Taming The Ruthless Alpha

Taming The Ruthless Alpha

By:  Bella Cupid  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You got it all wrong redhead",Drake said in a deep husky voice, taking slow steps towards Raven until she was pinned to the wall. He leaned closer to her and placed his hands on either sides of her head, his hazel eyes burning with so much intensity. His lips were just a few inches away from her ears and his hot breath made her shiver. "I don't do love. I devour". Raven looked up at him defiantly, green eyes flashing with rebellion. "Go on then",she said boldly. "Try to devour me". Raven Donovan has always been a rebel and an independent woman. Smart and sassy, sarcastic, classy and beautiful with a body that drove men insane, she had all her life planned out and wouldn't stop until she reaches the highest peak of success. She is swept off her feet when she meets the talk of the town. Alpha Drake Jordan. Ruthless and cold-hearted, Drake believes in only three things. Dominance. Power. Wealth. He has no time for anything else, and definitely no time for women. He doesn't do love. When he meets Raven, a flame is sparked up in him. Her rebellious attitude and boldness rears up his interest for the first time. He feels challenged and will stop at nothing to dominate her until she melts in his arms. Raven who has lived a perfect life all along is thrown into a sea of the supernatural, discovering things she never knew existed. She feels herself drowning in the eyes of the Alpha, her resolve melting with his hot kisses and burning touches. When Ruthless meets Rebel, what happens? Raven is determined to tame the cold-hearted lycan while Drake will stop at nothing to dominate the fiery tempest until she falls at his feet.

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18 Chapters
Chapter 1:Contracted Relationship
Raven Donovan exited the building where she worked as the assistant director to a loan firm. A few person's waved to her as she walked passed them, while some called out to her. "See you tomorrow Raven" "Good night Raven". Raven just smiled at them without saying a word. Truth be told, she never stopped to talk with these people. And they only befriended her so they could get a little favour from her, due to her high status. She continued round the large building towards the parking lot where her sweet mustang was waiting for her. Even after a hard day's work, she still looked absolutely fresh. Her bright red hair was still neatly clipped behind her ears, trailing down her back in a river of fiery waves. Her well tailored two-piece suit clung to her luscious body enticingly, without a single crease. Two inches stiletto heels rapped hard on the concrete floor as she walked briskly to her car. She held a file and her little purse in one hand while
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Chapter 2:Go on then, Devour me.
Raven froze. Her eyes widened and her hand tightened unconsciously over her purse. She didn't know her presence had been exposed. Her heart beat wildly in her chest and she gulped. She began to regret her decision to eavesdrop. She would have just gone home when she had the chance. Now what would people think of her when they heard she had been caught eavesdropping? She who was admired by all the staffs in the company? It would be a stain and a scandal to her reputation. She remained where she stood, hoping they would forget about her and leave. No such luck. "Miss?",Perry called out. "You need to come out this instant". Suddenly Raven frowned. So what if she had been eavesdropping? It was a natural thing to do. It wasn't everyday you got to see your favourite movie star begging to be loved by a cold-hearted man who was so good looking. Raven palmed her head in annoyance. What the hell was wrong with her? Shaking her head in resignation, she stepped out from the car she had be
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Chapter 3:Just who was this man?
"What did you just say?",Drake asked in disbelief. "You heard me",Raven said and squared her shoulders. "Devour me". Perry finally felt pity for the woman. She really had no idea whom she was addressing. If she did, she wouldn't speak so defiantly to him. "Are you aware of what you're asking me redhead?",Drake asked and leaned closer to her. His face was just a few inches away from her and he could perceive the lavender scent on her skin. Lavender and honey. It was the sweetest scent he had ever perceived. His eyes darkened as desire shot through him. This woman did things no other woman had ever done to him. "What? Surprised?",Raven asked with a smug look. "You just told me you don't do love. You devour. So go on, try and devour me". Drake simply stared at the woman in front of him. She really had no idea what she was asking. He could see that she was just teasing. "Don't take my words for a joke redhead",he said softl
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Chapter 4:Friendly Dinner
Raven drove into the garage of her home and turned off the engine. She grabbed her purse and keys, snatched up her cell phone and iPad and got down from the car. She pushed the door close with her foot and walked towards the front door. "Welcome back beautiful". Wilson, her nextdoor neighbor said from the apartment beside hers. Wilson had been giving her obvious greenlights of his interest in her but she chose to ignore it. She wasn't ready for a relationship. She had goals, dreams to realize. She had plans to be at the top of the ladder of success before she decided to settle down. She was just twenty five. She still had five more years to actualize her dreams before she thought of considering any man's offer. "Hello Wilson",she said to him. "Got back pretty late today",Wilson said. He was in his early thirties with blonde hair and brown eyes. Raven found herself comparing him with the stranger she saw today. Wilson wasn't as tall and as muscular as he was and... "Raven!" Rave
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Chapter 5:The strange woman at the parking lot
Drake stepped down the minute Perry stopped the car beside the Pack house. "Alpha...",Perry began but was cut short by Drake's sharp reply. "I need a run. And I need to be alone". He turned away and hunched his back. Bones creaked loudly and separated, breaking down and forming into something else. His limbs slowly gave way to muscular furry arms. His hind legs transformed and thick sharp claws emerged, curling over the earth. A long furry tail appeared behind him and his size increased as his transformation slowly completed. His eyes transformed, became two glowing pools of moonlight. His fangs gleamed in the dimness of the day. Finally a large black wolf stood in his place, fur glistening in the fading light of the setting sun. The wolf turned his head and glanced at Perry, mind linking him. [don't wait up for me. and don't come looking for me] The order was clear. The Alpha clearly wanted to be alone. [yes Alpha], Perry said and watched as the black wolf bounded away, disapp
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Chapter 6:It was Him.
Raven arrived at work the next day in a rotten mood. Her face was a mask of rage as she slammed her car door shut. She flicked her hair which she left wild over her shoulders sharply and walked towards the building. Her heels rapped hard on the ground as she sailed past the secretary at the lobby, not even bothering to respond to the young woman's greeting. The other workers made way for her as the stalked up to the elevator. No one tried to strike a conversation with her. They all knew Raven. When she was in her killer mood, they steered clear. They watched as she punched the button on the elevator that would take her to her office and everyone seemed to hold their breathes until the doors shut. The elevator doors slid shut. And they all spoke at once. "She's gonna erupt soon..." "I wonder who ruffled her feathers..." "So rude to everyone..." "Maybe her boyfriend broke up with her..." "She doesn't have a boyfriend..." The large lobby was a riot of conversation as each worke
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Chapter 7:He's here!
Raven's eyes widened in shock. It was him. The man from the parking lot the previous day. She snatched the phone out of Stacey's hand and brought it closer to have a better look. It was definitely him. There was no mistaking it. She stared at the picture, her eyes going over every single detail of it. He was dressed in a tux, perfectly tailored to his body. Just as it had been the other day. His hair was a riot of waves, looking tousled by the wind. He had on a pair of dark sunshades, and his lips was lifted in a flirty smile, giving him that playboy look. The picture had been captured as he stepped down from a sleek looking Rolls Royce phantom. Raven looked harder at the picture. She took in the dark tux, the immaculate inner white, the smooth black suede shoes, the sleek car. It all made perfect sense to her now. The picture had been taken just yesterday. She was sure he had probably been heading back home when she saw him at the parking lot. "Stacy? Was this new director
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Chapter 8:Pompous Bastard
"I thought you wanted all your schedules to be cancelled for today",Perry said as he navigated the sleek car towards the company. Staring outside the tinted windows, Drake observed the crowd of reporters that raced after the moving car, trying to get a picture of him with their numerous cameras, recorders and microphones. His eyes were vacant, lost in thought. Last night hadn't gone smoothly for him with his dreams filled images of the redhead woman. It made him furious because he couldn't figure out why she remained in his memories. She was like a drug in his system and he couldn't get her out."Just drive to the company Perry",he said. "It's time the workers know they have not only a new director, but a new Chairman"."I'm still surprised you bought the company",Perry said. "You didn't have to do that"."Well, since we will be spending a lot of time in the human world, why not?",Drake said and leaned his head back on the headrest. He was silent until they got to the company and the
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Chapter 9:Relationship Contract
Raven arrived at the front of Drake's office and knocked twice. She waited impatiently for him to grant her entrance. It irked her so much that she had to humble herself to knock first. When Master O'Connell, the former director had been here, everything moved smoothly. But with this new man, it all changed. She wouldn't be able to take the one month leave she planned to take to visit her grandmother. She was just so angry at the sudden change of everything.After what seemed like ages, she heard the same smooth deep voice."Come in"Raven yanked the door open and entered the largest office in the company. She had dreamt every night of working here as the director some day. She had been so close to achieving it. And just when she was getting close to her dream of becoming the director, Drake Jordan had to buy the Firm. Could fate be anymore cruel?"You asked to see me Master Jordan",Raven said in a cold official voice.Drake was sitting behind the large mahogany desk, in an equally la
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Chapter 10:Irresistibly Dangerous
Raven watched in dismay as the woman was led into the office with Perry behind her. Her eyes widened at the woman who walked in.Caroline Wallace? What was the problem with all these movie stars? Did they really agree to sign a contract just to date a man who would never love them in return?Just like Eleanor Manchester, Caroline Wallace was a famous movie star. She was part of those first class elites and people fought to have a glimpse of them. Who would have thought Caroline would be secretly signing a contract to date someone like Drake? This was what they did. And then to the public, when people saw them together, they wouldn't know a relationship Contract had been signed."Drake darling",Caroline said in her sultry voice. She was dressed in a tight fitting black gown with a deep cut at the neckline. Her auburn hair was swept over one shoulder and her entire face was caked with makeup. Her blue eyes raked over Raven and dismissed her instantly."I came here as soon as I could. Did
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