curves. Damian suddenly
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09~ Playful tease
The next day, Evelyn awoke to the sound of birds chirping outside. Sun rays illuminated the room through the drawn-back curtains, hitting her face. She scrunched up her nose at the discomfort to her eyes. Recalling where she was, Evelyn jolted up in shock when she realized she had fallen asleep at some point. She glanced down and breathed out in relief when she found herself dressed. ‘At least he had the decency not to touch me without my permission.’ Turning to Damian’s side of the bed, she found it empty and figured he had left earlier. Her face flushed a deep crimson when she remembered what happened last night. Damian had ordered her to strip. She was right. He was dangerous and if she stayed here for long, she would end up losing her most precious thing to him. And she didn’t want that. Even though Damian was handsome and hot, she didn’t love him. Evelyn made up her mind to work harder to earn money and pay him back so that she could leave this dangerous place. She
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10~ Payment with a kiss
The hours passed by fleetingly as Evelyn continued learning how to bartend. She frowned, seeing that Damian had been sitting in the hall the whole time. Didn’t he have some crimes to commit or something? She wondered. Anyway, she brushed those thoughts away. Placing her cocktail on a small tray, she happily walked over to Damian’s side, feeling proud of herself. “I’m done! The first wine made by me!” She said excitedly, grabbing a short table nearby and placing it next to Damian. All the while, Jack was observing them silently, sitting on a different couch, a few steps away from Damian. Looking at the wine, Damian resisted the urge to wrinkle his nose. It didn’t look good at all and he was reluctant to drink it, lest he gets poisoned. However, seeing Evelyn’s expectant expression, he grabbed the glass and drank it in one gulp, trying not to gag. It tasted as horrible as it looked. “The wine is difficult to drink.” he suddenly said and just as Evelyn’s smile was about to dr
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