Pregnant For The Billionaire.

Pregnant For The Billionaire.

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For someone like Isabella Evans, a one night stand was never in the books. But her entire life changed on her wedding day, when she finds her husband-to-be, cheating with his secretary. After getting her heart broken, she retires to a bar where she sleeps with a stranger before leaving town the next day, only to discover in a few weeks, that she was pregnant. Seven years later, she had birthed twins for a man she was sure she would never see again, but fate brings her back to her hometown where she settles for a job with a very successful hotel. What happens when she finds out Leonardo, the most powerful billionaire in Norman is her boss, and even worse, that the reason her heart pounded each time she saw him was because he was the man she knew a few years back—the father of her kids. Even further complicating things was Colton, the man she was supposed to marry then. Now pursued by two men, Isabella is faced with the toughest decisions. When would Leonardo recognize her and in fact realize he has children of his own? How would Colton face such reality? And alas, who would she choose—the father of her kids, or her first love?

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124 Chapters
“The dress is beautiful, Isabella.”Joan’s brittle fingers battled around the zips of the white flowing gown wrapped around her best friend. Isabella looked into the mirror before her with blood-filled cheeks and a rain of anxiety washing over her face. She heaved in a deep breath so the zip could go all the way up and then Joan backed away.“You’re beautiful” Her voice was gentle and Isabella’s hands fell to the table. “Am i making a mistake?” The bride asked with worry in her eyes. “Every twenty two year old is out there, making a life for themselves. A name—am i making a mistake getting married to Colton?” She asked, genuinely and Joan took her hands, although it wasn’t the first time that day that Isa had panicked. And she looked into her hazel brown eyes.Maybe she was right to panic.And right to worry about getting married too soon, but if there was one thing Joan knew, it was how much Isa loved Colton. And how ecstatic he’d be at the pinnacle of the altar. And often times,
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Chapter One.
The bottom of her glass struck the edge of the table and Isabella sniffed in her hands. A hand soothed down her back in rhythm to the beats that thundered the walls. And she looked to Joan, who had sympathy in her eyes. “You should put yourself out there!” She yelled and Isa rested her head back, drowning her sorrows in booze. “I’d rather not.”There was a good looking man that leaned against the walls in the corner, peeking like an eagle until his lighted eyes fell on Isa and she gulped down the sour tequila before turning away. Joan caught a glimpse of the glare that they shared and sat forward.“What are we doing here, Isa?““What are we doing in the biggest club in Norman if you’re not going to put yourself out there?“ She tugged here best friend’s hand which still had the diamond ring across her finger and she heaved a deep sigh. “Screw Colton!” She yelled over the music.“Tonight we’re going to have fun.” Isa met her gaze and could only shrug her shoulders. “I have to be up ea
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Chapter Two.
"Could it be Colton's?"There was no single thought that hadn't passed through Isabella's mind. She was just twenty-two with a failed marriage and now even worse, with a child. "Are you sure the doctor tested well?" Joan said on the other end of the call and Isa almost panicked.Placing her hands over her lips. she nodded. "Twice. I don't think it's Colton's, Joan. It's been three weeks, he's infertile. There was this one time his mother carried out this test before the engagement and he can't have kids. And besides we didn't have sex for months now" Isa muttered. "Oh my God" Joan softly exclaimed, worry furrowing her brows."Do you know what this means?""I'm three weeks pregnant, Joan. I'm pregnant for a stranger" There was a sublime crack in her voice before the door knob opened behind her. "What are you going to do?" Joan's voice pierced through her ears and tears filled her eyes. "I don't know" Isabella's heart was as troubled as the seas.And then a frail voice called unto
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Chapter Three.
Seven years had passed, and Joan and Isabella were still as close as ever. With Joan running a bar back in Norman and Isabella, a very successful bakery of her own several miles away in Riverdale. Life was good turning twenty nine with two seven-year olds and a much larger house, a stable job and her peace of mind—but it wasn’t always like that. The many months after the twins’ birth was the toughest of her entire life. Isabella had to look for jobs while taking care of babies that hated to be quiet. Luckily, Majorie was there for the most of it but she could only do so much. When she started Bella’s bakery, it was barely thriving at this part of the town, until the Annual Baking Fair put her on the map—where she’d won two awards to her name and several hotels chased after her. One going as far as to offer her a store in New York City. But Isa couldn’t leave her twins, so she stayed. A month later, the offers died down but the customers never did. She heard the chatterings echo
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Chapter Four.
The winds rustled through her hair and Isabella swiped it out her face. She stepped into the arrival unit and that familiar scent of Norman, Chicago hit her in the face. It was surreal, how almost nothing had changed since she was last here seven years ago—With her tickets by her knees, she looked up at the blinking signs before her eyes fell on her aunt. “You’re ready?” Majorie’s voice was gentle, holding her jacket with one hand and her suitcase in the other. Isa nodded with a smile, nudging her a bit. “I’m so happy you get to come with me.” She whispered and then she looked to her twins, walking towards her with ice-cream from the vending machine. “And they as well, maybe Norman can’t be as bad. It won’t” She added. “This was the first company that offered to take them along, i’d never leave them”“I could never” Isabella said and Majorie rubbed her shoulders. “You’re just like your mum, she would be so proud” She replied and just then Ryan slid, bumping into her knees. Isa le
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Chapter Five.
"What are you doing here?" Leonardo arose from behind his desk, a finger pressed against the table and an arch coming between his brows. Isabella shivered, not knowing why in that moment, she did not move. He inched closer to her her, coming round the table."Are you stalking me, woman?"The scent of him piercing through her nose, that although it was just one night they were together, she could remember it, She could feel it—and could almost hear the exasperated moans from her lips. His shoulders were clothed in an expensive dior suit she was sure was worth a luxury but that night she'd seen them.Her nails had dug into them, whilst drawing him closer. A lot had changed since seven years, her whole life had. Now she never thought she'd meet the father of her kids, let alone have her as her boss, but somehow here she was. Leonardo Carter, a man feared by all, and the only man that she knew. Their eyes met and she almost choked on the lump that slid down her throat. She was like a mu
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Chapter Six.
"I've signed it" After about half an hour, Isabella walked back to the front desk where Daniel was stood and handed him the papers. His gaze fell to her slender hands, muffling a smile. "It's about time" He stretched his hands and she reluctantly took it."You'll be around tomorrow, won't you?" Daniel asked, to the sheepish glare that was the audience of the receptionist and Isa darted her eyes across the room. "I'm not sure yet" She said and Daniel pulled away with a frown. "You work here now, Isabella""You wouldn't want to miss the grand opening."Isabella nodded as if giving it a thought. "I'll think about it, Daniel—" She caved in and he gave a coaxed stare. Isabella made her way towards the elevator, feeling Daniel's stare at the back of her head. She clicked the button to go down and she heard the shrill chuckles between the receptionist and him.A smile crept to the corner of her lips as she stepped in—maybe it was time to get back into dating, and it took Daniel for her to re
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Chapter Seven.
Joan’s shot glass rammed into the marble counter, making a clinch sound. The symphony of the orchestra set the mood in the large banqueting hall—themed with strident silver and turquoise. The latter matched with the dinner gown that Joan wore, out dressing even the staff at the event. And Isabella was right next to her with a simple high-slitted diamond gown. She’d only worn it back in high school and it only needed a few touches to resize. It comforted her that she hadn’t added that much weight over the past seven years. Her eyes fell on Joan, downing what was her nth drink that night. There was a sudden applause as Daniel mounted the stage with a woman a few inches taller than him. “We welcome you to the grand opening of Starlight’s very own, Marriott here in Norman, Chicago” The applause continued as his eyes wavered the expensive crowds for Isabella. She grabbed her phone from her purse. “I’m coming” Muttering to Joan, before taking her leave. She walked into the corridors, he
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Chapter Eight.
“I’ve never cummed like that before.”A needy moan escaped Joan’s lips as her back broke though the bathroom door. Placing her hands against the walls, she could feel the music reverberate through the concrete and into the pit of her stomach. Her eyes were closed, against his but she could feel herself being suddenly lifted up in the air.And her bottom met the hard edge of the sink. She was breathless, ravaging his jacket ferociously with her hands until it feel to the ground with a thud. “I want you to fuck me” She shut her eyes open, gritting through her teeth at the first man who’d shown interest in her that night. Isabella was right——if there was anyone that knew the lengths of Joan, it would be her best friend. But one particular length that shocked the woman in question was the size of his rock hard cock, the man before her. She gasped, clutching her lips with her violet painted fingers.She knew length did only half the job, but the way the man flipped her to her side showed
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Chapter Nine.
“So what made you move across town to Riverdale?”Daniel’s voice drew her attention and she zoned it back in. Perhaps it was his question that stomped her heart—she hadn’t told him of the twins of in fact anything that deep about her.Isabella made the conscious decision to take things slow, but sitting across him on that table in fine dining, she realized she was doing just the opposite of that. Her lips parted slightly before pursing again. “I wanted a change” She lied. Not exactly.That was merely half the truth, the rest involved her father telling her to never return to Norman as she walked out of her wedding chapel that day. Occasionally, she’d get sucked up in the memory of her flower petals dancing in the air between them—the look of shock on Colton and the rest of the congregation’s faces.Luckily, she never got to see them again, including her father and Samantha, her step mother who was nothing but evil. “Hey” Daniel tapped into the table and Isabella looked to him. “Whe
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