Blooded and Tamed: Ways to Love an Ice Queen

Blooded and Tamed: Ways to Love an Ice Queen

By:  Kittylovely  Ongoing
Language: English
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In the legend she was meant to be cold and unfeeling, a killing machine only meant to destroy and kill and the two races knew this and was more than ready to use her for their selfish reasons. She was meant to be the doom of the whole universe, until she met him…and became his doom instead.

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5 Chapters
Chapter One
The sounds of heels resounded through the surrounding as a pair of fair legs made its way across the hall in quick motion. Reaching a particular door, the entire movements stopped and the surrounding became hush once more; a pale hand was stretched out forth and was placed on the door as if carefully caressing it.Suddenly, the door started vibrating as ice stretched across the door’s body and soon encapsulated it.“Shatter” A soft, cool voice carefully stated and the next minute the door crumbled into various irregular clusters of ice, falling to the floor and shattered into a million uncountable pieces.The owner of the voice made its way to the interior of the door and in view came a most beautiful garden, with many brilliant flowers which seemed rather asleep due to the time.Tangling vines, falling petals of flowers and reflection of the most beautiful pond by the night’s moonlight made the garden so ethereal that eternity seemed like a little time to spend in it.The person howe
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Chapter Two
There wasn’t a single exchange of words, there was not a change in expression of either of the duo and only the soft whisper of Isdis could be heard as she commanded. “Downwards” And without a single hesitation, Khary let go of the princess. From the height they were in, any fragile mortal could break a few bones when landed but Khary was everything but worried about the princess for he knew her strength. Gonnord looked upwards at the falling figure of the princess whose eyes was closed as her milky long lashes fell over them, her hair beautiful platinum hair with strips of black which was tied in two ponytails on both sides fluttered fiercely as the wind bated it around. Indeed Princess Isdis was a beauty, with such a graceful beauty that made any fall at first sight marriage would have never been a problem for her. She could have been able to marry anyone she wanted and even if she despised marriage, with the great power and intelligence she had shown over the years, it seemed
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Chapter Three
Isdis parted her eyes and was greeted with the sight of a homely barn, in an instant she gasped as she jolted upwards in shock. “Khary…!” “I am here my lady, don’t be anxious for I am here and will forever be at your aid throughout my living” Khary said with a hum while placing a cup of brewed herbs before Isdis “What is it with you, I only required an answer and not an oath” Isdis said tiredly while taking up the herb and sniffing it curiously “What is this?” “Jasmine flowers, helps keep the body warm and quite delicious” Khary explained like a professional chef “Hmm, where are we?” Isdis asked again while glancing around as she sipped her tea “Delicious” she muttered “Is it not? We are on an abandoned barn in the far mountainous regions of the Kingdom of Florence, just like your map stated that we should be in” Khary said “You flew all the way to this location? Are you not weakened?” Isdis asked worriedly “Indeed, I was overwhelmed with tiredness as I stopped at this sit
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Chapter Four
The world was divided into two, one side inhabited by vampires and another inhabited by humans. Peace had never been a statement in the ancient’s days between this two creatures and both seeked control over the other.After more than a thousand years of war and bloodshed, a treaty was finally formulated and peace was finally able to uphold only at a very unfavourable deal with the humans.As humans were the weaker of the two, they had no choice but to give up to 65% of everything to vampires and take the rest and no matter how unfavourable this was, they were burdened to accept it as their side was the most affected during the war.Peace was established although on a very thin thread that might snap anytime, the humans were not happy and the vampires knew that, at this they were more than ready for war at any time.A question of why inter-marriage couldn’t have been done by both sides to establish a firm treaty could have been posed but it was in the knowledge of all that intercourse
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Chapter Five
Chapter Five Darkness enveloped everywhere like a curtain and not even a single iota of light could be seen, it was the type of darkness that swallowed every detail leaving nothing but emptiness to the eyes except…on human eyes that is. Khary glared at space as his red eyes shone ever so brightly, the darkness not even close to dimming its maleficence. He growled deep from his throat like an animal as he tried as much as he could to break off the chains that bound him. “….ah!” Khary gasped as his powers which he had wanted to use and shatter the damn chains were enforced back at him. He roared in rage as he went insane the next minute, pulling and dragging at the chains with all his strength. Even after hours he still was at it, continuously trying to break free from this prison…just like before back then. ‘I have to get back to Isdis, she might be in danger!’ Khary thought as he put all his mind into breaking the damn chains. It was then that the door opened and someone came in,
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