Crash Landed on love

Crash Landed on love

By:  Ademide kemisola  Ongoing
Language: English
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They fell in love after a plane crash, unaware that their love would be a forbidden love. Raina and Eros are plane crash survivors who were forced to spend two weeks on the island together with a Baby who also survived the crash. They fell in love, and when they were rescued and returned to their country, Rania discovered that Eros was her best friend's future husband, and she was pregnant with his child. Eros and Rania, torn between friendship and love, must fight for their love or remain apart. How will they triumph over their feelings? A love story with betrayal, vengeance, friendship, and heartbreak.

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4 Chapters
Crashing to earth
~Rania~"I'm almost ready to board the plane. I'll be there for your wedding, "As my best friend kept reminding me about her wedding to her sweetheart, I laughed into the phone. It was tomorrow, and I had to fly back that evening because of her. I had worked long and hard during the week, and I had traveled from Mecianda to Nigeria to assist in a surgery that lasted a few days. It was one of the most bizarre surgeries I'd ever done. As a neurosurgeon, I see patients' brains on a daily basis, and every time I walk past someone, I'm reminded of what their brains might look like.Sounds like something a psychopath would say, but believe me, I'm not one."Don't be concerned, Daya; I'll be at your wedding, and we'll party until we drop!" I laughed, trying hard not to sound tired, but I couldn't keep it up for long. I was dizzy from the desire to lie on my pillow and close my eyes for two days. My vision became hazy, and when I tried to blink, I hit a ro
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Crashing on an Island
~Rania~I awoke to the sound of a baby wailing and waves crashing. I felt something heavy in my hand and gripped it as if it were my life. When I opened my eyes, the sunlight blinded me. It took me about five minutes to realize I was sitting on My seat on the plane.The seat was turned upside down and appeared to be keeping me from smashing my face into the ground. When blood ran down my face and landed on my hand, I realized I was holding Ria, who was wailing quite loudly. I groaned in agony and clutched Ria's hand tightly. I had no idea how she or I had survived because everything went black when the plane crashed. I took one of my hands off her body, unbuckled, and quickly rolled over so Ria wouldn't fall to the ground. I shielded myself with my hand, and I swear my bone cracked as I hit the ground. "Ouch! " I screamed in agony. Ria continued to sob, and I couldn't tell why because I couldn't see her face. "What should I do?" Ria's mother was suppo
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I saved someone
~Rania~I didn't know that I had a great stamina inside of me until I ran back to the second part of the plane with Ria in my hand. I needed to, scratched that, I had to save the bleeding man. I held my breath as I walked into the plane again and luckily for me, I didn't have to enter deep among the bodies. My bag was laying by my seat. I heaved a sigh when I saw it. Pulling the zipper with one hand, I noticed that all of my medical equipment was still inside. Ria shifted in my hand and looked uncomfortable as her head rolled down my shoulder every few seconds. "I am going to make sure you are fine, " I rummaged through my bag and when I found a brown blanket, I sighed a breath of relief. I placed Ria on my back and tied the blanket around her making sure that it was pretty tight. When I had realized that Ria was safely on my back, I carried my bag and went into the other plane. "Oh no! " When I entered, the blood hadn't stopped pooling and the man had turned white as a ghost on the
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Someone saved me
~Eros~I never imagined that my death would be so close when I haven't achieved anything yet. I had spoken to Daya, my fiancee that morning. After ignoring her calls for weeks, I decided to pick it up before the plane took off. "I know you don't love me yet Eros but you need to think about the baby," She had told me and I didn't bother replying as I ended the call and placed my head on my seat. "Are you alright sir?" Arianne, my secretary asked when she heard me hissing. "Do you want something to drink?" She was about signaling to the hostess but I shook my head in response. " I'll be fine," I told her and sighed briefly. " I am just worried about my wedding tomorrow," I fluttered my eyes open and turned to face her. " I don't think I am ready to get married yet to anyone." Arianne grabbed my hand and squeezed it gently. Even though she was my secretary, I look up to her as the older sister that I never had. "It's going to be fine Eros," she assured me and I nodded in response. "Y
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