By:  Rahma Adam  Ongoing
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“I said where did he touch you?” Aaron walk towards with his dangerous aura as sniffs in anger scanning my body with his eyes like he was trying to find some hickeys and marks of touches on me. “You are mine, mine and nobody touches what belong to me. Bring that bastard in”Aaron said for me to start tearing up as I felt stupid for running away.

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13 Chapters
My fathers debt.
“Kaila! Kai!!” Amanda walked to her sister room but she wasn’t there. “Where might she be?” She asked herself before deciding to go downstairs to get their launch pack ready as they will soon be leaving to where She work as a delivery girl. She whistle shaking her head as she go downstairs but immediately she froze in her track after seeing the scene in her front.“ walk gently and come down here” a man stood beside her sister who was kneeling and crying already.“ Kai.. Kai are you alright? “ Amanda immediately rushed towards her crying sister who knelt on the floor shaking.“ who are you?, what do you want?” She asked hugging her sister while she try not to show how scared she was.“ bring them” he said as he walked out of their small apartment towards the black van waiting outside their door.“ let us go.. we didn’t do anything why should we go with….“ shut her up “ the man ordered for the two men to fix a duct tape on the both girls lips and tied their hands and legs together bef
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Lock her up
Inside the dark room, Amanda lay on the cold floor wondering how kaila will be doing, have she told Greg their father used her to pay his debt even after he died. Will Greg try to save her, what will this handsome devilish man do to her as he have clarify ownership on her.“ Goodness, is this how her life will be from today henceforth, she has become someone slave, a Slave, dad why would you do this to me,why?” Amanda cried when she heard the door open.Two men walk in and raised her up, Amanda didn’t struggle as they took her to another room inside the dungeon. The room was a little better than the one she was in because it has a bed, a toilet and it’s clean unlike the other room that smells like dried blood, like they do torture people in it. No one will believe a beautiful mansion like that of Aaron McNair has a underground dungeon where he dealt with people who disobeyed and betray him. His the ruthless CEO of the McNair enterprise, that don’t think twice before taking a decision.
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I love you Aaron
Laila enter the cold room painted with just two colors, ash and white, she look around and saw only one picture frame on a table close to his cushion. Laila picked the frame up and it contain three people, a man, a woman and a small boy at their middle. Taking a close look at the photo, you will see the resemblance of the little boy with Aaron which made Laila to know it’s his parent who his aunt told her they died in an accident.“ oh Aaron, you don’t have to be so cold because you lost your parent in your face.” Laila said sighing as she walked into the main bedroom where the bed is located.“So cold” she whisper. Gently she walked into his walk in wardrobe looking at his well arranged clothes and shoes.“ so neat”. She whispered again. She do come spend time in the mansion but she have never enter his room without his permission so having this courage really took a lot of nights of thinking. Even when they wants to have sex it’s in the room she’s staying not in his room but she wil
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His personal maid
Amanda woke up again, another day in a cold room. No breakfast, lunch, only dinner and the dinner are meals they are supposed to feed to a dog, a tasteless and awful beans with half a cup of water. Why didn’t he just kill her atleast she won’t be here locked up for reasons she knows nothing about..She can’t even breath because of how she was smelling, she haven’t taken a bath for three days now, oh less she forgot even her mouth smells like a toilet pit hole.Her father is the reason they couldn’t live like normal humans, like every American child and like Every New Yorker who has a dream because they were scared any of the people he gambles with might come do to them what they did to their mother. Their father make them scared to even live until he died six months ago from brain cancer.When they thought they were free, they can leave their life in peace, do what they dreamt of, raise money and go to college but everything changed. Her dead father sold her to a wicked businessman at
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Knowing his rules
Amanda was surprised with what was happening, she will only eat after knowing his rules and regulations of becoming his personal maid. What she don’t really understand is what will be her role, will he take her as his bed warmer or his personal feet cleaner but he has a pretty lady beside him that is already warming his bed so she don’t think it will be any of those.“ you should learn not to black out in front of the boss because he despise absentminded people” mrs Sara said flicking Amanda forehead who just came back from her thoughtful world.“ then he will have to get use to having one around since am going to be his personal maid” Amanda said nonchalantly.“ hmmmm, don’t take his little smile for granted my dear, he is very sly. There are four simple rules to follow, Here are the rules” Mrs Sara said focusing her eyes on Amanda who just stood in the middle of the big sitting room in her yellow floral gown.“Rule number one, Don’t ever do what he didn’t ask you to or I will say do
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Lost in a maze.
James wasn’t surprised with his boss reply after telling him Amanda was seen walking towards his maze and it’s getting dark but she’s not out yet. He sighed as he hopes the girl finds her way out but same time he knows it’s not possible because only their boss knows his ways around the maze.Inside the maze, Amanda have tried to find her way out but still it all leads to dead end, just like the door closed after she stepped in. How will she leave here, nobody saw her getting inside this place and it’s getting cold already as the day is getting darker. She keeps walking trying to remember where she stepped in but still no avail, all roads leads to the same spot she left before. “ Ha…. Goodness Mandy, you’ve shown your stupidity, why can’t I just be normal “ Amanda said to herself as she took in a deep breath looking at the dark sky with the crystals star’s shining so brightly on it. She knows it’s no use trying to find her way out, so she just sat on the floor with her yellow floral g
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My body
“Ahhhhh!!!!” Amanda scream as she saw herself in a bathrobe…..“ oh my goodness.. am in a bathrobe, oh my Goodness, how comes?, last night, last night.. think Mandy.. I walked to the maze, lost my way and I decided to sleep there till the next day so how comes am in a bathrobe. How…“ that’s when I came into the picture “ Aaron said for Amanda to realize her environment. Aaron couldn’t help but smile at how childish she was acting.“ Huh?..” Amanda gasp as she look up to the voice. The cold man was standing at the door smiling at her. “ my body” Amanda immediately use her hand to cover herself like she was naked.“ Did… did you see my body? I… I mean…..“ I won’t be able to help you relieve the cold if I don’t strip you naked. Your clothes are in my bathroom. You will clean my room from today henceforth. Clean and sparkling “ Aaron said with a sly smile after seeing Amanda face expression when he told her he strip her off.“ why?.. you…. You could have just left me alone in my clothes
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Crossing your boundaries
“ why did you go to my room?” Aaron asked coldly………Laila was surprised. She didn’t expect Aaron to turn cold towards her.“ Aaron, I…“ I’ve told you my room is not a commercial center for you to go in and out like a park.” Aaron said for laila who burst into tears.“Aaron I’m sorry, I heard something that’s why I went to check and find out she broke your vase……“ it’s a big lie..” Amanda cut in for Aaron to turn, “Who asked you?” Aaron ask Amanda who bow her head a little.“ I’m sorry boss” Amanda said for Aaron to tsk his tongue. After James told her their boss is back, she immediately rushed out in case laila wants to lie on her head and she was right, laila was there trying to give a false story.“ laila you have no business in my room, she’s my personal maid, if she break a vase, it’s my problem and that is her territory so You have no right to scold her, you got beaten for crossing your boundaries… meet me in my room” Aaron said to Amanda who followed him from behind.Laila c
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Sleep here
“Awch” Amanda mourn in pain as she finally wakes up but got stuck and frozen with her eyes wide open after seeing the person she was stocked on…“Oh…… my God, I …. Am sorry please forgive me, I thought…..“ it was your lover” Aaron said after Amanda stood up stuttering.“ Am sorry, I will go to my room now” Amanda said as she immediately turn to leave but Aaron stopped her.“ sleep here” he said standing up from the floor..“ uh??… sir, I..“ you are my personal maid, you have no right to object, I will bring your blanket “ Aaron said turning to his room when Amanda stop him.“Boss, I can sleep in my room “ Amanda said for Aaron to look at her before going to his main bedroom and brought out the blanket. He gave her but still Amanda feels awkward sleeping in his room.“Boss.. please I“Aren’t you sleepy yet.” Aaron asked for Amanda to nod.“ yea.. but I will..“ then let’s watch movies together” Aaron said as he walked to his bedroom and changed to his pajamas.Aaron came out in the
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She’s my woman..
“Leave me alone!” This time he raised his voice for Kaila to turn away and stumped out in anger……Greg was angry after what kaila said about her sister and having feelings for him.Kaila sat at the front of Greg apartment as she cry out holding her hair.“ what did you do Kai.. it wasn’t the right, it wasn’t” kaila cried as she clean her tears and burry her head in her palm.Greg knows he won’t have shouted at her, but telling him she loves him is not acceptable. He stood up with his weak body to go look for kaila when he saw her at the front of the door sitting down.“Hey…come in” Greg gently said for kaila to raised her head up.“ am sorry for screaming at you, you know how much I love Mandy, she’s my woman. you telling me that you love me, was awkward Kai, i know I didn’t bother to ask you what kind of love but I know you ain’t a child anymore. I see you as a baby sister. Don’t develop those kind of thing for me please“ Greg said for kaila to try controlling her tears.“ am sorry…
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