Mates: Regrets and Redemption

Mates: Regrets and Redemption

By:  Onielia Lawrence  Completed
Language: English
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I'm Sianna and I rejected my mate for my high school sweetheart, Curtis. But when Curtis met his mate afterwards, he failed to reject her and lied to me instead. With my broken heart I fell into someone else's arms and ended up in the bed of my Alpha where we spent the night together. Now, what happens next when the Alpha doesn't want to let me go?

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92 Chapters
Sianna's POV He stared at me with his piercing green eyes. His hands balled into a fist. I knew he was angry and didn’t see this rejection coming. I was in a relationship with my boyfriend since high school and we decided that we would both reject our mates so that we could spend the rest of our lives together. We had it all mapped out and I wasn’t going to give that up. I quickly got over the shock of meeting him so unexpectedly and said the rejection. I had to do it. I knew that my ex-mate was now feeling the surge of pain as the bond was being severed. I staggered feeling the same effect but I knew it would pass. He was silent while he held his stare on me and then he growled as worry flash through his green eyes, “Why?” “I am in love with someone else and I am not leaving him for someone that I don’t care about.” I sound heartless but I needed to be sincere so that he understood where I stood with the mate bond. “I am not going to date you or get to know you.” I scanned his f
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*SIANNA'S POV* Oh my God! What is this man doing here? Hailey and I were at the mall at the shoe store trying to get our claws on the new arrivals. My mate had just walked into the same store but went over to the men’s section. Surreptitiously, I observed his movements as he spoke to the attendant who was flirting with him. I rolled my eyes and tore them away from him. I did not need to see that gut-wrenching scene. 'Mate.' My wolf urged me to go to him, as usual. I blocked her for the time being, but he would be able to scent me and sense my wolf. So I repeated inner supplications, please don’t come over here. Hastily, I grabbed Hailey by the arm and pulled her, “Let’s go and check out the new department store on the third floor.” “No, I am not done yet.” Hailey frowned and stopped me, “Look at these!” She held a pair of silver lace-up pumps in strappy heels of a luxurious brand, “I’ve got to try these on.” She sang as her face lit up and went to the stool to sit for the try on.
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SIANNA'S POV* “Don’t tell me that you are leaving again, Curtis.” I asked inquisitively as he ended the call. Sulking with distress in my inability to spend time with him. It’s been too long since we even went on a date. His brows arched as he responded with concern. “Babe, I am so sorry but that was my Dad and he needs me to take care of pack business. It’s critical.” He bent over me to give me a last kiss on the lips before leaving the room. I tailed him down the stairs. “Are you leaving the pack again and for how long this time?” He stopped at the foot of the stairs looking at me sympathetically. “It’s just for two days and I will make it up to you. I promise.” He hugged me in the living room with both hands squeezing my bum. Then he took his right hand and brought it to my front so that it went underneath my box-pleated skirt. Then his fingers massaged the outside of my panties so that I would get arouse and wet. “Mmmm.” I clung to him because I itched for him to complete the
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*SIANNA'S POV* My wolf began prancing in my head as the Gamma stared at me intently. I felt like he was undressing me, so I moved uncomfortably to get around the counter. My nerves were spiraling and I thought to myself, just be calm. They will leave eventually. Ignore them and do your job, Sianna. The Gamma kept smirking at me and he came to the counter to make the order for himself and the other two. I smiled and refused to meet his eyes. He gave his order politely, “I’ll have three breakfast sandwiches with an espresso, and two coffee. Make sure one of the coffee is black and the others with cream.” “Would that be to go?” I asked as I punched up the cash register. I didn’t have to look at his face to see his cool but flirting demeanor. His silence forced me to look at him and he licked his lips at me. “Ahem,” I cleared my thoughts, hoping to dismiss his advances. The other two watched us in amusement. I was not going to entertain them. Why aren’t they at the pack house running
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CURTIS POV I took a long look at myself in the mirror before leaving the hotel room. I met up with the guys, Mike, Jobe, and Cody in the ball room. This was a large rectangular spacious room 166 by 100 feet with a wide opening that lead to the pool outdoors. It was surrounded by elongated glass windows and several crystal chandeliers that decorated the 25 foot ceiling with star shaped lights. The theme color was white and gold in drapes and silver tapestry. I shouldn’t have been here in the first place but my dad never gave me a chance to avoid it. Sianna was a beautiful girl and I have loved her all my life. I’ve had a crush on her since middle school and never got the courage to approach her until high school. I was so shocked when she agreed to go on a date with me. I vowed to cherish her forever. I was lucky to have her because she was caring, kind and sweet. She was passionate about helping others too and I loved seeing her in her element when she assisted her mom at the clin
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Hailey’s POV - Saturday “Hey!” I gave him a tap on the shoulders. “Who’s the new friend?” We were at the breakfast buffet filling our plates. I knew I glimpsed him last knew but he slipped out of my view and then I could not locate him through the crowd of werewolves that were present in the ballroom. As soon as I saw him this morning I was busy observing them for a while. He was holding hands with this girl and she was obviously flirting with him a lot. She tried to kiss Curtis on the cheek but he shy away from it. The disappointment heavily laid on her face. The girl touched him in ways that only a lover should so I needed to investigate up front. He was not getting away from me today. My new found mate, Raj was by my side and he didn’t know what was about to go down. Raj nod his head in acknowledgement, so eager to please me. “H-Hailey!” He stuttered in shock as he turned to face me. “Oh, this is Jazmine. We met last night” Please don’t embarrass me or ask me questions, he be
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Sianna POV Hailey: Where’s your boy at? Something is up with your boy, Sianna! You might want to call him now. Me: My boy is fine, Hailey. He is on a mission. Hailey: This shit can’t be real. Your mate could be better for you. Me:???? Me: Hailey? What are you ranting about now? Hailey: You might want to consider more options. Protect your heart, Sianna. (heart emoji). Me: Curtis has my heart. He’s my one and only. I know you think I should give my mate a chance but there’s no way that he’s better than Curtis. Hailey: Don’t rush into things. I am looking out for you. Go and see your mate. Me: Hell no! Why are you cheering for my mate all of a sudden? The perplexity of Hailey’s text message racked my brain all morning. She hadn’t replied to my last text. I didn’t call Curtis because he could have been on a mission and unable to take my call anyway. I didn’t want to appear like the insecure girlfriend. I felt confident that our relationship was going well despite the lack of
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Unknown POV Tomorrow was supposed to be my date night with Sianna. I should text her with the time that I would pick her up. Chances are that she would prefer to meet me there but the least she could do was allow me to pamper her a bit. I couldn’t believe that she rejected me. I was flabbergasted when she did that. She’s a feisty little she-wolf. I thought any rejection being done would be from my end and never from my mate. I knew she was with the Curtis dude base on conversations overheard from her parents, but that was before I knew she was my mate. My wolf would not have known that she was ours until she reached eighteen years old and by that time she had graduated and left for college 135 miles ( 3 hour drive) away from the central area (pack house). I was so happy to have found her at TeeBee’s café that day but she was too blinded by the twinkling infatuation that she held for Curtis. Her intoxicating scent of roses and strawberry made my wolf lost all control. When our eyes
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Sianna POV Curtis hasn’t spoken to me since our last phone call. Could it be due to his guilty conscience, or maybe he has found his mate? I would have been here thinking that he was on a special assignment or having some family ordeal going on if my dad did not let me know that he attended the mating ceremony. Hailey is very loyal and would spill the beans when she came back. I preferred to see her first before having a confrontation with Curtis. I needed to know the fullness of what she was aware of. Hailey’s morning text read: I wish you were here Sianna (heart emoji). Me: I know that you are having fun regardless of me not being there with you (smiley face emoji). Honey, go find your mate and bring him back with you. Hailey: (crying face emoji) Don’t you miss me, or are you doing naughty things with your mate? Me: Stop! I won’t let him touch me. Go have fun, Hailey. I was laying in the couch in my living room watching the news. My mind distracted by the personal affairs of
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Sianna POVThe vehicle parked at my home at six pm exactly. This man was a man of time. He was smirking all the way to the rendevous which slightly irritated me as I sat in the passenger seat.We didn’t talk at all and my mind was jammed with thoughts pertaining to how the rest of my evening might turn out.I felt nothing but the pull to be with my mate but I was not in love with him. The energy that coursed through my body because of it was insane. My core burned with a desire for sweet release with every thought of him.I tried to think about the weather, school, Hailey, mom, dad, cows and chickens. At this point anything but my mate.I looked out the window at the lovely tree-lined road as the car continued to drive smoothly. We drove for fifteen minutes when he pulled up in front of an officer tower.Luckily it was closed because I did not wish to be seen like this. I anxiously looked around to vet the area. Thank goddess that it was Sunday.Being alone with the gamma would be sca
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