His Mafia Princess

His Mafia Princess

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WARNING!( MATURE ) "Are you touching yourself?" he voices in a husky murmur startling the hell out of me. I hastily sit up and look at his amused face, "N..no" I stutter in embarrassment. "Let me see" Carl crouches in front of me and grab my hand to inspect my wet fingers. Kayla is a Santino's american mafia princess.In the world of guns,an enemy is bound to knock on your door anytime. What happens when her fathers enemy knocks on their door? And what happens when kayla learns that she's betrothed to a ruthless italian mafia boss Carl Moreno? Also known as the sex-god. And to add on that,a man of many enemies . Join me to find out

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84 Chapters
Chapter 1
Kayla Santino.(Trigger warning:mention of rape and abuse)I revised my blonde wig in my car's mirror to make sure everything is in position. I want this mission to go as accurate as possible. My green lens goes well with the wig and with the heavy make-up added to my face, I look completely different.He won't recognise me. I painted my lips a deep red to add to my made-up look, and no doubt it's eye-catching. My red little dress is long enough to cover the holster holding my gun and my switchblade knives securely.The cold night air hits me with force making goosebumps appear on my soft skin as I exit the comfort of my car. Adjusting my black long coat, I make my way to 'Moreno's Den' a club known for VIPs from the mafia and other famous business moguls. It's no place for the less fortunate, perfect for doing dirty because no one gives a fuck.I majestically step into the club with slow calculated steps making sure to add a sway on my hips as I examine the environment. My heels cl
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Chapter 2
(Warning! Mention of Violence, gore, blood..proceed with caution)Kayla Santino He barely closed the door before attacking my body with nasty kisses. The empty dark room brings me a sense of Deja Vu and I struggle to locate the switch to put the lights on."Easy there big boy, we have all night to ourselves" I mumble seductively and he reluctantly stops kissing me but he keeps his dirty hands all over my body."I can't help it when you're this hot" he glances at my body up and down licking his chapped lips with lust clear in his dark eyes. It makes me feel so dirty but I gotta do what I have to, to lure him into my trap."This hotness is only yours tonight. Be a good boy for me and get on the bed, I like taking care of my men" I whisper in his ear slowly biting my lip and he stumbles hurriedly to the bed.Stupid.I slowly take my coat off, exposing my little red dress and his eyes almost bulge out. I know am already naked in his mind and it causes my body to form goosebumps.I take sl
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Chapter 3
Kayla.I wake up screaming like every other morning. My body is all sweaty and tired, also add a headache that.Great.Taking a lot of water and painkillers every morning has become my often thing to do. I just wish I had other ways of dealing with this, I want to be normal again. I crave my old self and am gonna get that back even if it's the last thing I do.I just need a little more time. They say time heals, so am giving time an opportunity, I sigh dragging myself to the bathroom for my morning routine.Yesterday I arrived at midnight and my dad was worriedly waiting for me. I know he doesn't agree with me and my thirst for revenge, he feels like it's his responsibility to take care of me, but am a grown-ass woman now and this is my fight. I want to be the one to make them pay.He feels responsible for what happened and blames himself for it. Every time I scream and wake up from nightmares the look in his eyes makes my heart clench. It hurts him to see me this way but there is noth
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Chapter 4
Kayla" The leader of the scorpions will be at club zero and I want you to bring him to me, unharmed," my dad says arranging endless papers on his desk." What time" I enquire" 6 in the evening, take Thomas with you" he sighs" Okay dad, I will" I assure him.The scorpions are a small gang in town. My dad does supply them with drugs and guns but lately, they have been misbehaving. Taking stuff and failing to pay on time pisses my dad off, so he needs to have a little chat with the leader. We both know what the 'little' chat means.Being a mafia princess is nothing like walking in the park and spending daddy's money. I Am trained to be a leader and how to handle business and go on every mission alongside my father. I specialise in knives and guns and am very good at it, perks of training for a long time. So in case,e my dad is not around, business goes on just fine.He trusts me with small missions like this one and so far I haven't failed him, am practically his heiress so I have to
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Chapter 5
The chilly morning of new york city does nothing to soothe my skin, which is drizzling with sweat as I aggressively hit the punching bag. My breath comes out in pants and I feel my strength fading away.The sky is covered with dark grey clouds, the aftermath of yesterday's storm. I found myself in the gym at 5 am and I have been hitting this bag relentlessly for an hour now. My fists are bloody but that doesn't stop me. I need more and am getting exactly that. But sadly, none of the hits makes any effort to lessen the rage dwelling in my soul.The pain and strain from my knuckles make me release a guttural grunt, but I hit harder almost breaking them when I remember about the fucked up roses and notes in my room.Everything happening around me is fucking my brains out."That's enough princess" my dad who's been watching me silently, firmly warns and clasps my arms to stop further punches. I wonder when he sleeps because every time I wake up he's always there." You need to take car
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Chapter 6
Carlos Moreno.I hate it. I hate that he had to be my brother.It started when we were young. The Moreno grandchildren were born twins with Rico being the elder twin while I was the younger.As we grew up, we learnt about the alliance. That the heir of Moreno's was betrothed to the Santino princess. At that time, I didn't think much about it because it was a norm that the firstborns were made heirs. It happens in a lot of families, elder children always take over family businesses when they reach the right age or become responsible enough.My brother and I had no problems growing up until when we were 18, and Rico started behaving differently. By then, we haven't met her yet because it was to happen only after the heir was chosen.My grandfather liked me more than Rico. Obviously, when you have two things you'll have one you prefer more than the other. That made my brother insecure and he started seeing me more of a threat than a brother.At age twenty, his behaviour become worse a
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Chapter 7
Kayla Santino.It's clear Carl has something that am not supposed to know. I look him dead in the eye and he stares blankly right back at me. I glance at the gun in his hand for the last time and leave the cell without saying a word.I know nothing about Carl, totally nothing and whatever he's hiding I will find out. Even if it means befriending his best friend's boyfriend. We have one thing in common, we both get what we want, and am gonna dig out his secrets one by one because he's not willing to open up.I just can't blindly walk into a marriage with him without knowing everything about him. I will have to know everything, all his dirty secrets before saying I do."Dad" I call out to my father when I reach the sitting room where he and other men are talking about whatever men talk about."Yes honey, you need anything?" he asks curiously bringing his attention to me."Am going out" I announce kissing him on the cheekHe seems sceptical but nods anyway" Take Thomas with you and be
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Chapter 8
Kay"You are going soft Ace, and I don't like it one bit" a familiar voice scolds my father harshly."Am not soft okay, I just wanted to be there for her. She needs me dad" my father tries to make him understand " Why are Grayson and his men still alive? he should be gone already. You didn't even tell me, I had to find out from Marcello" the voice becomes exaggeratedly louder"Because I knew what you would have done father, it was a wrong time to start a war and that's what you would have done" " There is never a wrong or right time for war Ace, as long as that person messes with my princess" grandpa argues "It's a wrong time for me when my daughter needs me. I will always choose her before war father""Don't worry am here to do your job for you, you should have just told me when it happened" he sighs lowering his voice.Wow! Grandfather has always been so hard on my father. Always expect too much from him and I hate how he pushes him around. I love my dad so much because he's th
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Chapter 9
Kayla Santino.Fuck. I pull on my hair in frustration.This person must be in this house. There is no way my grandpa came from Italy with that note in the cookies. This must be someone from this house and I will find out who. Starting with planting secret cameras in my room.They will regret messing up with me, no matter what their reasons are.I toss the cookies away because I can't eat them anymore. Who knows, maybe they got them poisoned.I furiously march out of my room to the Thomas's. I need to start seeking answers.I open the door without knocking to find him watching tv, relaxed like he is not making my life miserable. Am sure you put that note in my cookies and here you are pretending as if nothing happened, I grit out internally glaring at him."You want anything princess" motherfucker acts startled. I know he knew I was coming. Fuck face. Wait until I have evidence. We're going to have a very long interesting talk."Yes, I forgot to buy heels to go with my dress, plea
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Chapter 10.
Kayla Santino.I have to tell theo about the flowers in my room. I will do it after the ball though.He offers to take me home and as we ascend the stairs, Carl sits up straighter and pushes the woman from his lap when he sees me. Too late Carlos.So he knows what he's doing is wrong?"Princess!" he sounds surprised getting up from his seat but I don't give him attention. Theo holds my hand leading me outside instead. I really appreciate his gesture."Hold up" Carl firmly snaps making theo freeze in his steps. He walks to us followed closely by a scowling Sam. I find that serious face scary as fuck."Leave us" he commands and everyone leaves the room, I silently watch and wait for him to talk."Hi," he says scratching the back of his neck. Seriously dude?"What is It Carl?" I ask in a tired voice."Why didn't you tell me you were coming over " Is that even a question human?"Why? so you'll get enough time to push the bitch from your lap" I spit harshly and he looks away with guil
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