Noah, an Omega's story

Noah, an Omega's story

By:  Abigail Phillips  Updated just now
Language: English
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*Trigger warning.. This book contains, rape, abuse and torture ! * This is a book about an Omega named Noah.Noah, everyone's favorite feisty little white haired Omega from "A broken Alpha" series.Noah was rescued at the age of 11 by Alpha Thaddeus.Noah was tortured, raped and abused since the age of eight.He's terrified of everyone, especially Alphas. Watch how Noah goes from this frightened and severely abused. 11-year-old, to the feisty and strong omega, that everyone knows and loves. When Noah turns 21, he discovers his mate as an Alpha. It brings back all of his old Alpha fears. Will he be able to accept him or will he reject him? What happens when he's forced to go live with the Alpha?

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113 Chapters
Chapter 1
Third Person's POV He whimpered as he hangs from the chains. His poor little body aches from the beating. He can't even lift his head, he's just too weak. He hears the loud noises throughout the pack house. He hears screams and cries. He hears growling and things breaking. His body trembles, from the cold, from the pain and from fear. He has no idea what's going on, but the sounds are terrifying. He's never heard anything like this before. Not coming from throughout the entire packhouse. He whimpers again when he hears a loud bang coming from somewhere close. Somewhere on the same floor he's on. The growling is closer, the screams and cries are closer. It sounds like everyone's dying. Noah's so scared, his little body trembles even more as he hangs helplessly from the chains. He tries to lift his head, he manages to lift it a little, his eyes finally focus. He looks around, but all he can see is all the dried blood on the ground below him, his blood. There's so much of it, it's e
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Chapter 2 Thaddeus
Thaddeus's POV Two Betas going head to head. I watched as they grab each other, both trying to get the upper hand but it's quite obvious to me who's stronger. My beta, Xander. Xander smirks as the other Beta spins him around then slams him into the wall. Xander makes a strange sound as his body slams into the wall. I shake my head at this idiot of a brother. He's pretending to be hurt. He's having a little too much fun with this guy. He's letting him think he's stronger. Suddenly, Xander shrieks as the beta holds him by the throat while growling. Xander trembles, holding his hands up in surrender. "Please don't hurt me! I'm not very strong!" I watched the beta smile as he holds Xander by the throat. He pushes against my Beta then Xander arches an eyebrow at the Beta. The Beta growls again as he thrust his hips against him. "Oh dude, that's fucking gross!" Xander says before growling. He picks him up by the throat, then throws him across the room. Xander quickly wipes his pan
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Chapter 3 Thaddeus
Thaddeus's POV I stand outside the pack house, holding Noah as we wait for the caravan. I looks around, watching Xander and his warriors interact with some of the members that are slowly creeping out of their homes. Not everyone here is bad. But most of them are. I can see some standing behind a tree while peeking out at us. I can tell they're curious, they know their Alpha is dead. They're trying to figure out whether we mean them harm or not... If we are here to save them, or their next nightmare. But amongst those are also the ones that we're unsure of. Unsure which side they are on. Are they good people? Were they just doing the job they were told to do because their Alpha told them to? Or did they agree with what was going on and participate in all the horrible acts? These are the warriors that we were fighting, The ones we didn't kill but surrendered. They are the ones that are now walking around and smiling as they walk up to us, and thank us for killing the Alpha. I wa
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Chapter 4 Noah
Noah's POV I felt myself slowly waking up, but yet I wasn't. I know this is a dream. I was waking up inside a dream. A dream I'm sure I've had before. Waking up.... Not hanging from chains or being tied to the bench. Waking up not cramped inside of my little cabinet.... But instead, waking up in an actual bed. I'm 11 years old.... My father handed me over to the alpha when I was five. I barely remember what a real bed feels like. Even my father took away my bed shortly before my 5th birthday. But yet sometimes, I still dream of a bed. I dream of waking up in a nice, soft, warm, comfortable and cozy bed. I know that sounds like a silly dream... But it's always been my dream. That and someone who won't hurt me. Someone who would actually care about me. But I don't dream of that very often, and I know none of this will actually happen. I hope I don't wake up. So I take advantage of this dream, of this moment and nuzzle my face into the soft fluffiness of this pillow, practicall
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Chapter 5 Thaddeus
Thaddeus's POVThank goddess I have a great support system and I'm able to take some time off. I'm letting Xander and Marcus take over for a little while.... That is if Marcus doesn't try to kill Xander.Poor Marcus... Marcus has been the main focus of Xander's pranks and jokes.You would think the three of us were blood-related the way we bicker, fight but love each other like true blood brothers.I look over at this little sleeping form, the poor little guy passed out in the middle of a panic attack.I brought in some extra blankets and pillows so I can sleep on my chaise.I looked at him once more, it hurts my heart looking at him. His body is in such bad shape.The doctor came in while he was unconscious earlier. After he woke up nuzzling his pillow and blankets.The doctor came in to examine him while he was unconscious.He also hooked him up to an IV since he is extremely dehydrated. He also gave him a couple shots, some antibiotics to fight off the infection that he had on his b
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Chapter 6 Noah
Noah's POV I wake up to the smell of food. I wake up with my face buried in the pillow. I nuzzle into it for a moment before rolling over to see what I'm smelling. I roll over and the first thing I notice is I'm alone. That man isn't here anymore. I instantly remembered last night. He did things with the light, making little animals on the ceiling with the shadows. It was like magic! I've never seen anything like it. I was so mesmerized by it, my favorite was the bird. I've always loved birds. Many times, I've wished I could turn into a bird and fly away. The smell of the food brought me out of my thoughts. My nose flared as I tried to figure out where the smell was coming from. It didn't take me long to notice the tray sitting on the table next to me. I leaned over to look inside the bowl. It looks like soup of some sort. It smells amazing! There's also several bread rolls and orange juice sitting on the tray. My mouth instantly begins to water. I glanced around the room ag
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Chapter 7 Noah
Noah's POV"Hey little guy, wake up!"I hear the man's voice say and I Instantly startle awake. I whimper as I hold the blanket tight against me.Usually whenever I get woken up, it means something bad is going to happen.The alpha only ever woke me up when he came into the room to hurt me. Sometimes he wouldn't even wake me up to start. I would wake up to him doing it.My body trembled as my eyes filled with tears. I knew there was going to be a price to pay for that food."Hey calm down little one. I'm not going to hurt you. I just ran a bath for you and I actually don't know the last time you've even went to the bathroom.I thought I'd help you into the bathroom and into the tub."He said and I suddenly realized how full my bladder actually was.I was actually surprised, being that it's rare I actually get fed or given anything to drink, I hardly ever pee anymore.I look around, trying to figure out where I can go to the bathroom."Do you need a hand? I can carry you into the bathro
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Chapter 8 Noah
Thaddeus in pic aboveNoah's POVI felt as he very carefully wiped my back, going around the bandages carefully."I just linked the doctor, he should be here in a few minutes so we can change your bandages."He said as he reached forward and pulled the plug. He grabbed a towel then threw it over his shoulder, draping it across his front before reaching in and grabbing me.As soon as I was in his arms he wrapped the towel around me."There, nice and clean!" He said with a smile on his face as he carried me back into the bedroom. I immediately noticed the sheets have been changed.I suppose it was needed, I was filthy. I suddenly felt a little embarrassed at the thought that I dirtied his sheets."Here, Xander ran out and grabbed you some new clothes earlier.Can you put these on or do you need help?"He said as he handed me a stack of clothes. I looked at him for a moment before slowly reaching out.I took the clothes then brought them to my chest and began looking around."Well if you
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Chapter 9 Thaddeus
Thaddeus's POVThree... He woke up three times last night screaming and crying. I discovered the kid does have a voice.He was screaming, begging and pleading for that monster to stop hurting him. Scared the shit out of me!I thought someone was actually in here hurting him. The last time I heard his bloody screams, Zeus shifted instantly, putting a tear right in the middle of my chaise.Stupid mutt! I love that damn thing!Zeus shifted, growling as he frantically searched for the intruder. As soon as he discovered there was no one here, he jumped on the bed, then began licking his face.He woke up instantly. Once he realized where he was, he wrapped his little arms around Zeus's neck, burying his face in his fur as he broke down crying.His little body trembled, his shoulders shook as he cried so hard. I felt Zeus's chest rumble as he began to croonThe little boy calmed down almost instantly. His cries turned to little hiccups, those hiccups turned to little sniffles.When he pulled
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Chapter 10 Thaddeus
Thaddeus's POV This little guy has been here for 5 days now.... 5 days and I still can't get him to talk to me! But each day I feel like he's opening up a little more to me. He hardly flinches when I reach for him, although he still does but not as bad. Everyday we have movie time, and at night we do shadow puppets with the flashlight. That little thing really loves his birds that's for sure! And what he loves more than birds is Zeus! When he's tired, he'll pull on my shirt then point at my chest. It took me a while to understand what he wanted the first time he did it. It was actually quite cute, he was getting angry because I didn't understand what he wanted. He even growled at me but yet still refused to use his words. Oh my Goddess, I wish you guys could have heard that growl. The cutest little growl I've ever heard. It wasn't loud, or a full growl. I could definitely tell he was trying to suppress it, trying to make it quiet. But I still heard it. He gave me an angry
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