My Three Mates

My Three Mates

By:  ANNIETROUP1  Completed
Language: English
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When your bosses find out your husband abuses you and they take you to their home. Once there you get mind blowing and gentleness you never had. Will being werewolves make you leave or make them hotter. Abby must choose her happiness over a tragic past and safety for her daughters as well.

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114 Chapters
Chapter 1
I rushed into work with my hair down covering the big bruise he gave me this morning. I clocked in and ran to the bathroom to meet up with my friend Daisy Morgan. She knew what happened and how often my dick of a husband beat me. She was waiting with a makeup bag to help me cover the bruises that lined my face and neck. " sweetie you need to leave before he kills you". I sighed. " I tried, he always finds me and the beatings get worse. I'm so afraid he will start on the girls next", I mumble blinking back tears. He is my husband Mark Smith and my name is Abby Smith, Been married for twenty years and have two teenage daughters. I have worked at Cooper Co. for twelve years and none of my bosses know the hell I endure or the horrible home life I lead. My husband beats me almost daily and I take it cause he said he would hurt my girls if I resisted. A knock to the bathroom door makes us jump and a whimper leaves my mouth. "Abby you in there?" Shit my boss Jake Cooper was knocking an
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Chapter 2
After he picked me up Jake took off my shirt and panties. He was already naked and got into the tub with me. The warm water felt nice and I relaxed into his big body. I felt his huge hard cock against my lower back but I didn't move as he washed my hair and body. I was embarrassed as the others mumbled something about making food. I finally opened my eyes and looked up. Jake was looking down and smiling. This man never smiled and if he did it looked forced. "feeling better baby?" I was shocked and nodded. He smiled as I studied his face. The dimples, the white straight teeth and the gorgeous tan skin. His tattoos were so beautiful I wanted to touch him. I blushed as he washed my breast and rubbed his fingers over my hard nipples. I held in a moan as his hands went lower. He washed my body expertly and I got aroused from his touch. Tingles flooded my skin and I felt butterflies in my belly. Biting my lower lip I looked down at his big hands touching me and I moaned softly. " Baby
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Chapter 3
I felt like a whore as tears slid down my face. The three men looked concerned as Jake held me and cussed. " you two were too rough.....damn it I should kick your asses". Jared began to get upset and Matt looked ready to cry with me. I stopped and wiped my cheeks as all three looked heartbroken at my distraught state. I pulled Jared and Matt to me for a much needed hug and both quickly came and hugged me gently. "baby please if we hur...". I smiled sadly. "it's not that I just...well I never... I never had anything like this ever happen to me I feel like a whore", I shyly whisper feeling it deep down. "Baby, we have been wanting you for twelve years now. Since you started at the company we all wanted you. Fuck we watched you for years from a distance thinking you were happy with your sad excuse of a ex husband. Your so fucking beautiful and we want you all of you. This shit with your sorry ass husband has not deterred us one bit. You're not a whore and have never been or will be
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Chapter 4
So after eating to the point of puking we sat down to go over colors and decorating for the girl's rooms. Both loved earth tones and simple but pretty designs like me. I called them to find out how they were and what they wanted in their rooms. Both squealed after Jake took the phone and talked to them. He asked many questions and smiled at me. He would only buy the best and I heard about computers and television before he walked off. He got them what I couldn't afford. My oldest was worried I would get mad and he assured her I wouldn't. My youngest was quiet as Jake spoke to her. Finally she burst into sobs alarming me but Jake spoke soothing words and talked to her. She saw everything that the asshole did to me. Jake told her it was over no more worrying about that or fear of beatings cause he would never allow us harm anymore. At the end before saying love you and goodnight she was giggling and my heart soared. Jared went online and shopped for stuff but every time I tried to snea
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Chapter 5
I woke alone hungry and cold without my men. I heard arguing and being noisy I got up dressed and followed the voices to find my guys painting rooms for my girl. So much was done the colors looked incredible and glossy. I stood in the one room chuckling as they argued about how to paint properly. Matt was mad cause he showed them the right way his way apparently and neither listened. Jake wanted his way and Jared mumbled his way was right. It was incredibly funny watching three big men argue over wall color. "guys paint however you like I can assure you the girls will love whatever you do cause like me neither are picky or expect a lot. We value everything we get and get", I said blushing and giggling as Jared walked up and kissed my cheek. "Come baby, we got Rose's room done for now" I nodded and let him lead me to a beautiful room. He opened the door to a huge suite looking room and I was amazed at it. A big bathroom and walk in closet greeted me. The walls are what grabbed my ful
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Chapter 6
Jared made me look at him and a I finalyy after blushing and stuttering told him what I wanted. " I want to suck your cock Jared please", I looked down as he sucked in air and pulled me so I had no choice but to stare at him. His chuckle made my face flame more and I quickly got up to leave. "n-never mind it was stupid", I said not looking back as I tried to escape out the door. I felt so ashamed asking for something I never did my wholke adult life. I rushed to the door only to get pulled back to Jared's hard body. I couldn't even look at him for fear he would laugh at how stupid I was I never sucked cock. "baby stop trying to run and look at me, he said turning me gently to face him, I'm sorry angel I laughed and I hate I did but you looked so innocent asking to suck my cock. I hate myself for making you uncomfortable but if you want to do it I'm game sweetheart just come back to bed", he said leading me back. He flopped on
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Chapter 7
Jake pov I deposited Abby on my bed and headed to my door locking it to ensure I had her all to myself. I needed her alone and just for me and I needed her in every way possible. I loved hearing her screams as we fucked her to orgasm and the whimpers drove us crazy. She felt so good I moaned as I lined up my monster and slid in that tight wet heat. I'm home. Laying her flat on my bed I come up over her tiny body and lick, kiss and suck where my fingers touch. I take her mouth in a kiss. I pour my heart into it because how I behaved earlier wasn't right. She moaned my name as I thrusted and kissed her. Her body moved with me and I growled. I loved thetingles I got from touching her and I know she loved it as well. Abby cried out and her nails dug in my biceps as I lifted her hips to thrust in deeper. Kissing her I slipped my tongue in her mouth and groaned fuck me she drove me insane. I thrusted gently then hard as she dug her nails in more. She broke the kiss to moan my name which
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Chapter 8
Jake pov She was sleeping soundly snuggled into me asI rubbed at her body. Her cute snores made me chuckle softly so I wouldn't wake her. SHe was hugging me even in her sleep and I looked down at her body after uncovering her. Bruises lined her hips and I felt like shit. I kissed her lips and covered us up going back to sleep. I woke hours later to Abby thrashing and crying out in her sleep. I yanked her up and into my arms, positioning her in my lap. I yelled her name till her eyes shot open and tears filled them. She was having nightmares and I hated that fuck for making her have them. That fucker would pay. " baby you okay?" Her whimper made me sigh and I hugged her and kissed her softly. She sobbed and looked ashamed. "I'm sorry JakeI...I didn't mean to wake you", she said as more tears fell. She began sobbing more and panic attacks hit. I held her tigh
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Chapter 9
We finished our food and got to work on the girl's rooms. The stuff Jared ordered showed up and it was beautiful and it was awesome cause the paint was dry so we got to work setting up the furniture and making the beds. My babies had new king size beds and brand new bedroom sets to boot. Last was televisions and computers and my mouth dropped open. They were gonna spoil my kids doing all this. It had to have cost a pretty penny to get all of this stuff and guilt ate at me suddenly. I went quiet and missed all three looking at me trying to see what mood I was in. guilt I felt guilt and like I was using them. We finished up an hour before dinner and went off to shower and change. I started dinner and soon had big pans of lasagna and garlic bread. The kitchen smelled like an Italian restaurant and my mouth watered. I love cooking and I hope they all like it. For dessert I made homemade brownies with a caramel sauce. When the guys walked in I had already set the table, had the food se
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Chapter 10
Jake took me to his room and shut the door. He laid me down on his bed and climbed on my body. He kissed me gently and made love to me. He was so gentle I wanted to cry. Afterwards he held me and we talked about what I told them earlier. I never felt so loved and wanted. These three men took me so many damn times I never thought about anything else but them and me. " Penny for your thoughts baby", Jake said, pecking my lips. "I...I..was just thinking how lucky I am to have you three in my life and how much I love you guys". Jake smiled and kissed me again. " We are the lucky ones, baby. We have been so in love with you since you started at our company". I blushed and he kissed me again. The kiss was soft, gentle and sweet. He put all his love and passion into it. " I love you Jake",I said, kissing him back. " I love you damn much". We laid in bed till Jared knocked on the door and poked his head in. "Your daughters are on their way, baby. THey should be here in tw
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