The Perfect Luna for the Alpha King

The Perfect Luna for the Alpha King

By:  Ariel Liza  Completed
Language: English
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Serena Edward, a beautiful 18-year-old girl who comes from a poor family and works as a royal servant, never thought in her life that she would become the wife of a wealthy royal crown prince Alpha from the kingdom she currently works in, the handsome prince named Prince Julian is 21 years old and has just celebrated his graduation. He falls in love with Serena at the first sight and is willing to take her as his wife, and this is so unexpected, even though he just breaks up with Princess Catherine from the Dexter Kingdom. But Prince Julian and Serena's relationship doesn't end there, unlike fairy tales, many ups, and downs happened in their life, especially this is very difficult for Serena. There are so many obstacles and many problems that Serena must face, especially facing Queen Eleonora, the mother of her husband Prince Julian who hates her very much, and numerous other things she has to face. Until finally, she will find a way to her success, she will continue to fight for it to face abuse, torture physically and verbally from people he doesn't like, belittled, and unappreciated. This makes Serena stronger and able to find her true identity and strength, and find the meaning of true love and mate in her life.

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196 Chapters
The Unexpected love
“Serena, have you completely prepared all the food on the Royal family table.” “Oh sorry madam, I forgot that, and I'm going to go straight to the kitchen right now to get all the things.” “Gosh, you're going too far, let's quickly prepare everything before the royal members come.” Lately, Serena has lost her focus and daydreaming because she has fallen in love with a truly wonderful man.Prince Julian is a tremendous Alpha from the kingdom of Aldebaran, He is very handsome, charismatic, brave, always wins any battle, and smart at economic strategy and warfare. It seems like a dream come true for Serena.At the first sight, Serena felt attracted to him, but could it be true for her to have such a wonderful man? Because he swept her feet.It seemed impossible to her since she was also just a servant of the kingdom, she thought the prince couldn't possibly fall in love with her.From the outside, it looks like Prince Julian with a black horse and his entourage came. “Everyone hurri
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The rejected Luna
“But that's not what I mean, I fall in love with her, so it's okay, I will make her my wife and become the princess here, and she will give birth to the next new generation.” “The next generation to the throne from the belly of an ordinary woman? That really can't be tolerated, why don't you just go with Prince Catherine from the Dexter Kingdom? She is better than her and will give a better heir than a commoner.” Hearing all the statements that had been said by Queen Eleonora made Serena feel so bad, she knew that she would have problems because she was just an ordinary person. “I don't want Catherine anymore because she has betrayed me behind my back, and I really can't take any of that! She's an evil, greedy woman.” Prince Julian was furious, at the greedy decision of his mother. Then it looks from the outside to see the group from the kingdom of Dexter, that was Princess Catherine with her bodyguards. A beautiful princess immediately entered the kingdom of Aldebaran to meet P
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Lost the most precious thing
“Hey, my dear, have you finished everything?” It turned out that Prince Julian had finished cleaning himself, and he had been waiting for Serena on his bed. “Yes, I have finished everything.” Serena was getting more nervous and her heart was beating fast, after seeing Prince Julian, who was waiting for her with a very handsome look and kept smiling when he looked at her. Prince Julian continued to approach Serena, and he continued to touch that beautiful girl's long silky hair. He seemed to inhale it and began to kiss it slowly, Serena felt very nervous, and she also couldn't stop staring at the handsome prince; she couldn't return all the caresses he had given. “Damn it! Why does she just stay silent like she's not very responsive to the touch I had been given to her? Doesn't she like it?” Prince Julian wanted Serena. She looked incredibly beautiful to him. “I-I'm sorry your highness prince, I just don't know how to repay you, I've never had a relationship before.” “You've
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Because I want you Serena!
“What do you want to do? I beg you to stop all this.” Serena pushed Prince Julian as much as she could, but she found it very difficult because he was completely overcome by his strong lust for her. “Don't worry, you can shut up, and I will make you feel so good, just enjoy it.” “I don't want to! Let me go!” “You must obey all my orders because you will be my wife.” Serena fell in love at the sight of Prince Julian, but this feels unpleasant. He keeps his force to serve his sexual desire, which even Serena never knew about because she was still a virgin. “All about you is total perfection. I feel happy to be yours and will marry you tomorrow.” Prince Julian pointed his big package into Serena's most sensitive spot, and he's trying to go deeper there. “Stop, don't do that to me!” Serena tries to stop Prince Julian from trying to satisfy his strong sexual desire. “I told you to be quiet!” Prince Julian keeps attempting to push his big package into Serena, and this is quite d
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I will give anything you want!
Serena seemed to pay attention to Prince Julian, who cleaned her body from the remnants of their love game. He looked amazingly handsome with straight brown hair, and a charming green and hypnotized his interlocutor. Serena paid attention to it all, but she never thought that he was actually a perverted handsome crown prince and truly liked her to be his sexual partner. His athletic fit body also looked very charming with above-average height. She knew if he had just celebrated his twenty-one birthday. He looks so damn hot and very handsome, but Serena is still confused as to why this handsome crown prince could choose her heart, It is all because he wants her as his sex slave. They looked as if they hadn't finished cleaning each other yet, but Serena saw Prince Julian's sensitive package harden again and stood up straight because she was always sniffing it. “I feel so turned on, you smell so good my beautiful girl, I've never been this crazy with a woman before, nor have I ever
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The Perfect Goddess!
Serena feels the intensely emotional in her mind right now, she never thought before that Prince Julian keep forcing her to follow all the things he wants.She could hear the footsteps that going inside the room, as she turns her head she feels shocked that was Prince Julian that coming to her.“What do you wait for? I feel so excited, I can't wait to make you be my wife soon, prepared all the best for that.”Serena didn't reply to any of his words, she just sees herself in the mirror, she looks so beautiful as the perfect goddess, and she feels like seeing an entirely different person.Because usually, she looks so shabby with a simple look, she never looks so elegant and so luxurious as today.“Why won't you answer all my questions?”“Y-yes, I do,” replied Serena nervously.“Okay, that sounds good, I'm waiting for you at the altar.”Serena feels so nervous, as soon she's going to the altar.Prince Julian already waiting for her, he looks so happy, showing a smile on his handsome fac
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The intense desire!
The Dawn has come, Prince Julian still looks asleep and Serena has woken up first.She tidied the clothes that she had brought earlier in her bag and put them into the big royal wardrobe.She feels so shy, even to get out of her husband's fancy bedroom, so she waits for Prince Julian until he wakes up.Furthermore, she sat on Prince Julian's bed, and she looked at the handsome man who had fallen asleep in his bedroom.“He looks so handsome and magnetic, his green eyes also look so charming, he must be made any girls fall in love with him.“I don't know whether I should be grateful for all this or not, but sporadically, it looks scary and charming to me at the same time.”Not long after, Serena was in complete shock, Prince Julian's pretty green eyes looks so wide and kept gazing at her.“Hey, why are you staring at me like that? How long have you been doing it?” Prince Julian looks so shocked.“I-i just want to make sure whether you are okay or not?”“Do I look sick or not okay? Oh my
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The anger and resentment!
“Okay, but I am waiting for you in the dining room, and I have already chosen the most beautiful dress that I have chosen for you, I put it on the bed.”“Oh, okay, I will see that, and then I will go to the dining room.”Before he went, Prince Julian kept staring his eyes into Serena's body, which looks so perfect for him.But many love bites are left on that beautiful body, this makes him feel so guilty.Because this must be made, Serena feels so uncomfortable, so she kept trying to find a way to make her better.“And don't worry about that love bite, that means if you are mine forever, do you understand about it?”“Yes, I do understand what you mean.”“Okay, good, and now I'm waiting for you in the dining room.”Just now, Serena kept feelings ashamed of the many love bites on her body, but Prince Julian calm her and makes her feel much better.“Is he can read my mind? He always says all the truth that going inside my mind.” This all makes Serena cannot think.Serena immediately went
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To relieve the pain!
Prince Julian and Serena have spent their time on the beautiful lake, he feels so relaxing there.Not long after, a trusted envoy of the Aldebaran kingdom ran over to Prince Julian.“I'm so sorry, Prince, but Queen Eleonora keeps calling you to go back into the castle.”“Should I go back to the kingdom?” Prince Julian was hesitant to return to the kingdom.“I hear the Queen was calling you to go back to the castle, that will be good if you obey what she wants because she is still your mother.”“But I? I don't want someone to dare to hurt you, or touch you because I only want you in my life.”“That's okay, you don't need to worry about it, I will be okay, we can go back to the castle.''And then Prince Julian and Serena went back to the castle.There are still many doubts in Prince Julian's heart to return to the palace because he is afraid that maybe his parents will make Serena feel so disappointed.Then at last they arrived at the palace, Serena would accept whatever had happened.I
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The mysterious man from Arcadia
“You wait here! I'll get you the cure.”Serena nodded her head, and she was relieved that Queen Eleonora would help her, she felt that she had forgiven herself completely.“This is it, I have brought you the cure, you should be able to quickly drink it right now, and you must finish it.”“Oh, okay, I will.”Serena immediately drank the potion that Queen Eleonora had brought for herself.And she immediately finished it so that the pain could gradually recover.“W-what is this, I feel like I'm floating, and my head hurts so bad.”Serena continued to focus her vision which was almost lost like a shadow, and she continued to touch her head which was in great pain.“I can't take it anymore!” then Serena immediately lost consciousness, falling unconscious.“Good job Serena, now just say goodbye to my son because last night was the last day you saw him.”Queen Eleonora was overjoyed, and she continued to stare at Serena with her evil and cunning gaze.“Albert! Come here quickly!”“Okay, my Q
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