Kïng of Campus

Kïng of Campus

By:  Kyra   Ongoing
Language: English
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Roan King. The uncrowned king of Barnett University. He's like a freaking celebrity around here. It's totally ridiculous. People, by which I mean grown women, actually stalk him on the internet. And around campus. Apparently he's god's gift to both football and the ladies (I'm using that term loosely). All he has to do is smile and girls just fall right onto their backs before spreading their legs nice and wide. I've heard that he's already plowed his way through half the female population here at Barnett. I'm sure he'll work his way through the second half before he gets drafted to the NFL later this year. Yeah... I don't plan to be one of them. The guy is nothing more than a conceited player. You know the type—a steroid infused meathead jock coasting through college on his football prowess. Ugh. I have three words for you—avoid, avoid, avoid. Need I say more? I don't think so. I've had the sad misfortune of running into him on campus. Literally. As in—I literally slammed into him before spilling my iced coffee drink all over that wide rippling chest of his (did I just say that?). What I learned from the experience is that Roan King is one hell of a cocky son of a— Ok Unfortunately for me, Operation Avoid-Roan-King isn't going so well. Everywhere I go, there he is. If he wasn't so ridiculously hot, he would be a hell of a lot easier to forget. With his dark hair, shocking turquoise colored eyes and (damn him) buff body, he's easily the most gorgeous guy I've ever laid eyes on. Crap... see what I mean? Why do I suddenly have the bad feeling that Roan King is going to lead to my utter ruin and downfall?

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10 Chapters
Chapter one
Ladies, and a few guys as well, ;) keep those Roan King sightings pouring in. Especially the ones of him at football practice. Hot, sweaty, with an extra shot of gorgeous is exactly how I take my Roan King. Don’t mind me while I type away with one hand… KingOfCampus.com“Honey,” I holler at the top of my lungs before kicking the door shut, “I’mmmm home!”Those words are met with a loud shriek as Lexie flies around the corner before hurtling her small curvy body at me. I’m given roughly two seconds to drop my bags in anticipation of impact. She’s lucky I have fairly decent-The breath gets knocked right out of me as we both go crashing to the floor.Apparently reflexes are no match when that much force and weight are careening towards you at the speed of light. Physics, I’m guessing, is exactly how I end up sprawled on my back with my best friend and roommate spread out on top of me in our brand-spanking-new apartment. There’s a completely manic light filling her big brown eyes. Matchi
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Chapter two
“I’m glad to be back, too.” Even as the words automatically spill from my mouth, I realize that I don’t necessarily mean them. There’s a fairly large part of me that wishes I were still living my life in Paris. With an ocean between me and my dad, I didn’t have to dwell on him and the new family he created for himself so quickly after my mom died.My dad’s life carried on while mine fell apart. And even though it’s been five years since she died, the ache still feels painfully tender. What being back here at Barnett means is that I no longer have an excuse not to visit them.Shaking those thoughts away, I realize I’m still sprawled out on the carpeted floor. I blink my eyes a few times as a handsome face peers down at me before crinkling into a large friendly smile. But I don’t bother hoisting myself up just yet. Instead, I say in my most formal tone, “Mr. Sullivan, I presume.”His grin intensifies, making him appear even more striking than I’d originally thought. Lexie had, quite nat
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Chapter three
I can’t help but feel thrilled that Lexie has finally found someone who appreciates the amazing woman she’s grown into.Unwilling to get anymore sappy than I already have, I shake my head. “Do you two come with barf bags? Because I’ve only been here for about ten minutes and you’re already making me sick to my stomach.”They both flash big white cheesy grins at me. I want to roll my eyes before sticking my finger down my throat like I’m going to puke. “I suppose you’re going to be practically living here with us?” Yep, I can already see how this is going to go. Dylan will be our unofficial apartment mascot.With big innocent eyes, she says, “Didn’t I mention that Dylan lives in the apartment next to us with two guys from the football team?”“Nope,” I shake my head, “you definitely did not mention that. I guess that makes things convenient.”“Totally convenient,” Dylan adds with a sly grin aimed in my direction.This time I actually do roll my eyes. “So which room is mine?”In her exub
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Chapter four
“Just stand there and look pretty,” she mutters under her breath.My lips twitch at her words because he is definitely pretty.Lexie gives me a little wink as if she can read my mind. “Don’t let his good looks fool you, he’s smart, too.”Of course he is.Because gorgeous and smart are exactly the kind of guys Lexie attracts. While I, on the other hand, had the sad misfortune to fall for a hot athletic jerk who assured me he was going to remain faithful to his study-abroad-girlfriend when in actuality, he started hooking up with other girls as soon as above-mentioned-girlfriend was out of the country.I’ve had the last fourteen and a half months to get over Finn McKenzie. And I have. I am totally over him. Unfortunately he’s been calling and texting almost relentlessly for the last week, which means he’s been occupying my thoughts way more than I’d like.Perhaps I should say he’s been trying to call and text. Because I haven’t bothered to pick up his calls or respond to his rather leng
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Chapter five
Oh... that’s right... I had wanted to squeeze every single moment I possibly could out of Paris. Which, come on… you really can’t blame me for. Because of that, I'd spent all of yesterday unpacking and organizing. Basically running around like a chicken with my head cut off before collapsing onto my lovely double sized bed at midnight. And then I’d slept for eight solid hours.Yeah. Eight blissful, dead-to-the-world hours.And I'm still dragging like I haven't slept a single wink.Hauling my ass out of bed this morning had been a monumental accomplishment on my part. I'd wanted to pick up my books at the campus bookstore before they ran out which actually happened to me freshman year. Unfortunately the line at the bookstore had been way longer than I’d anticipated which has now made me late for my ten o’clock business ethics class.I can't believe what a bunch of freaking procrastinators go to this school!I, on the other hand, have a completely legitimate reason for waiting until the
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Chapter six
As if this guy has any wrong places...Because, trust me, he doesn’t.I'm seriously starting to feel light headed over here. Like I need to sit down and put my head between my knees just so I can breathe through this whole ordeal. That’s when I notice the huge brown stain marring that perfectly chiseled chest of his. His jeans, which seem to be riding rather low on his lean hips, are also dripping with my chilled coffee as well.This feels like one of those horrendous first-day-of-school nightmares that people jolt awake from in an icy cold sweat. Then, once they realize it's nothing more than a terrible dream, they fall back against their pillows in relief.Except this is actually happening to me.Which makes it, like, a thousand times worse.I'm just about to open my mouth and stutter out yet another lame apology, when I hear, "Hey, King, what the hell happened to you?"Hearing those words thankfully breaks the strange spell that has fallen over me at the sight of him as I blink my
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Chapter seven
It takes all of five minutes for me to bust through the heavy doors of Adler Hall which is one of the business buildings here on campus. I glance at my schedule. Room 305. Quickly I jog up two flights of stairs before heading down a long echoing corridor until I finally find the room. It's a small class. Probably around twenty-four students since this is a higher level business course.Luckily, the professor is still talking with a student at the front of the room and hasn't officially started class. Breathing out a heavy sigh of relief, I slide into a desk at the far side of the room and drop my bag to the floor before repositioning my sunglasses on top of my head. I'm winded and still feeling frazzled by what just happened with that guy.But that's over with now. Other than to fantasize about that amazing chest of his (probably late at night when I'm feeling sexually frustrated), I never want to think about him or the whole mortifying incident ever again.As far as I’m concerned, it
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Chapter eight
"That’s Roan King, a senior. He's a football playing god who red shirted his freshman year. But he was such a stud on the field, that he's been a first string wide receiver ever since he was a sophomore." She leans towards me as if she's about to reveal top secret information no one else on campus is privy to. Getting caught up in the moment, I angle my body towards her as if I'm all ears. Which apparently I am."Word is he'll be entering the draft in January even though he could play here at Barnett for another year." Her eyes dance with unmitigated excitement as if she has a personal stake in that actually occurring. Then she sighs rather dreamily, "And just look at him, he's totally gorgeous."My gaze slides to the eye candy currently being discussed. She’s right, he’s definitely gorgeous. But I'd also lay odds he's a cocky douchebag player as well. I mean, come on, he's a football player. Who looks like some kind of freaking Adonis."If you're interested," she gives me a look that
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Chapter nine
Seriously, how much skill can something like that possibly take? It's not like executing a perfect pirouette or adage or ballonne pas, for goodness sake. That takes years of relentless practice and dedication.So even though I don't know Roan King personally, he's obviously someone to steer clear of. And not that Mr. Football has any interest in me whatsoever, but after what happened with Finn last year, I have zero interest in getting tangled up with another jerk.I mean jock.Especially some football playing Neanderthal who obviously thinks he's god's gift to the female population of Barnett University.Ugh.Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll pass.A proposition of a sexual nature from the likes of Roan King… I accept! KingOfCampus.comWith my head bent forward, my caramel colored hair falls over my face like a thick curtain, shielding it from view. Tapping my foot nervously, I wait until Mr. Abs of Steel swaggers his way up front to speak with the professor. Just as I’m about to make a br
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Chapter ten
I’m really not.What he says to them, I have no idea. I see his lips moving and then the crowd reluctantly disperses before he closes the distance separating us. The way he carries his powerful body has all the saliva in my mouth instantly drying. He’s just so big and muscular. So unexpectedly graceful. I wish I didn’t appreciate the beautiful lines of his sharply defined body but I can’t seem to help myself. As he jogs towards me, shards of inky colored hair fall over those brightly sparkling eyes. When he’s about two feet from me, he finally slows to a stop before flicking a jet black chunk of hair out of the way.The look he aims in my direction is so well honed I nearly gasp.Oh… this guy is completely dangerous. And he’s clearly aware of the effect he has on the opposite sex.That’s for damn sure.I’m pretty sure my eyes flare open to the point of popping right out of my head. “Are you actually suggesting we go back to my place for a few hours and have,” I pause as my voice lower
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