The Perfect Rejection

The Perfect Rejection

By:  Chris Kelley  Ongoing
Language: English
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His face turned to stone, and he grabbed my arm, dragging me into the janitor's closet. "I, Derek Thayne, reject Roxanne Meyers as my mate," he spat, and I snarled. "I accept your rejection." *** Alphas always have to be careful when it comes to their children; they are the perfect targets to the pack's enemies. No one was prepared though when the rogues attacked the Black River Pack and kidnapped the Alpha and his family. For months they were tortured, focusing mostly on the youngest child: Roxanne Meyers. Roxanne endured the abuse for months, constantly reminding herself that she was the daughter of an Alpha, that they would not break her. But one day she had no choice but to succumb to their demands. She returned to a pack that hated her; she killed their Alpha and Luna. Even her older brother turned on her. She became the lowest ranking wolf in the pack: the omega. Every attempt to escape the pack's abuse failed and her only hope was to find her mate. But her mate was none other than Derek Thayne, the son of the Alpha who took over following her parents' deaths. After accepting his rejection, she escaped to a nearby pack with the help of her new Alpha. She was thriving and rising up the ranks in her new pack. But unfortunately for Roxanne, Derek was far from finished with his rejected mate. And he wasn't going to let the threat of war stand in his way.

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13 Chapters
I knew the 'worst day of your life' was supposed to be relative, but, what would you call it when every single day seemed to be the worst day of your life? Normal, I guess. His slap left a harsh sting across my cheek. I fell back hard onto my tailbone, pressing my hand to my face to relieve some of the burning. My eyes were watering but I blinked back the tears. He hated it when I cried. "I apologize Gamma, it won't happen again," I gritted out, locking my eyes onto his shoes. My head was bowed so low that my neck was starting to ache. "I know it won't," he sneered. He grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked me upward. I cried out at the pain that shot through my scalp; my hands grappled with his to relieve some of the pressure but he was moving too fast. I struggled to stay standing as he dragged me through the hallway of the pack house. Tears ran down my face as I put pressure on my foot—there was no way it wasn't broken at this point. My eyes flew wide when we approached a he
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"You stupid slut, why haven't you died already?" It took everything I had to not roll my eyes at the way she flipped her hair. It was like she thought talking to an omega made her superior somehow. I clenched my jaw and turned away, desperately trying to ignore her and her ridiculous posse of wolves. I made it only a few steps before someone grabbed my arm. I turned, then a hand cracked across my face. My butt hit the linoleum floor and I heard the cafeteria go dead silent. I felt my lip split open and a strangled gasp escaped my throat. I looked up to see our future Alpha glaring at me distastefully. My hand flew up to touch my bleeding lip and I crawled back a little, fear pounding through me. "How dare you disrespect your future Luna?" he snarled. I immediately dropped my gaze to the floor and bowed my head deeply in submission. "I apologize Alpha, and Luna for my disrespect," I whimpered, his presence making my shoulders hunch over in defeat. "Now make yourself scarce before
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The second the bell rang, I rushed out of the classroom. I darted into the girls' bathroom, praying he was not mad enough to follow me. I sat down on the floor and hugged my knees to my chest. I buried my face in my knees and took deep breaths to try to calm myself. "Did you really think hiding in here would work?" The terror siezed me completely and suddenly I couldn't stop shaking. "Liam, please don't," I whispered, my voice breaking. "You are a pathetic, worthless omega, you deserve everything I give you!" He snarled, grabbing my hair and yanking me to my feet. "You took everything from me, you're the reason they're naming Derek tonight and not me!" "They were my parents too, it isn't my fault they're gone," I sobbed. He smacked me hard across the face and my cries grew louder. I tasted blood in my mouth and gagged. He let go of my hair but not before shoving my head against the tile wall. "It is your fault, you were the one who killed them." I could barely see and I was on
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"You ready to tell me what the hell they did to you in that pack?" Alpha Harke asked me for the third day in a row. "No," I replied and shoved a forkful of eggs into my mouth. I nearly moaned at the taste. It was delicious, but I could only eat a few bites before I was full. "Roxanne you have to tell me eventually," he urged. My nose wrinkled. "Fine," I growled, roughly tossing my fork onto my plate. I stood up and put my dishes in the sink before sitting down on the couch. "Alpha Harke—" I started to say as he sat down beside me but he cut me off. "Just call me Xavier," he chuckled, a small smile on his lips. "Sorry, Xavier, look I—" I paused, rubbing my temples with a groan of frustration. "I have no idea how to talk about this. It's a really long story and it doesn't make much sense." He leaned over to rest his elbows on his knees. "Just start at the beginning Roxanne, I have all the time in the world right now. I just want to know who you are and why you were trying to escap
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"Ow! Daniel that fucking hurts, cut it out!" I growled, swatting his hand away from my leg. "Well sorry, I need to check how well it's healing. And since it still hurts I'm guessing it's not healing as fast as Sara hoped," he muttered. I glared at him and stood up from the couch. He immediately moved to help me but stopped when I growled at him. "I can walk just fine on my own," I snapped and he raised his hands up in surrender. "Calm down Rox. What's up with you? You've been really short with everyone for the past few days, what's wrong?" He asked gently. "It's my wolf," I admitted. "Is she bothering you?" He asked. I bit my cheek as my mind veered back to all those years ago, the day I shifted for the first time. "He." "What?" He looked at me with eyes full of confusion. "My wolf's a he," I told him. "Does Xavier know about this?" Daniel asked and I shook my head. "You realize you're going to have to tell him, right?" I nodded slowly, letting out a tired sigh. "Ye
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I slammed my head against the stone floor as hard as I could. The pain that immediately bloomed across my forehead was nothing compared to the agony ripping through my skull and tearing down my spine. A scream escaped my lips, tears relentlessly streaming down my face. "Please," I sobbed, "Just make it stop." I clawed at my head, desperately willing the pain to end. "Roxie, stop fighting it." I looked up at Xavier; he was kneeling in front of me, his face screwed up in pain as he watched. "Make it stop please," I begged. I could barely breathe. "Just stop it please, I can't do this." He held my face, his thumb gently running along my skin. "Come on little wolf, you're so close this time, I can't force you through this again." He pressed a kiss onto my temple and another sob racked through my chest. "I wish I could take the pain away, I'm so sorry Roxie." He said he would do this as many times as I asked him to, but the tortured look on his face told me it might kill him to do it e
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If Xavier walked in, he would see everything. The steam slightly obscured the view through the glass shower door a little but I still found myself glancing over every few seconds. He just turned on the water and then disappeared, leaving me to strip down and scrub the blood from my skin by myself. I had no idea how to describe the feeling that had settled in my stomach. I was so worried he'd come back but I was also a little disappointed that he left so quickly. What did you expect him to do? I paused a little at the sound of my wolf's voice in my head. Well I don't know, he sounded like he was going to help me clean the blood off, I murmured. If you didn't seem more frightened than a cornered rabbit, then he might have, he scoffed. Ouch. "Roxanne?" My head snapped up and I covered myself in panic but Xavier was still outside the bathroom. "Yeah?" I called. "You okay in there? It's been almost 40 minutes." I bit my cheek. "I'm okay, the water just felt nice," I mumbled, earni
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They're everywhere. I can smell them and feel them―oh my Goddess. I could hear snarling and shouting and the sound of snapping bones. My skin was crawling under their rough hands. They left sticky trails of blood behind and the sensation forced bile into my throat. "Help me please," I sobbed but a firm hand curled around my arm just as the words left my mouth. My pulse throbbed in my temples and my fingers were going numb. I flailed, desperately trying to get the hands off but they just kept grabbing. It felt like I was drowning. A hand firmly gripped my jaw and the growl that sounded as my head was forced upwards startled me. I jolted, the rogues' hands disappearing almost instantly as my eyes snapped open. My chest was heaving and I felt like I couldn't get enough air in but it didn't matter. They were gone. "Roxanne? You with me?" Xavier's voice echoed in my ears and I closed my eyes again, curling in on myself. He saw all of it. "I'm with you," I murmured. His grip on my jaw t
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I couldn't find the right words so I remained silent. I chewed on the inside of my cheek as Xavier scooped me up into his arms and held me tight against his chest. I kept my arms wrapped tightly around myself, letting my head rest against his shoulder as I tried to ignore the tingling in my extremities. My hands started to grow sweaty as he carried me up the stairs, past my bedroom . . . and into his. He went directly to his bathroom and my stomach flipped when he put me down so that I was sitting on the counter. He grabbed a washcloth from a cabinet and ran it under the faucet. Just as I went to ask what he was doing, he brought the towel up to my face and I flinched as he ran it over my cheek. He paused. "Is this okay?" I swallowed down the fear creeping back up my throat and gave him a tiny nod. There was nothing but focus as he cleaned the blood off of my face before moving to my arms and my hands. I had no clue how to process the emotions barreling through my mind. My wolf w
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Important Note
Please make sure to check the trigger warnings listed in chapter one. This story contains mature content and gruesome scenes that may be triggering to some individuals. This list is not fully comprehensive of all the content in this book, please contact me or visit the reviews page if you would like more information. If you have suggestions or would like to add a trigger/warning that is not included in the list, please contact me or leave a comment here so I can add it as quickly as possible. TW List: verbal/emotional abuse, physical violence, sexual content, cnc/forced consent, non-consensual/sexual assault, torture, suicide, self-harm
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