The Wife's Return

The Wife's Return

By:  Megara Yang  Ongoing
Language: English
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Broken, damaged beyond repair; that’s how Katherine Isobelle would describe her marriage with Nikolai. She shouldn’t have married a man who was still in the process of moving on from his first love. What’s done is done. The wife returns with the divorce papers, ready to walk away from that chapter of her life, but as soon as Nikolai discovers their child’s existence, he is prepared to step up and stop her from leaving.

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4 Chapters
Chapter One
Belle smiled at the few staff who recognized her. She tried not to grab anyone’s attention. Okay, maybe a little. She may have kept her silence, but she has been possessed with her flair for the dramatic. She wore the perfect black dress, hugging her curves perfectly, and dark red lipstick like a typical movie villain. She contemplated adding the sunglasses but thought that that would be too much. Belle knew coming here to the law firm would be a hot issue in the making. People love to gossip as what can be observed with every eye trying to follow her every move subtly. She hasn’t left the area, but they are already whispering. For the first time after a long time, she didn’t care. It was nice to feel liberated even in this last stage of her short-lived marriage. Ah, there they are. She thought, spotting the conference room with glass windows. Perfect. She opened the glass door with a wide grin, showing her perfect set of white teeth. Her brother, Preston, who was presenting someth
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Chapter Two
“Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Laurent.”Belle wasn’t nervous… or at least, this is what she kept telling herself while earlier, she was looking at the mirror, combing her hair. Even after changing her mind for what felt like the hundredth time, she is still unsure if she chose the right dress. Heck, she was even nervous thinking about what type of makeup look she would be wearing today. There was no need for her to please the parents. Her actions, however, say otherwise. It was hard to show a sweet smile, but she managed just fine. On the inside, there was an uneasy feeling, internal chaos she wouldn’t like to admit was happening. Their presence made her almost forget that Nikolai was in the same room.It was surprising to see Oliver Laurent smile. Nikolai has consistently described him as a strict father growing up, giving her the image of a grumpy old man. Adeline’s fake smile was easy to spot, on the other hand. It contrasted the intensity of her stare Belle couldn’t help but notic
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Chapter Three
This was a mistake, a huge one.In her head is a long list of all the actions she was starting to regret. On top of that was meeting Nikolai, which may have occupied the first two places. Nothing should be added. That would be enough.Belle no longer cared if she packed her things messily in her suitcase; some were even scattered on the floor, but she was ready to squeeze everything into her luggage. The need to go home and forget what happened today was stronger than having well-arranged luggage.It has only been days, and she missed her child terribly already. They were never separated for this long, and she couldn't believe she left for something that turned out to be not worth it. Clearly, that would be Nikolai.She could have kept silent. Shut her mouth and just signed those damn divorce papers without slapping it on his face. It would hurt, and she'd spend some nights crying but at least, she could still have that peace she could never have.After making sure nothing important wa
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Chapter Four
Nothing came out of Stella’s mouth. No sign of agreeing or disagreeing. Too stunned to speak, Stella stared back at Belle’s eyes with immeasurable seriousness.“I mean it,” she said.“Why would I agree to this?”Belle couldn’t believe why there was still a need for her to explain her terms when it was clearly in favor of Stella. It was a good deal, a great deal in fact. She is asking for nothing from her side, no help, and no drama.“What’s in it for you?” Stella was suspicious, and it was written all over her face. Her eyebrow raised. “You are still his wife. The last time I remember, you still wanted him.”“Geez, that was a long time ago. I think I deserve to move on, right? It’s really simple, Stella. Go, have him. I even came here to give the divorce papers myself. If that didn’t work, I can do it again but not personally. This will be my last physical appearance. I simply want to cut ties. That’s all.”“That’s all?”"Let me put it this way." Belle lazily checked the time on her
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