SEE ME TOO (sequel)

SEE ME TOO (sequel)

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Just when he thought he'd never see her again, she appeared right in front of him. His composure in check, he wondered, could she still recognise him? ____________________________ Many years had passed since high school and Amanda had finally attained the life she had longed to have. A fancy condo, flashy cars and a successful career as an actress in Hollywood. Did I forget to mention a sexy, chocolate skin fiancé? Who manage to steal the spotlight every time just by doing nothing and also did he claim the attention of females with just his smile. Well, that was Troy Humphrey. A mesmerizing creature in the skin of an actor, adored by everyone. He had managed to make Amanda feel inferior to him whenever they walk the red carpet of fame but still, he never failed to professed his love for her publicly. Amanda never minded walking in his shadow but something was about to strike her hard. Hard enough to influence her decision and put her in harm's way. Being a celebrity was not as rosy as she thought and fate was not too far from sight. Seducing her deeply into it path, revealing what was almost forgotten-the old flame burning the letters of her heart. Can Amanda survive this at the end? Find out in the thrilling Chapters of SEE ME TOO. Enjoy.........

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35 Chapters
"SARAH BRIGHT COMITS SUCIDE AFTER LOSING HER FIANCE TO WELL KNOWN ACTRESS, AMANDA UDOH" This news headline had everyone in the club staring at their phone and at Amanda, who was also shocked by the disturbing headline. This headline had destabilized Amanda in so many ways, she couldn't begin to explain. But, there was one conflicted thought in her head. One that shattered her to dust Could I have caused Sarah Bright's suicide? she couldn't believe she was actually thinking about the news. Then, it hit her. "Huggggghhhh!" she gasped. That careless memory had resurfaced. Confirming everything in clear light, "Could this have been—" She paused, too embarrassed to concede. Her thought traveled to her last conversation with Sarah.“Amanda!” Sarah called surprised then she turned her glare back to Junior “What is she doing here? And who the hell is Candy-heart?” Sarah asked confused and furious. "Sarah, so nice to finally meet you. He has told me a lot about you." Amanda moved her bod
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Eight years later (after SEE ME) ----------------------------“I don’t have a problem.” Amanda yelled at the group, who had their seat to form a large circle in the therapy hall while she stood in front of her seat. Amanda has been with the group for two weeks and she already hated everyone and every moment of it. The room was filled with traumatized inflicting females, people who did worse than she ever did.“Besides, this punishment doesn’t fit my crime. Which what I did wasn’t even a crime.” she continued immediately.“We are not saying you have a problem, Amanda,” The group leader, Augusta, said in a sing-song voice with a phony smile hiding her frown. "We are just saying you should work through the fixing process with us."“Why waste your energy fixing me when I’m not broken? You are the ones who needs fixing.” Amanda raised her voice, gritting her teeth. “You think I’ve got a temper? Well, why shouldn’t I? Yet, I can’t imagine myself doing the horrible things you all had done.
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It was a sunny afternoon. The birds expressed themselves freely in the sky, sweet fragrant traveled with the wind and the cool breeze accompanied the car as Bridget and her fiancé, Louis journeyed to see all that nature had to offer.Bridget sang along with the music playing in the car radio, partially dancing and playing with Louis's hair while occasionally yelling song lyrics in his ear. He turned to her and smiled, giving her a light kiss on her lips and returning his eyes back on the road almost immediately. A nearby ring on Bridget's phone interrupted the happy moment."It's Amanda." she said to Louis, picking up the phone with one hand and tuning down the car radio with the other hand. "Hey sweet, what's up?" She answered in a friendly manner. It's been a long time since Bridget last saw her friend, Amanda. And understanding the nature of her friend's job, Bridget learnt to not scold Amanda much for not coming over to visit. They've best friends for aeons— more than that, to B
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...At Wright publishing, things were going smoothly as always, ever since Wright Junior assumed the position of chief editor of the silver line books. But his dad, Mr. Andrew Wright, was always so hard on him. Even though it was all for good reason as he always claimed. Wright Junior found it difficult to understand why his dad was always unsatisfied with everything he did. He made sure a day didn't go by without him comparing his son with his younger brother's son, Tony Wright who was presently occupying his dead father's position as the managing director of Wright publishing. Mr. Andrew hoped that one day, his son would be responsible enough to take over the company.But in return, Wright Junior never wanted anything to do with his father's company but he also never had any intentions of being another disappointment to his father. Despite his numerous failed attempt in pleasing his dad, he was still determined not to give up."Is this how you intend to run the company when I retir
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Amanda found it very relaxing whenever she went on her morning run and today wasn't going to be any different. In her words, it was the best way to get her mind off all the mediocrity happening in her life. She also had planned to explore her neighborhood and saw her outdoor exercise one way of doing so. Amanda woke up very early that morning, gave a short prayer, went straight to the bathroom, rinsed her face and brushed her teeth. This was her normal morning routine every day before preparing for her day's activities. She walked to her wardrobe, took out a pair of black track trouser and a pink tan-top complimented with a black, pink striped tennis cap. She searched below her shoe rack and carried out a pair of white snicker and without any much delay, she changed into them. Facing her mirror and adjusted her tennis cap. The cap to her wasn't necessary but, she won't take her chances of being recognized by both fans and anti-fans. She only saw it as a strategic means of hiding her
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******Ding, ding, ding, ding, Amanda slapped the loudly rung alarm clock off the dresser close to her bed. She lazily opened eyes, still feeling a little tardy from the previous day's merry. She sat up and looked down at the time on the fallen table clock. “Shit, I’m late” she yelled as she briskly jumped out of her bed and hurried to the bathroom.~~**~~**~~“Miss Amanda! Miss Amanda!” she heard someone's silvery voice call out her name loudly, Enough to bring her back to earth. Amanda had been so worried appearing in public like this. She knew soon the paparazzi would be on her tail; she needed to be on high alert. Amanda turned to see who the caller was. And is doing, her eyes fell on a tall, young, white guy who had successfully brought her mind back to the Wright Publishing house.“Yes” She answered then quickly stood up from the where she sat. And at that exact moment she felt the eyes around her pierce through her soul. What could she do? That was the life of a celebrity.
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*****Mr. Wright laughed hard as he listened to Amanda express herself in the interview. This surprised Tony who sat across from Amanda at the conference table for he knew all she did was avoiding the real question she was asked. Tony noticed Amanda was playing on the Chairman’s common sense which was odd because he had always known the Chairman to be an impervious man. This angered Tony so much, his head was in discord.Amanda had never worked in any type of company before, she had no concrete knowledge about business except playing the role of a business woman or a secretary in a movie, which, at this point, she planned to use the ideas from her business movies as her strategy in reality. In reality, the only other job she engaged in, aside acting, was assisting her dad in his gym but that wasn’t something she wanted Mr. Wright to know so, she locked that information in the safest part of her sub conscious instead. “So Miss Amanda, are you aware that the position you applied for
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*****“Oh my God Amanda! What spell did your boss cast on you? I mean, you've only just started working or this guy and you are already talking all dreamy like a girl who is in love.” Kate deadpanned then, took her glass of Juice from the kitchen counter to the dining table.Kate had been present all through Amanda’s relationships and breakups. And none had she witnessed that made Amanda glow like she did now. Amanda had never really fell in love before, kate wasn't even sure if her friend knew how to love. Although, Kate considered Amanda be loyal and faithful to her partner but that wasn't enough to rule out the fact that Amanda still saw dating as a sport. Now she pitied the man Amanda kept talking about for she knew he might suffer the same fate in the hands of Amanda. Kate thought Amanda's behavior was caused by the nature of her Job. Like she had always said, 'show business is all about keeping up appearances and being perfect for the cameras.' Kate had a bad feeling about th
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*****Kate, of course, had spoken to Nelson about the picture situation just as she had promised Amanda she would. Amanda was a bit relieved and impressed on how her manager handled the matter and not scaring the boy off in the process; Nelson apologized to Kate and then to Amanda promising not to post any more pictures.“I never intended to cause any trouble,” He expressed, sadly “I was just overly excited. I’m sorry.”Nelson was cute when he was apologetic. Or, at least, Amanda thought he was and she'd be a monster if she could still stay angry looking at those puppy eyes ogling back at her. “It’s OK.” Amanda said. She knew she wasn't offended by his pictures, she understood his intention pretty well. But for Kate sake, she dared not let him know that. “I’ll catch up with you later, let me see her off.” She mentioned instead.“Are we good?” Nelson wanted to be sure his actions didn't eat away his friendship with Amanda.“Of course we are.” Amanda affirmed,, assuredly. Taking his
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********"Are you sure you were not followed?" Mr. Sebastian Cosgrove, a motivational writer asked, handing a glass of scotch to Wright Junior who finally, was seated on the second single arm chair in Mr. Cosgrove's living room. "I wasn't. I parked my car in the Primy hotel's parking lot and I took a cab down here. No one knows I was coming here." Wright Junior replied, watching Mr. Cosgrove sit on the arm chair across from his.Mr. Cosgrove was a well-known motivational writer. His books had touched millions of lives. Despite his break from writing, he still received letters from his readers who were thankful to him. He had been close friends with Wright Junior's father since college. They both had the same passion for writing and the moment one became the CEO of Wright publishing, the other became the first writer to be published in it. Mr. Cosgrove had been publishing his books at Wright publishing for fifteen years and after the death of Mr. Wright younger brother, things chang
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